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Complete Guide on Ideas for Rough Sex (2023)

If you get bored from the usual sex with your partner, then you should try something different and seek out some intense sexual adventure that you have never tried before.

Yes, we are talking about - Rough Sex! Rough sex is the best way to enjoy and explore some thrilling  moments with your partner.

There are some special types of men who prefer rough sex than gentle lovemaking.

It is the perception in the society that most of the women don't like rough sex, which is completely wrong. 

rough sex

The women enjoy this type of sex more than men. It seems  to be full of pain yet stimulating, which helps in giving the extra pleasure to your partner. You will get extra pleasure when you find that your partner is screaming your name so loudly.

There is no doubt that the rough sex is associated with a lot of risks so you must follow some basic tips and some devices for making it safe. It is the best option if you want to enjoy your relationship life thrillingly but must follow some basic ideas. We will talk about various ideas surrounding Rough Sex.

How to Start

The starting point for rough sex plays an important role. You should know all the basic tips for performing rough with your partner. Here we are providing some pro tips:

Interact with your partner

You should talk with your partner about doing it rough. It is very important that your partner should be in line with your thinking about having it. You should not pressurize your partner about sex. You should know the comfort level of your partner.

Initiate slowly

We strongly recommend that if you are new in the BDSM and rough sex world, then you should have some patience.

You should slowly perform rough sex otherwise it will ruin your relationship in seconds. You have to show some eagerness about hard sex so that your partner can know that you are interested in the rough sex. Try to warm your partner by using some sex toys such as vibrators.

You should keep in mind that when your partner gets warm.

Where to Start - Tips and Basic Ideas for Rough Sex

If you have no ideas where to start, then you can start from hair pullings and spanking. Also, there are some other ways of starting the rough sex that will amazingly fascinate your partner too. You can tell your partner to tie your wrists above your head.

Try to tie something soft over your eyes and then bend on your knees. Then, pull her hair in the doggy position. Finalyl, given below are some of the tips and ideas to get full gear into the horizon of rough sex:

Dirty Talks and Rough Sex Guide for Beginners

Confidence and communication

Confidence and communication are an important element in rough sex. If you are confident during performing this  sex then it will enhance your stamina. Communication is a must for a better understanding between the couples.

You must know everything about your parents and choose that sex position in which your partner will feel comfortable and enjoys it very much.

Use lubricants

If you want to perform smooth sex then use some lubricants. There are two types of lubricants available in the market: Natural oil lubricants and Synthetic oil lubricants. You must choose the lubricants wisely because it is a very crucial step in the rough step.

Generally, the natural oil lubricants are preferred over the synthetic oil lubricants. You should use these lubricants in the sensitive parts of the body for providing extra stimulation to your partner.


It is the ultimate step in the rough sex. In the fisting process, a male inserts his full hand into the vagina or sometimes anus of the female.

This can be dangerous if not done  with care. The basic idea for the fisting that you should insert your fingers first when all fingers get inserted then you have to insert your thumb which is the crucial step in the fisting process because the hand is the widest at the area of knuckles.

You must keep in mind that your hand should form in duckbill shape otherwise it will be dangerous to your partner. When you insert your thumb successfully in the vagina or anus of the female then you can make a fist.

This will give painful experience to your female partner but she will enjoy it a lot.

How to Fist - The Do's & Don'ts of Fisting

Dirty talks

This is the perfect thing that you should try while performing rough sex with your partner.  

In the dirty talks, a partner can ask for hard sex from you without any hesitation. This offers you to tell a lot of things to your partner in the most interesting way. There are a lot of dirty words that you can use for your partner such as slut, bitch and many more.  

Tear the clothes

Perhaps, you will see in many movies that a partner tears off the clothes of other partners in a passionate way.

This is an indication of your eagerness and hunger for sex. It will lead to invoking a sense of passion in your own life. Generally, most of the women don't want to ruin their clothes while performing sex.

Face-sitting on the men

It is also known as queening. Many women like to sit on the face of their partners because it provides them with extra pleasure for rough sex. 69 is the best position for this activity.

Generally, women are afraid to sit on the face of the men because they thought that they will squish him or suffocate him. However, this is not a big issue as you can avoid these misconceptions.

You shouldn't perform any extra things at the time of face sitting otherwise it will destroy the mood of your guy.

Use clamps

The ideas of clamping are associated with the pinching to the extreme. Some sensitive parts can be used for such purposes as nipples. There are a lot of ways in which you can pinch the sensitive parts of your partner. The way of pinching depends on the pain bearing capacity of your partner.

Positions for rough sex

No one can deny that sex position plays a key role in sex especially during hard sex. In this section of the article, we will discuss some best sex positions for such sex that will thrill your partner shockingly.


By using this position you fan fully utilize the depth of your penis and your speed.

The female enjoys this position a lot because she will love your body actions that will fascinate her.  

To try this position, make your female partner sit on your cock and tie her hairs together or pin down your knees for controlling her.

If you want to provide some extra thrill to your partner then you must try some vibrating rings.

