Top 10 Prison Dating Sites (2020) – Review & Comparisons

Youngsters nowadays are going through some sort of punitory facilities. Be it an adult enforcement center, local jails or federal prisons.

There can be several reasons for that but it does not mean they cannot be involved in any romantic activity.

There are many dating sites that help such prisoners to connect with new people and establish a bond.

These dating sites want detainees to meet new people who can help them move on from the past life and start over.

There are a few things one needs to keep in mind before committing to date a person who is in jail. 

prison dating

The first and the most important thing is that you need to be sure to find the right person. There are men who let the correction facility completely transform them into a man of great honor and such people deserve a good love life. 

However, there are some who only want to share a bed with beautiful women. Such persons end up breaking the heart of women and nothing else. 

It is really hard to concede the actual feeling you have for that man. It has been observed that many women prefer to date a prisoner only to get pass their past heartbreaks or those who were deceived by their partners. 

Here   we are going to discuss about 10 prison dating websites which are absolutely free to access and provide a safe and comfortable space for people who want to connect with the inmates. 

So, if you are also finding a love in the prison or want to connect with such person you will get a lot of information about these sites from this post.

1. Meet An Inmate

Meet An Inmate which comes with an interesting tagline ‘Connecting prisoners with pen pals since 1998‘, is one of the most famous websites when it comes to finding dates.

This site registers and shows the profiles of various prisoners who want to find pen-pals.

One can easily access the website and write to the prisoner whose profile appears good to them.

This site offers a home page that lists the profiles of many prisoners who want to connect with new people. Each profile consists of a brief description of the inmates such as name, date of birth, height, religion, education, etc.

  • The site has a very user-friendly interface.
  • The search filter has option to select age, occupation etc.
  • Record of prisoner's activities in jail.
  • Easy option available to send or recieve emails.
  • There is no way of verifying if the description the inmate has written is genuine or not.
  • You cannot understand if a person has actually changed or if it is a trap.
  • Not every profile of the inmates has photos.

2. Love a Prisoner

Love a prisoner is one of the prisoner dating sites with a high compatibility rate.

According to them, the best way to help a man get out of the dark world of crime is by providing him with love.

Everyone would want to be a better person if they had a family and friends to return to after their release.

With this ‘spiritually and emotionally fulfilling experience’ they let the prisoners have the dreams of living a better life.

This website has the option to search inmates according to their age, location, prison, and community.

The prisoner and the pen pal can write to each other through this website and also have a helpline support option. There are many things one can learn about prisons and prison life from Love a Prisoner website.

  • There is an option for sending gifts to each other.
  • The website provides a lot of information related to prison laws and facts.
  • Easy to report on-site fraud.
  • Availability of VIP membership plan.
  • One can read quotes, statistics and facts of prison on this website.
  • Paid VIP membership.
  • Hand written descriptions of the prisoners are sometimes hard to read.
  • Uploaded photos are not clear.

3. Write a Prisoner

Write a prisoner was launched in 2000 and has been one of the most visited sites by prisoners since then.

The site offers correspondence and reintegration to the detainees and is one of the best options for the professionals who want to help the prisoners who are in need.

The inmates pay for the profiles shown on the website and the fund is used for the postal charges and other expenses.

The pen pals can talk to the inmates about various topics like their ambitions after getting released, correspondence, visitations, and more. The website allows you to register as a pen pal, a counselor, a legal informer, a housing provider, an educational material provider or an artist.

This is a great website to help a person who is soon to be released from prison.

  • The website arranges scholarships for prisoners who deserve and show interest in learning.
  • Many additional options to register other than pen pals.
  • There are options to provide the prisoner with educational materials, legal information, etc,
  • One can send the prisoner artwork like poems.
  • The website also has a blog and forum where prisoners can share their opinion.
  • The website has too many advertisements.
  • There are many options and sub-options which may confuse some a bit.
  • Many profiles do not have photos of inmates.

4. Inmate Classified

Inmate Classified is one of the oldest prison dating sites which has been active since 1996.

