Sakura Live Review (2020)

Sakura Live

Sakura Live is an established Japanese live cam website launched in the year  2008.

This primarily caters to the audience who desire to see more of Asian Girls  on live cam.

Sakura Live is a pay-per-view live cam website  focused only on  Asian models.

There are a few free live shows you can enjoy, but to utilize the site entirely, you  need to buy some credits and use them to enjoy the live cams.

This is to satisfy aficionados  who desire to see Japanese girls perform live. However, before going into a detailed analysis, you should keep in mind that most of the girls here have limited or no knowledge of English.

Hence, it will be a tad bit difficult to interact with the models there if you aren't fluent in Japanese. Even some of the texts are on the website  is shown in Hiragana/Katakana script. Still, if you can overlook all that and eager to proceed beyond that, here is our detailed analysis.

Why choose Sakura Live over other live cam websites?

If you want to see Asian models get down exclusively and dirty live, Sakura Live offers you precisely that. The girls are comfortable performing live, and there are hundreds of  them who come live at a particular time, of different ages and bodies- so you can choose  according to your convenience.

They are all open-minded, and they don't mind getting naked right away and start performing for  eager viewers paying for the content. They all seem to have a fun time, and that brings out some realistic approach to their live cam performance.

The only thing that can make or break a live cam website is the presence of high definition live- cam performances. Even established live cam websites fail to provide users with high definition content. However, Sakura Live contains many performers who use a high definition camera.

You can see a seamless performance with a high-speed internet connection with legitimate frame rates. There might be some disparity in the frame rates and live cams might be a bit rough. However, overall, the quality won't disappoint you (20-30fps average).

There is also a useful "How to" and a frequently asked questions section along with this website to help you out  using different attributes of the website and take full advantage of it.

You are also provided with good sorting options and an advanced filter search which makes using  this site easy and convenient. There are thousands of amateur models from ages within 18-35 featured on this website who perform here regularly,

The website has over two hundred performers coming online at one time. All the models here are Japanese, so if you find yourself being aroused by them- this is the only site which can provide you exclusively just that. There is also an exciting cam2cam feature with most of the models.

There is a wide array of models who use sex toys and vibrators, allowing you to control their orgasm just with the help of your fingertips. There happens to be an in-built Japanese translation tool for the non-Nippon population accessing this website.

Website Overview

The website is currently not working but will be available very soon.

Site link:

Sakura Live is a website solely aimed to  show amateur Japanese models performing live.

There are other live cam websites which has Asian models, but this website's content, when it comes to Asian  is unparalleled. 

sakura live

There are thousands of Japanese amateur models featured here, all within the ages of 18-35, providing you live cam content.

There are some free live performances featured here, but to  view the complete content you need to purchase credits on exchange of which you can see live performances and interact with  models. The models seem to be comfortable and don't mind complying with your requests.

Around hundreds of girls come online at a particular time, and there won't be any issue finding the right one  to fulfil your needs. This website, however, is solely  focused on Asian girls and is presumably targeted only for the Asian audiences.

The girls don't possess any knowledge of English, and hence interacting with them can be a bit difficult. Keep in mind that the models here tend to prefer interaction with  Japanese audience as compared to  foreign audience.

There is not a shadow of a doubt that the models featured here are beautiful, but you might be disappointed with the interaction barrier- which is a keystone feature when it comes to live cam sites. One important feature that this site display is the availability of HD live performances.

Most live cam sites that we know do not possess that feature. However, in Sakura Live, there is a legitimate amount of performers with HD cams. The quality is not disappointing, although frame rates might appear to be rough and choppy at some points.

But it is the same throughout all other live cams website available. Hence there is not much to complain in this aspect. The site can be a bit difficult at times to navigate, and the cams tend to open in a new window when  you click on the thumbnail.

However, it does offer you legitimate search filters and an advanced search engine, so you can find what you need with ease. There is also a "How to?" and a FAQ option which will help you to access and  use this website to the fullest extent.

The most exciting feature they offer here is the cam2cam feature. Several models featured here have remote-controlled sex toys, and you will be able to control them orgasming with a click of your mouse.

There is an in-built Japanese translation tool which helps to translate any Japanese text and aids in interaction.

Do keep in mind that this site is not subscription-based but runs on a pay-per-view basis where you have to purchase credits in exchange for your payment, and you can see the performances based on your loans.

Overall, if you find yourself passionate about Japanese babes stripping down to the bare threshold and catch some solo action, you can hop onto their site and see it for yourself.

Pricing & Membership Fees

This website, like most other live-cam host websites, bases their payments on a pay-per-view credit system as compared to subscription provided by adult websites featuring pornographic content which give the logged-in members exclusive access to all the substances they have to offer.

Hence if you don't know your way around live-cam sites, you might find yourself exhausting through all your credits as transactions are on the hefty side. Here, in this section, we will provide you with all the payment information you need to know before proceeding further.

There is some free content available as you log in to the website. To view other videos, , you have to purchase some credits. In exchange of $25, you will receive 12.5 credits. For 28 credits, you  need to shell out $50 and $75 will fetch you 70 credits. For 60 credits, you will have to pay $200.

For 133 credits and 200 credits, the prices are set at $200 and $300 respectively. We would suggest you opt for the 200 credits option if you want to access their content deeply- as credit transactions tend to be expensive here.

Have a look at this link for details regarding pricing: Website Price Link

The link is not available right now, it will be active very soon.

