Quick Flirt Review

Quick Flirt

If you are single and still searching for persons to mingle, then you must visit Quickflirt.

Here you can choose your partner by matching your mentality. You can chat with your lovable partner via live video chats.



  • Later on, if your conversation goes well, you can approach hookups. 
  • There is a considerable number of members on the website. Therefore, you do not need to take tension regarding the availability of a perfect match. 
  • The major drawback of this website is that the features and essential messages of this website are written in Chinese.
  • The subscription to this website is essential. Without a subscription, you cannot see any content uploaded by the users. 

In this article, you will get to know more about the Quickflirt website in detail.

Online flirting has never been this much fun! You don’t have to look anywhere to find singles anymore when you got Quickflirt at your service. A super easy and fun way to meet singles, you never know, but this basic online meet can turn into a life-changing experience for all the singles out there!

Register with the site, and you will be bombarded with hot singles. You might even come across people with the same mentality as yours. So start flirting online now, and in a few days, you might also get the opportunity to arrange a live date.

Quickflirt is a dating site used worldwide where thousands of singles come and meet their partners. Whether you are into men or women, this site will cover all your fetishes in no time. Based on your required parameter, you can choose whom you want to flirt with.

Furthermore, this dating site is extremely comfortable to work with. It is a secure platform where your information will remain protected unless you want to use it otherwise. Finding a matching is going to be an easy option.

Dating Tips from QuickFlirt.Com

If you reside anywhere in the USA and willing to try your hand in flirting, then you have come to the right place. Using this dating chat, you are not just going to meet singles but get to know them better and choose your perfect partner at the end of this encounter.

Overall, this dating site comprises of 400,000 members solely from the USA with weekly active ones revolving somewhere around 130,000. Around 30% of the members are women, and the rest, 70% are male members.

The top visitors are coming out from not just the USA, but from Australia and the U.K. as well. Upon logging online, you will receive a personal profile you need to fill out. Members are active almost every day, and they are coming up with new partners every time.

On average, most of the users here are around 25 years of age and above.


  • A dating platform where you will get to arrange dates and flirt with other members.
  • Quick Flirt has more than one million users from all over the world.
  • The platform offers an affordable trial period for three days.
  • The “Safe Mode” enables users to use the platform more securely and safely.
  • Whosoever uploads photos and videos; those content will be regulated.

Don’t you want a relationship that starts with flirtation and then goes on a date, well, that’s precisely what Quick Flirt lets you have! This fantastic dating platform has a whopping 1.4 million registered users from all over the world. 

All the photos that you upload goes through proper moderation, and the site is very strict when it comes to uploading pictures and videos. Here at Quick Flirt, you will never run out of members to flirt and chat with. 

Because it is free to create an account on Quickflirt, it becomes quite difficult to differentiate whether the person contacting you is fake or real. The good thing about this platform is that they encourage members to report a user right away if they feel suspicious. 

You need to go to the user’s profile and click on the Report button to report that person. Another thing that you can do is send a private message to the online site moderator so that they can take a look at the issue and resolve it for you.

What makes Quickflirt so accessible?

A promising venture of Together Networks Holdings Limited, Quickflirt ensures that flirting never gets boring.

Most relationships indeed start with flirting, and this dating site will never disappoint you on that! Right now, this dating site boasts around 1.4 million registered members on a global scale. 

All the photos are regulated, and the profiles are kept right at a bare minimum. Just like with any other dating sites, Quickflirt has its share of controversy as well, which revolves around fake accounts.

quickflirt GUI-min

However, that note has been taken care of as the team ensures to check every profile of the registered member before giving a green signal forward.

Most of the members in Quickflirt are aged between 25 to 34 years, and this site is a perfect platform for a quick flirt. Well, that does not necessarily mean that the door remains closed to some serious relationships or sexual desires.

Some of the frequent visitors come from English speaking nations like Australia, the UK and the USA. The user count, at present, is somewhat around 1.4 million. To sign up, the members need to be at least 18 years of age, and the signing procedure takes only 2 to 3 minutes.

Upon registration, you will be asked about your sexual preferences, email address, age and location. Make sure to have an active email account as email verification is a must. However, this flirting site won’t offer any Facebook registration here. Signing up is quite simple and won’t cause you much trouble.

The single registration page is available at the homepage. For the gender, click on the icon given, and then you need to present some personal information like email, date of birth and the corresponding password.

For your zip code, Quickflirt will track it based on the IP address provided. Once down, click on the “Start now” button, and you are off to a great start!


Website address: https://www.quickflirt.com/

Estimated visits last month: 1.4 million

The best part about Quickflirt is that this flirting platform is not just open for men and women but there is a special place restricted for the LGBT members also.

For them, signing up might take a bit of extra time because this site might take time straight as the only orientation available while registering.

To change the preference, you might need to remove the account.

It is only after covering this step that you will be redirected to the inclusive landing page.

