Complete Guide to Prostate Milking/Prostate Orgasm (2020)

Have you ever thought of reaching an orgasm twice as intense as your regular one? Have your partner shared his or her desire for a stronger orgasm? 

If you are nodding your head with a yes, then you should try prostate massage at least once.  

As humans evolved physically, they evolved mentally as well, giving way to liberal sexual experiences and fantasies.  

Prostate or pegging has become one of the main sexual activities for men out there. 

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The prostate is like a sexual renaissance which men are willing to try. In this article, we will talk about the prostate or the P-spot and it will serve as  a guide for all those people who are interested in the P-spot.

If you wish to give it a try but are not quite sure as to how to proceed then, you have come at the right place. Many people, regardless of their gender and their sexual orientation, enjoy anal pleasure.

The main reason why people love to try anal stimulation is that anus is one part of our body which is loaded with nerve endings and is  highly receptive to touch.. Now, just because we are using the word "men" over and over again doesn't mean that women can't enjoy it.

There are many sites, for example, Lifehacker and Mashable, who have already written a lot about this topic. Further, prostate toys are available in the market as well, keeping in mind the ultimate pleasure it gives to men in particular.

The moment you open your internet browser and you type in “prostate” or “prostate toys”, you will be bombarded with a lot of content about the topic. Even though there are sites where we can read about the prostate, no one has explained it adequately enough.

For example, what is the prostate, where is it located, how to massage it, and more,this article will answer all such questions.

Understanding prostate

The prostate is a small gland in the shape of a walnut. It is located between the root of your penis and the bladder. The primary function of the prostate gland is to secrete fluid. This fluid helps transport the sperm into the vagina.

the fluid serves another function as well, which is to counteract the vagina's acidity to let the mature sperm survive. The gland grows as a male matures with age. The prostate of a man in his 60s and older can grow as big as a plum, sometimes even larger..

Other than helping the couple with reproduction, prostate also becomes the epicentre of sexual pleasure for men. If executed correctly, men can feel an explosion of sexual ecstasy.

What is all the hype about prostate massage?

 Prostate massage is like any other massage. Why do you go to the massage centre? To feel better, right? You indulge in massage so that your body can relax and feel better. Similarly, a prostate massage can help you acquire the best orgasm.

This is the one-sentence response to why people love a prostate massage. The only thing that you need to experience a prostate massage is your finger, lube, or a prostate toy, which you can buy online easily.

Prostate Massage, Prostate Orgasm and the P-Spot

Sometimes, the level of satisfaction you receive from prostate stimulation can even be better than regular ejaculation. The only area you need to target is the prostate gland. Once you hit the right area, and apply gentle pressure, you will begin feeling small hints of pleasure.

Some people might need to go for prostate massage more than once to start feeling pleasure. Just like women have a G-Spot, men have a P-sport, but it can be a little challenging to find.. However, once you do find the P-spot, the feeling will be absolute bliss.

P-spot pleasure can be a lot better than a regular orgasm. Prostate stimulation prepares you before you reach your normal orgasm. It does take a longer time, but this sort of sexual pleasure can become more intense.

To attempt a prostate massage use your  finger and put gentle pressure around the prostate gland. Some men like to insert a finger, while others consider using a toy. Many men wish to use dildos as well.. Well, no matter what you use, just be sure that it is safe and it is fulfilling the purpose.

What does the prostate feel like?

The prostate gland can be felt once you insert your finger into the anus.Being aroused helps in finding the prostate gland. It will feel milder and fleshier towards the back. This is the region you should focus on.

You will most likely be unable to feel the organ, yet contacting it will probably create an urge to pee. This is an indication that you're at the correct place — trust us! It feels like a plump bulb of tissue on the front mass of the rectal coating. It'll feel unique in relation to the next tissue in there.

Who is prostate for?

The prostate is a gland that can be found only in men. It doesn't matter if you are straight or gay, black or white. If you are a man and interested in prostate, then you can try it and we bet that you will love it.

Also, the prostate can be great for a single man or males in general who love to masturbate. If you want to try something new and would like to take masturbation to an all-new level, then prostate massaging is the key to experience something beyond.

Handjobs can become boring at times, right? So, why not try the prostate massage?