Site Statistics

  • Bonus sites: None
  • About the Content: A website dedicated to live cam shows with real Japanese amateur models straight from Japan
  • Total number of models: 7,000+ models (estimated count puts over 200 models live at one particular time)
  • The average frame rate of live cams: 20-30 frames per second
  • Maximum resolution of videos: High resolution lives cams available here
  • Streaming mode: Streams using Flash Player
  • Download Limit: Content not downloadable
  • Download Managers: No available download managers
  • Payment CC Processor: Primary-CC Bill, Secondary-Epoch
  • Channel Max: Not available
  • You won't be able to pause/resume.
  • Test Software: Not available
  • Download Speed: Not available
  • Bit-Rate: Not available
  • Total number of photo sets: Not available
  • Slideshow availability: No
  • Watermarks on photos: No
  • Picture dimension: Not available.
  • DRM Protected: No
  • Languages are available: English, Japanese and Chinese.

Website Performance Score



Website Design

6 / 10

Content Updates

8 / 10

Quality Of Videos

7 / 10

Quantity Of Videos

8 / 10




6 / 10


7 / 10

Value For Money

6.5 / 10

Exclusivity Of Videos

9 /10

User Interface And Layout

6.5 / 10


6.4/10 (64/100)


There are two close competitors of Sakura Live which brings you amateur Asian live cam content. Live Sex Asian is  a very efficient website which has tons of live-cam materials to provide. The site is very polished, and very affordable as well compared to many live cam websites.

It features high-resolution cams and does offer you bonus minutes as well with your credit purchase.

Another live cam website which is well known for featuring live cams exclusively by Asian amateur models is Streamate Asian. There  is a wide variety of  models with specific details for you to choose from. The layout of the website also appears very user-friendly.


  • If you love  watching Asian Girls performing live, then this is the site you should choose among the rest. While other live cam websites contain very  few numbers of Asian models, Sakura Live brings in a platter of Japanese amateurs right at your fingertips
  • This site features over seven thousand amateur Asian girls, with hundreds of girls coming online to perform at a particular time- which helps you to choose your desired type of girl that you want to see
  • Massive array of content provided here
  • One exclusive feature with this website is the availability of HD lives cams, which is unique. Many established live cam platforms have failed to provide high definition live cams.  Quite a lot of models here provide high definition live cam performances
  • The girls are beautiful here and appear to be comfortable in their performances. They usually do not mind complying with your request and get down and dirty right away
  • The site has a "How to?" and a dedicated frequently asked question section that will help you navigate and understand how to take full experience of this website as it might be a bit tough for newcomers to understand the site entirely
  • The site provides decent performance overall and comes equipped with an advanced search engine and specific filter tools
  • The site also features the exciting "cam2cam" feature,  where you can command the girls  to use sex toys available  with them and  make them have orgasm using nothing but a click of the mouse
  • The site also features an in-built English to Japanese translation tool which will aid you to interact with  models who don't have sufficient communicative English knowledge


  • The website design is sub-standard and very redundant. It is complicated to navigate around and fully exploit this website to the fullest of its capabilities for a newcomer
  • Pay-per-view method of access as opposed to a convenient membership for exclusive access
  • No downloadable content available on this website
  • There are no photo sets available for you to see or download here
  • The site does not provide any mobile-friendly or tablet-friendly rendition
  • No subscription offers with exclusive access. Every content that features here is on a pay-per-view basis (with the exclusion of some free live performances)
  • Transactions are credit-heavy and hence tend to be expensive
  • The models here tend to prefer Japanese viewers over their foreign counterparts when it comes to interaction. Hence there is a high probability that your favourite model will ignore your requests
  • The frame rates of the live cam stream can reduce to an enormous extent at some points and might disrupt your experience

Viewer Support and Contact Details

If you have any queries or complaints to report, you can access this website ( where you will have to fill a form with your  information and details regarding any discrepancy or query or any technical support whatsoever.

There is also a provision given where you can insert screen-shots of images which serves as explanation material to your problem or query. There is no free toll number available to contact them at this point of time.

External Review

It would help if you  do not jump into conclusions. Purchasing credits in pay-per-view cam sites are no exception. If you are not satisfied with our review, here is another opinion based rating for you to compare and make the right decision.

external review site



The Best Porn



Overall Verdict

 There are not many websites which offer live-cams exclusively done by amateur Asians, and this is where Sakura Live nails its objective. They provide a wide array of Asian models, all under the age of 35 and of all body types from petite to busty from which you can choose.

The girls are very open-minded and comfortable, and they usually comply with the viewer's request without any apparent objection or hesitation. The best part about this site is the presence of high definition live-cam content. A decent number of models provide high definition live cam content.

Choppy frame rates might be an issue and create some unwanted disruption, but this issue exists with all established live cam websites. Still, the quality is legitimate and passable, efficiently providing 20-30 frames per second.

The site might appear to be redundant, with no single-tab facility when clicked on a thumbnail. 

It might appear to be challenging to navigate through this site but fret not. There is an exclusively dedicated "How to?" and "Frequently asked questions" section that will aid you to navigate and use this website entirely.

As it is with all live cam sites, you can also interact with the models providing you content. Sakura Live gives you an essential in-built Japanese translator to help you interact with the models with ease.

However, according to some reports, the models tend to prefer Japanese audiences over the foreigners, so do keep this fact in mind. Overall, if your objective is to enjoy the amateur Asian girls performing erotic tasks live- this website surely deserves a recommendation.

Parting words

We hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed our detailed analysis about Sakura Live and we have been able to clear your doubts regarding the same. For more such reviews on websites and channels providing adult entertainment content, stay tuned.

Till then, let your adrenaline flow freely and stay entertained!

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