Complete Guide on How to Sell Feet Pics (2020)

I know a lot of people might find this weird but it is possible to generate cash just by simply selling pictures of your feet and these are currently the hottest paying thing that you would ever get to do.

You will find an entire market for selling feet pictures and you will be able to make money in the long run in case you are comfy with the concept of foot fetish.

You simply need to take the photographs of  your feet and then send it to individuals who are interested in purchasing those photographs.

In this article, we will be talking about all these things in detail.

feet fetish

How much will you be able to get by selling the feet pictures?

Although you will not come across any fixed rate for the feet photographs, it is possible for any photograph to begin at only $10 and the price can be sore as high as $3,000 or even more.

On most occasions, the prices will be figured out depending on details like  where these photographs are going to sell  or who is going to sell them or who is going to purchase them, and also the rights assigned to the purchaser.

For instance, in case the photographs are sold on a platform such as, every single Istock credit happens to be approximately $10 and the photographs are sold using three credits  that will cost approximately $30.  

However, you will not get  good money by selling the photographs on this website, instead, you sell it on your personal website, it will be much more profitable.

How I Made Money Selling Feet Pics

How to begin selling the photographs?

In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the different ways in which it will be possible to make some quick money for yourself by selling the feet photographs.

1. Come across some beautiful feet at first.

 Most of the individuals who like feet won’t mind whether your feet are attractive or not; however, here we are actually targeting businesses using foot photographs, and therefore, the initial step will be to click some attractive feet to photograph.

Feet which are stereotyped as attractive usually appear arched along with long and slender toes, and obviously, they must be properly cared. However, in case your feet are not that attractive and pretty, there is no need for you to worry. You simply require finding a foot model for yourself.

It might be your sister, buddies, or anybody who likes to have their feet photographed. You are also free to include the feet of your children along with other body parts, which will make it even more desirable.

2. Purchase a proper camera.

A photograph will only look better if it is captured on a proper camera. In case you are trying to generate cash by taking photographs of your feet, you will require attractive and professional-looking pictures. For this, it is imperative to have a camera featuring a very good lens.

There are many budget-friendly cameras  in the market and you will never run out of choice.

However, one sensible idea will be to simply start with using your smartphone. The majority of the contemporary smartphones feature some really good cameras which already come pre-installed and you will be able to take some pro-level photographs by doing a bit of schooling.

3. Start taking the photographs.

Below, we will mention some of the most popular positions for taking the feet pictures: crossed feet, on your toes, toes pointed out and fee up int he air. You may also try other positions in case you would like.

Simply make it a point to be innovative while taking photos from different angles and positions.

4. Set up the storefront.

Here, we would suggest you join Facebook groups, Twitter and Instagram discussions around the subject of pertinent hashtags. However, perhaps the best thing will be to concentrate on the stock photo sites or setting up a personal website.

5. Make the required promotion.

For promoting the photographs, you can make use of Facebook, Pinterest, and also Instagram. Always make use of watermark for anything shared by you, and also incorporate hashtags such as #footmodel or anything for enhanced visibility.

I Sold Feet Pics for a Week and Made This MUCH Money

In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the most important tips for selling your feet pictures. Effective guidelines for selling feet pictures.

1. Take proper care of your feet.

In case you like to generate cash for taking foot photographs, it is perfectly sensible to keep the feet healthy and attractive  all the times. Always remember to put on shoes while stepping outside your home so as to avoid injuries and also keep it moisturized continually.

Taking proper care of the feet will make it very simple to take attractive foot photographs and this will, in turn, get better prices.

2. Understand the most effective angles of the feet.

Apart from learning the most effective lighting tips, it will also be important to study your feet and look for the best- looking angles.

Find out whether they are better from a particular angle. Also, figure out whether some specific colors can help them to glow. Don’t forget to improvise over these suggestions.

3. Watermark the photographs while you are sharing them.

It is not difficult for individuals to steal photographs out there. However, using watermarks on the photos while you post them on social media will make it quite difficult for them to be stolen. You might also blur the photographs by making use of smartphone apps.

