Senior People Meet Review (2020)

Senior People Meet

Ageing hampers one’s dating life by quite a number of notches.

Finding love is as it is difficult for someone, but for the senior people, it becomes a virtually impossible objective.

Senior People Meet is a website exclusively dedicated to catering this particular mass that has aged a bit externally but are young from inside.

If you are a person who is in the 40s or a bit above and want to find someone like-minded for a prospective date- this website is just the right place to be.


  • There are not many websites catering to this age bracket, and Senior People Meet holds out a glimmer of hope to everyone who falls in this bracket when it comes to finding the one.
  • The website is feature-laden and very interactive for the user.


  • The reach of this website is limited only to the United States and Canada.
  • It does not offer any customer support through phone or toll-free numbers.


Senior People Meet breaks down the stereotypes surrounding the online dating platforms and it serves as a ray of hope for the seniors in search for their soulmate.

It is a friendly website and the profiles available here are genuine.

It has a lot of active users, and you won’t fall short of people whom you might happen to like. Overall, it is a very legitimate dating website.

Finding love is difficult for everyone, and when you start to age, it becomes even more challenging. The same can be said about senior people.

Think about it once, they are old, and mostly alone, don’t they deserve to find someone of their age, with whom they can talk to, have a cup of coffee, and go out to a park for a walk. This is why sites like SeniorPeopleMeet exist. It is a niche dating site that is dedicated to people in the latter years of their life.

People Media has created this website. And what a good initiative! The goal of SeniorPeopleMeet is to create a safe platform for people who are in their 40’s and above to find friendship, love, casual, or serious relationships, all in a secure environment where they don’t have to worry about anything.

If you are a person who is in their 40s or above, you may want to join SeniorPeopleMeet, and find someone like-minded.

Senior people often get lost in this messy world where no one has the time to take a breath, and when it comes to mainstream dating sites, surely there are a plethora of them, but how many of them with all seriousness help these senior people find someone right?

SeniorPeopleMeet genuinely understands the hurdles and the unique challenges a senior person faces when it comes to finding love. The secure and safe platform enables people who are tired of visiting mainstream dating sites to find the right match easily.

The dating platform is easy to use, and the non-technical features make it incredibly smooth for people who are above 40 to have an easy online dating process. From sending private messages to someone you like, to arranging get-together, SeniorPeopleMeet lets you do everything.

We have taken the responsibility to analyze SeniorPeopleMeet so that you get to know everything about the site. From evaluating how secure the site is to how quickly you can create your account, we are going to analyze SeniorPeopleMeet from scratch.

Whether you are seeking a second chance at life partner or looking for someone to have a good time with, SeniorPeopleMeet provides you with thousands of opportunities to connect with other senior people who have the same agenda in mind.

We must thank sites like SeniorPeopleMeet, for making it easier for the older folks to try and find someone they would like to spend time with. Being alone is never easy, and when you start to age, things become even more stringent.

What makes SeniorPeopleMeet popular?

SeniorPeopleMeet is a safe platform where you will get to meet an array of people by filtering their age, distance, and username. A niche dating site is always good for people because this allows you to meet people who you want to.

Sites like SeniorPeopleMeet cater to one objective, which, in this case, is letting people meet senior people in specific demographics. The issues with mainstream dating sites are that older people often feel neglected and ignored.

In other dating sites that are overloaded with lots of youngsters, people who are in their 50s find it extremely challenging to find their right match. The usual dating sites cater to people who are below 35 years of age, whereas, SeniorPeopleMeet takes care of senior people, particularly those who are in their late 40s and 50s. 

Rather than trying the general dating sites, SeniorPeopleMeet is the perfect platform to meet someone who is in their late 40s and 50s. From a straightforward multiple-choice questionnaire that a new user needs to fill, you can create your free account in a jiffy.

The uncluttered design of the website explains properly why this site is created, and who it is for, everything is impressive about SeniorPeopleMeet. With the simplified interface, robust privacy policy, to friendly user experience, one can send messages through the instant message platform.

You can take your time to craft a beautiful message that you wish to post, instead of feeling pressured to reply right away. Plus, the site SeniorPeopleMeet allows you to upload up to 30 photos, and if you want, you can upload a video introduction as well.

Whatever photo or video you will upload, SeniorPeopleMeet will take 24-hours of time to review them and screen for offensive content. Also, the team of SeniorPeopleMeet takes fake profiles very seriously. Once everything is alright, the site will feature the photos or videos on your profile.

