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Looking for in which country sex is legal?

The recent popularity of the Alia-Bhatt starrer ‘Gangubai’ has audiences swooning over the beautiful ladies of Kamathipura, Mumbai. But, there are deeper undertones to this movie portraying how sex is a basic need of human beings. 

Just like your tongue feels pleasure with a variety of tastes like sour, sweet, bitter, similarly our genitals enjoy a multitude of other bodies, races and genitals. This is why you need to consider the sex free countries in the world in order to add different spices in your life. 

Moreover, different governments of countries adopt different positions regarding the legality of prostitution.

 While some consider it as a blot on the society and consider the profession as demeaning and polluting, others have given it a legal status by giving it equal status to other professionals like doctor, engineer, lawyer, artists and providing health and social benefits to sex workers and their children..

This article will ease your job in finding the sex free countries to find the perfect orgasm, or even a life partner to explore your sexuality. Some might consider it just a vocational recreation.

Top 15 Sex Free Countries Where Prostitution Is Legal (Upd 2022)


Countries to be listed: 

1. New Zealand

This island nation is not only famous for its natural beauty, but also for it’s dazzling women. Kiwis have made sure to move towards a progressive society because of which their government legalized prostitution in 2003.

You can easily find licensed brothels which ensure that participation in the activity of sex is accompanied with health and social benefits for sex workers. Hence, sex workers get the same benefits as other public employees.

So what are you waiting for, go to and enjoy an amazing bed life in the Pacific island.

2. Indonesia

This is another island nation in the Pacifics which is famous for its active volcanoes. Just like Mt Krakatoa emits hot lava, Indonesian women are famous for increasing the temperature just by their presence.

However, unlike our first option prostitution isn’t clearly mentioned in Indonesian laws, thereby making its legal status ambiguous. But there isn’t any strict government policy to curb sex trade or punish these workers, which makes the free sex practice legal by default.

It is important to note that unrestricted sexual acts, among Indonesian citizens or even non-citizens, are marked by freedom of will. That said, forced workers and minors still need to be cautious about their will to enter this profession at all.

3. France

This European nation of romance is every man’s and woman's dream to make love on the top of Eiffel Tower. Right after the Second World War in 1946 when France was facing the brunt of post-war hardships, pimping and brothels were outlawed as part of reformation of society.

While soliciting has always been considered illegal, France doesn’t out rightly ban sex and prostitution. Hence, despite being many restrictions and regulations on sex trade, France is still under the category of a sex-free country.

You can easily find sex workers in the megacities of France who make a living out of this practice to survive in the high-maintenance environment.

4. Australia

Australia is a nation of different states- Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern, Western and Southern Australia surrounded by the mystical The Great barrier coral reef.

Each state adopts a different stand on prostitution whereby it is decriminalized in some parts, while illegal in other parts. The same scenario is true for even brothels. Despite this, Aussies are very sexually active and no one is nosy about each other’s sex life or what you have been doing lately.

Considering this pattern, various regions provide complete freedom to do sex business without any interference from the government side.

5. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a South Asian country adjacent to India and with a similar culture of Indians. The country is particularly popular because except male prostitution, everything else is completely legal here. As a result, owning a brothel becomes easy from a legal point of view.

Similarly, you can engage in unrestricted pimping as it is not illegal to do so. Since, the country is swimming in the ocean of poverty, corruption, drug and minor trafficking issues, people readily go for the profession of a sex worker. Government also doesn’t ban as it’s a key source of revenues from sex tourism for the nation.

6. Austria

In this European country, the government is inspired by Adam smith’s liberal market attitude whereby all economic activity is viewed as a potential source to earn revenue.

Hence, even sex-acts are viewed as another revenue generator and therefore it is capitalized by the Austrian government by not making it illegal in the country. The only thing you need to kick start your prostitute career is register yourself and undergo proper health examination.

The minimum age to get a sex-worker license in 19 yrs of age and you ought to pay the dedicated amount to government tax coffers. There are also smuggled prostitutes in the country.

7. Ecuador

Ecuador is a South American country where like drugs, prostitution, owning a brothel and all other seemingly illegal activities are illegal. However, there is a caveat to all these freedom which is forced prostitution is definitely illegal.

The country is very popular to find most of the men and women being engaged in the business of selling their bodies.

8. Denmark

Denmark is another sex-free country in our list where prostitution stands completely legal. The Government of this Scandinavian country (popular on International social benefits indices for health, education and others) goes an extra mile for the benefit of the disabled.

