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If you are lonely, and you are searching for a network porn site sensual and high- quality sex to suit your craving, Puffy is just the right site for you.

It offers you a lot of exclusive content among a variety of niches, from diverse top-quality porn websites. 


  • The website has around 2000+ videos at the moment, over 1800 of which are in high definition.
  • The extremely talented production team ensure that customizations like lighting is perfect in the videos. 


  • However, the older videos on the site could be grainy and have really poor video quality.
  • Also, many of the sites featured on the website have stopped updating.

For more on its functionality, do make sure that you read the rest of the review.

The Puffy Network has got everything that a porn fan looks for. It is a network porn site which is brings you hot craving and high- quality sex without which your life can be a lot lonely. Puffy gives you complete access to its five websites that are included in their member’s arena.

The site features more than a thousand full-length porn videos which get updated almost daily.

So, if you are a fan of young adults and hot teens, puffy vaginas, facials and pissing, blowjobs, lesbian sex, and a lot more in 4K Ultra HD resolution, then Puffy Network should be on your hit list. The website offers more than this, you will be turned on by some of the hot babes and their fetish skills.

Today, we are going present a detailed review of Puffy Network and tell you  whether you should take their subscription or not. We also cover how this particular porn site is unique from other major popular brands and whether it proves to be a complete value for your money. So, let us begin.

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What makes Puffy Network unique from other porn sites around the world?

It does not matter how bad your day was or how your mood is, there is no denying that the babes at Puffy Network offer you an experience of a lifetime carrying the prettiest smile on their faces. It is always fun to watch them have a ‘go get’ attitude.

For this makes it a personal challenge with all the intimidating videos leading you to the orgasmic destination. The Puffy network is one of the most vivid and hottest porn network sites of our time. They are a storehouse of literally everything that you have been looking for.

Be it hardcore and rough sex, lesbian, cumshots or squirting and solos, you get every category with the most amazing babes that you have not seen before.

When you open their site, it is almost like you are walking against some doors and bedrooms with curtains slightly askew. Lights coming in brightly waiting for some sex loving and voyeuristic visitors.

The journey takes you through mountains of arousal through over a thousand sets typically well- directed and produced featuring porn actors just like the way you love it.

The site has started to raise the bars taking down the most popular porn sites of the industry as it is all filled with clits and dicks specializing in water sports, public laying, blowjobs on purpose, and whatnot.

Plus, these videos come in super HD and 4K Ultra HD giving you the best viewing experience on your large screens..

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design


Content Updates


Quality of Videos










Value for Money


Exclusivity of Videos


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score


This is indeed a great score and we really think you should purchase their premium subscription. However, there is a lot left in this review in case you want to sit back and see how Puffy turns out.

Site Statistics

  • Best porn stars - Francesca DiCaprio, Cynthia Vellons, Claudia Macc, Empera, Dominica Phoenix, Oprah, Nicole Vice, Sesha Sparrow, Shelby Star, Macy, and many more.
  • Most Popular niche categories - Wet and Puffy, We Like to Suck, Wet and Pissy, Simply Anal, Euro Babe Facials, and tons of categories with Big Tits, 18+ Teens, Brunette, and more.
  • Total number of porn movies - 2000+
  • The average length of videos - 20 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos - 3840 * 2160 (Ultra HD quality)
  • Download limit - No
  • Total number of photosets - 2000+
  • Photo slideshows - Yes
  • Watermark on Photos - Yes
  • Maximum resolution of photos - 1920 * 1080 pixels
  • DRM protection - No
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Website Address: www.puffynetwork.com

If you become a member of the Puffy Network, you will have a buffet of eye-catching beautiful European pussies. These girls  pose, masturbate their puffy pussies, suck on a hard cock and even let their hot round asses pounded with a range of diversified cocks collectively over five network sites.

They have used the term puffy to describe the round little nipples of girls but this site is obviously way more than that. As already told, Puffy Network features five distinct sites - Wet and Puffy, We Like to Suck, Simply Anal, Wet and Pissy, and Euro Babe Facials.

What we have noticed is that there are thousands of gorgeous European girls who are working on the goal to make you cum by sucking a throbbing cock with their supreme wet tongues and mouths giving you one in a lifetime visual blowjob experience.

Wet and Pissy deals with the girls peeing in the middle of their sexual repertoire. Their other site Euro Babe Facials brings the hottest of the European women setting their minds on gobbling cocks and taking huge loads of cum on their beautiful faces.

Wet and Puffy is another site on the network which intrigues you with all the exclusive pussy-focused content that will make your jaws drop and dick rise. The website features three different types of female labia, an indeed common one being puffy peach which the guys love licking into.

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You can enjoy the deepest and the kinkiest pleasures with the girls getting their pussies into some hard as well as hungry mouths. Another one is known as juicy cherry referring to the pussy hanging out as well as the last one being the camel toe.

You will have to see for yourself what this particular porn site offers once you become a member. Another section on their network is We Like to Such and features hundreds of puffy pussies getting their eyes out with the most diversified models of totalling to 700+.

Puffy Network also features more than 2000 of photo sets in their database bringing you a range of quality photos in suitable dimensions, always pushing your pants off.

At the Puffy Network, you enjoy every video on High Definition quality with an average video being of 28 minutes which can be stream as well as downloaded at 1920 x 1080 pixel- quality at 8000 kbps.

With the videos being the centre attraction, do not forget there are approximately 75 pictures likes with every scene often sized at 2800 x 1874 pixels. You will surely have a good time if you get their rightful access covering all the major sites in the network.     


