PicHunter Review


PicHunter.com is a charming website which specializes in a unique HD photo gallery which is a repository of erotic and sensual images based on various fascinating categories.


  • The website always provides High definition images without exceptions.
  • Furthermore, you can browse as many images as you can without any charges or hidden monetary plans.


  • However, if you are looking for porn videos, you'll be disappointed. PicHunter does not house any video content.
  • Also, the website promotes various advertisements on their websites for the sake of revenue, which impacts the user experience.

For more on the features of the website, do check out the review that follows.

Are you looking for some material to jerk off to on the internet? Then Pichunter.com is perfect for you.

This website is an HD photo gallery where you can get a lot of hot photos based on various categories. PicHunter.com collects multiple images from multiple adult websites and feature them on their website. You will also get to know the name of the models or the porn stars along with their photos.

If you browse further, you can also get to know more details about the porn star.

This web platform was established in 2001. Since that time, the website has been updated several times. Now, this platform is also available to support on mobile phones. The users of PicHunter reported that it is entirely a virus-free website.

There are no bullshit reports of spyware and virus so far which makes it a super-fast and user-friendly website.

It seems that the creator of the website is still working on the improvement of the website. Every day new updates come on the site. Here we are reviewing PicHunter in more detail. As we go in further, you will get to know more about the site and its features. So, fasten your seat belts.

You are about to get enlightened about this wildest and craziest adult website.

What makes Pichunter different?

Various websites offer you various wild contents. Pichunter is somewhat different from these websites. If you need to see some horny ladies in jaw-dropping poses, then this website is perfect for you.

You can browse further to know about the porn stars in detail. You can also get more photos of these porn stars on their profile pages. This website is entirely safe for use. The most exciting thing is that you can see these images free of cost. There are no hidden monetary features present on this website.

There isno such feature to download the images without registering yourself onto the website. However, you can always see the photos in HD quality. While browsing through the photos, you won't find any advertisements. You can zoom-in the pictures and get the detailed view as per your convenience.

You can vote for your favourite porn star to encourage them. You need to place the photos you like on your album and join the discussion in the comment section. To do all these kinds of stuff, you need to register yourself on the website. After registration, you can comment or like the photos. You can also share the images on your profile.

If you want to see videos as well, then there are direct link buttons for videos. As soon as you click them, you are redirected to the website that is cliphunter.com. PicHunter does not contain videos or clips. Clip Hunter is a similar website like PicHunter where you can find only video contents.

PicHunter does give spam emails to the user for[1] marketing. This is one of the plus points of the website. Apart from this, PicHunter is 100 percent safe to browse. The creator of this website takes excellent care of the users.

Site statistics

  • Top Porn star of the website: Kelly Divine
  • Launched in: 2001
  • Categories: 100+
  • Content-type: Adult Images
  • Number of images: 1 Million +

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Ease of Use


Search filtering facility


Variety in contents


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Sorting options






Trust Rating


Quality of contents


Overall Score



Website: http://www.pichunter.com

Are you someone who loves to collect pictures of hot babesin their wildest poses? Then here is something new for you.

PicHunter is one of the craziest adult websites. There are more than a million hot pictures present on this platform.

You can browse various categories of images on this platform that is enough to make you feel sexually excited.

PicHunter is 100 percent safe website that provides a wide range of collections and albums. 

pichunter LP 2-min

You can find your favourite porn star on this platform. You would also get a chance to know more about them in detail.

PicHunter collects hot images from various web-based platforms and features them on their website. You can download these images once you register yourself  onthis website. The record is completely free.

You might have come across various websites that offer photos of multiple qualities. PicHunter provides you only HD images so that you can have a clear view of the model. Even though you zoom in the pictures for a better view, the quality does not degrade. 

The website contains only images. If you want to see some video stuff, then you can find a video button on the site. Once you click on that button, then you will be redirected to cliphunter.com. It is also an adult website similar to a PicHunter that offers only porn videos.


PicHunter is for free of cost. You can browse as many pictures you like on this platform. If you are a registered member, then you can also download hot pictures of models. There are no hidden prices or policies on this website. You can go for any content you like and enjoy them.

While coming to the revenue generation, PicHunter promotes various advertisements for products on their website. If you click here and there, you would be redirected to other websites. PicHunter earns from these promotions and advertisements.


