Russian Teen Ass Review (2020)

Russian Teen Ass

Historically speaking, Russian women have been amongst the hottest women around, having captured the hearts of millions of men around the world with their impeccable hotness.

It is no doubt that a lot of people prefer watching Russian girls bring alive all of their fantasies onto the screen.

Russian Teen Ass is one of the few websites that cater specifically to this category of porn enthusiasts.

Exploring it for the first time, we were pretty impressed with the site’s bubbly and colourful design and the fact that it has 11+ sites in its network makes Russian Teen Ass one of the most sought after Russian porn sites for us.

Couple it with a clean, uniform design and you get an experience worth every penny of yours!

As you enter this members-only club, you get exclusive access to some of the most exquisite sex scenes, you get to see small titted or pigtailed Russian teens fingering their pussies or getting fucked by their partner. RussianTeenAss is an anal site and does an amazing job at what they’re renowned for.

When you log on for the first time, you can’t help but notice the tagline which says that these young girls are desperate for fame and passports. A quick tour of the site and you might come to think if it’s true and whether all they want really is a hard dick inside their pussy.

What’s even more interesting is that unlike some other popular names that require users to sign up to each site on their network individually, you need to sign up for one site only, i.e., RussianTeenAss. You are good to go and enjoy the ten others without paying a dime.

Usually one won’t expect a legacy player or stalwart from the DVD porn industry to be great with its digital offering. Still, to our surprise, the production quality and camerawork provided by RussianTeenAss’s parent company, Private Media Group in its videos is impeccable and visually pleasing to one’s eyes. 

It pretty much says a lot about their content as well, since a lot of these porn films look like feature-length, high-budget films that are screened across movie theatres globally.

Some of its content does stand out, and you can expect scenes where one babe goes down on two men or two horny young girls are shown engaging in some lesbian action before they’re joined in by a hunky dude and perform a threesome.

A large part of their content library is replete with high quality, big-budget porn films that are mounted on a grand scale. It stars professional porn stars in films directed by experienced, creative directors who create these films across exotic locations and outdoor sets globally.

Why is RussianTeenAss a great porn site?

RussianTeenAngels has become a popular name over the last four years for several reasons which make it one of the most sought-after names today in the online porn industry.

Features such as its membership costs, a plethora of bonus content and the amazing members’ area are proof that a lot of work has gone into making the site what it is today. Users can stream these videos online using an embedded media player or download them onto their system.

In total there are over 162 videos on here, and all of them can be streamed in any one of the four MP4 formats. Some of them are also available in 4K Ultra-HD, alongside full HD downloads being some of its prominent highlights.

All videos are packaged with photo galleries, so you get 162 photo galleries to savour and look through, which can also then be downloaded in a Zip file format. The site is user-friendly, and a great UI ensures that you have a smooth, lag-free experience while navigating through it.

Be it solo sex scenes, girl-on-girl, guy-on-girl, guy-on-guy, anal or oral sex, RussianTeenAss has something for everyone. It is updated with one new model or video each week, so you don’t ever get bored.

Interestingly, all of these sites are available for free if you have subscribed to the subscription plans at, which means you don’t have to pay anything extra to access stuff on its sister/partner sites.

If at all there arises a situation where RussianTeenAss isn’t updating, you need not worry for your daily dose of fun as you have an entire catalogue of websites such as Anal Introductions, Private Castings, Tight and Teen that cater to various fetishes and fantasies of users.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website design

8 / 10

Live stream quality

9 / 10

Quality of Private shows

8 / 10

Number of models

9 / 10

Streaming options

9 / 10

Streaming options

9 / 10


8 / 10

Value for money

9 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10

Overall Score

86 / 100

Site Statistics

  • Most popular bonus sites – Anal Introductions, Tight and Teen, Private Castings, Private Tropics and MissionAssPossible
  • Bonus sites – 11+ 
  • Total number of videos – 162 videos
  •  Average length of videos – 27 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1920x1080p; 4238K
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets – 162+ photos
  • Photo slideshows – Yes
  • Watermarks on Photos – Yes
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 1280x960
  • DRM protection – No


Website address:

RussianTeenAss features an extensive library of videos with hot Russian babes engaging in hardcore fun, this has led to it garnering a lot of popularity amongst the masses.

A lot of ass worshipping and pussy licking can be found here, it will give you a different high altogether, with stuff like hot girls indulging in hot and heavy lesbian action, or even double penetration making it a truly ‘wow’ experience for its users.

Some of these videos also feature hardcore action like cumshots, facials and even ‘cream pies’, wherein models between the age of 18 and 24 help satiate the wildest fantasies of these enthusiasts, flashing their tits and voluptuous bodies on screen.

