PinaLove Review


Pinalove is here to arouse with a platform made for all the men out there who wishes to date or meet young girls or even transgender people.

The site has over a million people from around the world including Germany, United Kingdom, Australia and other.

Pinalove works well with its profile features and navigation options to get the users of your choice where you get the freedom to boost your testosterone levels.

This review covers everything that you need to know about this site including all the statistics for the relevant content, unique features, performance scores, ups and downs as well as valuable recommendation.  


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Pinalove is a dating site that is dedicated to providing a platform to men who wish to date or meet young girls or even transgender people. The site is focused towards the people in the Philippines and is mostly used by people from Davao, Manila and Cebu.

The site is currently catering to about 1 million users, and the number of users over the website is consistently increasing. The site has an efficient live chat system and is consistent in ensuring users’ safety while talking to each other and sharing out their details.

Dating sites are one of the most common platforms for people where they can find close connections or even love. Pinalove is trying to provide a similar kind of  platform, especially to people who are in the Philippines and wish to date.

Let’s find out how good this dating site is and what all features it provides to its users.

What makes Pinalove popular?

Pinalove is a dating site that is currently providing a platform to the people in the Philippines to connect, date or fall in love.

It is also offering its services to foreign men and ladyboys who may be looking for connections. One of the features that make Pinalove popular is that the users can change their preferences as and when they want by using the provided tabs on the website.

Pinalove identifies as a platform for Filipina women per se and is welcoming towards all genders because many ladyboys are also making use of the site to find connections and mostly hookups.

Pinalove is one of the dating platforms that do not have a considerable number of users that are active daily, but because of the services that are being provided, it is increasingly becoming popular amongst the people. More and more people are signing up on the site every day.


Website link –

Estimated Active Members (weekly) – 3,300

Pinalove is a dating site, mostly catering to the people in the Philippines, though a large number of its users belong to different countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Australia as well as the United States.

With over a million users currently, Pinalove is growing and gathering more attention from the people who are interested in trying different dating sites.

It is especially attractive for ladyboys and foreign men who are interested in women or men from the Philippines because the site is gender-neutral and instead encouraging towards making ladyboys sign up and use the services. 

pinalove banner

A lot of men and women join the website and based on preferences, men are shown different profiles of women on their screen, where they can pick and choose based on their choices.

The dating site allows the users to choose from various forms of relationships or connections that they wish to enter into through the site, such as casual dating, relationship, hookups and marriage.

Most women over the website are Filipinas, though there is no restriction upon the users to sign up based on their geographical location. Hence, anyone from across the globe can sign up and use the site.

The signing up process at Pinalove is user-friendly and straightforward. After completing the signing-up process, the users are required to fill in the necessary information about themselves.

While the signing up process is relatively simple, a lot of questions need to be answered by users before they actually start using the site and connect with other users. These questions include the interests and hobbies of the users, their religion, marital status, education level, etc.

The site allows all users to browse through the basic webpages and sign-up for free. But it requires all users to pay for their services such as connecting with other users, messaging them personally or gain further access to the list of users who they might be willing to communicate with.

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The site provides certain features such as advanced filters by which each user can look for members of their choice and preference. Other features of the site include Visited Me, Interested in Me and Favorited Me.

Through these features, the users can check the members who have visited their profiles, sent them hearts to show interest or stars to put them in the favourites category, respectively.

Furthermore, the users can access the patterns that they have checked previously, demonstrated an interest in or put in their list of favourites. When a user engages in either of these features, his name appears on the lists of other users as well, who he may have visited or liked.

An application version of the site is available for Apple iOS only. The application, as well as the website, is smooth and easy-to-use. The users shall not find any difficulty or complications while using the platform.


Most services at are paid, and the users cannot achieve the best experience of the site without paying a fee for using the site.

There are a few free services available at the site such as a free sign-up, viewing different profiles and photos of the members who are connected and active at Pinalove, uploading pictures and sending interests.

The users can also send messages in the free version of the site, but they can only send one message every ten minutes. The paid features though include being able to send unlimited messages without any time-restriction per message as well as receiving the read receipts for messages sent by them.

They can also contact and message the popular and premium members of the site as a part of the paid features.

The pricing at Pinalove is not exactly cheap as compared to most other dating sites. For a month’s plan, a user is required to pay USD 24.95. If a user wishes to pay quarterly, they are required to pay $49.94, which comes down to $16.65 per month. 

The half-yearly plan costs $69.95, which is about $11.66 per month, whereas the yearly plan is for $99.95, costing about $8.32 for each month. These payments can be made through Credit Cards, PayPal as well as Bitcoins.

The auto-renewal policy for payments applies to users who are using the 1-month or quarterly plans. The members who have paid for half-yearly and yearly plans are not charged automatically when their subscription ends.

The users can cancel their subscriptions at the website whenever they choose to. A highlight of this dating site is that it offers a full-refund policy to all its users within two weeks from the subscription.

Site Statistics

  • Over 1 million users are currently available on the site
  • A majority of users are from the USA (about 290,000)
  • A large majority of users are women (70%)
  • Only 30% of the users of the site are men
  • Majority of male users of the site are from the United Kingdom and the United States
  • Users of the site fall in age-groups of 18-44
  • About 3,300 logins happen daily on the website.

