Rule 34 Website Review (2020)

Rule 34

Rule 34 is the home of pornography and sexual content on every topic.

The site searches for the home page as there are thousands of characters available with different specialties to make you horny and always ready for something fantastic.


  • Rule 34 possesses some exceptional features and navigation options to enhance your user experience.
  • The website is completely free.


  • The interface and design of the website is unusual.
  • There are annoying advertisements and redirects to other sites.

In this review, we will cover a lot of things regarding the site’s features, performance scores, site statistics, pros as well as cons and more.

Our valuable recommendation guide will help you determine whether the site will fulfill your expectations. is one of the coolest porn sites available on the internet. I am telling you from my personal experience.

Here comes Rule 34, a breath of fresh air when people are bored of watching the same old stories, the service guy or the pizza delivery boy comes to the busty female and gets seduced by the female unrealistically - all that is not enjoyable always.

What makes Rule 34 Popular?

Rule 34 is not like the same old concept of porn videos where two or more human beings get involved in a sexual affairIt’s a porn site where you will find your favourite anime characters having sex right in front of you.

You can check them by searching for the home page - there are thousands of characters available with different specialities and with different skills and moods to make you feel aroused and sexually active. 

People like us, who are porn fanatics, will love this website to the core, enjoy every bit of their uniqueness with supreme quality.

When you visit the website, at first your face will rejoice with a smile that’s exactly what has happened to me! If you don’t believe this, pay a visit to this anime porn site Rule 34 xxx. I bet you will feel the same.


Website Address:

Estimated Visits Last Month: 1.5 Million

It appears that, only in the USA, 1.5 million people visit Rule 34.

Hence, it is evident that the site has amazing popularity worldwide as well as in the United States.

What Brings in So Much Traffic? 

At first, I came to know about this wonderful site through the positive feedback of people on the internet.

There are millions of people who have highly rated the site. But, apart from all the positive points, I would also prefer pointing out to some of the negative sides of this website as well in the following part of this review. So, stay tuned to that.

Now, talking about the reasons for getting so much traffic, let me tell you a few great things about Rule 34.

Amazing Landing Page

As you visit the website at, you will get attracted by the amazing sexy anime images, which are anime but can seduce you to your ultimate fantasy. Try it to believe it. I have never seen such seductive, amazing artwork ever, trust me.

User-Friendly Navigation

Simplicity is the main reason this website stands out from the others. The navigation is simple, user-friendly, and lightning-fast to keep you browsing all day.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Nowadays, most people are mobile, and they prefer browsing through mobile devices. Rule 34 is a completely mobile-friendly website, which is very responsive, keeps the browser and the user always happy, giving most of the features just the same as they are in the desktop view.

This tech enhancement has made the website get most of its traffic through mobile devices, and that's the future of any other website that exists on the web.

User-Engaging Content

All the images, videos and write-ups ( the short stories) are very engaging establishing the idea of providing the best quality content to the users, as it is them who will make the website popular.

So they are concentrating on making the content attractive and updated regularly. They have expert animators and designers to take care of the stuff and make it look wonderful, yet sexy and seductive that you will fall in love with them.

Reasonable Pricing

You can access almost all the features of this website free of cost though there are options for paid memberships with added features and advantages.

Daily Updates/New Content

Porn videos on Rule 34, are updated daily, and, hourly, just the way they are in any other popular porn websites. Maybe the characters are not real characters, they are anime, but they are more seductive and sexier than the original ones.

Huge Collection

An excellent collection of anime images and videos are available for regular visitors. There is a mix of varieties, and also you will find your favourite anime character involved in sex in several moods.

High-Quality Images

The image quality is great, makes the users get attracted at first sight. They also have gif images making them look more realistic as if they are having sex. These gif images are extremely seductive.

High-Quality Videos

The anime videos on the website are totally out of the world, providing a much better experience than the regular porn videos that you watch on other porn sites.

Pricing & Membership Fees

You can get more details on the variety of payment details on the below-mentioned page:

The website is completely free for the regular users, and you can access various items on the website even without a log-in account. But if you want to access every feature, you need to create a free account.

You can create an account with a username of your choice depending upon the availability, and a password if you don't want to share your mail id. Sometimes, you might get an error message saying that the sign-up process is failed due to the spam control activities by the site administration.

Well, no worries, it sometimes happens like that, so try again, it will work for sure.

