Pure App Review


The simple app is an extremely innovative platform where you can search for people for a date.

No matter where you are, the website is accessible globally in various countries. This app can be compared with tinder as well. 


  • If you are searching for any certain type of relationship, then also you are most welcome. 
  • Apart from this, you can even approach your partner for hookups of your conversation goes well.


  • The website provides just an hour to chat with a person.
  • Only an hour is not possible to judge a person.

From this article, you will get to know more about this app in detail. Further, you will also get to know about some exciting features of this app.

Pure is a popular mobile dating app that promotes and cultivates convenient chatting. This voguish App claims to be the torchbearer of instantaneous, casual and discreet lovemaking. The App is perfectly fine for females as well.

With Pure App, you have one hour of interesting chatting time. The profiles are fluid, diverse and happening enough to ignite your amorous instincts. They have made the profiles minimalistic for certain reasons.

The main site vigorously enforces things much above the average data security and discretion level. It immediately provides potential matches as per the convenience of the user and continues in that groove.

You can right away ask for credit and data, which are in compliance with the specifications of the Pure App. The App is extremely innovative for those who have a penchant for technology  and vastly depend on it and a whole bunch of stems it brings.

It’s one of those contemporary mobile apps that give you a platform to get laid. If you’re looking for instant, uninhibited sex, sans any hassles or hiccups, this app is for you. It’s an authentic hookup app with a simple and effective premise that helps in scoring dates on time.

Scheduling is paramount for Pure App. Starting a vibe is not equivalent to starting a long-term relationship. It will only be a damp squib if you’re attempting to stitch a serious relationship here.

After its advent in 2014, Pure App has emerged as the strongest competitor of Tinder. The very concept of the app makes it incredibly easy to find fuel for your sexual appetite. 

What Makes Pure App so Popular?

You have obvious reasons for the site gaining so much commercial viability. If you’re looking for a fast and no-holds-barred hookup, this app App can serve your purpose. While talking to a chosen partner in the App, you can decide whether to tread the love or sex path.

Within its set duration, it introduces you to a potential match ‘near you’, ensuring a breezy and easy hookup. After receiving the contact details, you can make a schedule and get your steamer on the seas. If you want to try Pure another time, you need to create a profile first.

The chat modality is pretty innovative as it adorns a lot of aesthetics and catchy elements to make the initiations and insinuations more gripping. The App’s interface is simply great, one would reckon. It helps you enjoy legit dates and give you the best fodder for debauchery.

It is the right site to keep the glitz and glamour of sex chatting intact. It also preserves the cachet of love and romance in its own unique way. For starters, you need to download it in your mobile from Google Play and the App Store. It’s free of cost.

It doesn’t take more than 3 minutes to download Pure App in its fullest capacity. The profiles on the surface are temporary, and the App automatically deletes them within an hour or so. You can thus adhere to its specifications within the timeframe.


Website - https://www.datingscout.com/pure/review

Estimated Visits Last Month: 1.4 Million

Opening an account with Pure App is a very pleasant experience. You have to grant permission to the auto-moderators and provide details to process your data.

You need to ensure that you put your email address and contact information along with payment details. The profiles will be off the hook in some time.

This is when you extensively use the App to collect personal data and fine-tune your user experience, funnelling it to the groove that suits you.

After allowing Pure Access, you need to decide whether you would want to register over the phone or email.

Make sure you select the gender and help with the contact details for proper verification. This will help you notify the person you are interested in. 

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After you put the first house in order, turn on the location setting. The App integrates GPS tools to notify you about users in your vicinity. You should upload a decent profile picture, and the rest of your personal details will remain concealed for general viewers.

The greatest catch of Pure App is its self-destruction feature. This is what makes the App a cut above the rest. With the help of the App, you can locate the users in proximity, and after each chat session, the App automatically deletes the concerned profile.

If you want to chat the next time, you have to create a new account separately. Apart from your photograph, nobody can see the auxiliary stuff you put forth. So, your photo is the only means to attract new people.