It helps the disabled population to get laid and incurring the extra cost that they might have to pay for their pleasure. It finds other ways to compensate the money lost for this social work.

9. Germany

This European giant legalized prostitution at a time when the whole world was reeling under the effects of the Great Economic depression in 1927. Since 1200s, sex market has flourished and now there’s a large, organized and completely legal sex industry in Germany.

Moreover, just like any white and blue collar jobs, human resource firms in Germany have become popular to roll out Ads and employment offers because individuals join this flesh trade voluntarily. State has also taken the initiative to run its own brothels to provide the sex workers with health insurance and pension benefits. Even sex workers are obligated to pay taxes just like other citizens.

10. Netherlands

When creating the list of top 15 sex-free countries, we can’t dare to miss out on the popular European destination of Netherlands. It is the most popular place for the red-window sex workers.

The culture of Netherlands is very progressive and open which makes them deal with tabooed things in an unconventional way. As a result, prostitution and other hitherto illegal things will be found to be practiced here in open daylight without the fear of anybody.

11. Thailand

Thailand boasts of fascinating temples, magnificent buildings and exotic beaches. It has a mix of Muslim, Christians and Buddhist demographics.

The south-east Asian country is particularly famous for being the sex capital of the world hosting some of the highest paid sex employees of the world.

The districts like Patpong neighborhood, Pattaya, Phuket are known by everyone for their red-light ambience, go-go clubs as well as other sex acts. 

Just like any other Asian country facing the problem of law enforcement, Thailand isn’t an exception to it, thereby making prostituion fall in the ambiguous zone of ‘legal yet not a crime’ .

12. Brazil

While Brazil is known by everyone for the natural beauty of its Amazon rainforests and exotic species, it is also the South American nation which is attracted by its sex-free status. Prostitution stands legal here but you will totally get busted if you let your inner snoop dog out of its dungeon.

The hot zones of sex workers are Rio de Janerio and Fortaleza where apart from sugar cartels, carnival-goers, honeymooners and soccer enthusiasts; you will find the buzz of sex workers.

But, the government had adopted a condemnatory approach towards sex tourism, especially when the country came in limelight for 2016 Olympics.

13. Cambodia

Another South Asian country like Thailand and Indonesia in our lists, Cambodia has been sacredly famous for its Buddhist cultures and world heritage sites like Angkor Wat temple.

But there is another reason for its recent fame which is the legalization of prostitution that is driving the Cambodian tourism sector.

Cambodian cities like Phnom Penh and Siem reap are flushed with downtown pubs and women prostitutes. However, a key trend is the sex industry is majorly consumed by the natives rather than foreigners.

14. Philippines

This island nation has been recently in news over its dispute with Asian dragon, aka China over the south- China Sea dispute. But you need not to worry much as the country provides a range of sex workers in its massage parlors and pubs.

Cities like Manila and Boracay are popular choices of regular visitors, but those seeking some unique and exotic experience go for cities like Angeles and Olongapo. You can also find various red-light districts with a women prostitute at every step on the road.

15. Belgium

Belgium is another European country whose Mediterranean climate has made it famous for its wine, chocolates and dairy products. But it also finds its name under the top 15 sex free countries list because the government is going all digital even for its brothels.

 They have adopted state of the art fingerprint and keypad touch technologies to bring transparency and fairness in the flesh-trade, thereby providing the sex workers what they rightly deserve. The country is doing everything in order to remove sigma and fear associated with prostitution.



The people of the above mentioned countries live an unhindered and unrestricted sex life. These are also the countries that are most sought after for vacations, particularly by bachelors, bachelorettes and even adults who face middle-age and old-age crisis.

After all, there is no age group who doesn’t wish for a perfect orgasm, dick erection or other sensual feelings.


Where does India stand?

In the land of diversity, there are diverse positions on prostitution as well. While prostitution itself is not illegal, solicitation and public prosecution stands illegal.

Even owning a brothel is illegal in India. However, places like Kamathipura and GB road highlights the inability of bureaucratic machinery to enforce and execute laws around free-sex.

In which country one-night-stand is very common?

One-night stands are part of the popular culture in the European continent much more than any other continent because of thriving demographics that are active in hotels and clubs.

There are nearly 47 percent of women and 41 percent of European men who often try to take someone home from a club.

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