Planet Romeo Review (2020)

Planet Romeo

If you belong to the LGBTQ community and are worried about dating then you must visit PlanetRomeo app.

This is one of the largest platforms that cater to homosexual people.


  • Most of the features are available for free users.
  • It has mobile applications for both android and iOS.


  • It has limited support networks or channels.
  • There are annoying advertisements and redirects to other sites.

This review covers the detailed insights into the site’s statistics, performance score, pros and cons, unique features, and more.

In this article, details about PlanetRomeo are explained with its exciting features and bonuses.

If you're from the LGBTQ circle and are looking for a partner in this chaotic world of missed matches and mismatches, PlanetRomeo could be your ideal platform.

It's one of the largest and most reliable networks of sincere and active homosexual members who're in their quest for hook-ups, friendship, or love. With PlanetRomeo, you've one such den that cultivates and promotes more carnal desires and bondage fantasies for gay men.

What began as a humble house for gay, bisexual and transgender people across the globe has now emerged as a force to reckon with in the world of gay dating.

If you want to shy away from that "let's go for another splendid date again" or "can we have another beautiful rendezvous together" cliché, you'd probably have your hands full on PlanetRomeo.

What makes PlanetRomeo so popular?

The main reason behind PlanteRomeo’s mercurial rise is it’s features that allow your mind to run amok, heart to be wild and free, and lets your body speak for itself. It might come down as a bane for gay existence, but you can consider that as a necessary evil in today's scheme of things.

This networking portal for gay and lesbian singles is based out of Germany. You can rightly call PlanetRomeo the online dating pool's more profound and bigger end. For starters, it's an exclusive dating site for gay, trans and bisexual people.

You can also customize the site layout and font as per your preference. The free contacting features act as propellers and members can gift bonus subscriptions and coupons to others. Paid subscribers can cloak their activities and profiles from other users.

For the ones availing a free or basic plan, you can get usual options to tap or block users whom you want to keep out of your communication circle. You can also report offensive or abusive users directly to the staff at PlanetRomeo.

Meanwhile, in terms of your physical safety, the site provides a minefield of sexual health tips and resources, which include a helpdesk for your concerns and inquiries, if any. It also has excellent customer support.

The website features a considerably succinct FAQ segment alongside a live helpcentre that entertains an avalanche of support and help requests in various languages. However, it's unfortunate that you don't have auxiliary real-time features or options to delve into more exigencies that might surface any time.

Regarding its member structure, most of them are looking for temporary dating and 'fruitful', casual hook-ups. It's quite evident from the fact that the majority of members implements NSFW profile snaps and upload X-rated pictures in their private albums of QuickShare.


Website Address:

Estimated visits last month: 24.32M

A brainchild of Manuel Abraham and Jens Schmidt and in the circuit since 2002, it has expanded from Germany and countries speaking German like Switzerland and Austria to other parts of the world.

Today, you can access it from virtually any corner of the world.

The mobile app and website are available in at least six languages, Espanola, Portuguese, Italian, Deutsch, French and English.

The dating site provides an array of search and contacting functions, creating a fantastic user experience.

planet romeo lp

Active members have a higher percentage here, making it a viable space for gay men to find serious dates, hook-ups and pals. You can connect your social media accounts like Facebook to register quickly and set your current location manually.

It's mandatory to upload a profile photo, and you need to verify your mail address for full access to the website. For one of the best queer dating sites out there, you can find shared-interest hubs, thorough messaging options and clean searches.

PlanetRomeo brings you every tool you need to find your mate or beau. Additional features like extra profile link tabs and slots, and picture upload can get you superb results that are at par with your free account. Both the Android and iOS apps provide all that modality, functionality and features.

The site focuses on where its user base or target clientele is and with excellent health and mental support directives for members, along with a dedicated and robust, global LGBT foundations, you cannot miss out on PlanetRomeo. They compartmentalize these stickers into two sub-segments.

First one is the 'Hot Stuff' underlines sexy, hot butt, great body, etc. The other compliments showcase intelligent, 'man of my dreams', so cuddly or cute, and so on. What make this site even more idiosyncratic are its categorical and specific search options.

While most dating sites have only a single member search option, PlanetRomeo categorizes its members by their activity and best attributes. PlanetRomeo provides you with a more self-maneuvered mechanism, wherein you run custom-filters in searches to get a throng of possible matches.

You can save your searches so that you don't have to re-enter the filters and run the same stuff over and over again. For Plus members, you'll also receive notifications of new members and can contact individual members living in your vicinity. That's how streamlined it has become.

The website also displays a list of top-rated PR members and recent entrants. After seeing people of interest, you can reach out to them through different communication tools. You have the direct messaging feature, which is quite ubiquitous in most online dating scenes.

PlanetRomeo's interface also enables video messages, which is undoubtedly a fantastic way to flaunt your personality and appearance and check out a potential match before meeting him personally. For paid members, real-time chat options allow you to decipher the online blokes.

It's a great way of fishing the most active members in your match results. Both its iOS and Android apps make extensive use of your phone's GPS features, enabling you to search for pals and dates in your proximity. Signing up for your PlanetRomeo account is a quick, stepwise process.

Your first step is to create a username, and if it's unavailable, nominate your DOB. Only people above 18 years can sign up on PlanetRomeo. State your location afterwards. You can do it manually or use the automatic features. After this, you give your email and generate a password.

The site asks you to upload a profile picture, which doesn't undergo any approval procedure. After successful verification of your email, you navigate to the profile builder of the site. That's where you give an 'interview.'