The porn industry has seen tremendous growth from the last 10 years with some of the fierce competition among the top spot.

However, it is more likely to say that the Puffy Network is in the race to win it. For it has got tremendous potential through their diversified babes and different sites with variable themes.

With the website being updated almost 2 - 3 times a week, they are already doing what will benefit them in the long run. The major competitors that they have covers Brazzers, Reality Kings, 21 Sextury, Naughty America, and many more lurking at the Number 1 spot.

However, we would like to say that Puffy Network has got a lot of potential to come to the top and take down some prominent brands out there.


  • Puffy Network offers some top-quality porn websites including We Like to Suck, Wet and Puffy, Simply Anal, Wet And Pissy, so that you get a lot of exclusive content amoung a variety of niches. There are solo scenes as well to get you all pumped up where you are bound to see some of the sexiest pussies and perfect boobs on the heavenly bodies.
  • Out of the 2000+ videos at the moment, there are over 1800 which are in Full HD covering the updates from as far as 2010. The Puffy Network has been committed to deliver the highest quality of the content in the newest 4K scenes.
  • The videos are not just about the playback or their hot babes but the tremendous work done by their skilled production team to ensure lighting, camerawork as well as locations are totally perfect.
  • The features of the Puffy Network have got you covered with a lot of usability options. You can browse your way up by simply a tap and view all your favorite videos as well as photos across the network or the filtering option which the team has provided on the site. Besides this, the content can be easily sorted by means of a search engine which has advanced filtering options as applicable by performer, action or even location.
  • You can leave your comments as well as rate your favorite scenes.
  • You can download all sets of 2000+ pictures available in high-resolution under Zip files where the photo section has a range of filtering/ searching options.
  • Every scene can be easily downloaded in one-minute SD clips as well. You get an option of multiple resolutions and formats for the full-length scenes.
  • The model index consists of many sorting and filtering options as well. Every model has stats where you can rate them, add them as your favorites as well as post comments.
  • The member’s area consists of a forum as well as some bonus channels with downloadable scenes from different third- party websites.
  • You can even add your favorite videos to your personalized section in case of giving a quick look before you go.
  • The Puffy Network offers an impeccable customer care experience so that you get a hassle- free porn action. Their support assistance is fast and secure with a lot of measures taken on maintaining your confidentiality.
  • The channel experience is great and so is the user engagement as well. You get to see 3 - 4 updates within a week across the network to make you feel ready for the next action.  


  • The oldest updates that have been done on the network was about a decade old which is available only in SD quality. This turns out to be pretty bad in quality giving a grainier impression on the full screen mode. However, such content is only 5% on the entire network.
  • Euro Babe Facials is the website of the Puffy Network, but it hasn't been updated for a long time which is indeed a bad impression that the network gives out.
  • You may not pay much attention but there is a small text at the top of the homepage which hides the sorting / filtering menu and should be closed.


There are many joyous moments when you see the Puffy Network's efforts to offer some high-quality porn to its members at a minimal price.

Many other porn sites demand massive amounts for their membership and with Puffy, you undoubtedly get a good value for your money.

You get a two-day trial pack for just $2.95

The monthly premium charges sit there at $9.95 every month with recurring fees of same prices giving you all of the exclusive channels on the network. 

The yearly membership package is the best offer which you can get and is available at $5.00 per month with a single billed amount of $60 which is quite less when compared to other sites around the internet. 

Furthermore, there is a lifetime membership which will cost you just $299.95 with unlimited access to the best porn in HD quality over all the sites across the network.

For more information, you can refer to this link:  https://join.puffynetwork.com/signup/signup.php?nats=MC4wLjUuMzUuMC4wLjAuMC4w&step=2.    


  • The Puffy Networks offers a reliable and satisfying customer experience by means of their 24 x 7 online assistance to the members. You can always count them on if you have any queries or have some complaints about their services. You can always  raise a ticket. This is a link to go for: https://support.puffynetwork.com/index.php?/ticket/submit-ticket.
  • Their customer care service is friendly, fast and secure where the professionals take the highest degree of measures to maintain your confidentiality and give you a non-stop user experience.
  • They have a professional team of experts who answers you quickly against all your queries. You can also view all the FAQs linked to our site. For more information, see this link: https://support.puffynetwork.com/index.php?/selfhelp/categories. You can also view the billing support such as Segpay, Epoch, CCBill, along with the support of Webmasters and a lot more. 

Final Verdict

The Puffy Network has been a great mix of many unique sites combined together to give you some great porno action that has ever made.

With all the exclusive and high-quality content lying out there featuring some amazingly sexy women, the corresponding site is an easy recommendation for people who have been looking for some of the greatest variety of porn for a long time.

With variety, quantity and quality that this network ticks the boxes, the site is just perfect and offers you a great value for your hard-earned money. You will never come across anything which provides such diversity at a price that is a lot cheaper if compared to other porn sites across the internet.

You should definitely try the Puffy Network and feel the experience that you have never come across.

And at last...

Indeed, after a long list of benefits and a few shortcomings, we have arrived at the decision that the Puffy Network certainly offers some of the exclusive and best porn action in excellent quality at a much lower price.

If you are actually a fan of some hot porno action featuring a good number of sexy babes as well as unique themes, then you are definitely in for a treat. This is why we recommend you take the yearly subscription of the Puffy Network.

In case, you want us to review any more of sites that you are not so sure about, send us your query and we will surely take care of that. Till then, have a great day! 

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