There are primarily two ways to flirt through Quickflirt. You can either send out a “wink” or can message any potential partner boldly. 

quickflirt banner

After filtering as per your preferences, you will be bombarded with various profiles side by side. If anyone seems precious while searching, click on the eye icon to start a conversation without words. It is also called flirting invitation. The best part is that standard accounts can always send winks.

However, winks are free, but sometimes words will spark that magic. Connecting with someone via message can be tricky, and you have to pay for it. Without a properly paid subscription, you get the opportunity to send five messages to 5 different people.

While messaging for the 6th time, Quickflirt will send you to the payment page, and you need to upgrade the membership. But, once paid, you will get full access to the present messaging features. Flirting is in your hand, and you can do it by sending videos, photos, and voice messages.

On the other hand, if you want to take a tour of possible matches, you can get that as well, and even for the standard account. Just choose your filters and come across a directory of all the members, right in front of you.

The team from Quickflirt mostly regulates all the videos and photos. However, there are chances of you encountering fake accounts. So, be very careful with the choices you make! The members have every right to change the profile details anytime they want.

QuickFlirt.Com Review

However, to view videos and photos, you need to upgrade to the premium feature. Furthermore, you will receive easy supply profile information from here. The best thing about this site is that it won’t force you to complete profile while registering.

You can take your sweet time, peak through the possible matches first, and then upload one primary photo. You can review your profile later. Even for the standard accounts, photo placement is a must. You cannot wink at someone or send a message unless you have a photo.  

Unfortunately, for a dating site with such a huge base, Quickflirt will not support mobile app, which is surely a bummer! But, you have every right to access this site using a mobile browser. However, this works as something against the rule this platform promotes, which is quick flirting.

Recently, the mobile version came out, and this option is user-friendly and simple when compared to the desktop counterpart. There are five tabs available, representing notifications, chatbox, search function, profile setting and Like gallery.

These sections are placed at the upper portion of this flirting site.


Quickflirt comprises of two sections when it comes to member profiles. There are free services, and others are placed under fee-based services.

Under the free services, you will get profile creation and registration. On the other hand, you can even view some other’s profile free of cost. 

If you need to use the extensive search bar, you can do so without paying a single dime. Once you have your photo uploaded, you can send winks to some of the selected members only.

If you want, you can add members to “Favorites” as well, free of cost. With a fee structure, apart from the free services, you can get full access to messaging.

Under the free version, you have the liberty to send five messages to 5 different users. Later, you have to pay for the 6th time. 

quickflirt payments-min

But, on behalf of a specific price, you can get full access to messaging. Unlike just viewing the member’s profile, you can view their shared videos and photos as well on behalf of a price. If you want, you can share videos and photos in chat too.

You can access some of the new features Quickflirt keep on loading in and get premium support at a price of course.

For one month, you have to pay 64.20 USD a month. For three months’ period, you need to pay 23.10 USD per month, leading to a total of 69.30 USD. And for the six months’ pack, you have to pay 18.60 USD per month which will cost you a total of 111.60 USD.

The payment options are through credit cards and the payments made will be shown as dvcfree.com on credit card statement.

When compared to some of the other service providers, Quickflirt is towards the upper-moderate scale. Right now, you can receive a limited 30% discount on any selected package, but for a suitable time frame only.

Here, the three-day trial will cost you around $1.50 per day, and one month will be at $1.50/day, three months at $0.54 per day and the six months’ count is at $0.44 per day. You get the chance to expand the membership as well with some added premium benefits.

quickflirt banner-min

Here, you can get Premium Dater, which is All-Inclusive at $0.95 per day. This section will include CHATAHOLIC pack extra security. There are some free bonuses as well, like higher search and getting seen by five times more people than the regular pack.

For extra protection, be prepared to pay around $0.45 per day, and for extra CHATAHOLIC service, you need to pay $0.64 per day.

For the male members, Quickflirt comprises of the 1, 3 and 6 months’ period frame. They have some good deals for those who are not here for any long term deal. So, the three days trial period will cost them $4.5 in total.

Moreover, this dating site is perfect for huge discounts for the new members, all set to upgrade the subscription. For women out there, Quickflirt will help you to choose from three different Premium benefits – Chataholic, Extra security and Premium Dater.

The premium account from Quickflirt will get renewed automatically at the end of the payment period. However, if you are planning to head for the three days trial period, make sure to keep track of the end date.

If you fail to cancel the subscription at the end of the trial, this site will convert it to a monthly subscription plan automatically. To learn more about the pricing, you can visit the official website at https://www.quickflirt.com/, log online and get a clear idea.

