SDC.Com Review

SDC (Swinger's Date Club)

If you are looking to entice up your physical relationships and want to engage with multiple partners much more freely, then Sdc would be a right fit for you.

The site lets you choose from different swingers who are open to the idea of threesomes as well as dating singles.

The site has a simple layout and offers tons of options to get ahead on this journey.

The review covers all the in-depth aspects of the site’s information to help you decide whether Sdc would work for you or not.


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Swingers are couples who engage in physical relationships with multiple partners. Swingers can be either in an open relationship or they can  be married as well. Married couples are known to be swingers if both the partners have a mutual understanding and agreement on this.

However, the orthodox structure of our society does not easily approve of this and some people want to keep it as a secret. has brought a huge opportunity for swingers around the world to connect and enjoy each other’s company.

SDC stands for Swingers Dating Club which directly indicates that it is a site dedicated to swingers and people who are interested in dating swingers. Moreover, it offers a lot of features and options to the users that are interested in online dating and social networking. is not like any other dating site that introduces swinging lifestyle only to attract new members but it gives the first preference to the couples who are willing to enter into a swinging lifestyle or who are already experiencing the perks of it.

You will see a lot of couple profiles here that let you know about their dating interests and fetishes. Also, you will see their sexual preferences as a couple because many swingers don't mind dating single people and thus engaging themselves in threesomes.

Therefore, you might find a lot of single men and women on this site but they are given a lower priority as compared to the couples. A good thing about this dating site is that you can register on it without paying anything. 

This site is ideal for couples who do not wish to engage in serious relationships but just want to hook-up and play around. You can write your blogs about swinging lifestyle and relationships or you can meet new people on the forums of

A lot of members  upload different kinds of videos here so you can go through them to understand them better. The site is also known to organize parties and events that are mainly centred around swinging couples.

They also provide travel services to individuals who are interested in experiencing lifestyle plans at affordable rates.

Many other features make a unique and interesting site on which you don't waste time but gain wonderful experiences. We will look at these features in the below sections.

Which are the features that make a wonderful dating site for swingers?

The swinging lifestyle is not considered to be taboo anymore. Even the hottest celebrities and politicians around the world enjoy this lifestyle though many might not admit this in public. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you want to be a part of hot swingers dating club like provides you with the opportunity to meet new singles who live near you and are interested in swinging. You can also engage in online dating if you are not willing to meet someone in real life. However, the main focus of this site is to hook up a couple with other swinging couples of the site.

The site allows you to create an account as per your current location so that they can provide a list of couples who lives near you and who are interested in swinging lifestyle.

The sign-up process is completely free and the free trial plan lasts for a good 20 days after which you will have to upgrade to a premium plan.

Lifestyel Travel Packages of SDC.Com

In the free trial period, you can look at the profiles of other couples or you can also go through the profiles of single men and women who have registered on this site.

It does not unlock any premium features but you get to know what this site is all about and therefore you get plenty of time to decide whether you want to continue using this site or not.

Also, the searching options are quite easy and they allow you to find dates not only in your region but you can also look for couples or singles from other countries. Moreover, the site allows you to plan a meet-up or hook-up with people in foreign locations.

The full membership comes with a wide range of features that a couple can use for dating and enjoying their life. These are the amazing features of this site that makes it worth visiting. There are many other lucrative features which we will be looking in the later sections.

Site Statistics 

  • Most popular features – Messenger, Speed dating, Blogs
  • The average number of users at a time – 25K
  • The average monthly visitors on the site – 1.2 million
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 720 pixels
  • Transgender profiles - Yes
  • Bisexual profiles – Yes
  • Gay & lesbian profiles - Yes
  • Dating niche – Swinging

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


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Customer satisfaction


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Value for money


Real members


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score



Website address

Average visits per month – 1.20 million

The registration is quite easy but it takes some time as the site tries to understand all your preferences and interests at the beginning itself. They ask your swing status, hook-up preferences, and other important questions on the registration form to understand your profile in a better way. also advises to include a short but catchy headline in your profile to seek the attention of other profiles. You will also have to include a short bio or description that should be mainly focussing on your looks, fetishes, fantasies, and interests.

You can also set your profile picture and after that, you can choose your fetishes, your sexual preferences, comfort level, body statistics, features, ethnicity, and other important details to create a detailed profile of your own.

After entering all the details, a mail will be sent to your inbox which will contain a verification link to activate your account. Click on this link and get your account started!

After activating your account, you will be directed to your profile. The overall look of the site is quite decent. Towards the left side of your screen, you will find the 'Menu' option. It will help you to look at the online members, chat with them, see your mails, explore the blogs, and much more.

An option called ‘Speed Dating’ is available which will help you to find matches and dates according to your interests quickly. A travel calendar is placed below that where you will find the updates of the latest travel posts of the members.

There is also a section for blogs which contains all the interesting information and articles written by members of the site.

SDC Travel Events 2019 - Live Life Erotically~

Then there is a separate web page where you will find the new members of the site and you get a few options to sort all the pages where profiles are mentioned. These options allow you to see profiles with profile pictures, couple profiles, female, male or business profiles depending on your choice.

Below that, there is a web page dedicated to videos where you will find videos updated by the members of the site. The videos can be filtered as per the 'Most Viewed', and 'Newest Upload' options.

