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Saboom Interactive Review

Saboom Interactive

If you are a porn lover, then you must be fed up with similar kind of porn videos.

Saboom Interactive provides you with a unique platform where you will find some amazing content.

The contents present in Saboom interactive has a unique storyline and plot. 


  • You will find twists in the middle of the story.
  • The entire content is not only about sex. There is much more than that. 


  • However, there is no popular porn model on the website.
  • Moreover, you cannot download the scenes.

In this article, you will get to know more about Saboom Interactive in detail. Later on, you will understand some exciting features of Saboom Interactive.

Porn lovers around the world usually get fed up with regular, plain porn videos and movies. Therefore, they want something new to amplify their sexual urges and to pleasure themselves. We were looking for some unique porn alternatives when we came across Saboom Interactive.

The name of this site is quite confusing, and you do not know what to expect as a new visitor. Let me make it clear to you. You will find various porn clips and scenes on this site. Each scene will have a unique plot and story wherein you will be given a short introduction or bio about the characters.

When you click on them, they will start playing as regular porn videos, but all of a sudden, the video will stop, and you will be asked how to proceed with multiple pre-set options.

There are numerous such twists in the scenes till the end, and each time you will get a chance to make the adult actors perform according to your wish. This concept is not unique as some other sites have already implemented it on their websites.

However, the exclusive content and enticing categories that you find here prove to be the real game-changer.

How to Increase Your Coins in SaboomInteractive.Com

These adult scenes are a unique combination of porn games and POV style porn, but instead of animated models, you get real pornstars and hot amateur babes here! Therefore, if you too want to explore interactive porn niches, then we will highly recommend this site for you.

New users can register on this site for free, but you might have to spend bucks as the scenes get hot and steamy. Moreover, Saboom Interactive provides you with two choices. You can either watch the videos in the usual way or else you can watch them in POV style by selecting the POV mode.

The sad thing is that you cannot download these scenes and videos. It is completely understandable because there will be no point in downloading a video that has been shot with different plots and twists. However, the streaming quality is excellent, which enhances your overall experience on this site.

What makes Saboom Interactive a great site for porn lovers?

Porn lovers are always looking for something new and refreshing. Saboom Interactive is one of those sites which can change your porn preferences in grounds of  interactive porn videos and clips.

Here, you can not only enjoy the fun elements of a sex game, but the babes are real, and therefore you get aroused in a special way. We bet that you won't be able to stop playing with your private parts and masturbating while enjoying these weird yet sexy porn clips.

There are at least a dozen features that make Saboom Interactive a hot and happening porn portal. All you need is an internet connection and a browser installed with adobe or any other compatible flash player.

The site also gives you a detailed tour of the site educating you on its various aspects and features.

You can enjoy few trailers and sample videos before registration, and this is a great feature as well.

Saboom Interactive does not have an exceptional website and layout, but the website design is pretty decent, and the layout is also quite good. 

There are no navigation issues while exploring the pages and our overall experience on the site was satisfactory.

This interactive porn site does not bug you with funny, creepy, and boring pop-up ads and redirects.

Moreover, this site is protected with HTTPS security encryption which means that you don't have to worry about security while using this site.

The babes here are awesome and sultry, and you almost gasp for air when you see them, performing hot moves and action in the porn scenes. 

saboom GUI

We saw some sample videos of this site and we were blown away. The quality of the scenes remains intact even after registration which is a cool thing.

There are hundreds of videos divided carefully into hot niches and categories. Most of the scenes have been uploaded in HD quality. The length of the clips is satisfactory as the average length of scenes on this site is 30 minutes.

This site works wonders for those who love to watch amateurs performing porn scenes as there are lots of amateur models here.

Moreover, these are exclusive models whom you won't find them anywhere else. All these alluring and exciting features of Saboom Interactive make it one hell of a site when comes to interactive porn portals!

Site Statistics 

  • Most popular porn stars (Female) – Lola Taylor, Gina Gerson, Franceska Jaimes
  • Most popular categories – Shake your pompoms (10+ scenes), Blonde (48+ scenes), Lesbian sex (9+ scenes)
  • Total number of videos – 6000 +
  • The average length of movies – 30 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1080 pixels
  • Download limit – No downloading option
  • Total number of photosets – Not available
  • Are photo slideshows Available? – No 
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • DRM protection – NO

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Content Updates


Quality of Videos










Value for Money


Exclusivity of Videos


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score



Website addresshttps://www.saboom.com

Average visits per month – 56.10 K

For those who are thinking that Saboom Interactive is a free porn site, let me clarify once and for all that it is not.

Except for the registration and an initial overview of the scenes, nothing is free.

You will have to subscribe to a premium plan to be able to direct the scenes as per your desires. The registration process is quick and straightforward. 

saboom LP

You will have to enter an email id and gender, and after that, the site will ask for your birth date, and you can choose a password. 

However, things get tricky after this, as you need to purchase a trial plan to access the scenes after registering. The rate is minimal, and if you want to check the content before registering, you can check the samples on the homepage of this site.

Therefore, we can say that there are no free samples and scenes after registering on Saboom Interactive, which might upset a few porn enthusiasts. A good thing that we noticed about this site is that all the porn scenes are exclusive.

Archives are stuffed with numerous porn scenes, and therefore you will find plenty of entertainment on this site.

There aren't many updates as the fresh content gets uploaded only once a week. However, we can relate this because the creators have a lot of work to do right from selecting a script to deciding the different pause points where you will be asked to direct the moves and action.