Also, for couples who love to try new things, prostate massage can help you spice up your sexual interaction. Buy a prostate toy or a lube and try it out tonight. Surprise your man and let them know that you are up for any game.

How to Locate the Prostate

The best way to find your prostate is through your rectum. It is not that difficult to find the P-spot if you know where to look. All you gotta do is take your finger, apply some lube on it and be prepared to touch your P-spot for a few minutes.

Prostate GPS - Finding Your P-Spot

  1. 1
    Take a good shower and clean your private areas properly. Clean in and around the anus too, because you are going to insert a finger. If you are already clean and you have washed in and around the rectum, then skip this step.
  2. 2
    Take a look at your fingernails once. You wouldn't want to hurt yourself while inserting the finger. Trim them properly and rub your nail once on your hands to make sure that there are no rough edges.
  3. 3
    Now it is time to get into a comfortable position. You should be in a comfortable position so that it becomes easier for you to insert your finger. Our recommendation would be to lie down. Lie flat on your back, bend your knees, and pull your feet towards the butt. If you have a pillow, then try placing it under your back.
  4. 4
    Take your index finger, spread some lube, and gently insert it into the anus. Curl your fingers once you get to the second knuckle.
  5. 5
    Gently move your index finger in that area. Initially, you might not feel pleasure, but once you hit the spot, you will get a buzz or tingling sensation. You need to be patient for it to work.. The feeling will differ from one person to another. In case you don't feel anything, then our suggestion would be to adjust the depth a little bit.

Readers may note that, while moving your finger and hitting the P-Spot, you won't be touching the prostate, as there will be a wall, which separates it from the anal canal. So, in reality, you will be applying pleasure will be this wall, which will give you a  feeling of ecstasy.

Always be gentle while using pleasure. Don't overdo as you may hurt yourself.

Remember that when you locate the prostate, it will feel like a walnut. Insert a clean finger and be very, very gentle. It would be better if you ask your partner to give you a prostate massage. Let them know how to do it, how to insert their finger, and they should be able to locate the prostate gland.

How does a prostate stimulation feel like?

Two components are included in a prostate massage. First is the massage itself, and the second one is the prostate orgasm. These two are two different things. The massage that you get relaxes you, just like any other massage. Pleasure from a prostate massage will take its due time if you are a beginner.

However, if you are a pro, then you already know what we are talking about. You can try a prostate massage using your finger or your partner's finger. Then there are prostate toys to try out as well. Rubbing these things inside your anal will give you a divine feeling.

Prostate orgasm, although can be a bit challenging to discover. Start by massaging the area, and if you are doing everything correctly, and are feeling great, then orgasm will come very soon. Just give it some time.

Prostate Secrets for Maximum Pleasure!

How to get started with prostate massage and orgasm?

For the Receiver

For the receiver, you should be in a relaxed and comfortable position to be able to enjoy the prostate massage.

Now, relax and feel as aroused as possible.

Some people even feel like popping after the prostate thing, and it gives them a feeling of heebie-jeebies.

So, to ignore that, clean that area correctly.

Make it squeaky clean. You can also use an enema before getting into prostate massage, but it is not necessary. 

Make sure that you have used the bathroom before getting into it.


Readers may note that prostate massage can make you want to pee, and anal penetration can make you poop. So, don't worry if any of these feelings occur. It is natural. 

Sometimes, even to get the sensation of peeing and pooping can intervene from getting all excited, but let go of all that and just enjoy the pleasure. You have already used the bathroom, which means, your bowel and bladder, are both empty. Relax and have fun.

We recommend you to get used to sensation beforehand, as it will help you to feel more relaxed when someone touches your prostate gland. You can buy butt plugs or anal sex toy to get started with.

Watch some porn if need be, dim the lights, light some candles, play some sensual music, and get into the age-old masturbation thing to make you ready for the real deal. Now, if you are using your finger, then there are a few things you should do.

The simplest of all is to make sure that your nails are not long and they are nicely trimmed. Remove all the jewellery if you are wearing any. No one would like to lose their rings inside their butt, right!

Anus and vagina are two different things, and you have to take extra precaution while fingering the butt hole. The main reason is that the lining of the anus is delicate and may suffer injuries if you are going to hard.

When you trim your fingernails and get rid of that jewelry, you ensure that only your finger is inserted and no foreign items, which may hurt the rectum wall. On top of that, take a good look at the finger too. Look for any scratches or cut marks.

