Top 10 Sex Simulator Games – Review & Comparisons

sex simulator

Adult games have come closer to reality these days.

The most popular among them are the sex simulator games that allow you to be a character that interacts with different characters and seduces them to indulge in arousing sexual activities.

Sex simulator games are not new in the market, as many game developers and graphic experts have been trying to create erotic sex games for many years.

Only a few succeeded while most of them ended up developing only a small fragment of the actual game, which deemed as a teaser game.

There are many sites from where you can download these smaller parts or demos for free.

However, to enjoy the actual essence of these sex games, either you will have to pay the downloading charges, or you might have to subscribe to a premium plan.

At a Glance: Top 5 Best sex simulation games

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Take these things into consideration before downloading a sex simulator game: 

  • Upgrades – Upgrades are necessary to keep the game interesting even after clearing all the stages. Upgrades add a new dimension to the characters, plot, and introduce an environment that will upgrade your stimulation drive.
  • Compatibility – Ensure that the device you are using is compatible with the game that you are about to purchase or download. It is important because all your efforts and money will go in vain if the game is not compatible with your device.
  • Re-play value – A sex simulator game must have a good replay value because you will prefer to play, only if you find new scenes and missions in the game.

BEST sex simulator games - Best porn sim games

After considering these factors and points, we went through several adult gaming websites and portals to bring the hottest sex simulator games for our readers. Read about them and select the one that suits your preferences.

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Website link

Free or Premium?

Main features

(My Favorite)


Fun with Live girls in VR

(Highly Addictive)


Make her your slave

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You are surely going to love masturbating after reading this article. Jerkmate games is my favorite best sex simulator game online.

Jerkmate has brought this awesome feature of realistic gaming where you get to select real life models or pornstars to play with. 

You can command them and watch them follow you. You get the option to select your favorite straight, gay, couple, trans models.

Also jerkmate has an additional gaming feature to take care of your dirty mind! You can explore roleplay gaming. Y


Bonus: Command and She will Obey

Choose a girl, and command her as you wish! These girls will do anything you like - show their pussy, twerk their ass, insert a dildo in the pussy, give a blowjob, and much more! You get 1000 credits in this demo. If you like the show, go ahead and sign-up, there are thousands more girls online and ready to serve you at your command!

You can have fun wank sessions and fulfill your fantasy with doctors, schoolgirls and even a dominatrix!

You are surely gonna love them doing kissing, spanking, masturbating, licking and what not for you! You can also watch a couple doing blowjobs, spanks, boob play on your command!

Jerkmate also allows you to have most interactive live cam sex, private shows and much more. Do visit jerkmate to explore your world of fantasies.

  • Best in class user interface
  • Secure payment options
  • Free account feature
  • Numerous tags and filters
  • Top-notch models to play with
  • Pornstar live cams
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Multi language option for non-English users
  • Tedious sign up process as compared to other sites
  • Expensive but worth it!
  • Only selective models do private shows

Bonus site: Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator is an intriguing sex simulator game that allows you to enjoy different types of sex positions with your favourite sex dolls.

It allows you to create your sex doll as per your preferred ethnicity, hair colour, breast size, and porn specialty.

Also, you can select from different types of environments like bedroom, school, castle, etc. to create the perfect ambiance for your preferred sexual activity.

sex emulator
  • Players can choose from soft, hardcore, and extreme sex scenes in this game.
  • The name of the models/sex dolls set according to your choice.
  • It is a browser-friendly game, so no need to download any file.  

Sex Emulator does not charge you for anything. You can create a free account to access all the bonus content available on its site.

  • Players can customize sucking, spanking, and anal fucking abilities of their sex dolls.
  • Also, players can increase or decrease the sensitivity of the favourite sex doll's feet.
  • The intensity of the thrusts can be increased or decreased while playing the game.
  • You can view the action from five different angles with the zooming feature.
  • It is a very simple sex simulator with basic animations and mediocre graphic quality.
  • Sex Emulator is more suitable for beginners who do not have any prior experience of playing sex simulator games.

2. Sex Simulator

Sex Simulator is an advanced level porn stimulator that includes only the extreme level action.

In the starting, players need to choose a male or female character to play.

Trans models also featured in the game for the individuals who are interested in having fun with transgender characters.