  • PicHunter provides a wide range of images of various categories. There are more than 100 categories you can search for.
  • Most of the websites haveissues regarding the quality of images present on them. PicHunter does not deal with bad quality images. They always provide High definition images. Even though you zoom in the images, you won’t find any degradation in the image quality.
  • PicHunter does not have any hidden monetary plan. It is free of cost. You can browse as many images as you can without any charges. If you are a registered member on this platform, then you can also download the images provided on the website. You need to right-click on images, and you can go ahead and download them.
  • When you open a website, whether it is user-friendly or not, you can judge it by seeing the homepage of the website. PicHunter Website is simple to use. It is user-friendly in every aspect. The home page of the website contains several posts that are enough to make you excited. You can browse multiple images from various categories easily.
  • Most of the adult websites contain viruses and spyware. You can rely on the PicHunter website with 100 percent trust that you won't find any issue regarding viruses and spyware.
  • The website is speedy. You won't find any issue regarding loading pages or downloading. Every feature isjust a click away.
  • Besides adult images, you can also find porn star index and profiles. You will also get a chance to know about your favourite porn star in detail.
  • You can share the contents of PicHunter on email and twitter. Above each image, there are options present to share.
  • PicHunter is also available for wide ranges of devices. Some websites are designed especially for mobile phones. PicHunter is also made for tablet devices. Therefore, there is no compatibility issue with this website.


  • PicHunter does not show any video content. If you want to enjoy video content, then you have to visit cliphunter.com. This website is the same as pichunter.com, but it contains only videos. All in all, you need to switch the site if you want to see video content.
  • Searching and sorting option is very poor in PicHunter. You cannot sort out contents that you love to watch. You cannot remove contents that hurt you emotionally.[1] Though, PicHunter has lots of mind-blowing contents; they often fail to improve their sorting feature. Intent of the statement not clear
  • PicHunter promotes various advertisements on their websites. If you are on PicHunter.com then definitely you are going to face popup on your webpage. You will find multiple popups and ads that will interrupt you while dealing with the website. It is irritating when you are seeing any content, and suddenly you are redirected to another site. PicHunter is still improving the user interface day by day.
  • There are no bonus features on this platform. The only thing you get is images of porn stars. If you wish to see the clip, then you cannot do so.  There is no facility of dating or private messages.
  • The thumbnails appear to be small in many cases. Many viewers are not able to see the picture correctly. You need to open the image to see it correctly. You cannot judge an image by seeing those small thumbnails.
  • The majority of the images are having watermarks of various websites. Scarce images are not having any watermarks. You cannot use these images for professional purposes.
  • You can download the photos only if you are registered on the website. At a particular time, you are allowed to download a single picture. Therefore, if you wish to download the entire album, then you need to download it one by one.


  • ImageFap.com: It is a community-oriented adult website that provides millions of wild images. In this platform also you can share the photos on your profile as well as on social media. Apart from this feature, ImageFap.com also provides the facility of cam sex and chat.
  • PornPics.com: If you are looking for the highest quality picture and hottest photos of your favourite porn star, then this is the best platform for you. This platform provides the sexist stuff that you are precisely looking for. There are various categories under the name of several sexy models. PornPics.com is also considered to be one of the safest porn sites.
  • Fuskator.com: If you are searching for amateur contents, then Fuskator.com is perfect for you. This website contains more than 1 million images and videos. If you want to watch 4k resolution videos, then this is the ideal place. You can get the wildest and horniest videos on this platform with full HD quality.
  • Pornhub.com/pics: Porn hub is famous for its video contents. However, there are more than a million HD porn images on this website. Pornhub has a wide range of collections and categories of porn images. The classes are based on countries, particular roleplay, sex and much more.


PicHunter.com has an excellent support team from the back end. They take excellent care of the users in every aspect.

To make the website more user-friendly, they ensure that all the buttons and elements are visible clearly.

They keep on upgrading the website from time to time. 

PicHunter.com website has undergone several updates since 2001. Even now, they are updating the website regularly for better user interference.

In case, you are having any kind of issues regarding any upload or anything then you can visit their support services. The link is mentioned below.

pichunter LP 4-min
  • Link: https://www.pichunter.com/contact - You can also suggest any idea if you want. Your creativities are most welcome on this platform. If you're going to suggest any ideas or ask any question, you mail your words on the given email ID
  • Email ID: webmaster@pichunter.com - If you face any harassment from any person or any inappropriate content, you can send them directly on the given mail ID
  • Email ID: help@pichunter.com - PicHunter promotes various websites and products through their advertisements. You can feature your product or website through PicHunter.com. You can contact on the given email ID for further information and clarification providing the subject line as Pichunter Advertising Request.
  • Email ID: advertising@cliphunter.com

Final Verdict

PicHunter is one of the craziest adult websites. It is all about hot pictures of famous porn stars. If you are looking for jerkoff materials, then this is the perfect website for you. PicHunter.com contains various HD images of porn stars posing in a sexiest way.

The website is completely free for users. There are no hidden charges applicable for seeing the images. If you want to download the pictures, then you need to register on the website. The registration is also free on this platform.

PicHunter.com contains only HD images of porn stars based on more than 100 categories. You can find your favourite porn star's sexiest image on this platform. You will also get a chance to know more about your favourite porn star.

PicHunter.com is one of the safest websites. If you are afraid of viruses and spyware, then go ahead. PicHunter.com is a complete virus-free platform.

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