Also, there is a web page called 'Contest' where you will find all on-going contests of the website. You can also vote for a particular contest as per your wish. In the webpage called 'Parties/Clubs,' you will find all the upcoming events and parties hosted by the creators of the site or individual members.

In the webpage 'Travel', you will find all the travel-related news and updates of the site. In the webpage 'Validations' you will usually find the views and feedbacks of the individual members of the site.

Here, you will generally find the users validating certain sections or whole websites after using or benefitting from them. Therefore, it is a section that can provide some useful insights, especially to new users.

In the webpage 'SDC benefits', you will find the information and details about the privileges and offers that apply to the premium members of the site. After that, you will find the option to logout from the side.

Towards the right corner of your screen, you will find the option to search the members according to your interests and preferences. This dating site will notify you whenever someone tries to connect or message you.

Then there is a section called settings where you will find all the details of your profile. Using the options that are provided under this section, you can edit your profile details, upload a new profile picture, view your recent activities, or upload your videos and pictures.

You will find all your uploaded photos in ‘Albums’ and all your uploaded videos will be visible in ‘My Videos’. Most of these features are accessible only to the premium account holders. Newly registered members can explore the profiles, features pages but they cannot do anything further than that.

You get plenty of filters to sort the profiles and this is the best part of the site. We felt that the site does not seem to be that appealing as we weren’t impressed by the overall look and feel of the site. However, the site does perform well and provides many interesting options to the users.

Most of the profiles of couples and single men and women are nicely detailed as you will find all their relevant and useful details in it.


On the top left corner of your screen, you will find the option 'Upgrade your membership' where you will find all the premium plans of

The trial period of 20 days is free and this is certainly a lucrative feature.

The one-month plan is priced at $29.95 whereas the three-month, six-month, and yearly plans are priced at $59.95, $99.95, and $149.95 respectively.

You will notice that the premium plans get affordable as you increase the plan tenor.

The lifetime membership of the site is offered at just $250 which seems to be a great deal, especially for swinging couples.

Also, on this page, you will find the features that are accessible for premium and trial members.

sdc register-min


  • The site is ideal for swingers who want to hook-up with other couples or singles. There are plenty of options and classification of details that enable you to find the perfect match according to your hook-up and dating preferences.
  • provides numerous filter options to explore the profiles of your choice. You have the choice to mingle with local swingers and you also get the opportunity to date and meet with swingers based in different parts of the world.
  • The premium members get access to cam shows and voyeur cams.
  • The instant messenger of this site enables the premium members to chat seamlessly with other members. The site enables couples to find dating options as both couples and singles which is a great feature.
  • The site hosts a lot of parties and events to bring the swinging community closer. Therefore, you can be a part of these events and use this opportunity to meet and hook-up with different couples and singles.
  • This dating site has mostly genuine profiles. You can directly mail the members or message them if you find their profiles interesting.
  • There are a lot of details to be filled in which is good because through your profile you can express a lot without even communicating or connecting with others. This helps you to connect with like-minded individuals and couples.


  • In the trial period, a member can only view only one picture per profile.
  • The portal does not seem to be that appealing and impressive especially after registration. The overall colour scheme and layout are dull and do not give the feel of a premium site.
  • The advanced search option is not available on
  • The single men and women do not receive much attention as they are placed at a lower priority on this site. Their profiles only get shown when someone looks for single men or women.
  • The free users can only read blogs and they are not allowed to join communities. Therefore, as a new user, you cannot write blogs or be a part of any community.
  • The limited access to features and benefits for the trial members makes no sense at all. It would have been better if they could have provided a paid trial plan with minimum fees that gives them access to all the features at least for a few days.
  • During the trial membership, you get too many requests and pop-up reminders to subscribe to a premium plan which at times can be frustrating


There are quite a few dating sites that are dedicated to the swingers. Some of these sites are Swap Finder, Swinger Date Link, Swing Lifestyle, etc. 

Swap Finder is an ideal site for the swingers who are interested in quick hook-ups and meeting opportunities. 

Its portal is quite similar to Adult Friend Finder and looks impressive as well. Swing Lifestyle is one of the top dating sites dedicated to swinging couples. 

It has a large database of users and provides more options for dating and sex than

Moreover, it's premium plans are much more affordable and therefore it provides a tough competitor for

According to us, if focuses on its website design and if they provide more features to the trial period members then it would prove far more feasible to the users that it is now.

sdc GUI-min

Support allows you to send the trouble reports directly when you face any issues or technical glitches on the site. You just have to click on the button 'Send Trouble Report' placed at the bottom of the settings page and the site will automatically gather information on that particular web page or issue.

There is also an option to send your comments about the issue along with the report. You can also call on their toll-free number 1-866-417-9956 if you have any queries regarding the features of this site.

Final verdict is a wonderful dating site, especially for the swingers.

It has numerous options that the swingers can use to find suitable dates and sex partners. Though the site can work on its overall design and layout we think that the site works fine and has smooth navigation which is the most important thing while using a site.

Therefore, we would recommend this dating site for anyone who indulges in swinging or is interested in meeting swingers!

Parting words

There are few dedicated swinger dating sites and it is one of the best when it comes to exploring swingers throughout the globe. A free trial period of 20 days will prove more than sufficient to get a feel of this site and after that, you can switch to an affordable periodic premium plan!

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