Looking for best porn simulator game then this can be a good choice.

sex simulator
  • This game played in two modes: single and multiplayer.
  • It is a browser compatible game, which means that you do not have to download any setup file to run this game.
  • Sexy and ravishing characters are designed.

It is a free game, but you will have to enter your credit card information to confirm your age while creating a free account on its site.

  • It is a free game, but you will have to enter your credit card information to confirm your age while creating a free account on its site.
  • This game loads quickly without any issues or bugs.
  • There are over 450 sex simulator games on its official website
  • Players who create an account get access to additional porn content like adult movies.
  • It is the perfect game, so no cons.

3. BDSM Sex Simulator

BDSM Sex Simulator is a real treat to gamers who are into BDSM, bondage, and other ferocious types of sex.

It allows you to turn sexy animated models into your sex slaves!

Players can be either a female character or a male character while playing this game.

Moreover, a couple of choices are available when it comes to male/female models.

bdsm sex simulator
  • Players can select the ass size and breast size of the girls they want to fuck.
  • You can choose your dick size and the type of BDSM you are interested in.
  • BDSM Sex Simulator can be played directly on your browser.

It is a free game, but you will need to create an account first. Account creation does not require any charges.

  • There are many BDSM games for the individuals who register on its official portal.
  • Be a slave or a master and enjoy endless bouts of erotic sex sessions by playing this game.
  • The graphics and animations give a realistic touch to the scenes.
  • While creating an account, you will have to provide your credit card details to verify your valid age.
  • Too many ads can ruin the experience of the players.

4. Overwatch

If you want to enjoy a sex simulator game that contains beautiful and juicy babes, then you can play Overwatch.

It is a browser-friendly game that does not require any downloads or setup file.

  • Members need to enter their personal information like credit card details, name, age, country, zip code, etc. while creating a free account on the game’s official website.
  • This game allows you to choose a model as per your sexual preference and fantasies.
  • You can mute the sound while playing this game.

It is a free browser compatible game, but none of its features accessed before creating an account.

  • In this game, you can make the babes give a blowjob or bend their knees for you.
  • You can find extreme sex, gangbangs, role play, and other types of adult content in this game.
  • You can access bonus content like adult DVDs and movies by the registered users of this site.
  • This game is not secured by HTTPS security encryption, which makes it a bit suspicious for those who are concerned about the privacy and safety of their data.
  • You will be disturbed by several pop-up ads while playing this game.
  • Demos and previews not provided at all.

5. Job Interview

Job Interview is a sex simulator game that covers the porn niche femdom in detail.

Here, you play the role of a guy who is looking for a job desperately.

However, the interviewer is a slut and the only way to impress her is to satisfy her kinky desires and demands.

no image available
  • It is a browser-friendly sex simulator.
  • The instructions to play this game might not get in the starting, but you will understand it automatically as the game progresses.
  • It is made for beginners who want to see how sex simulator games turn out to be.

It is a free adult game.

  • It is a great game for those males who like being submissive to a female.
  • The storyline is basic but involves different sexual postures and hot stuff.
  • The interviewer has big juicy melons that can turn you on easily.
  • Poor graphics and average animations are the real drawbacks of this game.
  • The game progresses quite slowly.

6. Our Apartment: Naomi 3D Animation

Our Apartment is a fun sex simulator game that supports 3D animation as well.

It is just an animation sample but it contains some real hot action and simulation.

Moreover, it is compatible with Windows and Android phones as well


our apartment naomi
  • The clothes of the model i.e. Naomi can be customized with kinky outfits and costumes.
  • The model moans more loudly and intensely as you increase the pace of your thrusts.
  • It involves interaction and exchange of some seductive dialogues between the model and the player.

It is a free demo game, but you can support the creator by donating on their Patreon.

  • Players can experiment with different sex postures and cumming options.
  • The model developed in 3D animations that make her look beautiful.
  • The player can choose the dick size, hair color, and other customizations for their male character.
  • The game loads quite slowly.
  • It is just a demo game, so you might not feel satisfied after playing it.

How are you liking our list of best porn simulators games?

7. City of Sin 3D

The City of Sin 3D is an amazing sex simulator game created by Unity 3D Porn Games.

It will provide you with complete control over the characters and lots of customization options.

