Complete Guide on Sex with Friend (2020)

For most of the people these days, the pleasure of being intimate with a friend is on an entirely different level.

Yes, it might be your forbidden fruit, but that's what makes it even more special.

That one night of sexual pleasure, smashing kitchen utensils everywhere and making wild love on the kitchen countertop, will turn out to be an addiction that you just can't get enough of.

That feeling of doing something wrong makes it feel so right.

It might be weird in the morning, when you wake up to one another, completely naked, but that doesn't stop you from having fun. 

slow sex

To top it all, being best friends before this night of shagging, you can make all kinds of weird jokes without worrying about making the other person offended. Even during sex, cracking some jokes won't tense up the situation, but will help in easing out the tension, if any.

So, those days are long gone when you have to stay all alone and sad. Even if you are desperate and lonely, your best friend is just a call away. Ring him up and as he gets a taste of your skin too, he will come running to your arms. All the best for that lovely, wonderful night of sex!

If you are not very confident of your body and failed to pull anyone closer, it's time to ask your friend for a favour. Ask him to fuck you and if you can satisfy him, the chances are high that you might satisfy others too.

New Set of Challenges

Well, let's not forget that your partner you are talking about is your friend.. So, that makes sexual intimacy a completely different ball game with new sets of challenges running down all the way. What if you accidentally fall in love with him?

What if your other friends in the group came to find out about your little yet massive secret? What will they think about both of you when you mention it's nothing personal and "you're just friends?"

Well, so many questions are making it tough to consider if you want to mingle into a sexual relationship with your male friend or not. If you are lucky enough to come across friends who have casual sex with one another, then ask them for their piece of advice.

They are more than happy to share some of their experiences, based on the level of awkwardness and sexual performances. A step by step guide is all that you need to pull your mate over and gently make love to him. You never know, but this gentle love might turn into a whole night of fiery passion!

What is meant by "friends with benefits?"

This idea of getting into a sexual relationship with a friend means you are entangling yourself into "friends with benefits" mode. You have heard this term, because of the famous movie starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. But what does it mean?

If you have seen the movie, you know very well what it means. For those who haven't, let's just get into the detailed description first.

A friend with benefits means you are in a relationship where two people are intimate with one another on a physical level, yet not committed to being forever lovers in any way.

People who are associated with such a benefitted relationship are known to enjoy spending time with one another and then get hooked up. But, one thing that is missing from such a relationship is romanticism.

There's nothing romantic about their relationship as it comes with  no strings attached. So, even if you are in such a relationship, you can still get into a serious relationship later without feeling guilty.

Rules for Being a Friend with Benefits

Is it the right relationship for you?

There have been many times when you thought of entering into such a friend with benefits kind of relationship.

Well, do you think that suits your characteristics and moral values? Do your ethics permit you to fuck your best friend, just because you are sexually frustrated and want someone inside you?

Well, there are some significant points that you better watch out for to determine if this form of casual connection is what you want. Nothing depends on you only as your sexual partner might have the same intention.

Not looking to commit to this said person nor expect a commitment from their side as well:

If you are making plans to enjoy a "friends with benefits" kind of relationship, you must enter such a platform with full acceptance and understanding of what it has in store for both of you.

  • Remember that your selected partner won't be yours.. Not only that but such kind of relationship, like any other, has its pros and cons to it, based on your current needs and wants.
  • It is always vital for you to recognize that this person is not likely to provide you with the emotional support that you expect from your boyfriend and not even the care, typically demonstrated by a partner in a genuine relationship.
  • So, that means they might not carry you on their shoulders or attend any family event just because you want him to. Don't expect any form of a formal date. If you invite him with others just as friends, he will come but not as a date. Then be prepared to get a devastating "no" as an answer.

Being on the same page with this FWB relationship

When you first enter into this new realm of FWB relationship, you might appropriately want to discuss honestly and openly about the nature of your connection, right from the beginning. A transparent or translucent relationship is what helps in fulfilling this kind of relationship.

