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Psychological Aspects of Men’s Cheating (Updated 2020)

There could be many reasons why a man might cheat. Infidelity is a topic that no one likes to talk about but it exists and it is rampant.

Reports say that around 40% of married men cheated last year and their relationships got affected by cheating.

Whether the man in the relationship has cheated once or more, people will always say that cheating is wrong.

Studies have shown that in a relationship, a man is more likely to cheat on his partner, even if he has no intentions of infidelity. They may act recklessly when it comes to casual sex. 

Psychological Aspects of Men’s Cheating

The statement “boys will remain boys” is only a poor excuse when it comes to cheating and should not be accepted.

We need to know the reasons why men cheat and how it can affect a relationship. An American General Social Survey conducted in 2006 revealed that married men had twice as many intercourses with different partners despite being married at that very time. 

Men’s Most Common Excuses for Cheating

When asked why men cheat, they usually come up with some justification regarding their infidelity fascination. Most of them feel that cheating was the only way to overcome the challenges and survive their relationship with their better half.

Cheating can surely be an option but that doesn’t mean it is the last resort and there are no other options left! How about thinking about the reasons why your relationship has hit the rock bottom?

How about actually taking some responsibilities and figuring out some solutions that will help their relationship to bloom.?

How about taking up a hobby to get rid of the daily frustrations? and at last, how about going to a therapist to come up with some workable solutions? Aren’t these choices much better than straight-up cheating?

Wouldn’t it be better than manipulating, lying, and keeping secrets from your partner?

Unfortunately, most men don’t have a deep sense of emotion and don’t think what would happen next when they are involved in cheating. Some men think that cheating is the only solution left, and here are some of the answers that they give:

  • Every man wants to have sex with someone else other than their partner. I found the perfect opportunity and that’s why I took it.
  • It’s a biological inclination to have sex with as many women as I can, so what difference does it make. That doesn’t mean I don’t love my partner.
  • My wife did not have enough sex with me. Therefore, I had to find other ways to get it. Sex is a biological need and everyone needs it, so did I.
  • My wife is to be blamed for it, not me. She is imperfect. She has put on weight, she doesn’t look attractive, she doesn’t pay attention to me and she is not like she was before.
  • I was at a club and there was this sexy stripper who was dancing on my lap. I simply had some fun, that can’t be termed as cheating.
  • Cheating is like a high endurance level game that I love. Cheating involves risks, and I love taking risks.
  • I work in a highly stressful work environment and my job demands a lot from me. This is why I had to find someone to release my anxiety and stress through online sex and cheating. I didn’t do it purposefully to hurting her.

...but in truth, they’re just in denial.

Why do Men Cheat?

The list that we have included here has only a few excuses that men  use; there are many more. These excuses are nothing but only the manifestation of a man’s behaviour. As per psychotherapy, people who are in a denial state deceive or cheat on other people.

They feel that their behaviour is justifiable and what they have done is not wrong. They would say something or the other in order to support their theory. For them, cheating is alright whereas the truth is that cheating is never okay.

Men try to justify their behaviour, in this case, cheating with the strangest reasons. This is done so that they don’t feel bad about what they did. They don’t want to feel guilty of doing something as awful as cheating.

So Why Do Men Cheat?

Women and men themselves many times try to find the reason behind such behaviour.

There could be various underlying biological reasons for why men cheat; however, none could be justifiable enough.

Biology, evolution and the very statement “boy will be boys”, none can make up for the poor decision they have made; in this case, cheating.


Someone immature, for a matter of fact can indulge in cheating without thinking about the repercussions. He might not have enough experience of a committed relationship, and might not understand how a simple act of cheating can lead to problems.

Sexual Addictions or Mental Illness

The person indulged in cheating could be a drug user or might be suffering from a mental illness such as sexual addiction, because of which he can’t rationalize his decision. Sex could be a way to avoid the hardships of life.


The man could feel that he is not good enough for his partner; he is getting old and is not  a good looking guy anymore. And to give an ego boost, he might get into with another woman other than his wife or current partner.

Psychological Issues or Traumas

Psychological issues like sex addiction or past traumas can make someone take the path of infidelity.

Exposure to Infidelity in Childhood

Childhood traumas are the worst and it is hard to validate someone with a childhood history. The person might have been sexually abused when he was a kid or  suffered from negligence and feels the void in his life even now.

This could be another reason why he feels the need to be with another woman.

Infidelity as a Way out of a Marriage or Relationship

He might feel that for getting out of his current relationship, he has to have sex with someone else. This would make the present person leave him.

Lack of Male Companionship

A man might not have enough male companionship in his life and he is entirely dependent on his better half for all sorts of comfort. And when she fails to give that, he turns towards infidelity.

Childhood Abuse

Some people might have suffered from physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse during their childhood. Traumas like this might create an unwilling intention to find more partners to be with. The person might say that it gives them some sort of satisfaction.

Selfishness and/or Narcissism

There is a possibility that the person thinks about himself only. No one else is his priority other than himself. These kinds of people are very good at lying, and they don’t feel regret even a bit. There is also a possibility that the person never intended to be in a monogamous relationship.

Inability to Control Impulses

The person may have never thought about infidelity until he saw the opportunity. In this case, the person doesn’t even think twice before doing something wrong.

Unrealistic Expectations on their Partner

Some men feel that their partner must meet all of their expectations 24/7, and when that doesn’t happen, they cheat.

