Sell Pictures Of Yourself Online For Money

Are you looking for a way to boost your earnings? Have you explored all of your options for making extra income? If you are, you seem to be familiar with the idea that you can make money by selling your images online.

But, do you know how to identify stock image sites or how to make money from your photos on the internet? We've got your back, so don't worry.

We'll cover all you need to know about selling images on stock websites in this article. You can also look into several options for selling your images, as well as a comprehensive list of stock websites.

Sell Pictures Of Yourself Online For Money (2022 GUIDE)

What you need to know about selling photos on stock websites

  • Various sites have various approval processes in place to avoid certain situations with quality and content. This is so that those who take images of high quality and content can be recognised. In a nutshell, you won't be able to just upload your first image and start making money right away. 

  • You don't have the opportunity to set your own rates on these stock photography sites. You must comply with whatever value the stock site offers them for. Furthermore, you will not receive the entire profit from your images. Every site allows you to get paid on a commission basis, and each site's commission structure is different.

  • You get the choice of uploading your images to a well-known stock photo website. You probably assume that these sites will give you a lot exposure. However, the reality is that your photo will be battling with countless that are there for the same thing. You must be able to get your images in front of many creators.

  • You have to do extensive research to find the best site from the below options. You could also boost your earnings by using various sites. However, some sites may require you to refrain from selling your photographs on other stock photo websites. So, be sure to check the terms and conditions beforehand. 

How can one sell their pictures online

1. On your own website 

Having your own website is the best way to share and promote your own images. You may add photos to any page. For example, you can use different sources to promote your photos and then lead users to your website to buy them. You can use your website to showcase your work by building an interactive portfolio.

    The biggest advantage of building your own website to sell your images is that you keep 100% of the income. It's also very simple and free to start your own website. You can check this videos on how to create your own website for free in minutes.

How to Create a Free Website in 2022

How To Make a WordPress Website - 2022

2. On Social Media

Uploading your images to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat is another way to get money with your photos. You can start by posting your best photos and then experimenting with various strategies to increase the number of people who notice your account. To attract a larger audience, you can utilise hashtags or sounds that are currently trending.

Another advantage of social media is that you can regularly approach your followers or potential clients and ask them to look at your images on the platform or on your blog. Almost every social networking platform allows you to include a website link in your bio.

Websites where one can sell their pictures

  • Shutterstock

If you have earned points or even have achieved sufficient purchases from Shutterstock, you could use this platform to sell your photos.

This website provides a secure atmosphere for uploading, selling, and sharing images. You can make decent money if you are prepared to ive up your rights, do not share your photos on other platforms, and focus exclusively on Shutterstock.

  • Pay your selfie

Pay Your Selfie is a platform that links businesses and people through selfies.

Pay Your Selfie is a service that pays cash for selfies, converting social value into Actual cash.

They offer a good performance-based digital advertising platform for businesses that needs user engagement and other insights.

This seems to be a very popular choice for videographers, animators, and digital artists to market their photos digitally and be recognised for their work on this site. Because of its unmatched quality stock image services, Getty Images has been one of the largest stock image agencies.

Fiverr is a site that gives an array of services, including logos, and web design. Publishing photos and other selfies to their platform is yet another way to sell pictures on the internet. Offering on Fiverr has the benefit of more visibility due to the focused community of clients interested in purchasing your images as well as other works of art.

Why not get paid for your selfies if you take a lot of them? Stylinity, a shopping app, sends out this statement. It allows individuals to share pictures while also tagging fashionable objects such as clothing and accessories.

These photographs can be uploaded to the Stylinity online market for someone else to view and purchase. You earn bonus points that you may exchange for clothes or cash if others buy a product after seeing your selfie. They're termed "Shoppable Selfies" by the platform.

If you want to make money with your images, there are several alternatives open to you. You can also attempt selling the images by printing them on sweatshirts, cups, pouches, phone cases, and other items. This can certainly facilitate the creation of a new product line for your service.

500px is a photo-sharing website with a network of above Thirteen million active users. The free version enables users use the its tools, but you could still only post 7 images each week, and the paid member categories have had less customising possibilities.

  • Etsy

    Because Etsy has been the most popular website on this list, you could already be familiar with it. This is yet another website where you may sell your photos online with ease. You may sign up as a seller right now and begin uploading images for sale on Etsy.

    On Etsy, there are already plenty of artists who make money. Hundreds of individual sellers trade on Etsy, many of whom specialise in handcrafted items like apparels.

To become a contributor on this Platform, you must first go through the approval process. It's a fantastic option, but it's not the same as simply selling photos on your website. This is because, in addition to publishing their own work, PhotoShelter allows users to purchase and licence photographs from others.

