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What are Saggy Testicles ? Explained

Women’s are not only one who have insecurities or who take precautions for their figure or body!

When there is any change which is not in the favour of women then they always feel embarrassed and the feeling is also felt by the men when it comes to dropping the testicles.

You are thinking right, the low hanging testicles are also called as saggy balls! If women have saggy breasts then they have the option of wearing push up bras but for men there is no such option available! In this article, we will discuss Saggy testicles!

Saggy Balls: Everything about Low Hanging Testicles (2022)

What is a Saggy testicle and what’s normal?

Mostly it has been noticed by the men that their scrotum and the skin that manage the testicles are saggy as they get older. This happens as early as your years of being a teenager!

We can call saggy testicles as one of the normal processes and it does not always reflect that something is wrong with your testicles! Yes, it is important to consult a doctor when your scrotum is swollen!

We can call these signs the red alert to consult a doctor! It is noticed that if there is no sag and everything is normal then there will be no loss of elasticity or it also does not cause any wrinkles.

 If there is a saggy testicle, then elasticity will be lost at a certain age and also it results in wrinkles! For good sperm production, it is necessary to keep the testicles safe and also naturally hanging! 

The body temperature always ranges from 98.6 F, and it is important that your testicles should be cooler so that healthy sperm production can take place in a proper way!

What causes low hanging balls?


The testicles are designed to always drop and if they drop then it can be seen that it is both making and securing the sperm and also generating testosterone! It is noticed that a healthy body always stays at 98.6-degree F and the production of sperm took place at 93.2-degree F.

So, we can say that this occurs to maintain the overall ideal temperature for the overall production of sperm and its storage. We can say this is one the major reasons behind low hanging balls!


 The saggy testicles are also due to age, as when an individual gets old the overall mechanical property of the skin starts to decrease. This always happens naturally to every skin type as with time or we can say as a person gets old the skin starts to shrink and layers of skin can be seen easily.

 For men, we can see that the effect of age can be noticed by almost 50! So, this is also the major reason behind low hanging balls or we can say that as skin starts to shrink with age the balls are also shown hanging!

c.)Medical reasons:

There are many medical reasons which can take place as one is linked with varicoceles. This is one of the issues in which the veins are swelled up around the testicles.

This is because of the backflow of the blood that swell the veins. The testicles are dropped because of the time and gravity. It is important for the men to be aware of every aspect when testicles start to droop.

If such symbols are noticed by the men then it is necessary to consult a doctor so that no further issue can be identified! When changes are noticed it is important to take proper measures!


Why should low hanging testicles be a concern?

It is noticed that mostly the individuals who have low hanging testicles have no problem unless it is identified and affecting the quality of life! Sometimes, people feel low due to this and it sometimes results in infertility.

The low hanging testicles can be a concern when the reason behind is linked with some medical concern such as cyst or inguinal hernias! Due to any health issue the testicles will look saggier and if there is pain then men should immediately consult a doctor for proper body checkup!


Can it be prevented and How to do that?

There are various internet hacks updated for tightening the low hanging testicles but they are not worth it! If you have seen that your testicles are drooping then don’t find the solution from the internet! Wearing tight underwear can help to keep your testicles less saggy but again this is not considered as a permanent solution!

Similarly, masturbation or using lotion cannot be a good solution for this issue! Definitely yes, there are exercises such as Kegel exercise that can help you out in such a situation as it helps in activating the pubococcygeal muscles which keep the penis healthy!


What are the various ways to reduce it?

There are various ways that can be considered and this can also be linked with surgery or considering the testicles exercise. As kegel is the best exercise which not only activates the muscles but also helps in giving support to the penis.

 The PC muscles of the man helps to control the urine, so this exercise is good in this scenario. If kegel exercise is considered then it seems that men are trying to contract the muscles which they are cutting from their urine stream. By considering this exercise, the men can boost the overall pelvic floor that resolves the issue of the testicles as well!

The next exercise is known as testicular exercise that can be compared to weight training and this can also help to prevent the sagging of testicles. Overall, in general words, we can say that staying healthy can help the testicles from sagging and this simply means no smoking, less exposure to sun and drinking less alcohol!

These are important factors that need to be taken care off as it will help in keeping the testicles healthy!If you  select the surgery process then it is important to consult the doctor properly and if it is needed then only it should be opted.


Does the exercise work?

Definitely yes, the exercises do work as it improves the overall strength and also keeps the testiles active for long. The PC muscle is activated by the men when they follow these exercises so don’t worry the exercises work and can help to control the sagging of the testicles. It is necessary to do it for at least 5 minutes per day so that PC muscle can get stronger and the overall activation of different muscles can take place effectively.  The exercises may certainly work for some duration as it has been seen that if you are not following a healthy diet then it would be difficult for you to control the sagging of the testicles. So, with the exercises it is necessary to control the diet so that results can be positive. You now have the best idea to prevent your testicles from sagging and this can be done through routine exercises. Never miss your exercise if you are facing  such issues as exercise also plays an important role in activation of  all the muscle for sperm production. Hence, exercise is good for testicles.


Does the surgery work?

In the survey we cannot say that it will work for sure as if a person chooses the option of surgery than it is known as the overall process of scrotoplasty that focuses towards controlling the testicles and also it assists in maintaining the scrotum from hanging.

If the option of surgery is considered then in this the doctors are involved and they focus towards removing the extra skin from the process of scrotum.

 With the help of this process, it would be easy to enhance the testicles. We can also say that the outcome of the scrotoplasty is not so permanent as there is no way to keep skin healthy after a certain age. Age is one of the factors that result in saggy testicles. So, we can say that in this case surgery will also not work and it can not be so effective in case age factor is considered.

Hence, surgery does not work for a long period and it is not effective if other aspects are considered.


Saggy testicles are considered as a normal process that takes place in men at certain age. When skin starts to skin the balls also starts to hang! So, there is no worry if there are no medical issues involved!

To keep saggy testicles healthy, it is important to follow exercises such as Kegel exercise as it is one of the best exercises till date for your penis! So, no worries, just eat a healthy diet to stay fit and healthy!

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