Top 10 Premium Gay Sites (2020) – Review & Comparisons

It took society a while to accept the tabooed concept of gay love. But when it comes to pornographic content then it is yet not out there.

One cannot find sites catering to an ample amount of gay love-making videos.

Yet, there are a few of them which stand out in the pornographic market to put out enough of gay sex videos catering to expectations of people from all niches.

This is a complete guide that unfurls the top premium gay sites that porn lovers can experience.

It’s your choice whether you want to go with paid websites or free ones. Encounter the top 10 premium gay site in the rundown below:

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1. Gay Asian Network

Gay Asian network offers content from 5 gay sites.

The focus of the site is on Asian chicks, mainly from Japan, though some of the sites offer males from other parts of the world.

The girls who are part of the site are in the age group of 18 to 25 years, and some are in their early 30’s.

Some of them are slender; average built or could be athletic.

Since some of the performers are well hung and this could work out to be a major plus. Even a few dads are part of the site.

  • Though the site has a model index, there is no information on the profiles. Most models have a set of images or videos. Even the latest models have a short paragraph that is written by the guys themselves.
  • Being a member means you gain access to eight Asian bonus sites that are supplied by other sites. This could be rotated or replaced by other videos as all of them are dated this month.
  • On the site, you would come across 3395 picture sets, which includes 1790 sets in the photo section coupled with 1605 in the sets of screencaps. The older sets are plenty in number but they do vary on the quality frontiers. Some of them turn out to be blurred or granny. Even links to slide shows and downloadable clips can be found.
  • Close to 1605 videos are offered for view in MP4 format. Most of the videos can be enlarged.
  • Exclusive content
  • Horny Asian amateurs and girls are part of the action
  • The videos are mobile compatible
  • Every week 2 videos are updated
  • A search box and a category list is available
  • Videos are easily downloadable
  • The old videos are small and  low in quality
  • There is a download limit in place
  • On the billing page, there is a pre-checked  offer
  • $ 26.96 monthly( recurring after 30 days)
  • $ 59.94 quarterly( recurring after 90 days)
  • $ 119.98 yearly( recurring after 1 year)

2. MenNetwork

This is an excellent gay site that goes on to provide you access to hot sexy videos.

The guys who are a part of the site are hot and possess killer sex skills. To turn a man on they are aware of what needs to be done.

It is possible to watch them in HD videos.

  • On the site currently, there are 3000+ videos available. Though the site further consists of 8 smaller sites with specific niche content. Every site does  have its own benefits and you can gain access to all of them with a single membership.
  • Every video has a length of 20 to 25 minutes and gay stars that are up to the age of 30 years are part of it. In the older videos, you will see the guys wearing a rubber but from past one year they are bareback.
  • The feel and the look of the site is great and you can flip around the site without a membership.
  • No clear cut update schedule is there, but it is assumed that updates are rolled out regularly.
  • Every scene is in high quality- it is possible to steam 3019 videos in HD quality and the number grows with every update. There are other resolutions that could come in handy if you are planning to browse on a mobile having a slow internet connection.
  • The navigation is easy- it is easy to browse all the contents from the site or even you can isolate one scene from the other. Whatever you go on to choose there are sorting and filtering options available on their basic search engine.
  • A model index is there along with an exclusive model section. The page has all related information about the model.
  • Once you join through the TBP link you are entitled to viable discounts.
  • Being a member you can only stream the videos, and you need to shell out $ 14.99 in order to access the site further.
  • No advanced search option is there and you cannot comment.
  • $ 14.99 for 30 days

3. SketchySex

The site revolves around the life of three roommates who share a room.

During the course of working in gay porn, they meet and then decide to move in together.

All of them say that they are addicted to big cocks and like to take them raw.

In fact, most of the days they spent on the site looking for anonymous hook-ups.

  • Most of the guys who are on the site are in their early 20s and some of them have athletic bodies, whereas others tend to be well defined. It is really hard to gain information about the models as the videos are not well described.
  • You need to approach this site more in terms of fantasy where 3 guys live together and are on the verge of looking for anonymous hookups. All the scenes start off with the guys in the middle of a sex coup.
  • The action on the site is raw and it is pretty much on the lines of close up action of the big dicks.
  • On the site, there are 123 exclusive videos and the site continues to add two videos every month. All the videos are offered in HD stream.
  • Exclusive content
  • The dirty theme, unique in a lot of ways
  • In a month the site is updated a couple of times
  • All the videos are mobile compatible
  • Good filming and good POV, followed by a lot of bare back scenes
  • The site continues holding on to its backing as an amateur site
  • On the billing page, there is a pre-checked offer
  • The videos are not available for downloading.
  • More frequent updates are desired.
  • Not a lot of information about the profile pages.
  • $ 34.95 for 30 days (non recurring)
  • $ 24.95 for 30 days , that is $ 19.95 recurring at 30 days

4. SeanCody

This site is one of the popular gay porn producers on the internet.

