Sean Cody Website Review (2020)

Sean Cody

If you are looking for some stellar gay pornographic content, you must take a look at Sean Cody, a well-established website with an array of gay pornography.

The action is hard-core and fluid, the quality is praiseworthy, and the website features a large collection of attractive models to choose from.


  • Choose from a wide array of gay porn content
  • Stream high-quality videos that are available in full high definition resolution


  • Video downloads incur a $15 extra charge
  • There is no bonus website to choose from

Sean Cody is a leading website in the pornographic industry and specializes in gay erotic content. ​

Their library of videos is huge, and the quality is impressive.

Although downloads cost extra, attractive add-on features such as live cam and a dedicated hook-up section make this website worth reckoning.

Sean Cody is a powerhouse in the world of gay pornography and consistently features some of the most attractive gay porn models on the internet.  The site has over 1000 gay models between the ages of 18 to the early ’30s, with a focus on college guys and jocks. ​

If these two categories interest you, then this is the website for you. Most of the guys who star in Sean Cody videos have never appeared on other websites. Since the day it was launched back in the year 2001, Sean Cody has evolved into a significant brand of porn.

The never-before-seen amateur porn stars on Sean Cody are a great concoction of good looks, enthusiasm, and unmatched athleticism. Moreover, the Sean Cody videos are crystal clear, radiate perfect lighting, and boast outstanding camera work.

The site has over 2,320 scenes, and uploads at least two new hardcore videos every week, all of which are available in full HD. After the website was acquired by MindGeek, it turned into a membership-only site.

If viewers wish to download videos, they have to pay an extra $15. In 2019, they stopped posting the weekly solos scenes, which were the hallmark of this website, and a few of the videos that are being uploaded now are not in the same standard of videography.

What makes Sean Cody popular?

Sean Cody is famous because they offer thousands of videos, with a collection that keeps growing every week. The weekly videos are divided into solo scenes, where the viewer gets absorbing information about the model’s age, background and other interesting tidbits.

The second category is action videos that are erotic and arousing. A lot of models in Sean Cody started off with solos for a few years and progressed into action scenes. The videos stream at DRM-free MP4 format.

These videos can be played in a player that resizes itself and fits onto your screen in high definition video resolutions that are ideal for both large laptop screens and smaller screens of mobiles. However, older videos are understandably filmed at a lower resolution and diminish the viewing experience a bit.


Total Visits: 3.01M

As a visitor to the site, you will be able to browse through previews of popular videos and will be prompted to make a payment and enroll for a membership.

There are about 2,300 updates listed on the website, and as a member, you can freely navigate through videos on the site.

Sean Cody-min

You will also be able to take a ‘tour’ of the Sean Cody website that is a one pager with a list of large thumbnails of the most popular videos on the website. However, the website’s signup page doesn’t specify that the Basic Membership is restricted to streaming.

You can choose to take up a trial of the Premium Membership from the drop-down menu. Once you’re on the Main Scenes index, you can see the video titles and a thumbnail.  All you have to do is click on the image, to watch the full video.

The search options on the Sean Cody site allow users to sort the movies date-wise, alphabetically, by popularity, and more. Users can also use the search options menu to look for a specific model, scene, or the scene tag. Another factor that needs improvement is the site's video index.

As the user moves through the 150 pages, they can only skip two pages, and no other option is available, except for the fact that the page numbers should be typed individually. The videos available at Sean Cody are of outstanding quality and clarity, with camera work that’s extremely professional.

However, ever since the ownership of Sean Cody has changed, the videos look a lot more formulaic, and the decision of not using solo guys has made the website lose its viewership.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Sean Cody offers memberships to suit every need. The trial membership starts at $1 for two days or $7 for seven days and provides limited access. The membership fee on a recurring month-on-month basis is $27.99, while annual plans cost less at $89.99.

The website accepts payments via Mastercard, Visa, Discover, JCB, SegPay, and even in a form of cryptocurrency. While making the payment, one thing to keep in mind is that there will be pre-selected up-sells, so make sure you opt out of it, if you don't need them before putting in your card details.

To download videos, you will have to shell out an extra $15 per month over and above the membership fee. The charge is steep but is great for anyone who can afford it and wants to use the download feature.

Site Statistics

  • There are 2485 videos available at Sean Cody, and the majority of them have a running time of 20 to 25 minutes.
  • The site uploads videos twice every week.
  • The videos are available in MP4 format, and there is an option to stream in-browser with a default setting of 960X540 pixels.
  • Video downloads are available at an extra monthly fee of $15.
  • The earlier posted videos are available to download in the MOV format, and they have a rate of 2000 kbps and can be played at the 960X540 resolution.
  • The website videos are fully responsive; this way, they act well on full-sized screens as well as on smaller ones.

Site Performance Scores (out of 10)



Website Design

8.5 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Video Quantity

8.5 / 10


8.5 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


8.5 / 10

Image Quality

9 / 10

Overall Performance

9 / 10

Competitors of

Like any other website, has a lot of competitors like CockyBoys, Bel Ami, etc.


Apart from high-quality HD porn videos, CockyBoys consist of pre-taped documentary-style interviews of the porn stars. The site is famous for its sensual yet sweetly passionate erotic content which in no time can give boner to any dude out there.

The site also features many plot-driven mini-series. Pricing can be stated as the main reason why Cockyboys is termed as competitor of Sean Cody. Cockyboys price starts at $6.25.


BelAmi  as the name suggest is the European website for literary fans of erotica in Gay world. The site primarily features European men and portray their beauty in action. The BelAmi studio is based in Slovakia and was founded by a filmmaker named George Duroy.

The website name has been taken from the cult character of the classic novel BelAmi. The website offers 3D videos and features European men as actors. BelAmi is not cheap but it is a strong competitor because it offers unlimited HD downloads.


  • As a user, you will gain access to a variety of Hot Gay Sex
  • All the videos on the website begin with an interview of the porn stars so that users can dive deep into each scene.
  • The website offers a huge collection of over 2500 videos & frequently uploads new and exciting videos.
  • Most videos on the platform are sharp and are of high quality in 1080p format.
  • The website’s user interface is intuitive and extremely convenient.
  • Because of the drop-down menus and huge thumbnails, users will be able to sail through the site smoothly.
  • The high-resolution photo sets are amazing, and available for users to download individually.


  • Video downloads cost an extra $15 per month; however, most websites now charge users for downloads.
  • The older movies that date back to 2006 are in SD format
  • Users can’t leave, comments or tags
  • The website doesn't have an option of advanced search
  • There is a limited amount of diversity in the porn stars
  • Users doesn't get access to bonus websites
  • The information that users get about the models is limited.

Customer Support

Sean Cody offers the best premium support for its members, regardless of whether you need help with transactions or any other site complications. You can always reach them round the clock on their toll-free number: +1 - 877 - 695 - 0685

Users can also reach the customer support team via skype at tel:+18557165890 or online chat. For more information, visit

Final verdict

The website is a great source of high-quality erotic pornographic content for LGBTQ members. The only drawback that is evident is the extra fee for downloads. The website is regularly updated with new steamy gay porn videos.

On the other hand, the level of diversity is limited with porn that is white male-centric. The prices are competitive and the after sales support is good.

Parting words 

The website has always impressed users because of its personality, and the beautiful models. The videos that are produced demonstrate a high level of creativity and a well-managed professional website that has much to offer.

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