  • Just to avoid any form of confusion and hurt feelings and even some misread signals, you might be needed to be upfront with your clear intentions in mind.
  • Moreover, both of you need to completely accord with one another about this form of relationship you are entering into.
  • This way, there won't be any form of string attached, and you can enjoy a problem-free service, to say the least for sure.
  • If you ever reach any form of disagreement regarding the situation you are in, this might not be the perfect arrangement for you, as you thought it to be!

Remember that this sexual partner might be with another one

So, you have heard about this FWB relationship and thought of giving it a try. If you are making plans to be in one, then always remember that this relationship with your friend is not likely to be a monogamous one. Just like you, he is also free to date any person he wants and as many as he wants.

  • Even if he wants, he can get buckled up with other friends with benefits kind of relationships. Or he might play the field as much as he wants to.
  • Well, you have the same liberty as well. So, it isn't biased at all, is it? And the best part is that even if you asked him to be your partner, he can't say no to your polygamous relationships. Also if you want to date other guys or have one night stands with anybody, he will stay shut. After all, it's your decision you are dealing with!
  • Other than trying very hard to protect your physical health, you better keep your mental health in check as well. Your emotions are in your hands, and you must know how to keep track of it. So, understanding that this relationship can end at any time and for any reason beforehand will save you from emotional disturbances well.

FWB - Nothing More (This should be the Final Relationship Between You Two)

This friend with benefits kind of relationship is not for you, and you should not go for it if your heart says no. Just because your potential partner is willing to invite you as a sexual friend in his life doesn't mean you have to oblige to his thoughts and needs.

Just to avoid any kind of future heartache, you have to understand what you are signing up for completely.

So, that will not leave you feeling unimportant or unfulfilled. It might be possible for such a relationship to transit into something more loving and caring shortly, but you are likely to receive heartbreak if you make this  your end goal right from the beginning.

When you enter  a FWB relationship, don't have any expectations from your partner. He or she is not obliged to do it, so be clear about that.

Both of you should enjoy FWB relationships

For making such kind of relationships to work, it might fulfill not just your needs but that of your friend as well. If you are trying to hook up with same-sex partners, if the other one approves, you can give it a try as well.

  • You might enjoy hooking up with your friend and being intimate with him, but such kind of relationship only sticks for a long time if only both of these partners are content with such an arrangement. Nothing works just for your sake or that of your partner as both needs to be on the same page.
  • You might enjoy hooking up with your friend and being intimate with him, but such kind of relationship only sticks for a long time if only both of these partners are content with such an arrangement. Nothing works just for your sake or that of your partner as both needs to be on the same page.
  • You might enjoy hooking up with your friend and being intimate with him, but such kind of relationship only sticks for a long time if only both of these partners are content with such an arrangement. Nothing works just for your sake or that of your partner as both needs to be on the same page.

Enjoying sexual intimacy with a Friend

Meeting a random guy can also make him your friend. But that doesn't mean you plan to be in a FWB relationship with him. The friend, whom you select for such sexual pleasure, needs to know you well and understand you. The same goes for you too.

You have to get that same understanding for that person before approaching him with this vital question.

You always turn towards your friend when you are down, just to cheer you up. You can even hang out with one another to cure boredom as well. Now a friend can cheer you up in so many ways other than providing you with a shoulder to cry on.

If that friend is of the opposite sex and pretty hot, why not try out being FWB with him! This generation is full of one night stands and sexual relationships and friendships too seem to be digging in for stake of carnal desire and lust, especially sex, to be honest! 

Any simple hug between two friends can eventually lead to heavy petting and can slowly show you the path towards his bedroom and finally his bed. Well, that's wrapping up for lustful lovemaking.

Reasons to have Sex with a Friend

If you have a good looking or charming friend, why not try out having a sexual relationship with him or her? Life is all about experiments and this one might tick a list from your bucket as well.

  • Well, the fact that "friends are out of bound" is not at all relevant to this date and generation. Trying "not" to be in an intimate relationship with a friend if you have the chance is nothing but a phony excuse.
  • If you ever fantasize making lustful love to your friend, why not turn that dream into reality. If you know the guy pretty well and both of you have been sharing some embarrassing moments already, why not ask him once?
  • You can either get a yes or a no as an answer, but at least you will be satisfied to know that you have tried! What if you did not dare to ask him for a one night stand, but he wants to be in bed with you? So, you are missing out on this golden opportunity, don't you think?