To perform this position, push off the chest of your partner.


Bounce house

Are you a lover of a reverse cowgirl? Then try this position with your partner. The bounce house combines the hotness of the doggy style.

In this position, your hands are most important for providing thrill to female partners.

Your hands are free and you can use them for a little rough action.

The face of your female partner will always be away from you and she will lie on his back while he straddles the partner.

anal sex cowgirl


This sex position is considered to be as the best doggy style. Both partners get extra pleasure from this position.

You can hold her hair tightly and pull them during rough sex.

If you want some extra pleasure then try to perform this position in front of the mirror so that both partners can watch each other that will satisfy your eyesvisually.

To perform this position bend on both of your knees and ask her to come in this position. You have to perform anal sex for this.

This is a great position if you are interested in playing with boobs and hips of your female partner.

doggy hair pull

Miss new booty

Do you want to control your motion during deep penetration with your partner in rough sex.

This position is best for your workout and you can know your stamina easily. It is considered as the hottest position.

You have to hold the hand of your partner for better control while you are performing an anal play.

Gravity provides additional benefits in enhancing your performance.

You can perform this posting by placing the hand of your partner on the ground and pull her waist.

bend over pose

View from the top

If you want to become super intimate with your partner then you must try this position during rough sex.

Wrap the arms of females and hold them tightly for better control. In this position, your hands are free so that you can explore your body completely.

The female partner gets extra pleasure when you squeeze her nipples or hold her hair tightly.

Hence, your partner will fully be satisfied because your whole body can be seen by your partner and she can tease on your extremely sensitive parts.

anal sex missionary

Use some sexy toys

There is no doubt that your level of satisfaction from your partner can be increased if you are using a fantastic sex toy during rough sex.

In the adult market, you can easily get these sex toys. In this section of the article we will discuss some sex toys that you must try during rough sex for a better raunchy  experience:

Let's Talk About Rough Sex

Ball gags

The gags are the most important device that you should use during rough sex.

The ball gags are made up of rubber. Usually, an adjustable strap is used in the ball gags so that your partner can feel comfortable while you are using this device & the gags are used on the mouth of your partner.

Generally, the ball gags are used by those persons who are not interested to hear the screaming of their partner. The men can show their brutal strength by using ball gags.

Unisex sex-machine

Unisex sex machine is the best sex toy for performing rough sex. This sex toy allows you to penetrate and be penetrated at high speed. This tool also allows you to simulate a threesome. Have you ever tried oral pleasure in the during rough sex?

If not then, once you try this device, you will get extra pleasure. The main advantage of this device that it is long-lasting and it never loses stamina and you can reach the climax time again and again while enjoying with unisex sex-machine.

Your partner can enjoy this by joining you or without getting involved.  We strongly recommend this device for one that works well for both men and women.  It's very cool in appearance and runs smoothly.

Bullet vibrators

Vibrators are very crucial for the rough sex and you can easily find them in the markets at the effective prices. If you are willing to tease your partner interestingly then you must try a bullet stimulator once.

Bondage ropes

If you are performing the rough sex then you should know that the key elements for intense sex are the restraint.

These types of ropes are used to control your partner gently. You must be careful in choosing the ropes because it is a very crucial step. It should be attractive, smooth and harmless to your partner.


The flogger is used for performing the sensual play.

You can provide a lot of pleasure and thrill to your partner by gently stroking it across your partner's body. It is the best device for light teasing to your partner because it is very easy to handle due to its lightweight.

If you want to enjoy rough sex without causing any marks on your partner then you must try the flogger. You must be careful while choosing the logger.

Some sexier ways for rough sex

There is no doubt that rough sex is the best option for you if you want to get additional sexual pleasure because it is full of painful sexual activities. But you must keep in mind that the rough sex is full of risks.

So, it is very important for you that you should all the tricks and skills for performing a safe and sexier rough sex. In this section of the article we will discuss some interesting ways of performing rough sex:

Treat Me Rough~


Most of the men enjoy this a lot because it will allow them to show their dominance and strength.

The sound plays an important role in the stimulation of your partner. But all-female are  not experts in screaming because the sounding is an art that cannot be taught by anyone. You should practice developing your sounding skills so that you can satisfy your partner easily.


It is the easiest way to tease your partner. You should use your teeth to bite your partner. You must keep in mind that your bite shouldn't harmful to your partner so that it can lead to a flow of blood. Bite playfully in various body parts of your partner.

Pull hairs

Pulling each other is the most commonly used way to please partner during rough sex. You should pull the hairs of your partner from behind the head and above the scalp. You should grab them tightly because it gives pleasure to your partner.

If you hold the hairs by lower ends then it will be good for giving please to your partner. Remember that when your partner is not comfortable in this way and resists it then don't try this.


Usually, movements are essential for good sex. The sex without any movements is boring and most of the partners are not satisfied without movements. So, while you are performing the rough sex then you must be aggressive in your movements.

But you must keep in mind that you are handling a soft body so you have to pull or push gently.