 This is just another wonderful tool for earning money by posting your images. In AdobeStock, you may enter your images and monetize them. This valuable service is available at incredibly low fees, and all of its contents are royalty-free, making it highly flexible and cost-effective. Moreover, if anybody buys your photograph, you'll get an email alert right away.

Alamy is a service that not only allows you to sell your selfies, but also lets you to get paid for photographing your pets and children and posting them to the website. It's simple to try to sell images to others, as well as selling the rights to use those photos, through this platform. Also, someone might wish to buy your photographs and use them on their webpage or book cover.


Sellfy is for you if you enjoy clicking pictures as well as creating T-shirt designs. Sellfy allows you to quickly sign up and sell your photographs in a jiffy. This website makes it simple to sell not only photographs, but also video files, audio, as well as other digital items. It also provides you the opportunity to make money from the advertisements that appear on your profile.

Picfair provides you with a personal domain storefront where customers may buy physical products and digital copies for various purposes. Picfair further aids in the development of your skills by providing you with accessibility to a library of articles published by photography specialists.

To calculate the selling price, the website adds twenty percent to your listed amount. They keep the added amount after the image gets sold, and you'll get the amount you chose. 

If you're interested in getting money from your images, but not simply selfies, TourPhotos is the place to go. This site allows you to upload images, as well as blog posts and reviews of hotels, cafes, and restaurants. The distinct layouts they present for every post will amaze you, since we haven't seen anything like them on other websites.

Every week, millions of buyers from all around the world visit this platform. Instaprints helps photographers simplify and speed their workflow by providing sales and marketing services. They can use these tools to create branded online businesses, sell physical printouts on Fb, and much more.

Any web-based content business can purchase pictures free from royalties and stock photos from 123RF. If you are interested in marketing along with taking photos, you can also try joining their affiliate network where you can make some income by promoting other people's photos.

123RF is also one of the best choices for uploading and selling images. The inspiration for developing this company was to provide blogs and websites with high-quality graphics for low prices.  

If you are a novice in selling photos online, then Crestock is perfect for you. As it operates on a point based system, everytime others look at your portfolio, or perhaps, approach you about buying or licensing your images, you gain points. You can earn more points by simply helping clarify others doubts, or anything such as getting feedback, etc.

EyeEM is a good option if you're seeking for a platform that allows you to publish your photos and earn money by selling selfies with no restrictions. Because this company works with prominent brands like adidas, you may choose who licences your images and gain more exposure.

This has become a stock photo service that sells both copyright-free and images free of royalty. They encourage contributions from all kinds of new and seasoned photographer. However, before your images can be posted for purchase on their website, you must first complete the review process. This will allow you to upload any type of image and determine the price depending on what clients are willing to pay.

Amazon's marketplace can be great alternative for you if you want your photo to not just be sold as a selfie image, but printed on other products like hoodies, cards, and mugs. Also, If you have handcrafted artworks that are inspired by your images, then Amazon Handmade is the best place to market and promote them.

Bigstock, mostly, contains all the aspects you'd expect from a micro-stock platform. Its credit structure sets it apart, and it's for this reason that selling images on the internet through this site is unique.

People can purchase stock photographs using standard payment methods. However, as they are doing so, users accumulate points that may be used to buy extra stuff from the platform. As a result, you have two ways for earning money.

Canva's designing resources are used by approximately 60 million individuals, and it provides a fantastic chance for authors to earn money by posting and marketing their photographs, clips, and graphics without having to pay any processing fees. It aids in the development of your portfolios and allows you to benefit from the use of your work by others.

You can sign up on Dreamstime for free and enjoy unlimited storage for personal use in this free version. If you are a professional photographer and don't want ads to disturb your work flow, you can update your account to enjoy more features and ad-free version, too. 

This site provides you with two choice while uploading photos. Firstly, the Standard License, where your image is to free to be downloaded by anyone. Second option is Premium, where people get complete rights to your photo after buying it. 

If you would like somebody to purchase your pictures and use them on their website or blog; and if you would like your photos to be used as stock images by other website and companies. Then there's Depositphotos, which is a popular platform for selling images.

Not only does Agora Images allow you to sell the licenses to your photos, but it also ranks them so that the those with higher rankings are more visible to people looking for nice photos for their brand.

If you're interested in entering various contests with your photographs, this is the place to be. This allows you to keep track of different brands that run contests and award prizes.

CanStockPhoto is a website that only displays images that are related to your searches. This platform has the function to let the user to search by category and title tags, displaying only photographs that are relevant to what you're selling. This platform is popular as the leading provider of royalty-free photos.

