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How to Punish a Sub Effectively? Best Punishment Ideas for Improper Sub Behaviour

Looking for the best dom punishments?

It has been examined that there should be a punishment in each dominant relation as “D” in BDSM is linked with discipline and also, we can say that no sub is considered as perfect. 

If the rules are not followed then punishment needs to be rectified. But on the other hand, it is investigated that there are many Doms who face issues at the time of finding the ways to give punishment and due to this sub can also feel ignored if it is not done in a correct manner.

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Punishments for Subs (2022): How to Punish a Sub - submissive punishments

1.) How to BDSM punishment work?

One of the essential aspects of various D’s relationships is linked with discipline and we can say that the other word of discipline can also be punishment.

BDSM punishment is considered as the way through which it would be easy to assist a dominant to train their own submissive. Whenever the submissive faces any problem or does something wrong then punishment is given to give a lesson.

But yes, you can definitely offer rewards and appreciation if something good is done! It simply means that he has understood your expectation level and also the rules and he can provide the right attention at the time of doing the different tasks.

The BDSM contract will outline the tasks and also the punishments or it can also be in the informal way. Apart from this, it can also be said that if you are in the BDSM relation then it doesn’t mean that it is important for you to consider the punishments of BDSM.

You might not be involved in the training or any sort of service relation but you can focus more towards more sensation and also bondage over the discipline aspects.

2.) Punishment should have a Reason

It is noticed that the main aim of the punishment is to enhance the learning of the sub. The DOM disciplines to discourage unacceptable conduct and also make sure that the SUB also appreciates the overall role. It is important for the SUB to know why punishment is given to them.

It is a best approach if you say beforehand or tell the reason why punishment is given or you can also ask why punishment is given to you only.

There should be proper clarity of the punishment which is given as it will help to make things clear and also it emphasises on the behaviour that is required to be changed.

Punishment should be given for the things like a senior person or your daddy is giving to you such as punishment given for not cleaning the room or wasting time on your mobile phones.

So, it is important that if you are giving punishment to anyone then there should be a reason behind it as without reason no-one will accept your things.

Hence, it is essential that punishments should have a proper reason and it should also be clear to the person to whom the punishment is given.

3.) Punishment should fit the Crime as well

So, it can be stated that there is no crime. It can be the worst behaviour, a rule which is not followed or any other infraction. But it is important that it should be more or less equal to infraction in context to whatever you consider for discipline.

The strict punishments should be saved for the worst-case scenario or for a repeated one. Always make sure that you use the less painful punishments so that the message can be spread.

If there is any anger then there are high chances that BDSM punishment which is given is linked with the bad decisions. It is necessary to take the right decision at the time of giving punishments and also to ensure that it may not lead to more punishment.

So, it is essential to remember that punishment should not be given when you are in anger as it can directly hurt your sub. You should not go to the past what is handled by the sub as it helps us to bring to another point.

So, punishment should be given according to the crime done!

4.) Understand your Sub’s Limit

The BDSM punishments are considered as practical and also it is not difficult to be completed. If you know that your submissive will not be able to deliver then don’t assign anything.

If we consider BDSM discipline then failure is not considered as our objective. The expectations cannot be set more if you know the exact capability of another person.

If one person has an injury then you cannot expect that they will hold it for long. Apart from this, it is necessary that risky punishments should be ignored or avoided for the safety of a person. If your submissive is pleasing you then there is a high chance that he does not want you to know that he will not be able to perform the tasks.

It is the responsibility of yours to understand your SUB and assign those things which are doable. It is important to give attention to the signs linked with distress and to stop the punishments which are creating issues or can become an issue.

It is necessary to know your limits as there are individuals who are struggling and can also dish out the overall discipline as they consider it as wrong. So, always focus towards your SUB limits.

5.) Aftercare is not just a word

After care has been discussed before also as it consists of all the activities that assist to keep the submissive with care by considering emotional, mental and physical aspects.

If the punishment given is a physical one then it is important that your sub requires aftercare. It is examined that Aftercare takes into consideration balm or any other ointment at the time of spanking or for any other play.

It is necessary that aftercare should be taken into consideration as it will help your partner to feel secure and comfortable.

The submissive should be treated by considering the actions which are preferred by him. If you are not considering the word aftercare then it can create problems for your SUB as it can also be risky considering the overall capability.