The tagline of the site states that ‘There is no greater gift you can give to a stranger than a few words of encouragement when he or she needs it the most.’

This site has been serving ‘inmates seeking friendship outside prison walls.’

After registering  yourself  on the website, one can have a displayed profile and get much more attention. The main motto of the website is to help the inmates get out of the psychological isolation they feel in prison.

According to the site, prisoners should not be deprived of the basic needs a human being craves for, like friendships, community and relationships. One can send letters to the inmates.


  • The profile of the inmate has all the information.
  • The information also includes the current release date and the reason for imprisonment.
  • Small details like hair and eye color are also included in the profiles.
  • The address to which a letter needs to be sent is also provided.
  • There is also an option of sending a message to a particular prisoner.
  • There is no option of browsing the convicts by age, religion, location or any specific filters.
  • Non-friendly user interface.
  • Only the featured profiles are shown on the homepage of the website.

5. Inmate Mingle

Inmate Mingle is a website that promotes and facilitates new friendships, casual dates, and serious relationships.

Their tagline ‘making connections from the inside out’ is actually a very good representation of what they do.

The prisoners belonging to various jails can easily connect to outside people.

Such connections lead to the creation of new bonds and provide the prisoners with a new reason to have a better life.

These connections let them dream about being a better person who can lead a normal life with friends and family.

Many people have found true love through this website.

This website has a special page where they show the inmates who have their birthdays on the day you are searching. So, if you are interested in some profile, you can wish them on their special day. The website is accessible from both mobile phones and computers.

They provide the contact address of every prisoner in the profile which lets you know where to send a mail if you want to contact that person. The website cannot be accessed unless you are 18 or older. The restrictions are very specific and are declared on the disclaimer page.

  • The website is completely free.
  • The page dedicated to birthdays is a very nice way to make a person feel good.
  • The mailing addresses of the inmates are listed in the profiles.
  • The website has a user-friendly interface.
  • Only the person above 18 years can access the website.
  • The website does not guarantee the originality and truthfulness of the contents posted by the inmates.
  • The photos of the inmates in the profiles are not very clear in some cases.
  • Poor quality service as compared to other prisoner dating websites.
  • Too many ads on the homepage makes the browsing experience quite irritating.

6. Dating Prisoners

Dating prisoners has its office in the US and Greece. It is a website that might be called the prison version of Tinder.

One can simply create a free profile on the website to flirt with the people they find interesting.

This website allows users to choose a profile and chat simply to flirt, or to commit to a serious relationship. It is possible to be pen pals or arrange visits. The website can also be accessed on mobile from any part of the world. The website is also completely free to access.

  • The website is accessible on both mobile as well as desktop.
  • The website allows you to browse members by your preferences.
  • This website allows you to do some healthy flirting.
  • This website also helps you find long-term commitment.
  • There are several photographs of an inmate so you will have a complete idea of what the person looks like before meeting them.
  • You cannot access the lists without putting in your own information.
  • The chances of finding long-term commitment on this website are lower than other websites.
  • High chances of fraud.
  • The homepage of the website is much less attractive in comparison to other websites.

7. Prison Inmates

Prison Inmates is a website that does not discriminate among people based on their genders, sexual preferences, religion or races.

They claim to be the world’s most trusted prison pen pal service in the USA.

It is one of the websites that offers the largest amount of filter options and currently has more than 3000 inmate profiles.

Accessible only to above 18 years old. One can browse inmates by state, lifers and death rows. There is an option of funding an inmate’s account. You can also buy gift cards and renew their message services for them.

  • One can help an inmate in many ways such as buying gift cards and renewing message services for him.
  • The website features a wall like Facebook timeline where the prisoners post their photos and anyone can see them.
  • The mailing address of each inmate is clearly written on their profiles.
  • Any of the inmates can easily be contacted through postal services.
  • Gender of the convicts is mentioned.
  • The ‘out soon’ option is also great for people who are looking for a long-term and serious commitment.
  • The homepage is not that attractive.
  • The photos of the inmates are  not clear in many profiles.
  • The descriptions in the profiles of the inmates are not guaranteed to be genuine.