Few years back it had only a few productions and today, they are close to 1000 odd models with new ones joining the list every day.

Most of the original guys are straight from 18 to the early 30s.

In fact, the newer guys also tend to be straight but there are plenty of people who  grab your attention.

  • Most of the action does take place in the interiors, with a few occasional threesomes and large groups, but  the recent videos are duos.
  • For any member who wishes to download, they can do so by paying $ 14.99 per month. Even the downloading videos are in MP4 format.
  • The updates include a picture set, and the new pictures are of superior quality. As most of them are horizontal it is hard to figure out which one of them are digital or on screencaps. You can save the picture individually or in the form of zip files.  On the player, it is possible to navigate from one picture to another in an easy way. In the midst of this, updates have dropped down to twice in a week.
  • The content is exclusive
  • The site promises a mixture of newcomers, seasoned campaigners who are going to fulfill  all your gay-related  fantasies
  • On every Wednesday and Friday updates are added
  • The site is video compatible
  • The steam is robust with no pauses or issues
  • With membership, upgrade downloads are available.
  • Being a trial member you get limited access
  • You have to shell out an additional $ 14.99 for downloads
  • The moment you log on to the website page is full of ad
  • Trial membership at $ 1 per day working out to be $ 27.99 monthly
  • Monthly- $ 27.99 recurring
  • Quarterly- $ 59.99 recurring after 90 days
  • Yearly - $ 89.99 recurring after 365 days
  • Downloads at $ 14.99 per month

5. Bromo

The site did go on to replace a site termed as juicy boys.

Though with the new name, you can say that the new content like exclusive bareback scenes became part of the site and this has taken place  around 3 years from now.

Most of the performers of this site are super fit, though there are a few slim bodies.

It does provide you with hardcore action that you need to get off. The guys who are a part of the site are really hunks with tattoos.

Their impressive dicks and cute assess are something really hard to resist.

You can go on to download any of the videos in HD format as the site is mobile-friendly

  • The guys who are part of the site are in the age group of the 20s to 40’s. With a mix of European and American cocks, you would avail a lot of options.
  • Since this site is a subsidiary of, you will find a lot of similar faces on the site. The best part about this site is all the action is raw and since the performers are not amateurs  they do not tend to be shy on the cameras.
  • The exclusive content is a part of the site
  •  A variety of men from muscle hunks to twinks
  • Most fucking occurs bareback
  • The Site and videos are mobile compatible
  • A lot of kinky and rough sex
  • A couple of updates every week
  • Numerous porn stars and amateurs available
  • The moment you log in, a full page ad awaits you
  • You might have to shell out an extra $ 14.99 for downloads
  • An automatic email list is displayed once you join
  • Misleading banners are rampant
  • The bonus DVDs that are part of the site is removed
  • A trial version is on offer at $ 1(recurring on a monthly basis at $ 29.99)
  • Monthly at $ 24.99 recurring after 30 days
  • Quarterly $ 49.99 that is recurring after 90 days
  • Yearly $ 99.99 recurring after 365 days

6. MenPOV

This is an award-winning premium gay site that has some exclusive and hottest scenes on the internet. 

Close to 9 sites are on offer and in each of them you can go on to witness something unique. 

The models who are a part of the site are some of the hottest porn stars in the business and nearly you can choose from 650 of them. 

They are aware on how to hit the spot and they go on to do it every time. In fact, new HD movies are updated regularly.
  • The site provides a point of view style shooting. It points to the fact that one of them is seen holding the camera, so you can figure out whether he sees his cock sucked or slides into a hot asshole.
  • Most of the models who are part of the site are newbies looking for that well-deserved break. They are willing to go to any extent. Most of the models are really attractive. The best part about the site is that you are going to find some fresh faces.
  • The action lies on the POV which means that every guy would strip on the site as if they are doing something for you.  Though most of the scenes occurs indoors while some takes place in the interiors.
  • Videos are downloadable and you can do 4+ downloads simultaneously.
  • Being a member provides you access to 12 more sites
  • Most of the videos are mobile compatible
  • Most of the POV updates take a lot of time and at times do not load.
  • Trials are known to recur at $ 10 and not into a monthly subscription
  • User mistakes the ad to be a form of content
  • There is no option for you to view POV videos
  • With a trial membership, you only gain steaming access
  • The network updates occur weekly.
  • The trial at $ 1.00( 1 day recurring works out to be $  39.94 monthly

7. Reality Dudes

The site goes on to provide a wide variety of gay porn or categories. All the basics are covered as part of the site.

From wild orgies to intense sessions everything is covered on this site. First, you need to figure out what is there on the site.

