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Today we interview Kelly, a beautiful camgirl. If you have any questions for kelly, feel free to comment on this article, i will make sure she answers all of you 🙂


How old are you?kelly manyvids


Do your friends/parents know that you are camming?


Having physical sex with member?


How did you come up with you alter ego "your porn name"?

I wanted to keep it simple and real so I went with a great 90s girl name, Kelly

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Yes, I have a full sleeve and many other tattoos. 

Do you have any hidden talents?

I used to think squirting was a “hidden talent” 

Has anyone from your camming network bought you anything from your wishlist?

Yes! I have had some very sweet members buy me some lovely gifts.

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment caught on webcam? 

I have a really bad habit of almost saying my real name…

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Santorini, Greece

Do you have any crushes on anyone at your camming network?

There are some really gorgeous women I have some major girl crushes on 😉

What is the wildest request you’ve received while webcamming?

I have been asked to “jerk off my big toe like it is a tiny dick”

When you like a guy how do you show it?

Lots of affection and touching

reedandkellyTell us something most people don’t know about you?

I have 6 cats!

What is a quote you live by?

To thine own self be true

What is favorite thing about your camming network?

I love Chaturbates apps and bots, they are super helpful.

Only using 3 words, describe yourself?

Sensual, chill, creative

If we looked inside your purse right now, what would we find?

A blueberry larabar, lip balm, hand sanitizer, and some coconut oil *just in case*

What are some things that turn you on?

Tattoos, fit bodies, intelligence, confidence, personality, good vibes

Do you have any fetishes? 

Does lesbian strap on fucking count as a fetish? 

reedandkelly2What is your favorite sex toy?

I can never go wrong with a good strong vibrator, but I also looooove my Vixen dildos. The Lovense Lush is a really fun sex toy I like to use while camming, because members tips control the levels of its vibrations. 

Who do you think is the hottest camgirl on your camming network?

I think there are some really pretty cam girls on Chaturbate but most lack personality!

When do you see the Career Being Over?

Whenever I do not like the way my body looks anymore.

What makes you proud to work in the sex industry?

I like breaking molds and working in the adult industry has shown me that everyone makes their own path.

Do you have friends in the industry?

I haven't met anyone in the industry in real life (I hope to soon at expos!) but I do chat with a few fellow cammers on my cam site.

What is the hair color that you keep most of the time?

My natural color, brunette

What makes you different than other camgirls?

I have noticed what sets me apart from the typical cam girl is that I am authentic and really simply presenting the real me to my viewers. Every laugh, rant, and orgasm is genuine and the real me. 

What is your height, weight and body measurements?

5’5” 105lb 32”26”34”

Your opinion on future of camming?

I think the future of camming is brighter than ever.

Do you have a job outside of camming?

I am also a student

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? How do they feel about you camming?

I cam and make amateur porn with my husband.

What are tippers’ most popular requests?

Most tippers are contributing to an overall goal of a cum show or a squirt show or something of that nature. I do get a good amount of squirt requests!

Where do you see webcam modeling going in the future?

I think people will get tired of produced porn and start leaning more heavily on amateur porn and live cam interactions.

Would you ever consider doing porn?

I would definitely consider doing solo or gg porn.

Money Related:

On an average, How much money do you make (numbers in Per day, Per week, Per month). (Combined all sources)?

Per day: 25-100$, Per week: 200-700$, Per month: 1000-3000$ Sources: Chaturbate and ManyVids

Percentage breakup of your income? (like Camming, Selling videos, pics, Sexting, Phone sex etc)?

Camming: 50-60%, Selling Videos/Custom content: 40-50%

Your top 5 tippers contribute what percentage of your total camming income.?

I wouldn't say I have specific top 5 tippers, it is more spread out.

Number of websites you cam on?


Your comments on Using games, competition and tip wars for more income. Do you use them?

Chaturbate’s apps and bots are amazing and have enabled me to be way more successful than I thought I would be camming.

How long have you been camming for?

I have been camming since January 2017, I opened my ManyVids account in April 2017.

How many days you work?

I have not been consistent until recently when I began to cam monday-friday 

How many hours you put in each week?

2-3 hours Monday-friday camming, plus 8-10 hours per week of filming ManyVids content

On average, how many tokens do you earn per show?


How long are your broadcasts typically?

2-3 hours

What’s the most money you’ve earned in a broadcast?


What does it cost somebody for a custom video?

My custom rates vary from 5-7$ per minute

How do you get clients? The best strategies you use?

I am always promoting myself when I am camming. I utilize social media, specifically Twitter. I tweet when I am online and use promoters to retweet my tweets in order to reach bigger audiences. 

How much role social media plays in driving clients. Which networks give the best results. Also mention some tips and tactics that other newbie camgirls can use?

Social media is a great free platform for cam girls to use. Twitter has been my go to for social media, using hashtags and promoter profiles to retweet my content. I find promoters who have a large following and tag them in posts when I am online and the ones that retweet me are showing their entire following that I am online as well. Good pics is key to getting retweeted.

Help other Camgirls:

kelly chaturbateGive us three camming networks that you recommend in decreasing order of your recommendation. (#1 being your favorite, then #2 and so on)?

I have only used Chaturbate so I can only speak to its greatness. 

What advice would you give to anyone else wanting to get into the sex industry?

The cam life has its up and downs just like any other service related industry, so don't take it personal and keep doing what makes you happy and cummy 😉

Tips/tricks/hacks for getting popular and making money in camming for newbie camgirls?

Use social media, sell snapchat, take good pics, don't be fake, be consistent. Consistency is KEY. I did not start making money until I started camming on a regular schedule. If you think you can just hop on when you want to make money, it's not that easy I promise!

Questions apart from Camming:

Your Favorite Phone Sex network and why?

I have never used a phone sex network. But I guess, snapchat.

Your Favorite sexting network and why?


Your Favorite Network to sell nudes and why?

Chaturbate and ManyVids. They both offer good quality.

Your Favorite Network for creating fanclub and why?

Chaturbate and ManyVids both offer a fanclub/membership option and I like them both because they give access and privileges to members for amounts I am in control of.


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