Having started four years ago in 2013, the design is pretty modern and no matter what device you use to access it, you are in for a uniform, fuss-free porn watching experience. 


Couple good design and advanced search features (which can be found in and around the members’ area), and boom, you are in for a ride!

The content is all exclusive, so you won’t find any stuff which you might have seen around on another sites, which is great, given their focus on providing users more value in terms of what they provide on this portal.

What’s more, with access to genres such as transsexual, inter-racial and MILF porn, it is quite a package considering the not-so-costly nature of its membership plans. The only thing that they can improve upon, though, is the frequency of uploads that go up on their site.

With the last one being uploaded approximately three years ago, there needs to be at least one fresh upload per week that goes live on their site. 

Pricing & Membership Fees

The RussianTeenAss pricing structure is pretty simple and is easy on your pocket as well.

For a 2-day trial period, they charge you $0.92 a day, whereas if you wish to avail membership benefits for a period of 30 days, you are required to pay $29.95 or if you change your mind and extend it to a 3-month period, you would be billed just about $60 ($2/month) as charges.

Lastly, when considering to avail a 12-month subscription, you would be required to shell out $149.95 for the period as mentioned above.

Given the above numbers, it is safe to say that this is amongst the cheapest, most affordable plans out there if you wish to subscribe to a stream of exclusive content and other benefits without paying too much money.


  • Exclusive, visually appealing Russian porn at its best
  • Ass fucking videos, double penetration and girl-on-girl action are some popular highlights of RussianTeenAss
  • Mobile-friendly design and navigation
  • A collection of 100 % hardcore, rough sex scenes
  • Impeccably shot visuals, with great camera work and exotic locations ramps up the entire experience of watching porn
  • All their videos are available in 4K and HD formats, which is quite commendable
  • Rate your favourite models and comment on them. You can even add them to your list of favourites
  • Most models are white, 18 to 24 years old young women who seduce you with their slim body and natural boobs
  • Access to all 11 websites in their network with a single membership plan
  • A quirky collection of porn videos under the ‘I Confess Files’ which provides viewers with an exciting concept where based on the confession booth from a Catholic church, some amazingly sexy chicks get hot and heavy with a masked priest
  • Clicking the ‘View More Scenes’ option under the ‘Sites’ tab makes moving between pages smoothly and easy on your eye
  • New models are added each week, so you get to see a fresh, hot and young face engage in some dirty fun regularly.


  • No 4K video downloads available
  • The site was last updated over three years ago, and the content available isn’t new or fresh
  • The site was last updated over three years ago, and the content available isn’t new or fresh
  • All photo sets on this website come with the logo of the website watermarked on them, which might not be a preferred option for some people
  • While they claim to have 4K resolution, full HD videos available to watch, when digging deeper, you might find that some videos are pretty standard in terms of quality
  • The average length of videos is around 27 minutes, which can be a bit too stretched or long for some people


RussianTeenAss competes with the likes of, and among others in its primary categories. The RussianTeenAss website scores over its competitors comfortably due to its focus on design and inexpensive pricing plans.

In terms of improvements, one area it can focus on bettering is the frequency of uploads, which is pretty slow when compared to other sites in the same category. Working on uploading more content can serve the folks at RussianTeenAss better in the long run.

Customer Support

The support and customer relationships team here at RussianTeenAss is quite proactive and are geared towards amplifying the experience of their customers manifold. They are pretty responsive, kind and understanding, helping customers get the best out of their stay on the website.

Final Verdict

RussianTeenAss is one of the rare yet amazing websites out there today that cater to Russian porn enthusiasts all over the globe.

With its extensive network, high production value and the use of storyline and exotic locations make it one of those rare sites that believe porn is more than just the act of having sex, for their scale and professionalism is seen clearly through the lens of its viewers.

Being owned by one of the biggest names in the US porn industry, Private Media Group, which is also one of the few names to be listed on the NASDAQ helps it immensely, and is even visible in RussianTeenAss’s use of colours and typography, all of which lends a unique identity and brand image to it.

With such cool stuff and more in stores, RussianTeenAss is one website that you should not give a miss. We recommend you to log onto this site if you are someone who enjoys watching high-quality porn starring young, busty and horny young Russian women.

Parting words

Covered above were some pros and cons of the RussianTeenAss porn website. We hope you found the reviews to be helpful and entertaining. We would love to hear your opinions and suggestions in the comments so that we can improve the experience for our readers.

As fellow porn enthusiasts, we would recommend you to try this website once and see for yourself if you enjoy it or not.

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