4. There is no need to focus only on feet pictures.

Although there is a huge demand for the feet pictures at present thanks to the significant number of foot lovers across the globe, there is no need to concentrate on feet pictures alone. You might also take photographs of the other body parts in different scenes too.

5. There is no need for you to have attractive feet.

As we have mentioned before, there is no need for you to have a really attractive foot for taking pictures. You can always take photographs of the feet of your children, your better half, buddies, and also other family members. Bear in mind that any feet will serve the purpose!

In this world, there are multiple things that we are unaware of. Many people now tell me that I am talking like crazy people. But my dear friends, yes, it is 100% true that you can easily earn in dollars just by selling feet pictures.

You will be amazed when you will understand that there is a popular industry where people promote their foot and by this promotion, they are earning. I know you must be thinking about why people do such weird stuff? But do you care? When can you earn money in a legal way?

What's wrong with that? It's cool and fun. You can sell pictures online.

So, let just kill all your curiosities right away and proceed with this article. In this blog, we are going to share what foot industry is? How can you earn money by selling feet pictures? Why do people buy these pictures and many more things? So, without wasting further time, let's get started.

How You Can Sell Feet Pictures and Make a Profit from That

We know you are still wondering whether it is a joke or a scam. But here we will brief you about this. In recent days foot pictures are in high demand. Do you know some people buy foot pictures on a daily basis?

Who buys the feet pictures?

Different people buy foot pictures for different reasons. Let's have a look:

  • Foot fetish - Those who have foot fetish they prefer to check foot pictures daily online. Yes, it is true. So, what foot fetish actually is? It is a condition where a boy or girl sees the foot pictures just to arouse their sexual pleasure. Different people have different turn on points. It is a condition where men or women are looking for the feet for sexual attraction or pleasure. It is true for many people who love it when their partner kisses their feet. They get aroused by that. So, plenty of people pay online just to buy foot pictures, or sometimes they also sell their own feet pictures to make Money.
  • Documentary or pictures - In many movies or in the documentary, we have seen that many characters have a soft corner for feet. Who loves feet. You can also be hired if you have a good and attractive foot. Some of the movie directors
  • Online marketing and shopping - When a blogger is writing a blog related to feet, he or she needs to put pictures of the feet in their content just to support and complement the text strongly. Similarly, when a brand or marketer who promotes the services or products, they would require high-quality, attractive feet pictures to attract the customer's attention and fulfill the goal.  

Why do people sell foot pictures?

We know some People take it weird, but people sell foot pictures for many reasons.

  • High demand - We can clearly tell you that these pictures have so many uses. The feet industry is huge. You can earn a lot if you have attractive foot pictures. There is a good opportunity to make money.
  • Inexpensive - Feet are god gifted. You do not have to spend much time or effort to make your feet beautiful. All you need is a good smartphone and a good camera. Start clicking foot pictures from a different angle and with an attractive background. Now sell those pictures online and make dollars.
  • Universality - This thing does not need any qualification. Anyone can do this. Even a school dropout or an illiterate can do this.

Things to Remember Before Selling Feet Pictures & Things To Avoid 

People who are worried about selling feet pictures let me tell them this is completely legal. So, do not worry about this. You are not doing anything illegal thing. Nobody is forcing you. It completely depends on you about how long you want to sell pictures.

Selling picture when you are under 18

The foot selling online job is not for under 18 groups. It is for adults. If you are below 18, then you are doing an illegal job. Children and teenagers should reach the age level.

Selling feet pictures break the country and state law

Selling feet pictures are accepted in most countries, but in many states and countries, it is not accepted. Those have strict rules and specific dressing codes for women. So, bewarr of that if selling feet pictures does not match your principal and values.

Where to sell your feet pictures?

The good part is there are so many options where you can sell the feet pictures.