There are inbuilt characters in this game and you can even create your characters from scratch.

Moreover, it tries to bring adult games closer to reality by using path-breaking gaming innovations and technology.

city of sin
  • A pose library is available that allows you to switch to unique sex positions.
  • This game can be synched with sex toys like fleshlight and Flix-band to enjoy a more realistic experience.
  • In this game, virtual space can be created and filled with different characters as per your choice.

For downloading this game, you have to purchase a paid subscription that provides access to bonus adult content and games as well.

These are the premium packages that you can buy to enjoy bonus stuff and to download upgrades and patches:



1-month plan


3-month plan


12-month plan


  • It is a high-resolution (Ultra 4K HD) adult game.
  • The game progresses as per your decision and interaction with different models. Also, you can enjoy a close relationship with your preferred models by making them your favorite.
  • Different camera angles and even zoom options can use to enhance your gaming experience.
  • This game does not provide a free demo or preview for users to look at what they are going to invest in.

8. Virtual Lust 3D

If you are into virtual porn then Virtual Lust 3D might be the right kind of sex game for you.

It is a sex simulator game that comes with fully customizable characters and amazingly created characters.

virtual lust 3d
  • Players can try different poses and camera angles to satiate their deepest fantasies.
  • Players can indulge in group sex, threesomes, and many other hardcore porn scenes while playing this game.
  • It is a high-resolution 4K HD game that emphasizes every detail.



cost per month

Monthly plan



Quarterly plan



Yearly plan



  • The girl characters are completely customizable with their appearance and clothes, including piercings and tattoos on the body.
  • The graphic quality is truly amazing and immersive enough to ignite your sexual appetite.
  • This game has excellent repeat value as each scene can be handled in multiple ways.
  • It is not a free game.
  • You will need a VR headset to enjoy this game completely.

9. Tranny Simulator

Tranny Simulator is a 3D sex simulator dedicated to trannies and men who are interested in them.

Here, you can either be a male character or a tranny.

Moreover, players can select everything from boob-size, body type, the size of the character’s dick, etc. to make the experience even more realistic every time they try it out.

tranny simulator
  • It focuses on extreme 3D sex scenes and features all the hardcore scenes that you see in a typical shemale porn video.
  • You can play it on your desktop browser without any additions plug-ins or set-up files.

It is a free game but you have to register first on the site -

  • The models designed to be realistic and curvaceous.
  • The smooth animation and high-end graphics enhance the visual appeal and make it worth playing.
  • After registration, you get access to many other sex simulator games and additional adult content like animated porn photos and movies.
  • Demos and previews are not available.
  • You will have to submit your credit card information to validate your age without which you cannot complete the registration process. This feature can discourage a lot of users who don’t have a credit card.

10. Girlvania

Girlvania is one of the most erotic sex simulation games that can run on your desktop. A free trial is available.

It focuses on only girl-on-girl pleasure and provides tons of customizable options to the players.

Grinding, anal sex, double penetration, etc. are some of the kinky sex positions that you can indulge in while playing this game.

  • You can dressed up the models in over a thousand outfits and costumes that include bikinis, skirts, leggings, lingerie, and many other arousing garments.
  • The voice tone and look of each model are unique. Moreover, their facial features and expressions are also quite different from each other.
  • This game is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, and 10 OS versions.
  • If you need more animated girls, you can purchase the active dolls package.



Downloading charges


Feet & Legs expansion pack


Active dolls


  • Perfect light reflection on the skin, natural shadows, and realistic skin textures make the models appear hot and appealing.
  • A player's guide and dedicated support services are provided to tackle all the issues and queries of the customers. New users can solve their queries with FAQs.
  • Different types of fetish scenes such as sex toy fetish, foot fetish, pantyhose fetish, etc. are featured in this game.
  • The sexy moans, perfect animations, seductive expressions, excellent graphics, and simulating environment make it a high-quality game for porn lovers.
  • It is quite a costly game.
  • It only satiates the sexual fantasies of lesbians and individuals who are interested in lesbian porn.

Final Verdict

These are some of the craziest best sex simulation games that you will find on the internet. Some of them are for amateur gamers while most of them are for professional gamers.

Do not get too excited while playing these games because you might cross all the limits and end-up noticed by your friends or family members!

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