Hence, we cannot consider After care only as a word as it is one of the important aspects that needs to be considered for your SUB and also for taking care of your SUB. Without it, good relations with SUB will be difficult to manage and it can also increase dissatisfaction.

6.) Top 20 BSM punishment ideas

1. Denial at the time of orgasm

This is when you bring the orgasm to another person and stop touching it at the time of the actual orgasm. This is a time when a person considers it as a punishment.

2. Spanking or not doing spanking

Just put the person on their knees and make them realise how they feel when the rules are not followed. At the time of spanking just focus towards the fleshy part of the body. 

For example: cheeks and also the upper thighs. On the other hand, if you want to give punishment you can also deny the same!

Denying for spanking can also be a punishment as it can impact the sexual desires of that particular person!

3. Silence

It is also one of the punishments as in this the Sub is forced to stay silent or just to keep the mouth shut. You can also keep the condition that you SUB will not talk in public and if he wants then it is important to take the permission from you for the same!

4. Ignoring the sub request regarding the event

In this you can get ready with your submissive and ask to get ready in a proper manner for the event for which they are really looking to enjoy. But after arriving just make them sit outside the event with their hands on their lap and do not give permission to go into the event for some time. So, this can be one of the punishments that can also be given.

5. Ask your sub to walk like a puppy

Ask your submissive to walk like a dog by taking help of the legs and hands. You can also use the dog mask which is created for kink and you can also take the act outside just for the public humiliation.

6. Ask your submissive to wear weird clothes

This can also be considered as a public degradation in which you can ask the submissive to wear the T-shirt on which different words such as Slut or something weird is written on it. This can be humiliating for a person who is wearing weird clothes.

7. Lock your sub

You can use the chain to lock your partner in bed and can leave them to wait till you return back. You can leave the house and can decide how much you want them to wait for you! Till they beg to open, do not unlock them! This will be an interesting punishment.

8. Forcing the partner for orgasm

At this point, force your partner for the orgasm and when they are about to release at that time leave them. Apart from this, you can also force them if they are not in a mood! So, it can also be one of the punishments.

9. Cuckolding

This is when you are having sex with any other person and you force your sub to see you having sex with someone else. 

This is considered as one of the more advanced activities and for this it is important for you to research properly if you are doing sex with any other person.

This can also be one of the risky activities of all, so if you are doing it do it by considering all the aspects with your sub.

10. Use ice cubes

You can use the ice cubes to keep it on your partner’s body whey are restrained. You can provide them the chilling experience by using the ice cubes on their body. This can be a good activity if it is done with a blindfold. So, by using ice the sense of your sub will be more enhanced.

11. Ask them to do the chores

If you want to give punishment, what is better than this? Ask your sub to do the household chores such as cleaning the dishes and cutting the vegetables. This can be funny and also very interesting to see your sub doing household chores for you!

12. Give dinner or lunch on the floor

If your sub is doing naughty stuff then do not give food on the table and force them to sit on the floor like a dog. Ask them to sit on the floor like a pet animal and to eat there only by not letting them use the dining table! Don’t give permission or serve the food on the table.

13. Ask them to be a human furniture

In this, you can ask your sub to act like a stool so that rest can be given to your feet. Ask them to do it till you are satisfied or happy! Force them to be there till the time you ask them to leave from that particular place.

14. Use wax on their body

You can use the hot wax on your sub body to do full body wax. It is important to make sure that you are using the body wax only so that no skin problems can be identified later. 

Don’t burn them as this is not your main objective, so take care of the same and use the wax in a proper manner on your sub body.

Majority of people do not prefer to put wax on their body so if it is done then they will remember for a long time and will always ensure to behave properly by following all the rules and regulations.

15. Permit them for masturbation

You should allow your sub to masturbate only when they take permission from you. If the rules are not followed properly, you can also take back the permission. 

Taking pleasure on your own is a god gift and you are just allowing them if they show good behaviour. So, this can also be one of the best punishments that can be given to your sub.

When this is done, they may feel humiliated and also it will be considered as the difficult punishment to be done!

16. Ask to wear vibrating panties

You can ask your sub to visit grocery shops and other places and it is important for them to wear the vibrator panties. You can also go with them if you want! 