About its features, there is a lot that you can do here. SeniorPeopleMeet lets you quickly search for people by their age, distance, and if you know their username, you can simply enter it in the search bar. For the free members, you will get to see who has viewed your profile and who is currently online.

You can also send flirts and let them know that you are interested in them, else, you can mark some of the profiles as your favourite. One fantastic feature that is worth taking note of is the ‘Today’s Matches’ section. Under this section, you will get recommendations for compatible profiles.

The profiles will have a yes or no vote to tick on. The swiping game encourages users to find people who are in their area. The main features can be enjoyed by only those who are subscribed, though; for example, you will get an enhanced search, as well as a match option.

Along with this, you will get the ability to receive or send messages too. SeniorPeopleMeet also has a live chat feature that is available for subscribers only.

Website Overview

Website Address:

Estimated last month’s visits: 3.1 million 

SeniorPeopleMeet has received five awards so far, and they are 2015, 2013, 2011, 2010, and 2009 top picks. 

9.Senior People Meet

Most of the users of SeniorPeopleMeet speak English, and the free membership account will allow you to create a profile, update your personal information, like your gender, hair colour, height, eye colour, ethnicity, body type, marital status, smoking habits, number of children, country, zip code, your date of birth, where you grew, income, pet, religion, occupation, and more.

You can also have a greeting message on your page. There will be three essay questions, that will allow other users to know what you are looking for, and based on these essay questions, you can have message ideas too.

Apart from that, you can upload your photos, personal audio greeting message, if you wish you can update a private video greeting message, send flirts to people you like, mark them as your favourite to contact them later, and search for the profile. Even free members can enjoy an array of features.

However, the ones that are not included, and are available for only paid members, are you can’t message them via email, or through live chat; you won’t be able to see who has marked you as their favourite or have flirted with you. Also, you can’t find any of their videos, as well.

The relationship types allowed by SeniorPeopleMeet are straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual. When it comes to your relationship status, you can update your relationship status as single, separated, divorced, or widowed. And you can look out for relationships, such as dating, long-term, penpal.

If you are curious to know how the navigation works, then let us tell you that SeniorPeopleMeet is pretty easy to navigate. The dating site SeniorPeopleMeet mentioned all the instructions clearly, and the signup process is easy, too, along with the matching system.

The agenda of SeniorPeopleMeet is to allow these senior people not feel overwhelmed when they are here and don’t feel confused about their features. To create a profile, it will take less than a minute, and get started, and you will need a password, your username, birthdate, and zip code.

The username must contain letters and numbers, and no special symbols. SeniorPeopleMeet needs a valid email ID as well to send you a verification link that you need to click once received.

The site pays utmost importance to privacy and doesn’t share email addresses with any of the members of third-parties. Once you are in the process of creating your account with SeniorPeopleMeet, the website will prompt you to upload a profile photo.

Try to choose a good, and the most recent photo for the profile picture. The dating site has observed that profiles that contain profile pictures receive ten times more requests than those that don’t include any images.

The reason for this is simple; people always judge others by their face value, and having a profile picture enables another person to think that your profile is not fake.

In case, if you are not comfortable, showing the entire member of SeniorPeopleMeet how you look, you can take your time, wait for some time, and upload your photo a few days later, but do upload it.

Until you are free, you can browse a myriad of profiles, but if you wish to connect with someone and communicate, you need to buy one of their plans.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Seeing profiles is free for everyone once you sign up with SeniorPeopleMeet; it is when you wish to communicate with someone, you need to choose any of the following plans:

Standard Subscription

  • 1 month: $29.96
  • Six months: $15.00 per month

Value Subscription

  • Six months: $16.99 per month

SeniorPeopleMeet token 

  • 25 credits: $0.99
  • 110 credits: $3.99
  • 280 credits: $9.99

You can decide to pay by using your credit card, PayPal account, or cheque. Readers may note that state taxes will be applied to all of your transactions.

The value subscription is the best because it lets you highlight your profile with a different background colour, and this means that your account will stand out as the unique one out of the rest. There are many other robust features of SeniorPeopleMeet that you will get to enjoy.

These features will let you gain more visibility, and help you meet a potential match soon. These features are, however, only for subscribers, and that’s the only downside. So, here are the features that you have got to know:


The PromoteMe feature allows you to make your profile visible even more. When you choose this feature, your account will be placed on the top.