Cut marks and infections can transfer the bacteria from your finger to the anus. Who would like to visit a doctor after an anal play, right? Some people like to wear a condom on their finger, which is known as finger cot. It is not essential to wear it though.

However, there are two advantages of using a finger cot. First, finger cot can be used by those who have cut marks on their finger. This will protect you from transferring bacteria to your partner's anus. Secondly, the anus doesn't lubricate itself, unlike the vagina.

A finger cot acts like a long-lasting lube. You can use a thick lube on top of finger cot before inserting your finger into the anus. Finally, if it is your first time, then it is understood that you and your partner might feel a little anxious and nervous.

This is another reason why finger cots are an excellent option.

For the Giver

If you are giving prostate massage to your partner, then be extra careful. Safety and cleanliness should be your top priority.

Tell your receiver, that you would like them to get cleaned, and in the meantime, you should cut and trim your fingernails.

Once you are done cutting your nails, wash your hands properly.

If you would like, you can stuff some cotton balls as well inside the finger cot for extra comfort.

Try to make the experience as comfortable as possible. After your partner and you are ready, get the party started.

You can try a prostate massage in the shower as well.


Understanding prostate orgasm

Prostate climax NEVER starts in the private parts. Indeed, there is an increased affectability around the man parts. However, that is not where it starts.

 As you likely speculated, the prostate climax is the zenith of the experience. A vibe of increased joy starts to surpass your body. At times your waist starts to tremble wildly, making you curve the back and immediately forget about what the hell you are doing!

These are automatic constrictions. For many, there is no real way to stop them. You can simply let it proceed to enjoy the ride. The constrictions may come for around 10 seconds every now or then. For some, they might last longer and go on for a few minutes.

In any event, when the climaxes have travelled every way, you will experience unwinding of brain and body for a few hours after.

What is the best position to enjoy a prostate massage?

The key to enjoying a prostate massage is inserting the finger as comfortably and smoothly as possible. You and your partner need to be in a comfortable position for the same.. Initially, both of you might have to try out different positions to finally understand which position is the best.

Once you do, you can try the most preferred way again and again. One of the most popular positions that people often like to try is lying on their back with their legs wide open. You can put a pillow right below your hips area.

How to Give an Epic Prostate Massage

As we said, for the newbies, you may have to try a few techniques before finding the P-spot. So, here are some techniques for you, which you might want to try out:

If using your finger

  • Try the come-hither position. Inset the lubed index finger into the anus. Be gentle while doing that and then curl your finger into a come-hither position towards your belly button. Keep moving your finger unless the pleasure builds up.
  • The next thing to try is resting your finger's pad outside the prostate as if you are ringing a doorbell. Keep pressing it softly for both longer and shorter duration.
  • The third is trying to make a circular motion with the pad of your finger. Circle the perimeter. You can work at different speeds and pressure as well. Add both of them to build up more pleasure.

If using a sex toy or a massager

  • If you are playing solo, then you can try a sex toy or massager. Insert the toy inside the anus and put pressure against the prostate. Keep changing the pressure to know your sweet spot.
  • If you love to insert your massager toy a little in depth, then sex toys can be the ideal choice. You can try different sizes as well. Let them go inside as much as you want, but only until you are comfortable.
  • You can also buy vibrators as well. Vibrators come along with many speed and pulse setting as well. You can try the different rate and keep trying different pulse setting until you find your P-spot.

What are the different positions to try?

If you think that a prostate massage can be tried by only lying down on a bed, then you will be surprised to know that there are many other positions to work as well.

  • Facedown: Facedown technique can be tried by both you and your partner. If you are trying alone, then lie face down on your bed. Rest your arm behind your back and reach out to your anus and insert your finger. If you are working with your partner, then lie face down on your bed and now slide your legs apart. Let them sit next to you and let your partner massage your prostate gently.
  • Legs up: Lie down on your bed and pull your legs towards your chest. Try to relax, with one arm, hold one of the legs and with your other arm reach your anus. When trying with your partner, follow the same process, but rather than inserting your finger, kneel in front and ask your partner to massage your prostate. Try it both externally and internally.
  • Doggy style: Get into a doggy position and slide your arm in between your legs to reach your anus. And when with a partner, kneel on all four and ask the partner to insert the finger from behind.

