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If you are annoyed with the idea of exclusive relationships and searching for an efficient platform to meet like-minded people for a long but causal relationship, Passion is the right website for you.


  • The website contains a large number of active members, thus offering you a huge pool of potential matches. 
  • With its trusted user support system and cost-effective membership plans, the website could be a huge win for you. 


  • However, the website does not check for fake profiles effectively. 
  • Moreover, the lack of a mobile application makes it difficult in the Smartphone age. 

The review gives you a detailed understanding of the functioning of the platform, so you are well-versed with it.

Dating is a crucial process and requires a smooth transition of thoughts and processes to reap good results, such as long-term relationships or just some awesome hook-up possibilities.

If you are looking for a potential partner for a lifetime or casual get-together for a quality time then is the perfect match for you. This is an online dating platform founded in 1996 with a huge number of members from all parts of the world.

The website provides verified profiles; thus, transparency and trust factors are two main constituents of this structure.

Hook-ups and informal dating are made easy through such websites. The entire website operation is monitored by experts of this industry who provide quality services across the sector.

The website offers support in terms of online dating through providing a categorized set of services based on aspects such as age, locations, photographs, pursuits and many more. These attributes can help you find the perfect match based on your requirements.

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Each of these sections are stuffed with a large number of active members who are a regular visitor to the website. This improves the overall experience of its members and also the quality of services provided by the website.

Each of the desired factors are based on justifying better results in long-term applications and are suitable for giving better services to its potential account holders.

The ease of usage across this website is another major feature which is evident in attracting a considerable membership from different sections of the world. The site has a total strength of more than 13 million single users who are in constant search of love or dating related opportunities.

This strength is equally distributed between both genders to establish an even operability index all across the structure.

What makes so popular? 

The basic reason for the huge popularity of is its ease of usage and availability of a large user base to interact with. In addition to the comfort of usage, the website is also suitable for facilitating cost-effective memberships for its members.

For instance, if you register for a one-year subscription on, it provides an additional six months validity to the members. These aspects have been most helpful in providing services which are required by us as a regular user on this website.

In addition to this, the site offers a concession of 75% in your next year's membership if are not satisfied with the trial one-year subscription period.

The individual experience across this section is also boosted with the availability of free trial membership options which provides the members with an opportunity to visit the website and have a look on the available profiles.

However, one cannot access the contact information of any available member profile without having a paid membership. But this provides a satisfactory condition to the available set of operations and conclude better results all along the desired sections of customer satisfaction.

Each of these positive features helps in impacting the desired networks of progress and achieve a better response from the entire member's groups available across the website.

Passion.Com Basics: Review and How to-


Website address:

Estimated Visits Last Month: 7 Million differs from other online dating websites in terms of its services and usability. The site, unlike any other dating or hook-up websites, is more focussed on short term casual dating and sensual encounters instead of long term relationships or marriages.

This is a significant positive point for the site. Other similar services providing sites provide their members with additional accountability and stress in terms of availing long term dating and relationships which degrades the required spark in terms of online dating.

However, there are plenty of chances to get a potential partner for your life across this platform. Still, the initial pressure of practising a close relationship is largely eliminated while experiencing this website.

In addition to this, the availability of both paid as well as free membership options across this website initiates a series of the responsible decision-making process for the users. Another major factor which has led to the increased popularity of this website is its layout, statement and design factors.

These supportive aspects have led to a total of 50 million members for this website.

This is a significant strength for its current as well as potential members. The per-day visits for this website counts to around 1 lakh members who provide a vast diversity and option driven approach for the members and also facilitate an efficient interaction across the platform.

With 150,000 photos of unique members, the website provides sound visibility and appearance for its members which improves the chances of success for its every individual member. 

As the site is based on adult dating, thus, age restrictions are not required as it is required across platforms such as

The availability of age restrictions across dating platforms restricts the number of users onboarding this platform.

This perspective is largely helpful for the users to access 18+ content such as video and image profiles and help in understanding the required scale of development that is essential for a user-specific development.

The website has its active users from a variety of countries which include Canada, Germany and Spain.

But if you are from the United States or the United Kingdom, the chances of success are large as the majority active users are from these locations only. 

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In addition to this, the website provides its users with an ability to interact with the support in case of any issue, this makes it more efficient in terms of usage. Both, as well as visually supportive ways of communication, are applicable across the platform to ensure efficient user experience to its members.


The payment system and structure available for this system is simple. Initially, you don't have to pay any membership as the trial segment of this website is free. In order to get full access to its services and facilities, a payment is required.

The site offers three types of payment solutions based on time of services. These include subscriptions for one month, three month and 12 months validity, respectively. In case you register for the 12 months subscription, an additional six months subscription comes free.

This is a low-cost strategy for the members as it helps them in saving huge amount of money for the required services. However, the variations in time durations are guided by potential requirements available across the system of operability.

Some members prefer the subscription packages for a shorter time period while others prefer extended duration packages across these services.

Thus, the availability of different options has proven to be an essential factor in idealizing the required set of members across the website. The standard membership that is available for free across this platform also lacks some additional features which are available across the paid or premium groups.

30 dollars per month is the average membership price for one month subscription costing a total sum of 60 dollars for the entire package.

The three-month subscription costs 20 dollars per month, and the one-year membership costs about 9 dollars per month, resulting in a total sum of 95 dollars for the entire package.