How to Sell Pics of Your Feet

Social Media like Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram

This is one of the easiest ways to sell pictures. Most people choose Instagram to post continuously. Some of the buyers are looking for pictures on Instagram. You can use hashtags to sell pictures. Through hashtags, people find more information.

Some of hashtags example are # feet #toes # pretty toes # selling foot pictures #feet pics # foot fetish etc.

Different Advertising sites 

Plenty of advertising sites are there where people post an advertisement for services, products, job positions, and many more. Here also you can post foot pictures to attract buyers.

Photography websites

There are multiple websites where you can sell photos and also buy pictures from the professional photographer or from individuals. The main advantages of selling pictures on these sites are millions of people who want to buy foot pictures.

Different Applications to sell Your pictures of Feet

Do you want to earn money through apps? Some of the apps are instafeet, wiki feet, Zazzle, and mane more.

Do you intend to make money online by the easy process? If you don't mind, you can sell your pictures of feet through an online channel which are specifically made for foot lovers. In some countries of the world, selling pictures of feet is legal.

There are people who will pay a sufficient amount for your feet pictures or videos. But how to sell your picture of feet?

Some special sites are built for foot lovers and you can upload your pictures of feet easily to earn money. You can earn huge money and can earn money per image depending on the agreement with the clients.

There are apps where you are allowed to upload your pictures and sell at different rates for making money.

How can you start making money with feet pictures?

You can join in the sites where you can sell your pictures of feet. No money is required to join the special social sites for selling pictures. You should know how to join the sites that are free for selling your nice feet pictures. Once you start selling the pictures, you won't have to end up selling pictures.

You can also find other ways to make money online. You can select the sites for making money for pictures of feet. You have to start by signing on the sites. You won't have to worry about selling your pictures. There are some companies that can pick up pictures and sell them later.

How to make money with feet pictures?

There is a huge market for selling pictures. You need to download the required sites for uploading the pictures of the feet. You need to start your career as a freelancer from home. You have to become a foot model for earning money by your feet.

To become a feet model, you need to adopt all the necessary actions to be a model. You can go through the Hollywood models and try to copy the models with feet.  There are some Hollywood movies where you can find heroines with lucrative feet and you can copy their style with features.

For selling the feet pictures, you need to convert yourself into a foot model.

How I Became Rich & Famous Off My Feet in a WEEK

Precautions Needed for the Profession

You may feel ashamed of the profession for adoption. To convert in the Foot model, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Still, you  adopt precautions before opting for the profession. You may use a fake profile of you and then start logging into the website.

You then need to capture photos of your legs and can upload them to the proper sites. In this way, you can ensure your privacy to sell your feet. You need to earn money, but you may not like that your relatives or close ones are aware of the fact.

So, you have to maintain privacy for adopting the profession.

Is this profession legal?

Actually, in some countries, this profession is totally legal. But you have to be at least 18 years old. Then you will be able to upload your pictures of feet. There may be some restrictions from the religious point of view. Some foot fetish also doesn't intend to claim to be so.

Therefore, if you intend to get involved in the business, you can certainly do if your age and religion give permission. You can get paid with any amount from $5 to $100 as per the contract with the clients.

How can you sell your feet photos?

You can have a look at the feet pictures in the marketplace. You can join some recommended sites to sell your feet pictures. They will  pay you daily if the members like the pictures. So, you may not have to sell your feet pictures directly.

After you receive the email, you confirm it to proceed further for signing up to such sites. You can connect to the best site where all the buyers can connect themselves. One site becomes reputed after connecting buyers and sellers for a longer period.

How is the connectivity with buyers and sellers created?

The reputed sites work by selling and purchasing the pictures of feet.

These sites happen to collect all email ids of the foot lovers and help in connecting all the buyers to the sellers. In this way, the images of their feet get sold. Moreover, the foot lovers get connected with beautiful girls with lovely feet. This can be helpful for both of them.

There are some special sites that only pay by uploading images of feet. If the images are not sold also, the seller will get the payment.

Some sites will pay by only uploading the images of feet.