The scenes are captured in high-quality resolution and the video player of this site is excellent. Once you register on this site, you will see a page named 'Shows'. When you click on it, you will be directed to the latest scenes uploaded on the site.

You can watch a few hot scenes for free, but as the action gets hot they will ask you to choose what you expect the models to do next, and the site will redirect you to the payment section. There are at least more than 30 categories, and each category has hundreds of porn scenes in it.

saboom logo

However, some of the scenes are repeated in all categories, and therefore, the overall count of scenes might not be as big as the site claims to be. Below the categories, there are some bonus clips, but if you have used up all the credits for free scenes, you will have to pay to watch the bonus scenes as well.

In each category, there are two filters viz. popular and newest according to which you can find the best scenes. The videos are nicely divided into pages which is again a great thing as far as the layout of the site is concerned.

Then there is a section called 'Stars' in which you will find all the adult models of this porn portal. They are sorted according to their popularity by default, but you can also sort them alphabetically and gender-wise. Additionally, there is an option to find the most active models by using the 'Most Active' filter.

The 'Bonus' section again consists of the bonus videos that we had discussed earlier. Only premium members can access this bonus content for free. There are a couple of ads on every page, but they will be placed mostly on the top of the site.

Moreover, the size of the ad posts is small, and they do not disturb you at all. At the bottom of the site, there are individual web pages devoted to customer support, FAQs, contact details, tariff overview, privacy and terms & policies of the site.


The sign-up process is free. However, for enjoying complete scenes and other premium features, you will have to avail at least one of the below premium plans. The trial offer lasts for two days and it is priced at $1.99. Also, if you forget to cancel the trial, then the one-month premium plan will be automatically applied for your account.

  • One-month premium plan - $29.9
  • Three-month premium plan - $59.97
  • One-year premium plan - $154.80


  • The site has excellent features with numerous erotic and stimulating videos. The interactive features of this site are great, and you do not have to worry about the quality of the content as most of the scenes are available in super HD quality.
  • You don't have to pay any charges while creating an account on this site. The premium plans are also quite reasonable and provide complete entertainment to porn lovers.
  • The scenes of Saboom Interactive raise the level of POV-style scenes to a whole new level. The babes performing on this site are exclusive and hot enough to give you a throbbing boner in your pants.
  • There are plenty of lesbian and gay scenes as well. Also, you will find plenty of major porn niches on this site. Each of these niches has numerous sexy scenes as well.
  • The site is relatively new, but still, it has thousands of videos to seduce you. The site boasts of over 6K porn scenes, most of which are hardcore porn clips. The updates are also regular considering the concept of this site.
  • The video streaming player is impressive and provides three unique qualities to the users. You can pause, reverse, and forward the scenes smoothly on this streaming player.
  • The transition from one scene to the other is smooth, especially when the site asks you for your directions. There might be a slight delay at times, but these minor flaws are negligible.
  • You can view the videos from different angles. Apart from the POV style, the site also provides producer and voyeuristic viewing choices to the users.
  • You can select all the scenes that you have liked to create a unique playlist of your own. Also, you can directly play this playlist the next time you log in to the site.
  • The site has its community through which the users can interact or share their clips and images.


  • Saboom Interactive does not feature any popular porn model. This can be a bit depressing to the porn lovers who love to see professionals perform.
  • The full-screen option is not available in the streaming player.
  • There is no option to download the scenes.
  • As of now, there are just over 50 female models and about 20 male models. Therefore, you cannot expect each scene to be enacted by a different adult star or model.
  • The free scenes are very limited and you are asked to purchase the premium plan immediately.


Saboom Interactive presents a unique type of porn and exclusive content to you, but there are few other sites that have implemented this concept as well. Among the most popular ones is LifeSelector.

Based on a similar concept, LifeSelector provides better choices and more categories to the users. It also has a much better website and provides more filter and search options than Saboom Interactive.

Wild on Cam, Hands on Hardcore, etc. are some other sites that provide interactive porn clips to porn lovers. Also, their premium plans are much affordable than Saboom. However, Saboom scores over these sites as it has plenty of exclusive and aesthetically captured scenes.

Customer Support

Saboom Interactive provides a robust customer service. There is a separate page for the FAQs where you can find the most common questions related to billing, technical issues, etc. Therefore, you can find solutions to your queries by reading these FAQs.

The customer support page provides a search bar where you can type a query and find the solution to your issues based on the results. For payment related queries, you can check this link - https://info.digitalpayment.net/rh

You can also convey your issues and complaints to the customer support team by using the form that they provide on their customer support page. For accessing this page directly, you can click on this link -

https://customersupport.de/formTool/obolus.php?merchantId=19&userState=notRegistered&lang=en&offer=489&forceForm. This page also allows you to send screenshots of errors by attaching them in the form of images.

Final Verdict

Saboom Interactive is a fun site that unveils a new dimension of porn to you.

Therefore, if you do not get aroused from the traditional porn anymore, then you ought to check this site. The site has few limitations like less filters and lack of an advanced search feature yet it’s interactive feature is not match to other traditional sites .

However, we must also consider the fact that the site has been started recently and therefore, it has scope of improvement in the future. We recommend this to everyone who wants to enjoy the porn scenes, albeit a bit differently!

Parting words

If you do not want to spend too much on porn videos and content, then this site might not be the ideal one for you as there are plenty of other sites that provide free content. However, for quality interactive content, you need premium sites like Saboom Interactive.

Therefore, you can use either gorge on the cheap free stuff, or you can experience true delight by exploring the features of this interactive porn portal.

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