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PornHub is one of the busiest porn sites on the internet. It has one of the largest collections of porn videos and photos which make it one of the most visited porn sites in the world.

PornHub provides a free version, and a premium version to its users and both of them are equally popular.

However, there are many benefits of availing the premium version of PornHub such as you get an ad-free experience and complete access to HD videos.

Pornhub premium is one of the highest sold porn deal in our comprehensive porn discount section

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PornHub is home to some of the most sizzling amateurs and gorgeous professionals who are dedicated to giving their best shot so that you get entertained and aroused thoroughly.

Today we are presenting a detailed review of PornHub premium which will help you to get a complete idea about its features and flaws.

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Reasons that Make Pornhub Premium Popular

PornHub is a great option for porn lovers, and millions of people visit it every month to watch porn videos and photos. It has an intriguing design and targets almost every porn niche. Therefore, PornHub has always proved to be a lucrative option for both amateurs and experienced porn viewers.

Moreover, the option of choosing between free and premium version has helped PornHub to grow its community with an exponential rate. However, PornHub premium excels the free version is every which way possible.

It provides a hassle-free interface and full-length movies which are not available to free users. Also, you get to watch and download thousands of porn DVDs in a seamless manner which has made it more popular over the years.

PornHub can be considered as an elite video provider similar to Netflix which deals with the mainstream stuff. The look and feel of the PornHub premium are quite appealing, and the numerous categories, tags and search options make it all the more desirable and tempting to the members.

All these factors have helped PornHub in establishing itself in the porn industry.

Website Pricing

There is only one premium plan available to the PornHub users, and that comes at a reasonable price of just $9.99. It gets auto-renewed if you do not cancel the subscription after its expiry period. Also, the trial pack of 7 days is provided at absolutely zero cost which is good enough to please the users.

However, be careful to unsubscribe the pack before the 7th day if you are not happy with the content and experience of using PornHub premium. The lack of premium plans can be a concern as of now, but with newer updates and features we expect them to introduce new plans as well.

Also, you can pay via credit cards or through cryptocurrency as well which is a good option for the people who like dealing in cryptocurrencies. Payment can be done via credit cards of Visa and MasterCard. You can also pay via an online cheque. 

However, be careful while purchasing the premium plans as there might be some pre-checked cross-sell offers as they might incur additional cost to you.

For unchecking them, use the drop-down list and choose the 'No' option. You should always uncheck these offers before entering your credit card details and processing the payment for avoiding the additional costs.


  • Yearly plan - $7.99 per month
  • Monthly plan - $9.99 per month
  • Trial plan – Free (Lasts for seven days)

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Overall Score


Site Statistics

  • Most popular porn stars (Female) – Lucy Cat (36 videos), Eva Lovia (479 videos), Janice Griffith (564 videos)   
  • Total number of videos – 260K+
  • The average length of videos – 16 minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1080p
  • Download limit – No
  • Total number of photosets – 100K+
  • Photo slideshows – No
  • Watermarks on Photos – Yes but small
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 2000 pixels
  • DRM protection – NO
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Website Overview

Website address: https://www.pornhubpremium.com/premium_signupjoin=41&ats=eyJhIjoyODYzMzUsImMiOjU2NzQ1NjAwLCJuIjozLCJzIjoyLCJlIjo4MDE3LCJwIjoxMX0=

Estimated visits last month – 89.8 million

PornHub had gathered a massive member database and popularity before it launched its premium version.

Therefore, it helped it in getting attention even though there were dozens of other websites which provided similar features and quality — one aspect in which PornHub score over the other websites is the fact that it is available at a much lesser cost.

By paying approximately $10 per month, you can get access to full-length clips and DVD's which prove to be exceptional features for the premium users. However, PornHub premium does not feel and look much different to the free version apart from the fact that you get to enjoy ads free browsing of videos.


The HD quality of porn clips is great, but nothing is astounding or remarkable about it as most of them premium porn sites are already doing it. Also, another aspect which makes PornHub premium unique is that they provide a trial version for free and that two for complete seven days.

This is a rare feature which most of the leading paid sites do not offer, but PornHub has done a cool thing by providing this perk to the new users. The free subscription would continue as a monthly pack if not cancelled before its expiry period.

By considering all these features, we would recommend PornHub premium for everyone who wishes to stream and download porn clips in HD quality.



  • The free version of PornHub only provided porn clips which were the best scenes picked from a complete piece of work. However, with PornHub premium, you can watch the complete scenes without any editing which is a great thing especially for the individuals who wish to enjoy the scenes slowly to build strong arousal.
  • Most of the categories are available in HD quality for the premium users and if you wish to view or download them in full HD format that also is possible. This is perhaps the greatest perk provided by this site and works quite well in its favour.
  • We already know how huge PornHub is when it comes to the quantity of the porn videos and clips. There are more than 2.5 lacks clips on this site, and most of them are in HD quality. This means that you get far more variety and choices when it comes to PornHub premium as well.
  • Most of us are already aware of how to use the PornHub since most the porn lovers have accessed the free version many times. PornHub premium also works in a similar manner, and so you need not get confused about its operation when you subscribe to the premium plan.
  • The average length of the clips is around 17 minutes which is not huge but good enough to provide you with complete entertainment while watching the porn scenes.
  • If you like to watch hardcore porn clips, then PornHub provides only the best hardcore scenes to its members. You will also have access to a lot of romantic and passionate scenes which make it a complete porn site. Most of the premium porn sites have a lack of variety when it comes to hardcore and softcore scenes, but PornHub has plenty of variety in both the basic genres of porn. 
  • The amateur girls of PornHub are fresh teens who like to explore their limits. There are thousands of professional performers as well which showcase their skills and talent most seductively. Therefore, you never feel disappointed when you watch a porn scene on PornHub premium.
  • The streaming player provided by PornHub to its premium users is exceptional. You never face an issue while streaming and moving backwards or forward during a scene feels as seamless as you would like.
  • Also, you can stream and download videos in either 720p or 1080p on PornHub premium.
  • The searching options and tools enable you to find the porn scene of your choice with ease. There are thousands of tags and filter options which make it pretty easy even for the new users. The categories are nicely archived, and you will never find porn scenes from different categories stashed in one another. These features are provided to provide a convenient experience to the premium users of PornHub.
  • There is no need to face any ads in the premium version of PornHub. Therefore, you do not feel frustrated or distracted when you are using PornHub premium.