Anger and revenge

This one is the most hurtful and dangerous. The male partner might be angry with his wife/partner and wants to take revenge for the same. And the only solution he sees is infidelity.

Emotional and/or physical disconnect

The male partner is no longer emotionally or physically connected with his current partner. When this happens, the male partner seeks someone else who can provide him with both.

Low Compatibility

The male partner might feel that the compatibility ratio is low between him and his partner and wants to be with someone else who can justify their compatibility.

Coping When You Are Cheated On

Not every man cheats but those who cheat would either decide to be truthful or lie to you on your face. The approach will vary from person to person.

However, here are a few things that you can do.

Either cry for help, or an exit strategy 

Coping When You Are Cheated On

In some relationships, infidelity could be a cry for help. Some men intentionally cheat to address the problems at hand and for sorting things out between them. Where as at other times, the person might do this simply because he wants to get out of the relationship.

No matter what you do, you can either cry thinking why your partner did that or think about the solution to cope with the infidel partner.

When you have been wronged 

You need to understand the dynamics between you and your partner. Infidelity could be the reason for some underlying problems that you might be ignoring.

Women  generally find emotional relationships to be more heartbreaking than sexual ones. In any case, the result can be extreme jealousy. Even if you have been wronged, you must seek professional help in coping as well as recovering from this situation.

Overcoming Infidelity

Overcoming Infidelity

Some couples will be able to forgive, forget, and move on. While others might take a little longer and sometimes won’t be able to cope with it at all. In the latter case, sticking to your relationship is not recommended.

Before you jump on to some conclusions, you need to think about why he did that in the first case. This can be very difficult to do, but it is important to evaluate for identifying the real issue if you want the relationship to work out eventually.

You need to stop manipulating, cheating and lying right away. If you have already cheated, then be honest and give her some time to heal. Not that this process would work all the time, it may vary. However, this is what you must do and take full responsibility.

In some cases, infidelity leads to a better and healthier relationship.

You must think about why it happened in the first place. Self-analysis is necessary. If you want your relationship to work even after everything that has happened, you need to listen to each other honestly.

If you want to get past everything that has happened, you need to learn to forgive and move on.

“All men are Don Juan and sluts” – many women in the position of wife have such an opinion, being afraid of losing their husband. Almost every one of them is constantly in suspense, doubt, jealousness of her husband for every more or less attractive woman.

In some ways they are right. Even considering the practices and cases of psychology of cheating, there is a class of men who simply cannot change. This is not necessarily young handsome or men with wealth. A man of any age, appearance and wealth can be Casanova.

By their psychology behind cheating and physiological nature, most men are polygamous. And interest for other women for them should be considered as the norm, they are looking for diversity in sexual relationships. Let’s now look deeper into the psychology of infidelity and cheating and particularly into the psychology of cheating men.

Change of scenery (a trip somewhere together). With all the external levity, many men strive for a constant and reliable partner. A true man is committed to the stability and reliability of his family. But these are self-confident men.

And what about those who hide their insecurity and low self-esteem in the success of women. They go breaking bad, trying to prove to others and above all to themselves that they are “sex giants.” These men in sex see a purely competitive side, proudly counting their victories.

But, alas, they are deprived of the main thing – the ability for long-term attachment to one partner, and they also lose the opportunity to know the satisfaction of their family life. Then they bitterly regret it.

It is possible that a woman is to blame for the fact that he does not receive permanent confirmation of his own exclusiveness and sexual power over this man, and the mere thought of the absence of female satisfaction can lead a man into the depths of depressive experiences and self-deprecation. Click the following link to start your russian girls dating experience right now!

Play for him, so that next to you he really feels like a superman.

Most men believe that a purely sexual relationship is a bright but transient flash, which dies, without imposing any obligations and without affecting the real relationship. And it suits them at the moment, because it does not have a sequel.

The sexual passion he is currently experiencing is probably as ephemeral as most of these connections are. Of course, we treat ourselves condescendingly, but if we only suspect our spouse, then we turn into an implacable prosecutor.

Yes, it is easy to condemn the jealous man, but what if he was right? Here you need to help them break the deadlock, although this does not mean that you must save the family. It is important to get out of this situation adequately, especially if there are children in a marriage. You will have to maintain a family relationship for the rest of your life. And the foundation of this is laid now.

The future must be determined not by fear and not by revenge, but by a calm mind or a loving heart. And do not rely on the case that commands the fate, and be able to build relationships that are necessary and productive for you.

After all, in the end, it is never too late for a divorce, of course, a divorce will be a deliverance from possible troubles in the future, but it will not ruin your life for many years. No one is immune to cheating in family life. How can one expect loyalty from a partner if you are not sure about yourself?

And if you look at the statistics on this issue, most have cheated on each other at least once in their lives. And half of them find out about it, and this is where problems and arguments arise. My advice is not to confirm that your partner is incorrect if you have not carefully weighed all the consequences of the discovery of truth and really want to know it.

Since betrayal is usually caused by some unmet needs, side relationships can be successful and even promising. And this can make them more and more significant, and almost surely make you reconsider relationships with a regular partner. As soon as you discover infidelity, then it is sure to strike at your stable relationship and can even break them.

Conclusion: Proper Communication is the Key

There can be many reasons why a person might end up cheating; however, the primary key is to communicate appropriately. You need to speak directly; you must express your needs, need to practice forgiveness and make sure that you remain committed to the relationship for its success.

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