What do you mean by milking?

Milking the prostate is a process where you massage the prostate until some fluids come out of it. The liquid will be milky. This fluid is known as prostate fluid, and if you feel that milk is coming out, then it is a clear sign that you are getting close to prostate orgasm.

You can try to stroke your penis, as well. This will take the prostate milking to another level.

Best Advice - Be Patient

Being new to prostate orgasm, it can take its due course of time. Do remember that prostate orgasm needs time and patience. Many men lose their patience, and they give up. If you have the desire to make prostate happen, then keep trying different ways to have fluids coming out of your prostate.

It is doubtful that you will have a prostate orgasm the very first time. And there are chances that you may need to try prostate massage, again and again, to make it happen. Some guys are lucky, and some just need more practice.

Does it make a person cum?

Actually no, not so much. It's regular for a person to have critical spillage from his penis while this is going on. Be that as it may, some folks don't dribble by any means. By the day's end, it doesn't generally make a difference whether you're a leaker or not.

This "release" is pre-cum, much the same as when you get explicitly stimulated. On the off chance that you WANT to cum, spare that for the stupendous finale. Once you start dripping from your prostate gland, you should then begin to stroke your penis. This should be the finale.

You will notice that stroking after the prostate massage will lead to massive ejaculation. Keep some towels ready because you are going to need them.

How to find your P-Spot?

While searching for the prostate, you’ll have to deduce if you have found it or not by feeling it. Many individuals depict the prostate as feeling somewhat like a pecan. It's a raised, firm zone which is more finished than the encompassing tissue.

Much like the g-spot, the p-spot is found inside on the front divider. You'll have to embed your finger about an inch inside and maintain contact with the front wall until you go over an area which feels like said pecan.

It's helpful if your partner can speak with you as you do this, and let you know whether a region feels especially pleasurable, or achieves that believing that they may pee. Even though it'll feel somewhat odd for them, this is a decent sign that you're in the correct region.

At the point when you've discovered the prostate, utilize your fingertip(s) (not nails) to stroke the territory. Once more, a great deal like the G-detect, the P-spot reacts well to "come-here" strokes. Use various pressuresand strokes to work out what feels best for your accomplice.

health benefits of prostate massage

You might wonder that prostate massage is only to give you pleasure, but what you might not be aware of is that prostate massage comes with many health benefits as well. Here are some of them that you will be surprised to know.

5 Reasons Men Should Try Prostate Massage

It may help in improving erectile dysfunction

Although it is not every day that only prostate massage can help you cure erectile dysfunction, many use this technique to treat ED. The physicians recommend prostate massage along with different types of ED treatment.

Urine flow can get better

People who are suffering from urine problems may benefit from prostate massage. Prostate massage puts pressure on the urethra which in turn can help in urine flow.

Getting rid of painful ejaculation

Many males suffer from painful ejaculation, and this happens when there are fluid blockages. Prostate massage can help these males to get rid of such blockages.

Make sure you use a Lube

To begin a prostate massage, make sure that you use a good lube. Lubes are readily available online as well as offline.. Don't play around your anus without proper lubrication because it can cause damage to your rectum walls.

The rectum wall is more delicate than the vagina’s, and that's why one should be careful while inserting a finger or sex toys. If you want to enjoy a safe prostate massage, then lubricate your finger or sex toy before adding them. Play it safe and have optimum fun.

Once you apply the lube, your external and internal anus penetration will be ready. You can try inserting your finger, tongue, and even a vibrator. Anything will work, the only thing is you should know where to touch and how to touch, and you will be ready for action.

Some shallow inclusion will likewise loosen up their butt-centric muscles and make entrance simpler. Invest energy animating the region until your partner is beseeching you to dig further. With regards to the entrance, start small.

Continuously begin with only one finger and, if your partner loves a touch of circumference, at that point, you can start adding more finger at a time. For P-spot fun, you'll likely just need one or possibly two fingers.

Wrapping up

Keep trying different sex toys and have the patience to feel the ultimate fun.

The massage is not the tricky part; it is the orgasm, which will consume some time. Remember, you will need a little practice to achieve orgasm. Do try this amazing erotic experience if you would like your life to be filled with a little more fun. So, go on and try prostate massage today!

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