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Positive Singles

If you happen to be having any sexually transmitted disease and you are looking for space where you could comfortably interact and make new associations, Positive Singles offers you that opportunity.

It houses convenient in-built features like ‘Ask Dating Adviser’, where you could talk to some professionals about concerns or queries that you may have. 


  • The member forum is quite active and filled with good knowledge resources on how to lead a healthy and comfortable life. 
  • Also, the website checks users if they are legitimate or not. 


  • However, most of the communication options are blocked for free users. 
  • There are no options for real-time video messaging or group chatting. 

The review which follows will give a better description of the tenets of the website.

Positive Singles makes its way by being one of a kind online dating community for people having sexually transmitted diseases.

Many singles on the corresponding dating site have herpes, HIV / AIDS, HPV, hepatitis as well as other STDs, and look for someone in a similar kind of circumstance with whom they can spend their life either as a partner or a friend.

Positive Singles presently has more than 1.4 million registered users since it was launched in 2001, which undergoes approximately 15000 users active on the site daily.

This is by far the largest dating service of its type and serves as an excellent platform for people who wish to find a person with a similar kind of STD. 

A lot of people have asked us about what is so unique about Positive Singles from other dating sites. Well, it serves more like a community for people having STDs by putting such people at front. There are many reasons that make it different from other dating sites out there.

This is why we are here to give you all the detailed review about Positive Singles and judgements based on a round of theories and analytics. Let’s begin.

What makes Positive Singles different from other dating sites around the world?

Like we said before, Positive Singles is all about providing a dating platform for people living with STDs.

However, the site also serves as a supportive community. Just like a regular dating site, you get to create a profile answering some questions about yourself and proving info regarding what you seek to look for in an ideal partner.

Along the side of these questions, it also asks you about your hair colour, ethnicity, location, age, with some categories about your STD as well as which STD you would prefer to have in your partner. Positive Singles also gives you the option of choosing ‘no preference’ against that option as well.

With some unusual questions, when you get inside the area, you can extend your answers to let other people know a lot more about you.

You can go on with all things like the idea of your first date, your relationship history, your hobbies and interests, job details, questions about pets, places you want to visit or already visited, and a lot more of these.

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The point being, if anyone checks your profile, they can get to know about you without sending you a message. This is a good way to let someone know about your likes and dislikes. At Positive Singles, you can easily verify your profile, including your photo, occupation and income, age, education, etc.

They provide you with different ways to verify these things. After you have done all the verifications, you get a small icon on your profile that says you are a verified and genuine user. This is a useful option to find out authentic people on the website and remove the fake ones.

Going beyond the usual dating website, Positive Singles has forums, blog sections as well as chat rooms where you can meet other singles as well as offer your support to the ones in need of it. 

We were able to give out these ratings as per our own experience as well as people who have been using Positive Singles from quite some time.

Site Statistics

  • Registration - Fill a form and select ‘Find My Matches’; Username and Password; Location, Age and Relationship Status; Profile Headline (80 characters), About Me (up to 2000 char) and About My Match/Friends (minimum 80 char).
  • Members and Messaging - Search options (Quick / Advanced / By Username) through filtering by relationship status, body type or any other keywords; Customizing the profile with the sections by answering some questions.
  • Total number of user accounts - 1.7 million members
  • The average monthly visits - 795,000 members
  • Quality of members - Medium
  • Account Confidentiality - Yes
  • Popularity - Ranked one of the most popular STD dating sites
  • Photos available - Yes
  • Photo Security - No
  • Mobile Interactivity / Mobile Application - Yes

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design








Value for Money




Ease of Use


Quality of Members


Customer Satisfaction


User-Interface & Layout


Overall Score


With a great score like this, we really think you should register yourself on Positive Singles right now because this site is marking its presence by providing users with STDs and others a chance to have someone as their partners. Let’s bring you some more facts about it.


Website Address - www.positivesingles.com

Positive Singles offers people with the different ways by which they can discover and interact with other people, either actively or passively.

The website is secure with the detailed privacy settings allowing you to browse anonymously. 

The interactivity allows you the feature of hiding your profile related to specific rules such as hide when you are online, hide your STD, hide you from anyone else other than the ones which you marked as favourite, hide you from other people having certain STD, and many more.

If security is your topmost concern, there is an option on its mobile application which allows you to set passcodes to open the app.

You can quickly search the other person based on different profile criteria or using a keyword which will show you the profiles having those keywords only. 

If you are a new user, you can also let the website to pull up matches for you based on recommended matches, reverse matches or compatible ones too.

You can create your way to find others by viewing similar profiles as well, which is a better option of taking a great experience.

You get the option of chat, email, wink or “ask out now” to get something more out of just casual dating. 

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In case, you are finding the typical swiping method a rather boring, and there is a section known as Let’s Meet on the desktop version as well as Swipe on the mobile app to happen a lot more.

Positive Singles have been used widely receiving about 795,000 visits every single month with an average spend the time of 14:12 minutes on the site who views an average of 12 pages per every visit. The site gets its majority users from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Their mobile application is available on the Google Play store as well as the iOS app store with two kinds of applications, a standard version and a recently launched lite version.

The niche online dating network provides people with STDs to feel empowered to be able to step into friendship and love without any fear.

