Why is your Money still Pending on OnlyFans?

It has been noticed that money can be earned easily from Only Fans. But you are thinking about why your money is still pending on Only Fans. So, in this article you will get to know the exact reason behind it.

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Pending balance onlyfans (2022): How Long does onlyfans take to Pay you?

What is a pending balance on Onlyfans?

If you have any earnings linked with Only Fans then the overall amount will be entered as a pending balance. It will remain the same for next eight days and after that the amount will be shown in your current balance. The overall process works on a rolling basis. If you are one of the creators on Only Fans, then you can visit the “Earning section” and can check whether the amount is processed through the current balance. If there is a tick next to the payment then you can consider that your overall payment is not pending now. So, in this way you can easily identify the pending payment on Only Fans platform.

What is the minimum payment requirement?

It has been identified that there are many platforms linked with social media where they have a set minimum earning terms and conditions for the creator to transfer the fund to their own account. The minimum earning linked with Only Fans platform is $20. It is important for the creator to have a minimum $20 if he or she wants to transfer their fund to their own account. By considering subscription, PPV and tips it is necessary to have a minimum $20 earning. So, it is important to maintain this amount if anyone wants to transfer their funds to their own account.

What is the current balance in Onlyfans?

If the overall amount has completed more than eight days of the pending period then it will be transferred to your current balance and it would be easy for you to withdraw the amount whenever you want by maintaining the minimum balance in your account. When the duration of 8 days is completed then the amount which is transferred to your account is considered as the current balance. If in case you have set the duration of the automatic payments like on a weekly or monthly basis then the amount that will be processed through pending to current balance will be set accordingly for the overall payments on the specific dates in your overall statement page.

Once you create a request for the payment, the duration which will be considered will be 3 to 5 business working days. So, to maintain the overall payment track, it is important for you to focus towards the “Pay-out requests” section which will be shown in your statements. If the amount is given from the Only Fans platform, then on the right side the tick will be shown or the date will be highlighted on which the payment has been sent. So, through this method you can easily know your current balance which is shown in your Only Fans account.

What is an Eight-day time period?

If you are a creator and when you have initiated your payment, then your money will be shown on your pending balance status for next eight days and after that it will automatically be transferred to your current balance. This overall cycle keeps on duplicating on the basis of time. After completion of 8 days, the amount which was initiated by the content creator will automatically be transferred to the current balance.

It is examined that Only Fans platform helps the content creator to post their own pictures, videos or images as per their own preference. If a content creator starts uploading the pictures or the videos then it would be easy for them to earn a good amount from Only Fans. Apart from this, you just have to give 20% from the overall money which you have earned and the rest will be yours. So, it can be considered as the best platform through which you can easily earn money but you have to consider eight days’ time period at the time of transferring your amount to the current balance status.

How does the Onlyfans creator Withdraw Money?

There are different ways which are available for the Only Fans creator if they want to withdraw their money from Only Fans platform.

·         Automatic transfer

If a content creator wants to withdraw money, then this is one of the best ways as the amount will be transferred immediately from the bank account which will be connected with the account of Only Fans.


·         Direct Transfer (OTC)

In this, the content creator will be receiving the overall amount through OCT (VISA direct) and the payment will be shown in the bank account. If the creator wants to withdraw money from this medium, then the overall duration will be 1 day and it is important that minimum withdrawal should be 20$. The amount which they have earned will be deposited in their account through VISA & and also VISA debit cards.


·         Manual Transfer

In this, the content creator can easily select that how much amount they require or they want to withdraw. By considering this source, they can easily send a “Payout request” through their Only Fans account. If manual transfer is considered then creator will not have to give tax on each pay-out but apart from this the creator will be giving their taxes on yearly basis. So, it is important for the content creator to hold the overall part of their actual income if they want to pay the taxes at the year end. If creator saves 25% from the overall annual income, then it is one of the best options which will be beneficial for future.


·         International Bank Transfer

It is examined that the overall amount will be deposited to your bank account through SWIFT payments. The minimum amount will be of 200.00$ and the time duration will be from 3 to 8 days. There will be no limit in reference to the withdrawal which will be done. The amount which will be added to the account of the creator through the international SWIFT banking system which is situated in the UK bank.


·         E-payments

The entire earnings will be added to the e-payment wallet of the creator and the limit to withdraw the maximum money will be of 100.00$. The overall processing will be done on the basis of 1 day and through this source the money can be withdrawn either by the bank transfer or by an e payment Mastercard. So, it is important that you should consider the withdrawal limit as well at the time of considering the e-payment option.


How to make money as a creator on Onlyfans?

If you want to create money then only Fans is considered as one of the best platforms. To earn money through this platform is simple but it is important for you to have an account on this platform. To create an account, you have to first sign up to your account and it is important for you to link it with the bank account and gather the subscription payments. Once you have created the content and earned a good amount then it would be easy for you to ask for the cash out. So, to make money it is important for you to have an account linked with your bank account so that you can easily withdraw the money.


Why is earning money so much easy on OnlyFans?

To earn money easily on Only Fans is easy as it is a platform where an individual can earn money as per their own capability and talent. If a content creator has a talent and is good in presenting content then it would be easy for them to increase their actual followers through which they can earn easily. So, it can be said that you have to be talented and creative if you want to earn a good amount from Only Fans platform. Apart from this, the payments are transparent and proper process is followed if any content creator wants to withdraw money from their account.

How to get started on Onlyfans?

It is important for you to be creative and should be confident enough to present your content in front of others. If you are confident then you can easily get started or you can easily create your account by visiting the official website of Only Fans.

If you have interest in presenting your content in front of others openly then this is one of the right platforms for you to earn money. So, you have to focus towards creating an account and it is important to link it with your bank account so that transaction or amount can be easily transferred to your account if you earn. First if you have to login to this platform and after that by inserting all the details you can easily upload your videos and pictures through which you will be earning a good amount if you have good followers.

So, through this article you have easily learned that pending money is related to the amount which remains in pending status for 8 days when the content creator initiates the refund. After 8 days the amount is transferred to the current balance which now can be redeemed or withdrawn from this platform to their own bank.

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