The intended seller can get paid only if the images are posted on websites. If no buyer buys  them, even then, the sellers get paid.

Only the sellers have  to upload the pictures of the feet also. The sellers can join other special similar sites to get connected with buyers. You can earn huge money by uploading the images or by selling the images. You can upload videos also and by viewing also, you can get paid for the images.

The sellers can make money from home only by capturing images of feet and uploading them.

Want to make money online in a generous manner? There is a huge industry that will promote this particular way of earning money. These are some exclusive features that will make your feet pictures highly popular all along.

Afterward, it is the turn to come across tips regarding selling pictures of feet in a highly flexible manner.

Can you afford to hire a professional photographer? Great! You expect the best outcomes. It will open the gateway to selling professional pictures of your feet at a higher price rate due to the high quality of photos.

Why Do Some Guys Have Foot Fetish?

Selling pictures of feet is all about creativity. They are sold on the basis of the presentation. You need to take care of your feet so that you may present them in the best possible way. They must look good and must be kept manicured in the best way.

It will allow your entire feet to look better, thus letting you have an easier time selling all your pictures. Are you thinking of locations where you can capture all your photos? Here are some exclusive options: sofa, bath, park, hanging out the window of a car, etc.

The list is endless! Rest you may leave on the viewers so that they may post some comments. Can you afford to hire a professional photographer? Great!

You can expect the best outcomes. It will open the gateway to selling professional pictures of your feet at a higher price rate due to the high quality of photos.

What is the Best Place to Sell Pictures of Your Feet?

After you are done with caring and capturing photos, it is your turn to decide the best place where you can sell pictures of your feet. Among all the options, the internet will be the best and most suitable place.

With a plethora of avenues to make business, it will become easy to make money online from the following sources: Instagram, Facebook, Different Websites and Craigslist.

There are some exclusive tips that must be followed to make the selling of photos online easy.

Tips to Sell Pictures of Feet on Instagram

Do you know that Instagram is the best social media site to sell pictures like these? Once you are done with signing up, you will come across numerous foot models selling pictures of their feet on Instagram.

If you want your photo to stand out in the crowd, then you need to use the correct and appropriate hashtags. It will help you in getting your pictures and videos reach to the right type of audience. That too in the midst of cut-throat competition in the market.

Some of the most popular hashtags that can be used include the following:

  • #feet
  • #toes
  • #soles
  • #pedicure
  • #high heels and many more.

Using a mix of small and large post hashtags will be a good idea. For better outcomes, you must use a maximum of thirty hashtags per post.

feet fetish

Tips to Sell Feet Pictures on Facebook

As a regular Facebook user, you must have come across numerous groups and people who are interested in purchasing pictures of feet. It is better to join as many groups as possible. It will help you to come across clients interested in foot fetish.

Also, you must search for terms like "foot fetish" and other foot worship groups. Once you come across a suitable one, join the group as soon as possible.

These are some tips that will help you in selling your feet pictures online faster. It will definitely help you in making money through the right channel without causing any hassle.

End Up with New Side Hustle

Yes, you will not get disappointed and end up having a new side hustle for yourself. Before taking the quantum jump, it is better to go through a questionnaire session in detail. It will help you in getting familiar with the topic and will be of immense help.

Let us begin by knowing what makes feet pictures highly demandable. There are some groups of people who buy foot pictures on a regular basis.

In the End

It is obvious that you can start your freelancing career with many online sites. You can upload the images of your feet and  earn money by selling. There are sites that connect different buyers to various sellers which will ultimately result in the payment.

There are special sites that can make the payment for the images even if they remain unsold. So, girls with nice feet can start the business of selling their feet pictures. It is legal in some countries and the girls can start the business if they are above 18 years of age.

This brings us to the very end of our article on the complete guide towards how to sell your feet pics. If you have any queries or suggestions on how to improve, you can send all your messages to us and we will surely act upon them them.

Thank you for taking out your precious time to read this article and we will see you next time with another exciting article.

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