In addition, to this you are going to gain access to 6 more gay sites

  • One of the features of this site is str8chaser where a producer goes on to state how much guy is going to do after you offer him cash. Most of the action is POV. The newest form of action is reality dudes where interracial or back to back action is offered.
  • Most of the guys who are part of the site are in the 20s and 30s. In fact, you are going to find a mixture of bodies as some of them may be muscular whereas others could be athletic fit. You can expect the guys to have tattoos on their bodies, though in any case, they tend to be inked.
  • Nearly 958 DRM videos are offered in MP4 format. Most videos are available to be streamed in 4 resolutions. Most of the part of the episodes on the site are picture sets.
  • When you consider the updates the best part about the site is that it is getting updated every Friday. It also means that none of the individual sites are not updating that often.
  • Hot amateurs in solo  and hardcore action
  • Gay party sex videos and revenge tapes
  • Weekly updates
  • The site and  the videos are mobile compatible.
  • The trial members are known to avail full updates as per the instructions of the site owner.
  • Frequent pop-ups in the member’s area
  • You need to shell out additional $ 14.99 for further downloads
  • Out of 7 sites 4 are lacking in terms of updates
  • No information about the models or their profiles
  • The moment you log on to the page there is a full-page ad
  • The trial at $ 1.00
  • Monthly $ 25.99
  • Quarterly $ 45.99
  • Yearly $ 85.99
  • The site has 192 of its own videos and there are 2100 network videos
  • Mobile compatible videos are available
  • You can indulge in 4 + downloads at the same time
  • Regular updates that are rolled out every Thursday
  • The site does go on to provide exclusive content
  • The trial members get limited access
  • A couple of sites keep on updating
  • Most videos have short interviews
  • Large ads on the top or bottom of every page
  • On the billing page, pre-checked offers
  • A trial version of $ 4.95 recurring at $ 24.95 for every 30 days
  • Monthly subscription available at $ 24.95
  • Quarterly subscription can be availed at $ 49.95
  • Yearly $ 99.95

9. NextDoorBuddies

In the mainstream of the pornographic industry, the NextDoorBuddies has brought about a revolution by putting out the best gay sex videos exclusively for gay porn lovers.

This is the destination for gay sex videos.

You can reach out to any type of videos that you wish to derive pleasure out of and can come across clear videos.

  • There are around 3599 gay porn videos
  • Eroticism is guaranteed in the contents
  • Subscribers can download the videos in 4k.
  • There are sufficient updates to satiate the boiling desires of people
  • Availability of videos covering a wide bandwidth of niches
  • Clarity of videos is amazing
  • Amazing website interface
  • Multiple updates regularly catering to the needs of users.
  • The site might be pricier than its peers.
  • 3 days trial (access to only streaming videos): 42.95
  • 3 days trial (access to only streaming videos): 42.95
  • 30 days subscription (Streaming and download): $29.95
  • 365days subscription (Streaming and download): $119.40

10. GayRoom

The site proceeds to give a wide assortment of gay pornography or classes. All the rudiments are secured as a major aspect of the site.

From wild blow-outs to extreme meetings everything is secured on this site. First, you have to understand the content available on the site.

  • Watch exclusive gay videos here.
  • HD videos available
  • Unlimited downloading facility
  • 24/7 help available
  • Can be accessed through all devices
  • Browse through numerous porn stars
  • Customer support is available
  • Works on all devices
  • Tantalizing porn stars available
  • Rich library of porn contents
  • Fast download
  • Except for the yearly subscription, all the other plans are costly.
  • Membership of a year: Rs. 713.04
  • Membership for a month; Rs 2,146.29
  • Membership for 3 months: Rs. 4,254.60
  • Membership for a day: Rs. 80.26

Final Verdict

Having a peek at the list, you will find sites that encompass gay content of every type . If you are someone who has tamed his fantasies in the wildest manner, then here are few sites that can satisfactorily feed you with gay porn.

Not many sites in the pornographic industry publish enough gay sex videos satiate the porn lovers. But the list shows a few of the sites who have redefined the gay-pornography by making it easily accessible.

These sites can entertain you by covering gay porn content of almost all niches. In the world where gay love is a creepy thing, these sites are contributing to the porn industry with erotic gay love porn videos that can tickle you with tantalizing and sensual thoughts.

Hence, if you expect to step into the world of endless gay videos, then the list of premium gay sites can give you amazing options.

Make the most out of every single penny you pay for the gay pornographic entertainment by picking up any of the above-listed sites. Engage yourself in the wild videos by subscribing to any of the above mentioned sites.

Parting Words

Gay love is still not a normal part of the world. The unending porn hubs have everything in their house to offer except the erotic gay  love videos. But this guide lists down a few of the sites which are renowned to provide the gay love porn content.

The models in the sites are best at their jobs and can live up to your wild expectations.

Without much ado, engage yourself in quality entertainment by switching to the porn sites which bring up the gay sex videos of all niches. You can pick your favorite niche and treasure some real thrills. Models are representing various races, ethnicities, and color.

The premium sites also have many other features that can get you the utmost clarity and many other offers leading to an incredible experience.

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