So going outside while wearing vibrating panties is not considered as an easy job so you can ask them to do the same! If they do, they will understand the importance of following the rules and also it will be one of the toughest punishments which requires to be followed.

17. Write on their body

If your sub has not followed the rules, then write on their body that what they have done wrong with you and it should be written with the permanent marker.

Ask them to roam outside the whole day so they do not forget that following the rules are important and it should be followed properly. So, this is the right way which can be used to punish them.

It is not acceptable by all the people and some only will agree to roam the full day but it's on you to make this punishment work perfectly.

18. Shower

You can ask your sub to sit in the shower and then you can pee on them. This can be considered as humiliating and also it will be messy so do it wisely and also this should be done when you are nude. 

Through this they will feel bad and also, they will know the importance of following the rules. So, it is important to consider this punishment so that you can make the person regarding some rules or regulations.

19. Take the things they like

This can be considered as the restrictive discipline in which the sub should be given a timeout. If they have not followed the rules, then you can take away the things that they enjoy as a punishment. 

This can also be linked with the access to the things they like to watch such as their mobile phones or the orgasm.

20. Writing many times

In this, if a sub has not followed rules or regulations or done something wrong, then you can ask them to write about what they did hundreds of times as a punishment.

If they will write it many times then there is a high possibility that they will not repeat such mistakes again. So, it can also be one of the best punishments and also fun activities that can be taken into consideration.

So, these are the punishments that you can consider if your sub has not followed any rules or regulations or if you want to give punishment for something wrong done with you!

These are considered as a punishment that needs to be followed with your sub if you want to give them punishment or want to enhance their knowledge regarding following rules and regulations in a proper way.

These punishments can also be harsh and also it can be entertaining on the same side, so always consider those punishments which do not harm anyone!

Understand your Roll in the punishment

There are different forms of BDSM punishment that need you to give proper attention. If you are giving punishment then it is important for you to know that your submissive is really taking it as a lesson or just completing it because you have told them.

So, when your submissive is performing the punishment then it is necessary for you to stay in the same room. If you have given a punishment that will be completed by taking more time then it is important for you to give enough time and to sacrifice to see that it is completed.

Hence, it is necessary to keep in your mind regarding the punishment ideas.

If you have seen that your slave is messed up than you can easily ask him to correct those things. You can also start your punishment again if you think that it is not fair.

This is true that if he is not paying attention then they will make the mistakes so in this case you can give him the new punishment so that he can do it again!

Let your sub come up with the punishment

It is noticed that BDSM punishments do not have to come from you. You can also ask from your sub regarding the punishment list that are linked with the offence.

This is really great if your submissive has provided the suggestion of the punishment. Some of the submissive will try to take the punishment which is not so difficult, so it is important that you want to give perfect punishment.

So, always ask the submissive to give the idea of the punishment so that they can also do it properly and without any disturbance.

If your submissive offers the right punishment then it will help them to complete it within the given time limit. So, always let you sub come up with the punishment so that it would be easy to complete it in a better manner.

Give him a chance to showcase themselves if they are coming up with the punishment.

Hence, by seeing all the punishment ideas it can be said that the right punishment should be given to the right person. Punishment should be given according to the potential or the capability of the person.

If you are giving punishment without considering the potential then it would be difficult for them to complete it on time and in an effective manner. At the time of giving the punishment also it is necessary to consider what type of crime they have done!

So, always consider the type of crime which is done by them so that the right decision can be taken in a proper way.


What is a Good Punish?

Good punishment can be considered as the punishment given to a person if he misbehaves with you. You can force them to do the difficult task at the time of misbehaving.

You can also add the chores and the responsibilities if any rules are not followed in the proper manner. So, good punishment is linked with giving punishment as per the mistake which is done.

Always ensure to give the punishment as per the crime which is done by the submissive and also punishment is good when it is given as per the capability or the potential of the submissive.

What is the Best Punishment Idea?

There are many best punishment ideas which you can give if your submissive has done something wrong. The best punishment ideas are:

  • Spanking
  • Denial of the orgasm
  • Asking them to be silent
  • Ask him to walk like a dog
  • Ask them to write slut on the t-shirt and then roam in the open.

So, we can consider these punishments if you submissive has done something wrong. But always remember to give the punishment as per the potential or capability to handle the punishment.

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