You can find various intelligently designed features as well as different areas of support, including care location directory, forums and blogs, inspirational stories, Q&A section, and a lot more.

Positive Singles lets you passively use the app where you can browse your way or by playing the Let’s Meet/Spark game and many other sorts of things.


The craze of online dating began a long time ago with a lot of websites already sitting on the top offering some of the unusual yet valuable features.

Some of the top sites such as OkCupid, Elite Singles, Ashley Madison, Match, Coffee Meets Bagel, etc. are already in fierce competition with one another, Positive Singles is a different kind of dating site.

It is a platform made to empower people with sexually transmitted diseases and make them feel like they are not alone in their journey. The site offers all features just like a normal dating app with precautionary measures to make their members feel safe.

With features of genuine profile and profile privacy, Positive Singles is one of the most popular online dating sites of its kind. There are some other sites such as MPwH as well as H- Mates which gives more importance on herpes and has been providing an impeccable user experience to them.  


  • As most of the dating website do not give anything on free versions, Positive Singles let you reply to online chats, send free winks, send birthday or greeting cards, adding up to 26 pictures, sending free winks as well as participating on blogs and forums.
  • The member forum is quite active and filled with good knowledge resources.
  • There is a feature known as Ask Dating Adviser which allows you to talk to some professionals through chat or email where you can ask about any concerns or queries that you may have. This feature can help you even discuss issues which you are having, including psychological or emotional issues.
  • Privacy option works quite well in Positive Singles as you can hide your profile related to some specific concerns. These include hiding options when you are online, and you can even hide your STD or hide everyone else other than the people categorized in the favourite section as well.
  • The member profile bio information lets you add quite a bit about you so that visitors may get to know about your personality before you start to send you messages or winks.
  • Positive Singles lets you verify your age, occupation, education, income and photo to make sure you are absolutely a legitimate user on the site. This is a good option; otherwise, other members can consider you as a fake user leaving you out from messaging, contacting or even from forum discussions as well.
  • Positive Singles is the most popular dating site of its kind having thousands of active users visit every month. It is safe and easy to use.
  • Besides every other feature, you get an impeccable customer care assistance so that you can continue having a smoother user experience. Their support assistance is quite fast and a lot more secure with the highest of the precautions been taken on maintaining your confidential data.
  • Your private data and payments are protected by secure servers to avoid you from any harm.
  • You can begin your experience with your email ID as well. This means you are free from linking any social media network accounts to Positive Singles.
  • Positive Singles works efficiently on the mobile by means of mobile application which is positively available on iOS as well as Android. You can enjoy a non- stop experience anytime and anywhere as per your convenience.


  • Even though there is an option of user/ profile verification, there are many people who do not do it. This makes them hard to trust whether he or she is genuine Positive Singles user or not.
  • There are no options for real-time video messaging or group chatting options.
  • Communication is mainly fee-based, which means you get extensive profile options as well as communication options once you become a paid member. The features for the free version are quite limited. 
  • The member homepage can go through some updates to spice things up. For example, it could include a photo gallery of all the best possible matches. 


Positive Singles hand out their premium membership at good prices.

By being a premium member, you get a range of facilities to enjoy such as initiating emails and instant messages with the members.

Searching for a new member, options of advanced searching, seeing who viewed your profile, finding out who is interested in you, accessing the full- size photo, viewing the last login time of a particular member, and a lot more.

Positive Singles give you the option of three types of timely memberships. It will automatically be rebilled until you cancel it. 

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You can also turn off the auto-renewal process from the subscription page as well.  For a monthly package, you need to pay $29.95, which stands out at $1.00 per day. The 3- month plan stands at $59.95 with approximately costing you around $19.95 for every month.

For a 6-month membership package, you need to pay $95.95, working out at just $15.95 per month. We will surely recommend you take a yearly package because all the fun and flirting require some time.


  • Positive Singles offers a satisfying customer experience from Monday to Thursday to their members. You can always count on their professionals whenever you come across any queries or have any complaints regarding their services. You can look for premium membership help on their site or your mobile application.
  • Their customer care service is friendly, fast and secure. Their help professionals take the highest safety precautions to maintain your confidentiality so that you can get a hassle-free experience.
  • They have an expert team who answers your questions and gives you impeccable customer satisfaction. You can get their assistance by going through this link: https://www.positivesingles.com/contact or you can view their FAQs by going on this link: https://www.positivesingles.com/faq.

Final Verdict

Although it is not free, it costs every inch of the effectiveness that we talked about before.

We give a green signal for its niche user base, extensive detailing for the profile setup, and supportive resources.

But some people might not be comfortable as others about staying on top of their voice about their health conditions to some stranger on the internet. 

In those cases, you may prefer joining a regular dating site and then discussing the health condition when you meet the one.

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In the Last

After going through all the features, ideas and statistics, we surely have come to an end of our detailed review of Positive Singles.

The particular dating site does empower people having sexually transmitted diseases to go out there and have a regular life experience in the form of meeting a friend or a life partner. You can comment down and tell us about your experience with the site whether you like it or not.

Also, if you want any of the other dating site to be reviewed, send us your query in, and we will try to work on it. Till then have a great week, and we will see you soon!

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