They ask you some essential personal details like your current relationship status, sexual orientation, and your reasons to join PlanetRomeo.

Pricing & Membership Fees

PlanetRomeo has carved out its niche with its mostly free and dynamic business model. It implies that you'll get every essential to create a superb dating experience sans paying one cent. That's one good reason to check it out.

However, it's still a business, and you've paid subscriptions for further extending the functionality of your account. The site membership allows you to have an invisible or incognito mode as well. You can also upload more pictures and save more details and contacts.

It grants you some cognizance with a badge that identifies you as an esteemed paid member. You also have the option to customize and bedeck your profile. Both these features inform other users about your presence and value.

It reflects on their search results, accelerating your attractiveness and viability as a prospective match. You can get further insights into its mechanism by chipping into

Site Performance Score: (Out of 10)




9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10

Hook-up modality

10 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10

Overall Score

9.9 / 10

Site Statistics

  • Main index: With an impressive global rank of 879, its country and category rank is 91 and 65 respectively.
  • Duration and pages/visit: Average duration is 0:19:50 and pages people see in each visit is 31.47. The bounce rate is 13.37%.
  • Desktop traffic sources: It has 84.10% direct searches, with 0.70% from referrals, 2.38% from social media and 1.01% from mails.
  • Generic searches: Around 11.80% of PlanetRomeo’s traffic is from direct searches. It’s 100% organic. It doesn’t have any display advertising. Most of the audience's interests are in the adult category.

Competitors of Planet Romeo

Compared to most of its competitors like,,, and, PlanetRomeo remains a vibrant and large community. It has plenty of things to keep you hooked in.

Apart from the core dating and hook-up system, it also allows clubs, companies and escorts to create their specific profiles, which means a user can venture beyond the regular personal profiles and explore numerous others ways.

When it comes to your profile, you can put everything from primary stuff to more in-depth details on your interests and fantasies. You can display as many as 25 photos and nurture connections with other services, groups, or users. The other two sites in this category are Hornet and ManHunt.

Compared to a rating of 9.9/10 for PlanetRomeo, they have 9 and 8.6 respectively.


  • Setting aside flapping and flaunting privates, and an entire patchwork mattress of sculpted abs, PlanetRomeo is pretty nonchalant and brisk about its primary purpose. It's like your cool and mischievous teacher, who's aware of your sexual history, but always gives you a pack of contraceptives before you let yourself loose on your hot and happening date.
  • The information zone of PlanetRomeo shares reliable and free WebMD information about STDs, focusing on the purport of condoms and safe sex. Since it houses the largest and most thriving user base, this part holds significance.
  • You can get a fabulous free plan as most of its key features don't necessitate a paid subscription.
  • It has apps for both Android and iOS. It also entails numerous health resources. The site invests precious time, resources and effort into supporting and sheltering LGBT communities and charities throughout the world.
  • Members can also state what exactly they're expecting from the site. A lot of them openly declare they're looking for nothing but sex. Even without a rigid verification system, the site only has a few fake profiles that are easily spotted.
  • You can increase your profile merit or credibility if and when other users vouch for your existence. You can do it by ticking on that option on that particular user's profile.


  • Its limited support networks or channels are a turn-off. There's nothing beyond that live helpdesk and online contact form.
  • Virtual ads cluttering the space and profiles and pop-up windows of some impulsive boys makes PlanetRomeo quite confusing and confounding to navigate. The complexity is at par with your quarterly Starbucks discounts!

Customer Support

PlanetRomeo comes with a bonus feature in its 2018 upgrade. The Ask Mother section is one prominent example. Just like a mother nurtures her baby, this domain offers advice and relationship tips for gay men. It also has the new G-rated platform, allowing adult content and nude photos on the website.

However, those who wish to avoid sexually explicit material can choose this feature. Its automatic logout is another superb addition. If you're inactive for 10 minutes or more, PlanetRomeo will automatically log you out. This marks the end of catfishing from all ends.

Happy Friday makes almost every feature of PlanetRomeo free to each member. That's how you use Happy Hours. Then you have the Planet Radio addition. While browsing through countless profiles, you can choose to play your hot favourite radio station on the internet.

A fascinating section is Radar. It shows four different search query tabs. These are New, Activity, Distance and Discover. The Distance one shows users around your zip code, the one which you listed on your dating profile.

It's incredible how Activity loops you with members who recently logged into PlanetRomeo. The New segment showcases newly registered members, whom you call Romeo. You can find a summary of all the three searches in the Discover segment.

You can know more about its tabs and features by logging into


PlanetRomeo is undoubtedly one of the best gay dating sites in the market, mainly thanks to its low entry price and free mechanism.

Nothing beats a concerned complementary modality, and this site gives you unlimited access to profile browsing, search, and most importantly, a plethora of messaging features without charge.

Although you might have some hiccups with the limited support channels out there, overall, it provides a fascinating dating experience.

Parting words

Don't get us wrong, we've found some interesting folks there, but that's pretty inconsequential. For every exciting or riveting figure you connect with, you've no option but sieving through countless Hi's and sighs. It's pretty akin to the Yahoo chat room of today's millennium.

It's on online platform or directory of gay men to mate and sleep with. Sail your boat across profiles of willing and horny men, who're ready to get into the act right now! For veterans, you might feel an odd rush of adrenaline every time you chip into PlanetRomeo.

The sonic message alert rhythms with your heartbeat, or shall we say libido, urging and plodding you to open the mobile app every 15-30 minutes. The best part is you don't have to perform screening and give an audition to land up a hot man's bed. So, Good luck, amigos.

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