Performance Score (Out of 10)

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Making Contact


Profile Quality


Real Life Review


Value For Price


Quality of Members


Ease of Use


Customer Satisfaction






Overall Score


Competitors of Pinalove

There are several dating websites available over the internet.

Still, Pinalove does not have a lot of competitors currently because it is operating as a specific niche-based dating site, where the focus is especially upon Filipina women. 

Another reason why competition is not as high for Pinalove currently is because they are very much better or at par with their competitors.

Yet, several websites are providing similar services to users such as Filipino Cupid,, My Ladyboy Date, etc.

Some sites like Filipino Cupid are fairly similar to the platform that has been created by Pinalove.

In contrast, other sites like My Ladyboy Date focus on a specific niche segment that is common with Pinalove.

pinalove lofin


  • The site allows free sign-up, and the users can browse the site as well to connect with other users.
  • Application of the site is available for smartphones, and it works smoothly, without any crashes or lagging.
  • A large number of Filipina girls are available to be connected with on the site.
  • Especially beneficial for the people based in the Philippines and nearby regions.
  • The site is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Premium services make the process of connecting with other users smooth and enrich the experience of the users.
  • As compared to many other dating sites, specifically in the Philippines, Pinalove has the highest response rate.
  • Feature to save photos sent through personal messaging.
  • Users can view the profiles that have visited them or have left them a heart or star.
  • Users can also browse through several profiles and leave stars, hearts or notes to show their interest.
  • The website layout is simple and easy-to-use.
  • Open and welcome towards ladyboys and transgender people to join the site.
  • Allows users to change their preferences with a single click and view suitable profiles.
  • Users have extensive privacy control options such as being able to hide profiles from non-members of the site.
  • Advanced filters can be used to find suitable matches.
  • Provides a full refund of the subscription amount within two-weeks of sign-up.


  • The site does not allow login from Facebook or any other social media platform. The users are required to remember their login details to access the account.
  • Facebook pictures cannot be imported in the profiles, which is inconvenient for many users.
  • The site requires users to answer any questions during the sign-up process, which can be tedious and boring.
  • The website layout is easy-to-use and straightforward, but also boring and dull at the same time.
  • Most essential features of the site are available for premium members only. Free members can only send messages at the pace of 1 message in 10 minutes, which hampers the overall experience of the users.
  • The features for free users come with several restrictions such as the inability of being able to connect with multiple users at a time or not being able to connect with the premium members of the site.
  • Many fake profiles and scam accounts have been spotted on the site, hence reducing the safety aspect of the site.
  • The customer support is limited to a support form, emails and commonly asked questions on the website. There are delays in receiving responses from the executives.
  • Does not provide any ID-verification requirements to ensure the safety of the users.


Pinalove is one of those dating sites with no calling support system in place.

As a result, a user of the website cannot make a call to connect with the executives of the site instantly, to resolve a query or an issue. 

Though, Pinalove does provide a form and an email through which the users can make complaints or raise issues about their experience with the site.

The users are expected to wait for about 24 hours to receive a reply from the company. 

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Apart from the form and email address, basic queries and commonly asked questions have been provided in a list. The users can go through these commonly asked questions and their answers to seek guidance.

The support form is available on the following contact page at the site - Alternatively, the company is not active on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media accounts where the users can contact them.


Pinalove is one of the dating sites that is operating with a specific vision in mind and have a specific niche as opposed to those sites that cater to all kinds of people in general. Pinalove is one of the best dating sites that are available for Filipino men and women.

It also provides several unique features like sending hearts or stars to like a profile or add it to the list of favourites. At the same time, the site also allows users to upload unlimited pictures or save the ones that were sent while messaging.

These saved images can be kept as memories and revisited whenever the users want to.

Additionally, the site is exceptionally welcoming towards ladyboys and transgender people, to find the connections that they wish to. The users can look for any kinds of relationships or connections, ranging from hookups and casual dates to serious relationships or marriage.

pinalove app

There is no bar on the geographical locations of the users who wish to sign-up on the website, which means anyone can hop on to the site and enjoy its features. This is why a majority of men at Pinalove are either from the United States or the United Kingdom.

Pinalove is one of a kind dating site that has a user-friendly layout and unique features through which you can find connections of your choice.

What is the best part? If you do not like the services provided by Pinalove, they offer to pay back a full refund of your subscription, when cancelled within two weeks.

The fee that is required to be paid at Pinalove is slightly more than other dating websites that are providing a similar platform as Pinalove. Also, while there are several free features to be used by the users, they are mostly a deceptive yet smart way of making the users eventually sign up.

It is so because the users need to wait for 10 minutes to send each message and have to face restrictions upon the members that they can match with on the website. If they do like the site and the people available thereon, they are required to pay for receiving the best experience of the website.

Also, if you sign up for a month or three, make sure that you are constantly alerted about the payment cycle so that you do not lose out on money while not even being active on the site.

If you do not mind paying a little extra to connect with Filipino men and women, you should try the site and experience the process of connecting with strangers uniquely.

Parting Words

It is always our aim to ensure that you receive the best possible knowledge about the different dating websites that are available for use.

Hence, we made the best possible efforts to review here, so that you can make an informed choice about joining the platform and spending your valuable money in receiving and enjoying their services.

We hope that we were able to clarify your confusions and queries about the site. If you like the review, please stay connected with us for more of such similar reviews coming up in the future.

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