Santa Latina Review (2020)

Santa Latina

Porn websites have evolved from the times of grainy videos and amateur actors and performers.

A significant part of a porn company's revenues come from the digital world today.

So, more and more content creators are looking at creating an online presence.

One of those websites is, a site that features some of the hottest Latina women.

Here's a complete review of the website, offers high-quality videos of some of the most beautiful and striking women from the Latina community. At, the Latina women are not the cliche that we see in different porn websites. You will see a diverse range of Latina women with different physiques and skin tones.

You will be surprised to see the various kinds of Latina women who perform for videos on the website,

The website is quite tastefully done as well, and you will have no issues reaching the content  you are looking for. The designing is smart and impressive. It has its content diversified even in a date format, so you will be able to get to the content that you are looking for.

The videos are tastefully shot and add to the quality of the website. The videos stream at a blazing fast speed, and you will not experience any buffering. The videos are some of the most tastefully made stuff.

The people behind the videos are masters of their trade, and you will understand mastery of their craft looking at their usage of lighting, props and other such aspects.

The content on the website is exclusive. You will not be able to view the content anywhere else unless these guys sign up somewhere to show their content. The site offers several types of content, right from live shows, blog posts, events, photosets, and videos.

Photosets and blog posts are a great way to access content when you are on a weak data plan. The photosets are beautifully choreographed, and you will want to return to the photosets again and again.

The most interesting type of content on SantaLatina is the live shows. The live shows are a fad that has survived the 90s and the 2000s as well. The live shows have some of the most beautiful Latina women perform various sex acts, including blowjobs and penetration for live audience.

It's a great experience looking at a woman performing a sex act live.

The total number of models is about 30. So, you have a variety of women to watch. This makes this website one of the better-populated porn websites now. Another important aspect of the website is that it doesn't have a download limit.

You can download all the videos and view them in one sitting if you like it that way.


Website Address:

Estimated Monthly Visits: No Data is an excellent choice for porn lovers because of the diversity it offers in its models. You will see performers of all legal ages.

So, whether you like teens or mature women, has everything for you. is under the PornDoe umbrella. So, when you pay a subscription for this website, you get the bonus content of 17 websites.

The intro itself will certainly get the audience interested. You see all kinds of women performing all kinds of acts, which cater to every taste among the porn-viewer crowd.

The videos are available in delicious HD, so you are assured of some great content in great formats and beautiful clarity. The videos are not just about performers performing sex acts. Most of the videos have a storyline, including some of the iconic ones from the porn industry.

 There are more than 30 videos available for downloading as well as streaming. All videos are in MP4 format. There are no DRM restrictions, this means that you will be able to play the videos on any other platform.

When it comes to image galleries, you have more than 30 galleries with around 200 photos. Of course, this is a going enterprise so the number will be update regularly. offers updates to their followers. All you need is an email id.

 Once you sign up to their email list, you will get all the information about the updates on their website as soon as they are launched on the website. This is a great way of ensuring that the viewers are in touch with the updates on the website.

The videos are tastefully done and have every legal sex act that comes to your mind. Whether you are looking to view a three-some or a mature sexual encounter, everything you are looking for is available on the website.

The performers on the website are some of the most petite and beautiful women of Latina descent. They have an unending hunger in their eyes and body language, something that is strikingly inviting for the viewer. These are not amateur women trying out for their first video.

These women are the pick of the lot from the Latina world. They are open-minded and know exactly what the audience wants. This results in beautifully made videos that can be viewed again and again.

The thirty sets of videos have the performers go through several sex positions and locations. If you like watching sex acts in the outdoors or the indoors then is the website for you. You can also view oral sex and cumshots. also offers users a chance to download the videos in MP4 formats. The website also has a store that allows you to buy specific videos. This allows you to watch the videos even if you do not have an Internet connection.

The best part about the website is its smart designing. As earlier noted, the videos are even sorted according to date. The picture galleries are a treat to watch, as well. When you click on one of the galleries, they open up in a new window and show thumbnails of the pictures.

This gives you an idea of what is it store for you.

The most exciting aspect of this website is the live shows where models perform live for site visitors. People who used to visit live shows in the nineties will think that this site will show grainy videos and amateur actors, but that is far from truth.