Since the one-year membership package provides an additional six months validity which results in a total saving of 75% on the overall purchase.

The whole plan for subscription is based on defining a more operational structure for the system and is liable to manage the entire process more cost-effectively. The billing for the whole of the tenure of the membership package is done at the initial times of membership plans activation.

Apart from the paid premium memberships, the website provides several additional services which are associated with improving the member's overall experience across the website and are liable to approve the entire segment of operation.

These services are optional to use and thus requires your interest to initiate activation. These additional services account for features such as private call, sex academy workshops and adult movies.

Although these services are under extras, the overall operational structure is liable to produce a much innovative and desire-based functional design for the entire membership across the system.

You can check out the latest offers on the memberships and other perks at page/1.

Site Statistics

  • Number of monthly visitors: 780,830
  • Profiles: 90000000
  • Paid: Yes
  • Voice call to members: Yes (not for free members)
  • Live Cam Support: Yes (not for free members)
  • Support: Yes
  • High Resolution: Yes

Performance Score (Out of 10)



Customer satisfaction


Image / Video Quality




Member’s quality


Download / Streaming






Value for Price


Ease of use


Overall Score


Competitors of 

The competitive atmosphere for is minimal as it is one of the widely accepted mature dating platforms across the globe. A significant advantage which this website practice is the availability of sensual and 18+ content in the form of video and pictures.

It provides the website an upper hand on its competitors. The site offers a wider operational region for the users as compared to other service providers. Some of the major competitors for this website include and Tinder.

The acceptance of operational feasibility in terms of intensive usability for the members improves the overall experience for the entire process.

The accountability aspects which are justified across this structure is related to justifying the interaction-based support to a more extensive section of the members. However, there are some of its competitors who are capable of providing adult content across their websites.

These include, and But due to the lack of quality and availability of resources, these websites are not a significant threat for is also evident in promoting the secure form of operation for its users as it relies on different security-providing organizations such as Thus the entire competition across this website and its related dimensions are minimal.

This website provides you with more exclusive content in terms of dating as it has no regulatory norms for restricting adult content. In addition to this, provides 12 different sections for self-reflection, which is the highest number for any dating website.

It improves the specifications and quantity of search results for its users. also offers a large number of options for communication and discovery which is ideal for facilitating an improvised set of services for the whole dating platform.

The interaction possibilities across this website are also more significant than any other online dating platform as it includes game-based points and voting system. These can be useful in increasing your interest as a member of the platform and make it more engaging and supportive.

The option for kink search is another majorly advantageous factor for the system as it helps in managing the desired search results based on sexual preferences.

The overall intractability options are based on illustrating the design and its related segments to undertake a more organized set of opportunities which are ideally placed to achieve better outcomes during profile search.


  • A large number of active members
  • Efficient member support system
  • Availability of different types of relationships
  • Cost-efficient membership plans
  • Superior search choices for the premium members
  • The smooth and easy registration process
  • Ease in terms of billing through “my account” section


  • Like any other online dating platform, fake profiles are an issue
  • Unavailability of a mobile-based application is a major issue
  • is comparatively expensive for a short term user
  • An irregular male to female ratio is an important aspect which limits the user experience


The support system put in place for the members at is based on efficiency and excellence. The entire structure of development is based on idealizing the desired network of support system that is identical and is liable to help the entire user experience.

The support structure is based on emails and phone calls. This support structure is operational 24/7 and provides evident information in case of issues. The Help section over the website is ideal for facilitating a query resolution.

Passion.Com Review

It has several browsing options with specific sections relating to general issues. The same page has options for facilitating customer service support system. The option redirects you to a passion feedback form which is ideal for selecting feedback and advice to the services.

The post mail address is also provided over this section. The same page has another option which supports live chats with authorized agents. You can contact any agent for issue resolution over a contact number (+1-408-702-1033).

For more information and visiting the support page of the site, click below:

Verdict is a fantastic online dating platform which is mostly recommended across this sector.

In addition to this, the overall operability factor which is associated with improved customer services, improved feasibility in terms of approach and smooth browsing. 

It supports personalisation of profiles and pictures which helps in getting a suitable amount of traffic to the members and increase the chances of interaction.

High-quality clear pictures are processed across the platform which provides users with real-time experience to attain a much more improved segment related to online dating. 

passion member login

The whole process of online dating is made fun through the usage of this website, and one can associate a better understanding of the outcomes for their actions. This can be justified through the analysis of members and their respective needs to provide a better service to the members.

Aspects such as relationship types, gender, birth date and current locations have been helpful in providing relevant results in the website and attain a much more idealized set of user-centric approach for development.

Additional features such as hotlists, wink and customized search are ideal for providing this website with a perfect approach for its users and thus making it a more feasible option for the entire member's group.

In addition to this, is also one of the oldest online dating platform existing currently as it was founded in 1996. The mixed type of services provided by this website is the key to establish a better approach and initiate a broader knowledge-base across the structure.

However, the prices of plans provided on this website are a higher than that of its competitors. But there are sufficient reasons which justify its expensive operational nature.

Parting Words

Since each of the pros and cons related to this dating website have been summed up here, now it's up to you to decide whether to go or not to go with this website. If you are not sure then you can go for the trial version, which is free and would be a much safer option for you.

If you find this review helpful then stay tuned as we are continuously bringing honest and real online dating websites reviews in the coming future.

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