Put your best foot forward and make it a snapshot that lasts long enough to fetch you the attention you want.

Pure App is exceptional due to its austere and spartan features. It mechanizes your profile to respond to your meeting request and the app broadcasts this event to other users in minimal downtime. Expert advice is it’s best to be in an area that’s brimming with Pure App users.

The concept is pretty fresh and trendy, and you can get in touch with willing folks in no time. After making the initial contact, it is necessary for the user at the other end to like you.

Mutual attraction, affinity and passions are imperative in this ballgame. That’s also the only way to activate your chatbox. It’s in your best interests to play your card only in areas where you can bump into loads of Pure App users. Just a rehash; the App caters to your amorousness and carnal impulses.

Pure App Review

Pure App has the perfect design and usability. Its core strength lies not just in its concept but also in its design layout. The branding of the App is quite strong. It looks very alluring and enticing to young adults. The white and fashionable user interface attests to this popularity.

The font is in black, and it features a moderate grill and fandangle. The name Pure gives a pristine vibe, which is on par with its brand name and configuration. The App never harasses or disappoints its users with unnecessary animations or cluttered designs and ads.

It comes with a straightforward and neat designing, and can very well translate its functional features. You do not have a big platter of buttons in Pure App. The user specifications are straight and immaculate, helping you to use them without any complication.

You will not receive intimation while using the App since the makers have constructed it on the basis of intuition. It also ensures better navigation for users. The simplicity and contraption in design make Pure the latest marvel on the block.

The pretty and mellow interface of the App is just the impetus it gives you, to appreciate its overall usability.

Pure makes use of the standard trial and subscription options of Google and Apple. For female members joining the bandwagon, it is absolutely free, and for the lads coming to the station, you have three days trial period.

Once the trial period is over, Pure App will charge you monthly payments through subscriptions. You need to pay them for securing and sustaining your account with Pure. You can always cancel the trial test at any point in time.

You can even cancel the subscription that integrates an automatic renewal process. Using the App is extremely simple.

However, you cannot cancel anything through the actual App. The subscription or the trail can only be up for cancellation on the Apps Store or Google Play Store. After cancelling the subscription, you can use the App till the time limit you have paid for.

There will be no renewal of the subscription post the concerned expiry. However, you can always go back and renew whenever you want. Once you have made a complete implementation of the App for dating and chatting purposes, you can go onto learn a lot of other features it provides. 


You get three days free trial with Pure App. Females can have it at no cost. You can make your payment through credit card. There are many other things you can do in this regard.

You can send geo-requests in your area, and you can even activate instant messaging within an hour. To get Pure membership, you have to pay $14.99 for one week. 

The amount is $29.99 for one month. It is $58.98 USD for three months, and the total amount is $75.60 for 12 months.

The pricing process is clear and simple, and you have the best dating directives and choices when you’ve Pure App in hand. You pay for its services only for a limited period of time.

Once you are happy and contented with the app performance, you can subscribe to the same once again. It’s called renewal.

You can get better details on its price mechanism at https://www.datingscout.com/pure/review.

Competitors of Pure App

You have some of the most dynamic dating apps, which you can compare with the performance of Pure App. You have popular names like Happn, Raya, Bumble, Hinge and The League.

These are all fantastic dating apps carrying stellar features and traits. ​

You even have Coffee Meets Bagel app, which showcases top-class technology that makes online chatting so very convenient and ideal.

These are some epoch-making apps to help you make friends in no time. You need to know the specifications in order to optimize the benefits they provide.