  • The content of PornHub is always collected from different porn channels and studios. Therefore, do not expect these porn scenes to be exclusive even if you are using the PornHub premium.
  • All the adult pictures and videos are not available in HD quality on PornHub premium. You may come across many scenes which are in SD quality, and this can easily disappoint users who have a keen interest in only HD videos and pictures.
  • PornHub premium does feature some ads in the premium version too, and though they are usually not distractive, premium users can always be upset about them. Most of the leading porn sites are providing 100 per cent ads-free experience as they do not intend to generate income through ads as PornHub does.
  • When you watch a porn scene, you easily tend to pick the next scene to watch from the recommended and similar videos usually presented below or on the right-hand side of your screen. On PornHub premium, you will find similar scenes and recommended videos, but most of them would not be in HD quality by default. This is one aspect which needs to be improved by this paid porn site.
  • The collection of adult photos is not that huge if we compare it with the adult scenes. Also, the adult pictures seem to be more like screenshots which can disappoint the premium users.
  • Leading premium porn sites like Brazzers and Reality Kings provide far superior user-interface and sorting options than PornHub. PornHub might be a little less expensive but the difference isn't that much, and some people like to spend a few extra bucks for a few extra features. 
  • Content from leading sites such as Brazzers, Digital Playground, etc. is provided to the PornHub premium users. PornHub rarely produces a porn movie or video or its own, and therefore, you get to see only the random stuff from the top porn sites.
  • Many people who have used the free version of PornHub are happy with it and do not feel the premium version to be a difference maker. This can be a major concern for the site’s wish to compete with the top premium sites.

PornHub Premium as Netflix of Porn

Features of Pornhub Premium

For watching videos on Pornhub, you don’t need a premium plan. However, you will also have to deal with ads that keep popping up while exploring its features and categories.

Some adverts even don’t allow you to watch the videos peacefully. To avoid this mess, you can subscribe to its premium version which is offered at a nominal price.

The premium version also provides tons of premium movies that free users cannot access.

By opting for a premium plan of Pornhub, you become eligible for all the bonuses and special offers that are provided to the premium account holders.

To know which additional benefits are bestowed upon the premium subscribers please check the below list of features:

  • Access to over 10K porn scenes
  • Viewing porn videos in ultra HD (4k) quality
  • No need to bother about ads
  • Access to VR porn videos
  • Access to porn scenes of biggest studios & brands
  • A fresh dose of daily updates
  • Access to one of the biggest porn tubes
  • VR porn scenes get updated regularly as well

User Review

Pornhub is not just a porn site but a complete adult entertainment platform for me. Here I can watch VR porn, download porn videos of my favorite pornstars, watch live performers of stunning cam models, view images in high-resolution formats, and do much more. I've also found many good friends in the community who keep recommending the latest scenes that they have watched. Buying premium membership of Pornhub has been one of the best decisions of my life as it changed my way of looking at porn.

Kimber Stone

I was not a regular user of Pornhub but when I heard that they are offering premium membership at just $9.99 per month, I had to check it out because I always believed that they churn out the steamiest porn scenes on the internet. Little did I had an idea about the various perks and bonuses they provide with the premium membership. Though I still do not watch porn daily, whenever I do it’s only on Pornhub.

Vicky Rumpert

Pornhub, my fleshlight sleeve, and a darkroom are the few things I need to chill in the evening. However, I have to say that after subscribing to its membership plan, I don't even need my masturbator anymore!

Sandy Rhodes

Competition & Support

The premium version of PornHub is pretty unique as it is meant to provide a theatrical experience to the users. Therefore, there is not much real competition for PornHub except for the few sites that offer similar services.

However, these sites such as VideoBox are not that popular, and therefore, PornHub need not worry too much about them. However, when it comes to the quality and user-friendly experience, there are many porn sites which are far superior and prove to be a milestone for the sites like PornHub premium.

One such paid porn site is Evil Angel which mesmerises its members by top quality porn and epic performances. Apart from these sites, BangBros, Brazzers, etc. are also competing and PornHub premium has to do something really special if its wishes to tackle down this porn powerhouses.

PornHub is well-known for providing dedicated support, especially to its premium users.

Final Verdict

PornHub scores over other leading porn sites when it comes to the quantity, but it has to catch up a lot concerning quality. PornHub provides a few VR scenes, but they are certainly not up to the mark.

The free trial version can be availed only if you subscribe with your credit card and therefore there is a bit of catch there. However, you can cancel the trial version or even the monthly plan anytime you feel like.

The sheer amount and quality of HD videos make it a good enough premium porn site and its affordable price makes it even more tempting. Therefore, we would like to leave the decision up to you, and there is no harm trying it once for sure.

Conclusive Thoughts

There are many premium porn providers in the market and PornHub premium is a relatively new porn venture if we consider only its premium part. However, it has a promising future, and therefore you can at least go for the trial pack as of now.

Hope you liked this review and if you have any queries or experiences to share, please do it without a second thought. Till then, enjoy HD porn on PornHub like you would on any premium porn website!

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