Slaps or Spank

Most of the couples thought that there is no place for a slap in the sex. But they are wrong because it is also a part of sexual stimulation if you are slapping on the sensitive parts of the body. You can slap on their butts, backs, chests and so more sensitive parts.


This is the scientific concept to stimulate the desire of sex to men or women. This way is used by many lovers because it cuts the supply of oxygen to the brain. The brain is also involved in sexual activities so it is very important for good sex that the brain should also stimulate.

You can place your hands on your partner's neck and massage it gently so that they can interestingly feel pleasure. Remember that you don't cut the supply of oxygen completely because it can be fatal. You should consult with an expert before performing this way in the safe rough sex.


It has been studied that words are played an important role in deciding the mood of your partner for rough sex. Many people love to call them by using some abusing words. There are a lot of abusive words that you can use during rough sex with your partner such as bitch.

Aftercare in the rough sex

Aftercare is one of the crucial steps in rough sex. There are a lot of health-related issues in rough sex. If your partner got injured during rough sex then you look after your partner. Try to console your partner and talk with her so that she can feel relaxed and your presence.

In case of trying both partners then they must take a bath in the hot shower for a long time. After completing the rough sex you should talk with your partner for many hours and try to do some cuddling.

Rough sex can't be Performed by Everybody

As you know that rough sex is full of risks and it is dangerous but don’t underestimate the fact that it is liked by men. Rough sex is not liked by those people who have some bad experience with this sex. It can be a scary thing for those people who are afraid to perform painful activities.

So, it is very important that your partner should be familiar with rough sex before performing this, otherwise it will create a tense environment between both of you. Trust is a key element for better sex life. If you trust your partner then you will enjoy a lot with him/her.

Things that you shouldn't try during rough sex

Everyone knows that rough sex is the best if you want to thrill with your partner interestingly. 

If you are performing the rough sex more safely and follow some tips then it is the best option for extreme sexual pleasure. You must be careful during rough sex. In this section of the article we will discuss some things that you should avoid during rough sex for a better sex life:


If you are laughing during rough sex then it will be dangerous for your relationship life. The laughing changes the mood of your partner entirely and it can ruin your relationship with your partner. Your stamina for performing the sexual activities is reduced during laughing.

Then you can use some tips for stopping you from laughing in such a romantic moment such as pressing your lips against teeth.

Don't hurt

If you are performing rough sex with some experiments in which you and your partner are not experts or try it before.

Then it can be dangerous for both. So, we strongly recommend that you must perform rough sex more safely so that your partner doesn't get hurt. Your movement should be as according to the comfortable for the partner. Your partner's mood will change immediately if your partner gets hurt.

Don't force your partner 

The communication should be perfect in between the partners for a long-lasting and healthy relationship.

You must know about every basic need of the partner and how you can satisfy your partner. Sometimes, a partner becomes excited so much and he wants to perform many things that are not liked by other partner. For a good relationship life, you mustn't perform them.

Don't force your partner to perform rough sex.

Final Words

In this complete guide for ideas to perform rough sex, we discussed many tips that you must follow while you are performing rough sex with your partner. The rough sex is mostly used by those partners who love to play sexual activities painfully. It  is liked by both males and females.

In this type of sex, some activities performed by partner’s are- pulling the hairs tightly, pushing around and a lot of slaps on tits or butts. If you are performing rough sex with a lot of various sex positions then it will be a great experience for you.

It is not guaranteed that rough sex will always work but sometimes it failed, then you must omit rough sex. If you are doing rough sex after the refusal of your partner otherwise it will ruin your relationship life. Usually, women can use rough sex if she wants to satisfy their partner fantastically.

You can surprise your man if you initiate sex. So, it is suggested that you must show the desire for sex in front of your partner.

If you are using sex toys then you will enjoy a lot and your partner will gets satisfied easily.

The lubricants can be used by partners for smoothly performing rough sex.

The main thing that you must keep in mind while choosing the lubrication is that it should be safe for your partner. 

In this article, we have found many reasons that there are a lot of health issues related to rough sex.

If you are not aware of rough sex then it will ruin your relationship life. 

anal sex doggy 2

The sex without safety can injure your partner and it will change the mood of your partner. Rough sex plays a key role in making the intimacy between you and your partner. The rough sex needs a lot of understanding between partners.

A partner should know which position will suit their partner so that they can enjoy a lot with a painful experience. You should use some devices that we discussed in our article. By using these devices during rough sex, you can enhance your performance.

Your partner will enjoy a lot and you will get stimulation and pleasure. Don't forget to focus on some sensitive parts such as tits, clitoris, inner thighs, etc.

Don't forget to control your partner during rough sex. It will show your strength and dominance on the partner which is liked by women mostly. You shouldn't force your partner else it will lead to contradiction and ultimately ruin your relationship.

For your assurance that your partner is interested in the rough sex, you can ask your partner about if they are interested in rough sex. If your partner agrees for performing the rough sex, then you should start it slowly and don't need to show over excitement.

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