These videos are shot on high quality, full resolution cameras and offer a great experience to the viewers.

Pricing & Membership Fee offers several membership options, ranging from monthly to quarterly to yearly. You can sign in for one month, three months, six months and one year respectively. All of these plans are recurring. The monthly plan is a bit expensive, but you can save money with the yearly plan.

The website also offers a special plan for two days that doesn't offer downloads. That 2-day plan is worth $1. It is a way to give temporary access to the people who are interested in the website and would like to know what's behind the paywall. At certain times, you will get discounts as well.

Site Performance Score



Website Design


Content Updates


Image / Video Quality




Content Amount


Download / Streaming










Value For Money


Overall Performance

8.5/ 10

Site Statistics

  • More than 30 videos, approximately 30 mins each.
  • More than 290 pictures
  • High-resolution pictures
  • HD porn and 1080p video quality available
  • Average length of the videos is about 40 mins each

Competitors of Santa Latina

The porn industry has a great number of fans. So, every website has its competitors. SInce SantaLatina is specific to Latina women, the websites that compete with this site are LatinaSexTapes, ChicasLoca, SexMex, and others.

However, SantaLatina has exclusive content and a look and feel that it will not make you feel that you are viewing a porn site.


  • Exclusive videos. You will not get to see these videos anywhere else.
  • The site is dedicated to Latina women.
  • Some of the most beautiful Latina women are available as performers
  • The content is previously shot videos as well as live cam.
  • The live-cam videos are of high quality as well.
  • Videos as well as images are available.
  • Videos are available in high quality, Full HD
  • The pictures are well shot and of high quality.
  • The videos have an interesting storyline and great characters and actors.
  • Both videos and photos are downloadable.
  • The site offers 2-day access for $1.
  • The site is well designed and doesn't look like a porn website.
  • The setup allows for easy access. You can access the videos; the live streams and the image galleries form the top menu bar.
  • The website also offers email updates. You will be able to access the updates as soon as they hit the website.
  • The site is 2.0, which makes it mobile-friendly. So, you will be able to view the videos in high quality and wherever you are. You do not need access to a PC or a laptop to access this content.
  • The website works on a great framework. You will not experience any lag while viewing the videos as well as downloading the images and viewing them.


  • The site is only for people who wish to watch Latina porn.
  • The site is not updated regularly. There's a chance that you sign up and the updates take place only once a month or something.
  • The plans are auto-renewed. This has generated controversy. Auto-renewal means that the card is charged automatically unless the user cancels their account.


Gone are the days when porn websites were shady and you didn't know who to contact when the time came. Santa Latina has a great support system, and you can contact them via their website support form.

You can contact them about your issues, whether it is about login problems, or you can't view a specific video, or you want to report a bug or an error. You can also contact them to cancel a request and also send them comments and suggestions.

Unfortunately, SantaLatina doesn't have a very strong social media profile. So, you will need to go the old school way to contact the website if you have any problems with the site and its services.

Final verdict

Santa Latina is a very good website with enough content to keep you hooked for a month or so. Even though the number of videos is less, you can spend a lot of time viewing the photo galleries. This is one of the few websites that offer videos and images of Latina women.

The website offers exclusive content, and that makes the website more important. The videos and images are available in high-quality format. Nowadays, it is impossible to watch a video that is non-HD or watch images that are not in high-quality without commenting on it.

Santa Latina has been ahead of the curve, and you will see that it offers some of the best quality videos and images.

The women at SantaLatina are great performers. You will not feel awkward watching their performance, and you will not feel that you are shortchanged while watching them perform.  This is a value for money transaction, and you should make sure that you take care of the subscription.

You also get bonus content so that you can make good use of your subscription.

If there's one problem with the website, it's that it doesn't update quickly enough. In the era of binge-watching, you are accustomed to viewing something for a long time.

Parting Words

The features of SantaLatina are quite interesting. The pricing is perfect, and you will not get such kind of quality content anywhere else. We hope that the review has offered you the relevant information and will help you decide whether you should sign up with the site or not.

Very few websites offer you this kind of content at such low prices. There is bonus content that you can access as well, this makes it all the more budget-friendly as well. The best part about this website is that you do not have to worry about buffering videos or images that are not loading.

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