Site Statistics

  • Video uploads: 6 to 120 seconds of videos can be uploaded
  • Extra video features: Can add boomerang or a short clip of the day
  • Satisfaction: Best satisfaction guaranteed as 3 months paid subscription count.
  • Sister-site: Can get a 3 day free trial on any of sister site from Quickflirt
  • Like Gallery: Can provide a “heart” for likes and “X” for passing
  • Safe mode: Available; set it “off” to let anyone message you, choose the “basic” mode to protect your profile from the suspicious marked account, press “full” for complete prioritizing your security
  • Flirtcasts: Yes; with pre-set flirting messages for first-timers
  • Add More info button: Available

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design














Image Quality


Overall Score


Competitors of Quickflirt

Quickflirt is a perfect platform for singles who are all set to flirt and participate in mobile dating, sexting and casual encounters.

Even some are here with the hope of ending up with a potential long term relationship. 

The competition is tough, and there are some other dating sites available, as a substitute for Quickflirt.

Some of the main competitors here are Clover, Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge and Down. 


Even though the app requests the members not to post any pornographic images, the general vibe is more risqué than what you might find on a Christian dating or other generic dating site.

It starts with casual hookup and might even end up in a serious relationship later. To get the most out of this site, users have to go beyond the basic features and upgrade to the various paid memberships available.

There are some proven reasons for the growing popularity of Quickflirt and these pros, as mentioned below, will help you understand its advantages even more. So, let’s get started with basic features.

Some of the main competitors here are Clover, Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge and Down


  • It comprises of a huge member’s base. So, finding new profiles and photos daily can prove to be handy in here.
  • There are some proven reasons for the growing popularity of Quickflirt and these pros, as mentioned below, will help you understand its advantages even more. So, let’s get started with basic features.
  • There are various communication and discovery options available too. If you want, you can also have the ability to send gifts as well through this platform.
  • It comprises of a million monthly active users, making it one dynamic site. Not only that, but this site is perfect for local flirting.
  • There are multiple ways to discover members, which widens the scope of meeting someone.
  • The site works on ticket-style, which runs continuously in the background. Through this feature, you get to know who viewed your profile, read messages, and also receive notification regarding your profile.
  • There is a ‘like’ profile feature available, which will send an automated message through you to start a conversation.
  • Quickflirt allows you to try dating show features, which shows how many successful dates you have. It lets you send blessings too.
  • As a user, you are free to check out as many profiles as you want and whenever you want.
  • You can get access to a handy report, which is a concern option. This way, you can have a safer online dating experience.


  • Users always have to purchase the premium membership account or the VIP packages to use most of the features this site has to offer, including basic filtering and messaging.
  • There are rumors of fake accounts as well.
  • The app might freeze while running.
  • Various features are described in the Chinese language, making it rather difficult for English base readers to make the most of this flirting site.
  • You need to have a proper subscription to get in touch with some of the other profiles and to check their images and videos.
  • Only women are free to send messages to men.

User Reviews 

“I am thankful to Quickflirt because I found my husband here”- Ann H.

“It’s a fantastic dating platform, and there are so many people to chat with.”- Johnny K.

“Women can use the message feature for me, and that made me very happy.” - Rebecca P.


Who is the owner of Quickflirt?

Together Networks Holding Ltd. It is the owner of Quickflirt, and the company is based in the British Virgin Islands. The website is quite old and trustworthy. Quickflirt was launched in 2007, and since then, the platform has been joined by more than one million people. 

Is Quickflirt free?

The registration is free with Quickflirt, and as a free member, you will get access to a limited feature. You can create your profile for free, and women will send messages for free. Public chat rooms are available for those who would like to get started with a quick conversation with other members. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. You will have to do it on the desktop version of the site, though. On the upper right corner of the web page, you will find the “My Settings” option. Go to the “Billing History” and click on deactivate subscription. 

How can I set the account in the Safe Mode?

First, you will create your account, and once you are done, you will have to activate the Full Safe Mode. Get in touch with the Customer Service, to begin with, the Safe Mode account process. 

Is it possible to block an annoying user?

Yes, you can easily block someone. Go to the member’s profile and then click on the three dots that you see. You will see the block option. Click on that, and the user will be blocked. 


Just like the finest flirting option and outstanding features, Quickflirt is proficiently secured by Rapid SSL. The desktop site might use cookies, but the Privacy policy clearly explains how the users might opt out of some data collection and advertising.

The official website https://www.quickflirt.com/ is always open to answer all kinds of queries that members might have.

The site is open 24 x 7 and providing people with the chance to flirt and enjoy some time. Learn more about the support and privacy policy from https://www.quickflirt.com/staticPage/privacypolicy.

How to Have Pure DATING Fun with QuickFlirt.Com


With millions of active monthly users, Quickflirt is always up with new profiles for you to check.

Whether you are in for casual flirting or want to get into a long term relationship, this flirting site is perfect for you. For years now, this dating site has been functioning globally, helping the UK, USA and Australian residents get the best flirting experiences.

Parting words

Once you have gone through the information shared, it won’t be long when you might want to open up an account with Quickflirt but be sure to run down through the entire subscription platform to learn more about it before joining one.

If you like the review, watch us out for some more coming your way. We are all set to entertain you and your love life.

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