Virtual Gifts

If you want your message to make an impression, rather than sending them a standard message, try sending them a virtual gift. Rest assured, people who receive virtual gifts notice the letters more than those who send usual messages.


ConnectMe lets you have a virtual phone number. So instead of sharing your name, you can use this feature to talk to the person you are interested in without compromising your identity.


ProfilePro is a fantastic feature for all those people who fail to express themselves. Once you choose this feature, a group of professionals will fill in the necessary details, and also finish your profile, so that you can stand out from the rest of the members.

Site performance Scores




8 / 10

Ease Of Use

9 / 10


10 / 10

Profile Quality

8 / 10

Customer Service

8 / 10


7 / 10

Matching System

7 / 10


8 / 10


7 / 10

Website Design

8 / 10

Overall Score

8 / 10

Site statistics

  • User base: SeniorPeopleMeet welcomes people with all sexual oriental. There are men, women, gay, bisexual, and lesbians.
  • Popularity: SeniorPeopleMeet is a highly famous senior people dating site with 3.1 million visitors
  • Gender ratio: 41% male and 59% female
  • Signing up: Less than a minute
  • Profile quality: Most of the members are above 40 years of age
  • Making contact: Only paid members are allowed to communicate with members.
  • Total number of members: Over 1,800,000
  • Active members: 64,000 weekly
  • Live cams: Yes

Competitors of SeniorPeopleMeet

Dating sites are not uncommon, and there is an array of them out there. Dating sites have been going on since time immemorial. Because there are other niche dating sites available, we are confident that SeniorPeopleMeet must be receiving some fiery competition from other dating applications as well.

Some of the niche dating sites that we have come to know about are, eharmony, and AdultFriendFinder. Let’s get to know about these dating sites and see if you can join them as well to find someone like minded.


The site BBWCupid is a popular and niche dating site for big and beautiful people. The plus size dating site rose to fame when it got launched. Most of its features are free to use, and there are a lot of big and beautiful women who have joined this community site.

The site allows users to find a good match easily, and you will see profile pictures in most of the profiles. Most of the members are from the USA, and there are around 100,000 members.


One of the safe dating sites, eharmony, is dedicated to all those singles who want to find a partner for a long-term and full-filling relationship. The site has over a million members from all over the globe. The premium account holders get to enjoy astounding features.

The no-nonsense site is ideal for everyone who wants to get into a serious relationship, and the website was launched in 2000. Eharmony claims that it is committed to providing a platform where all the users will find the right match.


AdultFriendFinder currently has more than 80 million users, and is typically made for people who are looking for casual and hookup relationships. There are different ways to connect with people, and the platform is dominated by men members, mostly.

They have an app-based platform, too, that is available for both Android and iPhone. The signing up process is easy and requires only a few necessary details.


  • Knowing that there are not a lot of sites offering niche dating sites dedicated only to senior people, SeniorPeopleMeet provides a ray of hope to everyone.
  • The website layout of SeniorPeopleMeet is neat and sleek, and the navigation process is easy too.
  • There are a lot of members and loaded with tons of features to try.
  • SeniorPeopleMeet is quite popular among senior people.
  • The far-reaching community has many active users.
  • SeniorPeopleMeet is fast and convenient and offers a lot of options, for example, favourite, browse, contact other members, and more.
  • SeniorPeopleMeet is a safe and secure platform for all users.


  • SeniorPeopleMeet doesn’t offer any phone support
  • The site SeniorPeopleMeet is available only in Canada, and the USA

Customer Support 

SeniorPeopleMeet doesn’t have any phone number so that the best way to contact them is to write to them. They do have a FAQ page, which could be helpful. Follow the following contact details:

Help page:

Once you log in, you will get to see the complete contact us page.


From start to finish, we do think that SeniorPeopleMeet is an excellent platform for senior people to connect and is a friendly dating site. All you will have to enter your email ID to get started with the website.

We will encourage you to read the safety tips available on their page that will permit you to understand how dating sites work, and how to go about it. SeniorPeopleMeet has a lot of members, and you will find like-minded people here.

Parting words

You can try their one-month or six-month subscription plan that will let you send messages to other people that you like. If you have enjoyed reading our review of SeniorPeopleMeet, don’t waste time and join right away.

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