Trying Out a Night with a Sex Buddy

You know that sex buddy is your friend first before being your sexual partner. All your thirsts of those lonely nights after your boyfriend left you for another girl will get quenched, thanks to your fuck buddy.

  • A sex buddy is someone you know very well and is pretty attractive to jump right into bed with. Not only that, but he needs to be physically attracted to you too.
  • That does not end here;  a sex buddy is one who shares an uninhibited form of physical intimacy with you and without attaching any strings to it.
  • If that's real news to you, then it's time to come out from under the rock and face the reality of new sex lives of so many people in this real world!
  • Check out the pair gyrating in front of you in the club and try keeping a count of the number of partners they have changed just within that one night or on the dance floor at least! If that doesn't make their first partner jealous with whom they entered the club, then you know you are seeing friends with benefits.
  • Sex buddies have been around for decades now but were pretty private with their little affairs. It is recently that they got the courage to showcase their requirements out in public so openly. Many friends have always been into a sexual relationship with one another, but it is not something you get to discuss in public.
  • But with jobs being way too tight than usual and working late shifts together, it has become common among friends to have sex after a tiring day at work or just after pegging down few drinks in an office party!

If this idea of a one-night stand is so legal these days, then why not try out sexual relationships with friends? That counts as one night stand, too right. With friends, there's no string attached, and same goes with a one-night stand.

So, whether you like it or you’re morally against the concept of FWB, it is here to stay and for good.

Friends w/ Benefits Play Truth or Drink

Phone sex with your friend

Any kind of booty call is pretty special, but trying this one out with a person you already know and with the clear intention of having sex is on a satisfactory level beyond anything else.. Now, let's not get biased as the LGBTQ community is also pretty uprising these days.

So, a booty call can happen between people of the same or opposite sex with the same zeal and energy. If you want to have some fun to just wind up a dull day, give your friend a call and ask him to come over.

You will surely feel if that person is physically attractive to you or not, just by sharing some conversations. But, if asking him to come over seems to cross the line at the dead-end of the night, you can substitute physical sex with phone sex anytime!

This kind of booty call is mainly telephonic version of that one night stand but better in so many ways! There's no need to worry up all naked early in the morning with ugly slob because you have your friend beside you.

Once everything gets warmed up with the lingo, it's time to ask him if he is interested in having phone sex with you.

If yes is your answer, then you can try giving it a shot at any time. Phone sex is also pretty helpful if both of you are shy to ask someone straight for a sexual relationship but want to do it from the bottom of your heart!

This kind of phone sex will make you comfortable with one another and can spice up your sexual desires as well. So, when the time comes to meet one another in person, you won't waste a single second to come running over to him and pull him straight to your bedroom.

And the best part is that he won't say no to it and will submerge into this thought with you.

Pros and Cons of FWB Relationships

Planning to have sex with someone you care and love as a friend, without any emotional drama or responsibility sounds just like your ideal game plan, doesn’t it? Even though you are super excited to get your holes filled up, but friends with benefits have their perks and downsides as well.

So, why not get right into these details now, before you plan to get into one. Once you get into such a drill, always remember there's no looking back! So, being 100% sure from the very beginning is your one way out.