Site Performance Score: (out of 10)



Website Design

8 / 10


8 / 10


8.5 / 10

Video Quantity

9 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10

Image Quality

8 / 10

Overall Performance

8 / 10

Site Statistics

Most Popular Artists:

Jaccs Nsfw,  Kellie Smuttins,  veryhornynerd101,   bunny_nebula, crayzee609,  VulkinX,  veryhornynerd101,  Momo_no_Suidou-sui, spaceman6331,  Anchors,  Scaitblue,   Mawile.Chompers, AlexNegro, Coristronum, peringattu are some of the famous artists on the Rule 34 platform.
  • Models: 1562 + network models, US-based mostly
  • Model Appearance: Mostly Caucasian, with Black, Latinas and Asian too.
  • Body Types: Thin to Curvy
  • Total Number of Videos: 562 +
  • Average Length of Videos: 30 minutes
  • Format#1: MP4 (.mp4), 10000k+, 1920x1080 (dl or steam)
  • Bandwidth: Multiple Bandwidths available
  • Image Quantity: 487+ galleries with 400 images for each
  • Live Cam: Yes (not free)
  • File Size: JPG = 500kb, ZIP = 40MB, MP4 = 400MB to 2GB
  • Buffer: 1 – 3 seconds
  • Download Limit: None
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No


  • It's free!!! - Rule 34 is free to access all its features, and you don't need to shell out a single penny to enjoy your favourite anime videos at Rule 34. That is one of the reasons why this website has gained so much popularity among porn sites across the globe.
  • It's Unique - The idea, the content that Rule 34 offers is 100% unique with wonderful innovative concepts and designs. When you’re tired of watching porn, switch to Rule 34, your mood will also switch for sure. You will once again start getting those fantasies to appear within you.
  • Fresh Porn Every Day - Unlike other porn websites, Rule 34 continuously updates fresh images, gifs, and videos on their platform. Even on the forums.
  • Huge Collection - A wide collection of anime videos and images are available on this website which gets updated daily. It allows the user to get to see whatever he likes.
  • Forum Posting Options - There is a huge forum where users of Rule 34 create polls, ask questions, get solutions and discuss their favourite topic - sex!!! Lots of sexy females are there who wants to get connected with studs and get involved in personal sex chats, and you can try your luck on this, it has worked for me and several others.
  • Anime Upload, Be an Artist!!! - If you are a creative person and also have those naughty feelings inside your mind, this platform would be the best to fulfil your desires and showcase your creative skills to perfection. You can create your anime images GIFs and videos land upload them on the Rule 34 platform.


  • Video Filtration Not Available - One area for improvement on the Rule34 site is the inability to filter videos based on your likes and desires. Such a nice website lacking this special feature is not at all expected. It should be implemented as soon as possible.
  • The Iinterface is Not that Great - If you compare the image quality, and the video quality with the website's interface, you will get disappointed. I believe that the overall interface of the website, the UI experience could have been better, at least as a user we will always look for the best from our favourite platforms where we spend quite a long time regularly.
  • Issues With Registration - As I stated earlier in this article, you might face difficulty when you create your account for the first time with Rule 34. The server fails the registration by throwing a dialogue box saying the registration process has failed due to the spam control activities. I feel the website administrators should look into this irritating bug, and rectify the things as early as possible to provide a seamless profound user experience throughout, starting from the first visit to the website.
  • Pop-Up Ads - Sometimes, when you browse for a long time, you might get disturbed and distracted by the pop-up ads coming in-between. This negative feature causes a bad user experience.

Customer Support

For more details on the support, visit the support page at:


To conclude, I can say that Rule 34 is the website you have been looking for a long time​. Yes, Rule 34 also has a few drawbacks, but that is not something huge. It won't stop you from enjoying the website and get access to all it's functionalities.

If you compare the negative and positive points, you will come up with more positives and will want to give the website a go, feel about going for Rule 34; even I would suggest the same.

So, why to waste a single day browsing the same old stuff, the sexy teacher sucking the private parts of the student after the class, instead enjoy some real anime videos at Rule 34.

Parting Words

Rule 34 has given me wonderful experiences which I have shared already with you in this article earlier. Now, it’s your turn to find out the site and make the best use of it. If you are a porn lover, I am sure you would love this website.

And also if you feel to thank me for giving you such helpful information, please share this review article with your friends who also like to be naughty.

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