RealLifeCam Review (2020)


RealLifeCam runs with the idea of 24 x 7 live streaming of the private life of other people through webcams.

This premium site gives you the freedom to watch and barge into the lives of people wherever they go in their apartment and whatever kinky stuff they do.

You actually get to see a whole lot by the means of more than a dozen cameras in the apartment covered to showcase all sets of angles and rooms.

The site has a collection of more than 20 apartments with over 300 web cameras to keep you accompanied with some of the best action which you cannot see in porn movies. That’s because the beauty of pleasure lies in being natural. 

A lot of people have asked us about Real Life Cam and what makes it different. Well, we are here today to give out our detailed review of Real Life Cam and what they have in store for you. Let us begin.

What makes ReaLlifeCam unique from other cam sites around the world?

The answer to the above question lies in the fact that RealLifeCam is one of the craziest websites which lets you check out a house people living in it. The website is 100% authentic and legitimate with the apartment of four rooms where you can find several cameras to see what’s going on.

It also offers a number of apartments so that you can get in touch with the intensive action offered by the members living in it.

The website comes with a premium subscription which specifically means buying more cameras to peek into more action with the options of cameras inside the bedroom as well as the bathroom.

There are seven apartments to be enjoyed for free and you can check out the further 12 apartments which are specifically available for premium members only.

There are some premium apartments where groups of girls are living together for a long time and buying that camera will let you watch group sex and all the fun that you want to check out.

The quality of the camera is excellent and the fact that the site uses Adobe Flash Player for the streaming is not that exciting, and we hope that the development team will look into this in the near future.

Unlike other sites, Real Life Cam doesn’t have any redirects and annoying advertisements, the website looks exciting and quite clean.

You will enjoy the experience when you will explore its user navigation features which include the keyboard shortcuts for ‘enhancing view’ option that allows you to view two or more cams at the same time as well as motion detection, map of the apartment with the fixed cameras, and a lot of other features. The idea to feature live cam sex into the website along with full nude girls and hardcore content is quite unique.  

Website Performance Evaluation

Based on our own viewing experience, we gave out the following ratings to Real Life Cam.



Website design

8..5 / 10

Content updates

9 / 10

Quality of cameras

9.5 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


8 / 10

Value for money

9 / 10

Exclusivity of videos

9.5 / 10

User interface and layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

88.5 / 100

This is a good score and I guess you are good to go in exploring the site.

However, we suggest you keep reading this review to get an idea of its exclusive features and special options to know a little more about the site.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular categories – Couples (Linda & Tibor, Asia & Hakeem, Martina & Alberto, Carla & Yanai); Roommates / Singles (Marsha, Sophia, and Leora); Girls on Vacation (Kristy & Alana, Aria, Blair & Loraine, Monica & Milena, and twins); Couples on vacation (Maracuya & Eiden, Nelly & Bogdan, Piper & Taylor)              
  • General features provided on the site – Categories, Get Membership, Login, Content Updates, Camera Views, RLC Live: Popular cameras which are currently live, RLC replays with popular scenes among the members
  • Total number of apartment cams – 5 for free and 20 for premium members
  • Content updates – 24 x 7 live cam view
  • Maximum resolution of cam quality – 1920 * 1080 pixels (1080p Full HD)
  • Streaming limit – No (for premium members)
  • Total number of popular scene replays – More than a hundred
  • Photo slideshows – Yes
  • Easy registration - Yes
  • Watermarks on photos – No
  • DRM protection – No


Website Address:

Real Life Cam is built upon a unique concept along with the cool tagline that goes like “the private life of other people | Live 24 / 7 since 2011”.

Well, as already described above, you will find lotsof videos on this platform where a couple or solo guy/girl can be seen doing some kinky stuff live.

It is an obvious fact that these videos are not live here, but they were once at Real Life Cam and this platform will show you the recordings with some of it being too hot to handle.

However, one thing we would like to say that if you want to compare these videos to a few sites like LiveJasmine, Chaturbate, etc., these will not fall in a similar league.   

real life cam lp

This is where Real Life Cam works differently as these films are made from a voyeur scenario where the girls or people don’t care about the fact that they are being filmed and indulge in something naughty every single time.

There are not enough categories; you will have to browse through the entire videos at random. The developer team can present a category option to make things easier for users. 

If you have visited cam sites for adults before, then you should be knowing that the section of couples includes the featured couples having sex and doesn’t care about the fact that they are surrounded by webcams all over the areas. ​

use cam sites such as voyeur house tv, you will be familiar with the situation as you will be getting the most popular replays in case if you have missed the action. ​

Some of the new sites such as camsoda feature a real-life cam house which is specifically present on their homepage standing adjacent to the section of cam girls.

If you are looking for some real-life hidden cam sites, then, we suggest you go through and look at some traditional sex cam sites which offer more of the real-life action than this site.

However, if you look at its camera quality and streaming speed, then Real Life Cam obviously stands out among all the other cam sites. 

So, if you prefer watching live voyeur cams to see what these naughty sluts are doing, then this site is the perfect destination for you to take out your dicks and jizz off to the hardcore porno action.