8. Friends Beyond the Walls

This website has access to inmates from 46 states with the availability of more than 2500 profiles.

The website asserts that ‘prison is a lonely world without a friend.’

So, since 1999, the website is helping inmates in finding friends and family.

After becoming the member, you will have free access to the mailing addresses of the inmates.

The operators of the website are the family members and friends of the incarcerated people, which, itself, is a very interesting and impressive fact.

  • The number of profiles available is very high.
  • The website is old and trusted.
  • Reaching an inmate is very easy with the mentioned address in profiles.
  • The owners and operators of the website are family members, friends, and acquaintances of the incarcerated people.
  • The quality of the photographs of the inmates is very good.
  • The name, birth date and location of the inmate are provided on the homepage and you can have that without accessing the main profile description.
  • The description is provided in the format of a letter by the inmate himself, which helps the user to get an idea about the person before writing to them.
  • If you are trying to contact one specific person, then there is an option of finding that person through the search box at the bottom of the homepage.
  • There are not many photographs of one inmate in their profiles.
  • There are many ads on the website page.
  • No guarantee of finding a person you are searching for.
  • The website takes longer to load at some specific locations.
  • The inmate profiles are confined in the range of 46 states only.

9. Women Beind Bars

This is a website exclusively dedicated to people who are interested in women.

This website consists of profiles of imprisoned women from around the world.

The website is helping female inmates to find a friend for themselves since 1997.

There are thousands of profiles of female inmates from around the world.

The website offers female inmates a lot more than pen pals. There are profiles of women who are seeking relationships. This website also lets you create your own profile and has a feature where the ladies will approach you first. So, you do not need to be one messaging first.

The profile of yours is sent to every correctional facility in the network of the website. All you have to do is create an account and find one or more than one profile you are interested in and add the profile to your cart. The address of the woman will be given to you.

  • The entire look of the website is very attractive.
  • They have many options to browse from  various female inmates’ profile.
  • There is a gallery where one can access the photos of available women.
  • One can create a profile and be written to by women as well.
  • Women will approach you instead of you approaching them.
  • It is a great website for those who want to provide a new life to a woman with a dark past and help her get a family and love.
  • Those who are interested in men cannot use this website.
  • The website does not work at some specific locations.
  • This is not a completely free website.
  • Getting address of a woman can be quite tough.

10. Inmate Passions

Inmate Passions is the prison version of Facebook. The inmates can not only find love here, but will also get friends and admirers.

There are forumsgroupschats and many additional activities that make the website different from any other website of its kind.

This website is 100% free to use and has a great user-friendly interface. Works as a social media platform for the imprisonrs and for those who are interested in connecting and corresponding with them.

This website offers connections via forums, webcams, photos, videos and communication through emails, etc. The website does not ask for any payment details unless you apply for the premium network banner.

  • Every feature of the website can be accessed for free.
  • It is one of the best social media platforms for inmates and those who are interested in prison life.
  • The website offers live chats, groups, forums’ activities and many other forms of communication with the inmates.
  • This is a site where a person is not judged on the basis of their past lives as long as they show a passion for having a good life.
  • This site is also suitable for people who were formerly detained and has many inspiring stories to transform someone into completely new and better person.
  • The website is a bit complicated to use in comparison to the other prison dating websites.
  • The website link might redirect you to some other pages.
  • There are a lot of ads on the homepage of the website which might be a bit annoying.


Everyone deserves a second chance and so do prisoners. Finding pen pals and being able to make new friends and getting into a relationship might work for a person as much as a correctional service would.

Such connections and correspondence give a person hope to have a better life and be a better person. The above-mentioned sites help in many ways as they work as the bridges that help start many beautiful stories.

But, like any other dating site,  it also lets you communicate with strangers. So it is always better to be cautious while exploring their profiles and it is good to maintain boundaries while talking to them. It is not right to be vulnerable  in front of a stranger. Your safety should be your priority.

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