This platform makes things simpler to capture snapshots. Snapwire allows you to work for a company that needs photographs, such as a business, a magazine, or a local company. You can take photos with respect to a customer's request, and the platform will instantly publish it.

It's one of the best ways to sell photos digitally since it has a lot of features that ensure your privacy while allowing you to profit from your images. You can create a passcode for accessing your images on their website. Customers could only view your pictures using unique codes.

This platform allows you to submit not only selfies, but almost everything. You can post images of nearby buildings as well as photos of a local restaurant. If you go on a trip and click photos of everything you see, you can upload all of them too.

If you don't like the idea of stock photo sites determining the value of your images, Scoopshot is an app that allows users to determine the value of their photographs on their own.

This online service was created to provide users more command on how their product could be seen by others. Earlier, we had used social networking sites purely for promotional purposes, without any other perks. However, using this platform, you can make portfolios that are built specifically around your photographs, focusing on the impression the owner wishes to convey to the audience.

If you're interested in making money by selling images of yourself to huge brands, I recommend Bylined. This service provides users with a one-of-a-kind tool that connects brands with photographers to create stunning on-demand photographs.

This service is popular among users since the payoff for photos is over four times that of most of the other sites. Another benefit of Bylined over other services is that you can upload whatever photo you want, including selfies.

Image Vortex can give you with free services to help you build your own online portfolio of photos while also allowing you to organise your work in one place. Image Vortex assists you in developing a gallery of photos that buyers can easily view and purchase in high-resolution files. 

The best part about Image Vortex is that it doesn't restrict you to selling your photographs on just one website. Instead it allows you to sell your photographs on other websites.

Pixieset is very simple to use, particularly if you were really new to photographing. In a simple process, you may begin selling your images on the web marketplace.

Pixieset is a fantastic website that makes selling your images online a breeze. It's ideal for anyone who has always aspired to be a photographer but has no idea where to begin. You can store as many photographs as you want and access them whenever you want.

PhotoDune is another online marketplace where you may sell your photos. On this site, you can sell your photos for a price based on mega pixels.

It was developed by a group of authors who could follow each other and express their ideas and interests. You also can see the top contributor' rankings as well as the best-selling works on the consumer market on this site.

The tool allows users to upload your best images to Alamy, one of the leading stock photo agencies around the world.

The firm will handle all the advertising and sourcing for the top clients, and after your image is bought, a share of the revenues will be transferred to your bank.

You can only post photographs shot with your phone, though. If you shoot with a DSLR camera, you may need to consider uploading your photos to websites like Alamy.

Zazzle is the website for you if you're trying to find a place where you can transform your selfies and photos into a variety of products such as t-shirts and posters.

Zazzle has a wide range of marketing features integrated within, so that you can publicize your brand fast and easy. There is also a network of publishers on this site who talk about their experiences with selling stuff online.

SmugMug Pro's services are available to professional photographers who require additional tools such as animations or watermarks on their photographs. 

However, you may be billed a service charge. Furthermore, when you consider all of the things you get, such as unlimited photo storage and no commercials, it's a good value.

The best thing about SmugMug Pro is that the photographs are optimised to load quickly and effectively on any device. Another benefit of this platform is that your images are automatically resized to fit all screen resolutions.

Foap is an online platform for selling photographs / videos. Those who enjoy your stuff can purchase them there. That could be a frequent user, a group of agencies, or a variety of businesses.

The pricing of the photographs on Foap seems to be normally $10, but you'd only earn $5 owing to Foap's 50% royalty.

You'll be able to understand this app easily. Simply launch the app and post a photo you took with your cellphone that you would like to sell. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

One more alternative is to use Creative Market, which pays users for snapping images of oneself using thier smartphone. This is a simple way for anybody to begin earning an income from their selfies or any other photos.

You have the option of uploading as many photographs as you wish. You may also retouch and monetize your photos with the help of Creative Market's photography tools.

This may be the best choice for you if you don't mind somebody tweaking and re-editing your images before they purchase them. Anyone can use Flickr to upload and sell as many photos as you would like, and you can make a decent income doing so. However, before selling your photographs on Flickr, you must be knowledgeable of the complete list of terms and conditions.

Over 30 thousand people use Snapped4U to sell their photos digitally. Every day, millions of photographs are added to this site. This site was created with photographers in consideration, and it is regarded as one of the finest options on this list.

You may earn profits on this site if you are adept at communicating with people at gatherings and taking photos that they would like. The concept is that whenever you've shot several images at an event, people will enter your Snapped4u gallery, where they'll see amazing photos of themselves.