Advantages of Having a FWB

  • There's no need to play any games. Once you are in this FWB mode, there's no need to worry about any emotional drama. You don't have to worry about calling them or waiting for them to ring you up. In theory, this kind of friends with benefits will allow you to relax well as it is one straightforward deal with friends, who just want your body and nothing more.
  • There's no need to meet family and don't even have to give them a call to find out if they want you to accompany them in a family event. There are multiple times in life when any relationship is not what you want. Perhaps your focus is on a career or planning to move to a new city. Sometimes, you just want to stay single without keeping sexual fantasies out from your life. During such times, enjoying sex with a friend you know and are comfortable with, will be an ideal situation, plus no strings attached!
  • As you are not in a serious relationship, no one can stop you from fishing out a better long term partner, even while you are entangled into a sexual relationship with your friend. The rules of such a relationship are pretty clear without any strings to it. It means both of you are free to check out other partners and there won't be any obligation to mention this search to one another. You are always welcome to look for other partners and even get into another FWB relationship if your heart desires so.
  • If you ever got hurt in true love, then having sex with your comfortable friend seems a lot less risky, when the matter revolves around emotional changes. Sex with your friend can help you to behave in ways that you might not have been able to explore with anyone you care about and willing to spend the rest of your life with. You will feel more relaxed in front of your friend as you are not trying to impress him. You can even get the opportunity to explore various sexual ways that you were way too nervous about attempting to.
  • Well, everyone knows that being in a casual sex relationship can often put you in some dangerous scenarios. You never know, but the person with whom you enjoyed one-night stand might be HIV positive, leading you to STDs. But, having casual sex with your friend whom you know dearly is an entirely different ball game altogether. Sex with someone you just met puts you at a greater health risk. Moreover, it is dangerous as you will be moving to an unknown apartment and don't know what falls next. That's not the case with your buddy.

Drawbacks of Having a FWB

  • Well, sometimes this pressure of FWB might get a toll on your precious friendship! Even when you don't have any intention to turn this situation messy, sex might have this tendency to muddle up your feelings. It is somewhat physiological as hormones released during sex will make your bond with that person more on an emotional level more stronger. Moreover, it is also psychological because of the movies you have watched and the society you are living in. So, there are high chances that you might be emotionally invested unwillingly and that put a considerable strain on friendships.
  • If you have a friend's wedding coming in a week where you need to get a date, FWB might not be that ideal guy for you. If you want someone to lend you his shoulder to burst out your emotions after a bad day, you can't rely on a FWB for that. If you want someone to hold you close and snuggle while you watch the latest romantic comedy, then FWD is not your cup of tea. The person you are attached to in such a relation is not someone you can rely upon heavily. Otherwise, that might move into the unwanted territory of relationship, and from there, everything works downside. So, this might be one tricky tightrope to walk on and to get that ultimate balance means you have to restrict your feelings towards FWB partner.
  • While you are just roving eyes to find a better option, don't forget that your sexual partner is doing the same. They are looking for potential lovers as well. It means you are likely to lose the FWB once the other one finds someone better and more voluminous than you are. If they found true love, say goodbye to your sexual nights then! Based on the length of this FWB, it can come as a huge blow and egoistic situation. No matter how much you try to soothe your broken heart with words like "it's nothing but casual sex," your egos will be still at stake. You will keep on wondering what that other girl has that you lack. Well, that isn't good for your confidence level, don't you think?
  • Are you sure that's the kind of relationship you want to get involved into? Or are you just skeptical and want to give it a try? If you are kidding yourself around thinking that everything is under control when the fact seems otherwise, this FWB will lead to some heartbreaking moments for sure. Even when you are capable of digging deep and recognizing that sex and friendship are what you are looking for, the other person might not be. Whenever you need something badly, it becomes easier to convince your mind that everything is fine. Well, that's not healthy. You might end up in a relationship, feeling insecure and lacking in confidence because you are heartbroken in the end.
  • Having sex with friends might be safer, but it has its cons too. Don't let that person fool you to have unprotected sex. Sometimes it might have serious complications like HIV or STD is pretty embarrassing for people to share, no matter how close you are. So, even if he has one, he might plan tnot to share it with you. So, landing up in unprotected sex will eventually lead to towards higher risk of STD exposure.

The Final Call is Yours to Make

Whether you want to be in a sexual relationship with your friend or not; it solely depends on you and your thought process.

There's no need to get with the flow of the current world if you are not comfortable with it. Just because your friend has been into a FWB relationship that doesn't mean you have to do it as well. There's no competition here, and you better not try to make it one.

Something as titillating like sex needs to be something that you enjoy and not regret later. But, you will surely do it if you enter this realm without knowing its consequences completely.

So, running down through the points mentioned above is your one-stop guide and solution to make up your mind and be confident enough to call your friend for a sexual encounter shortly. Sometimes life gives you the chance to enjoy sex thoroughly and try to grab it if your heart says so.

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