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App Statistics

  • Updated – 4th Nov 2019
  • Size – 15M
  • Installations – 1, 00,000+
  • Current Version -2.19.33
  • Android Requisites - 5.0 and up
  • Content Rating 0 - PEGI 18
  • Interactive Elements - Users interact, Shares location
  • In App Products - £0.77 – £67.99 per item

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Safety and Security




Interface and Design


Results & customer feedback




Overall Score



  • The main advantage of using Pure App is its provision of anonymity. It deletes the information each time, and there is no scope for your photograph to come for online viewing. Your identity remains a mystery, if not obscure. 
  • You can maintain your privacy within one hour of app usage. You cannot extend anything beyond its set time limit.
  • The App is extremely easy and simple to use.
  • They have devised the orientation in a manner that helps you get quick results. You can use the App to make sugar pals without any hassle.
  • With Pure App, women have a free membership, and they can easily access all its latest features. As you can understand, the App specifically dedicates itself to women's interests. You can also term it as their commercial marketing strategy to lure more females, which is legit.
  • There is no paid version of Pure App. You only have to pay when you would like to become a member and use it for free dating.
  • The navigation and usage of the App are absolutely hassle-free and lucid. 


  • Remaining anonymous is good, but it will not let you have enough time and scope to judge the other person. Just an hour is not enough for you to know the identity of the person you’re chatting with, let alone his/her face, personality or appearance.
  • To use the App, you need to use your credit card. Providing all details for a perfect registration could affect your privacy later on.


The support system of Pure App is not run-off-the-mill types. The App works in a very simple yet stylish way. With the help of a simple photograph, you can express your interests, preferences or turn-offs.

The support system is guileless and direct, making you react to questions and reveal your desires and areas of interest. With mutual interest and consent, users can successfully interact with one another.

The App provides the best support when it comes to real interactions. The layout is clean and polished. It helps you to have the perfect interactive session.

They have built the support system in a manner that the account disappears within one hour of creation. You don’t have anything to do at this juncture.

The App is time-bound, and you can view people within fifty kilometres of your current radius. If you are interested in chatting once more, you can install and use the App in a new and preferred way.


Pure is that kind of App, which allows you to look for wild and n willing females, and bask in the glory of productive casual hookups online. Pure delivers what it promises.

It is the perfect way to make your pitch in front of a woman and approach her.

This is an app for casual dating. If you’re a non-committal personal and are just looking to feed your cravings, you’re most welcome to try Pure App. 

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There is no need for tedious conversations, and the App doesn’t make you wait for a long time to know someone in real life. Pure is the perfect App for men and women that have the same thing in mind, fun and sex. Friendship is a sober word to start things. Sigh!

It is ideal for those who want to date, keeping their anonymity intact. If you don’t want people to know who you are, make sure you’ve Pure App on your phone. Pure App is well worth your time and money. There is a Pure website for you to visit.

In recent years, you also have its desktop version, which helps you with more ways to meet attractive and jaw-dropping women of your tastes and standards. Pure is all about ready-to-go meetups and quick, nonchalant conversations.

The use of GPS to find pretty and horny ladies near you does the magic. The App also works on demand. It propels women to see your photos and wants, and gives them an impetus to ‘get ready.’

You have to click on the button "Post for 1 hour". The photo becomes visible for the woman for a full 60 minutes. The countdown begins, and once an hour goes by, your photo is no more there. The message is clear and simple. Nobody has time to keep their libido on the racks.

If you want to do it, do it without ifs and buts, and say goodbye or maybe ‘See you again.’

Pure App - The Random Dating App You Never Thought You Need

Parting Words

We must say that Pure App works pretty fast and efficiently. Once you become active online, you can see the photos of the females near you. If you are interested in someone, you have to hit on the love sign, and the woman gets an instant notification.

Once the female likes your photo, she reverts, and the chat window opens automatically. We feel it’s superb and the pathway to casual dating and sex has to be this fast-paced and cheesy. This is it. Pure App syncopates with today’s millennial mindset, where you don’t want to beat around the bush.

You have 60 minutes in hand to fix a possible meeting. There’s no room for unnecessary lingering, waiting periods and guesswork. We can jump the ship when we know there’s food waiting at the dock. Pure App does precisely that. 

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