They can then choose whatever ones they want, purchase those, and also have them forwarded to their email address.

Because it is widely used in many countries, it is indeed a great alternative for those looking to sell their photographs. By downloading the app from the play store, you may easily upload your photos from your smartphone.

The key distinction between Stocksy and other stock photo websites is that users can utilise the built-in tools to price their images based on the market.

If you'd like to share your photos with others who might need them for works, seminars, or even domestic use, you can check out the Sharesix platform.  Sharesix allows users to post and start sharing their photos. Despite the fact that the majority of the site's customers are corporations, there is a huge requirement for family pictures as well as other specific pictures.

On Pixmac, photo sellers have smooth experience with the user interface. And, its relatively easy to sell your works on Pixmac when compared to other sites because there is no registration process. The platform accepts both digital photographs and also printouts. The best part about Pixmac is that it has a wide variety of features and tools that makes creating pages more easier than ever.

Fotomoto is a ground-breaking new approach to sell and profit from photographs. Online, you can sell images as well as prints of your new stuff. This service's account registration is simple and fast.

Not everybody loves to sell their photographs for micro stock agencies because of the numerous obstacles in the purchasing procedure and the resulting degraded picture quality. Amateur photographers will find this site to be an ideal fit. Easily upload your photos to Fotomoto's website, and the rest will be handled by Fotomoto.

Some tips 

You'd definitely love some tips on how to get the most out of your photographs. Now take a look at the following tips.

  1. Take good quality photos

No one would pay for images that are unclear, fuzzy and dark, right.Would you enjoy it if people left negative reviews on your photographs because of the poor quality? Hence, It's always necessary to use camera with a high resolution to take images with great quality.

  1. Use Google Analytics

You must also try to make use of analytics to your advantage. You could use Google Analytics to track your site's data in depth. This tells you how often people engage with the content of your photos and which types of photos are attracting the most attention. You may also use traffic data to choose the optimum time to upload your next photograph.

  1. Show off your social media profiles

You don't want people to glance at one of your photos and then forget about it. You must retain them on your page and allow them to look at your other pieces as well. It's simple to do so via social media. You can always have a call-to-action that sends them to your social media page. 

  1. Learn effective SEO practices

You may always try to include keywords in the description box of your photo when uploading it to help more people discover it. To obtain more followers on social media, try utilising hashtags that are relevant to your image. This SEO approach might assist you in being more visible on the web.

  1. Include a watermark

Customers are more likely to purchase your images if you appear professional and reliable. As a result, make sure that all of your images have your identity or some form of branding as a watermark. You can include a sign or mark at the bottom of all images to remind people that it's your work next time they see it.

  1. Make eye contact with the camera lens

Make sure you focus on the lens of the camera every time you take images if you would like your audience to relate better to you as a photographer. Only if it is the concept of your shot, can you look away from the camera. We recommend ‌you do not look at the display because your angle in the picture might be ‌off.

  1. Find your niche and build your audience

To begin, you must define your audience. You must first ensure that you are targeting a specific demographic, and then develop marketing methods that will assist you capture the attention of your target audience. You'll need some more basic marketing knowledge for all this, and also the willingness to be creative with how you approach your audience. It's simple to sell your photos to your target audience once you've chosen your niche.

  1. Post several images regularly

It's all about consistency when it comes to posting your images and being recognized. You should not expect people to locate you by uploading a single image at random times. You must publish on a regular basis and post five to seven pictures in order for people to find and purchase your photos.

  1. Edit your photos

You may try editing your photos to make them appear really professional. There are several tools in the Play Store that can assist you with this. You may always brighten your photos to make them appear more clean and high-quality. You can also apply filters based on the vibe you wish to convey to the audience.

As an example, you may tweak the saturation levels and observe the impact if you wish to upload a sun-kissed selfie.

  1. Be patient

Rome was not built in a single day. Similarly, developing a positive reputation takes time. It's also critical that you exercise patience and avoid rushing things. You must work at your own schedule and ensure quality images in order to observe a slow but steady rise in sales.


Now that you have all you need to sell your images on the internet, it's time to choose your site that works the best for your needs and interests, and begin uploading your pictures to that stock photo website. 


  • Is it illegal to sell pictures of yourself online?

There's really nothing wrong with posting photographs with relatives and friends on the internet or even with making income out of them through uploading them to an stock photos site.

Even while it is not illegal to sell photographs of oneself, you must follow certain rules and regulations dependent on your location or the sites to which you publish your photographs.

  • Where can I sell pictures of myself online?

The above are the list of several sites where you can sell your photos online. Another great way to sell pictures online is by using social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook, etc.

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