It has no advertisements as well as those annoying popup redirects and we are sure that you will have a great time.


There is a lot of competition in the adult industry as many websites are indeed thinking out of the box to make their channel highly engaging for users.

This is where many Real Life Cam is proving to bring uniqueness by offering cam stuff in several apartments where people can get to see what people are doing. Not only this, some premium cameras offer a view of their bathrooms and bedrooms to see everything sexy that no one wants you to see.

Some of the competitors of RealLifeCam includes Voyeur-House, Camarads, Life Under Cam, Voyeur-Villa, etc. who are filled with similar kind of action and I surely think that Real Life Cam would have to offer a little something great if they want to be on the top.

Before we go on to give our recommendation to this site, let us take a look at some of the advantages and shortcomings of this site.


  • ProsReal Life Cam is a live voyeur site that features updated content every time.
  • The camera they use is of excellent quality.
  • The site is a storehouse of nude and hardcore content as well as good sorting options to keep you accompanied.
  • The site is made with a unique concept to showcase some real-life individuals and their getting around “naughty stuff” with each other.
  • There are some free rooms available which you can enjoy without even buying a premium subscription.
  • The site offers all the features of the desktop version with the built-in touch screen navigation working perfectly. 
  • The site has a tremendous collection of “best house moments” in terms of sexually.
  • You get a variety of content such as straight, lesbian and some of the gay sex.
  • Apart from these, you get a lot of browsing tools as well as visualization options to help you go through the entire content quite easily.
  • You can also stream your favorite apartment/replay videos on your mobile devices as well as Real Life Cam works efficiently on the mobile platform.
  • The website offers some of the best online support assistance to give you an incredible experience. You can clear all your queries by raising a ticket to one of their email IDs or just visit their support page. If you have any complaints or issues regarding your memberships, you can also view their FAQs available on their site. Their professionals will be happy to help you whenever you reach out to them anytime as per your convenience.


  • There is no option to download any content from the site.
  • The good features are not available for free. You need to buy the premium membership if you want to take advantage of some exclusive features.
  • Real Life Cams is all about a flash-based streaming; the development team needs to come out in providing a good technology of streaming the videos.
  • When it comes to performers, it often gets limited.
  • When it comes to performers, it often gets limited.There is no option of live chat or private messaging available on the website.
  • Their premium membership prices are a bit on the higher side, and they don’t even offer yearly memberships.
  • They don’t offer any category; the videos are just scattered over the website and the users find it difficult as it wastes a lot of their time.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Real Life Cam has become competitive ever since they came around different websites of similar niche. They offer a lot of good content at excellent prices and by going ahead with their membership, you can get full-on privacy as well as unlimited premium subscription offers.

Given below are the prices of their membership packages. Their membership comes in two categories:

Standard Membership 

This offers access to every apartment and each of its camera, preview of all popular cams with a full-screen mode as well as motion detection.

  • The monthly premium charges stand at $0.67 per day with a single billed amount of $19.95.
  • The 90- days plan will cost you at $0.61 per day with a single billed amount of $54.95.
  • The 180- days plan comes at a low price of $0.56 per day with a single amount of $99.95.

Premium + Replay package 

It covers accessing all the apartment and cameras with a preview of all popular cams, motion detection, RLC remote, Multiview, Auto-follow top cam, full-screen mode, RLC remote as well as RLC replay feature.

  • The monthly premium charges stand at $1.50 per day with a single billed amount of $44.95.
  • The 90- days plan will cost you at $1.11 per day with a single billed amount of $99.95.
  • The 180- days plan comes at a low price of $1 per day with a single amount of $179.95.

Customer Support & Other Services

Real Life Cam offers an incredible 24 x 7 online support assistance to its members. You are free to visit if you come across any queries or complaints related to any services that they offer.

Their customer care professionals are friendly, fast and responsive. They even take the highest precautions to keep your information highly confidential in giving you a hassle-free experience. If you want to have a look at some of their FAQs, you can go through this link:

They have a reliable team of experts who will provide you with the quickest of responses in handling your queries. If you have any complaints related to the payments such as your Segpay account, Verotel billing, etc., they can help you with that at any given time.

Final Verdict

In the end, we just want to say that the 24 x 7 real-life cameras are certainly a great concept but amidst that there are lesser number of performers and you will find very little content overall.

The team has surely done a wonderful job of coming out with the best website design and exceptional navigation options.

But, if you are a fan of variety, then Real Life Cam is not going to serve you because the site has limited hidden cam sex services.

If you compare this with a modern adult webcam site, then you will find thousands of live cams there. 

real life cam poster

But the Real Life Cam is giving the impression of a new site has yet a lot to do in order to compete with the other sites out there of the same niche. We will recommend RealLifeCam to you if you are a fan of hidden cam house sex where people are moving around naked and doing tons of freaky things.

But, if you are looking for a variety, then this won’t be a perfect place for you as it has a limited number of apartments and fewer performers. All in all, we request you all to share your experiences with the site by sending us a message as we would love to know what you have to say about the site.

In case you want us to review any other cam sites or an adult site, then you can put forward your queries to us and we will surely take care of everything. It's goodbye from us and we will see you next time.

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