Oye Loca Review (2020)

Oye Loca

Watching porn videos is not a crime and we should not be ashamed of it. Why so? Because it's natural.

As we do our daily activities, we often forget about our physical needs. We are so busy nowadays that we don't even find time for ourselves.

For many of us, it works as a stress-buster.

When you see those beautiful and sexy ladies get naked and having sex with someone, you start imagining yourself fucking those hot women. 

You get lost in those soft pussies to a dream world full of fantasies.

Now, the question is why then people (even your girlfriend) consider watching porn as a moderate activity which should be stopped? It's because they don't want to see you dreaming about some other female when she is present. Even as a human being, your girlfriend must have hidden desires.

She doesn't want to reveal the truth in front of you. She also might get lost in such lusty dreams thinking about some random guy whom she met yesterday while crossing the road. Even she must be dreaming about that young stud in the porn video she watched last week.

But she won't accept this in front of you as she would not like to reveal her secrets to her partner. So, you too need to do all these very carefully, you can watch porn, but secretly when nobody's at home, only you and your desires.

Of course, if you find some girl who enjoys watching porn with you then nothing can be better than that. We all dream of having someone  coming to our lives. 

There are several porn sites available on the web platform, but still, we stick to only some of those and never try around finding something better than that. It's because, when we are in the mood, we don't like to keep browsing and find the best porn site as we are in so much hurry to jerk off.

So, these reviews might help you in finding the best choice for you. Stay connected to the porn site reviews to get the latest updates in the porn industry and keep finding websites that suits your mood.

Here we will talk about the special features, pros, and cons of one emerging porn site named Oye Loca that has been turning into a famous porn site with their number of visits increasing every day. Don't miss out on the same, and stick with me to find out whether it is a better choice for you.

What Makes Oye Loca Popular?

The main reason for becoming popular in the porn industry is that as they are becoming quite old slowly, they have already passed 10+ years in the industry and have gathered a lot of experience, brought new female Latina models, have grown their collections and contacts,

their base has become strong enough to build the emperor now.

Around 230 sexy females are working with this site currently, Oye Loca has uploaded around 500+ videos on their website, which they keep updating once a week.

This might not be the number that you are looking for, of course not. But the Latina females are some crazy stuff to check out here and will surely make you slip off your feet. You won't findmore beautiful chicks anywhere else than here.

These busty young sexy college girls are around the age of 18 to 25 years can give perfect blowjobs and get involved in incredible intercourses- watch it believe it.

Alright! Let's discuss the features in detail and move forward.


Website Address -  https://www.oyeloca.com/

Estimated Visits Last Month: 411 Organic Visits per month on an average (Only in the USA)

A genuinely fantastic porn website gets all the credits, and a thumbs up to them.

Let's elaborate on the facts more about them in the following.

Pricing & Membership Fee

Check out the membership policies through this link to find out the exact membership plans.

There are a few options available:

Oye Loca
  • For a 2 days trial with only $1
  • A 1-month membership for $28.07
  • 12 months membership billed annually for $119.40
  • A 3-months membership with $24.87

Site Performance 



Website Design

8.5/ 10





Video Quantity












Image Quality


Overall Score


Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Porn Stars : Ena Sweet, Julia De Lucia, Zoe Doll, Liz Rainbow, Pamela Sanchez, Chanel Collins, Venus Afrodita, Sophia Leone, Luna Rubin, Nicole, Darcia, Canela Skin, Julia Roca, Apolonia Lapiedra, Samia Duarte, Alicia Poz, Gala Brown, Kimber Woods.
  • Models: The models are mainly from Mexico and other Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile, and some beauties are from Spain too. That blend of Spanish and Latina flavor makes the viewers go crazy about them. Thus the name justifies itself " Oye Loca," the translated meaning of the term is "Hey Crazy." 
  • Model Appearance: They are between the age of 18 to 25 years, blowing your mind from top to bottom. The absolute gorgeous Latina models, look classy and elegant.
  • Body Types: Oomph! Those gorgeous, soft Latinas are too sexy to bear with. Once you see them, you will get an erection as they are too seductive.
  • Total Number of Videos: 250+ videos are available on the website right now which gets updated every week, the stock has been increasing day by day.
  • Average Length of Videos: 20 minutes
  • Format#1: MP4 (.mp4), 10000k+, 1920x1080 (dl or steam)
  • Bandwidth: Buffering and broadcasting through multiple servers, even through the Teamskeet network
  • Image Quantity: 1000+ seductive images are available
  • Live Cam: A direct live cam, WebCam chatting services with your favourite pornstars available for premium members.
  • File Size: JPG=500kb, ZIP=40MB, MP4=400MB to 2GB
  • Buffer: 1 – 3 seconds
  • Download Limit: Unlimited downloading facilities for paid members.
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Video DRM: No

Competitors of Oye Loca

Some of the other famous Latina porn websites that  you can consider as the competitors of Oye Loca.

Check them out too:

  • 8th Street Latinas
  • Mike in Brazil
  • Latin Adultery
  • T and A Latinas
  • Leche 69
  • Hot Gold
  • Latina Rampage
  • Ariella Ferrera


  • One Of the Famous Teamskeet Members, Teamskeet is one of the most popular networks in the porn industry. Oye Loca is a member of Teamskeet meeting all their basic and advanced criteria to be an active member for long, it maintains the quality of the website and the videos they offer. You'll come to know about the quality when you start watching them- trust me, you will not need to look for a better one.
  • Few Videos are of HD Quality, most of the porn videos on the website are of premium quality, the 780×1024 resolution, and HD videos will give you the crystal clear view of a detailed look through those sex organs minutely. Apart from that, the HD videos will not stress your eyes while watching them for long hours and masturbating simultaneously.
  • Huge Collection of Latina Scenes, there are more than 200 videos, around 250 videos currently are present on the website which is updated every week. So, it's quite a good stock according to me to quench your thirst for those huge titty Latina bitches. They are sometimes rough, nasty, and go wild, too, taking your darkest fantasies to a new level of amusement.
  • Discounts Are Available, if you open up your resources properly, you can find several discounted offers on various web platforms dealing with membership activities of Oye Local. As this website is an emerging one, they do a lot of promotion where they provide lucky traffic coupons to get the most out of their premium services. Once you start searching for those wild card entries, you can be lucky and find one of those. 


  • Paid Site, it's a paid website where you make payments and get better facilities with level upgradations. But it appears that not all the viewers can afford even at minimal membership charges. So it's better if there can be a cut-off on the premium charges or at least increase in the volume of the discount coupons making them more accessible, so that the ones who need those can get it quickly.
  • Video Quality, there are HD videos, but not all the videos are of HD quality; some of them are SD videos too. So, it's quite unusual and dubious for the users to keep shifting his preference from HD to SD, and again from SD to HD. It's annoying stuff and is a disturbance on the whole.
  • Slower Updates, generally, as per the trend, there are site updates, and the video replacements take place every week, but sometimes, it takes a bit more than a week. For a regular porn viewer,  waiting for such an extended period is difficult as their mood swings, and eventually, they start searching for something newer with better updates.
  • Full of Ads, ads are essential for the websites/publishers to earn a good income through referrals, affiliate programs, and even for CPC, CPM benefits. But at the same time, they are extremely annoying if not correctly placed on the website. The pop-up ads are more disturbing, without any doubt. The new thing called "cookie storing" for remarketing purposes has made our lives worse. Here, there, everywhere you go, on any website, you will find cookies stealing your data secretly to sell products to you. So, people prefer to visit some sites which don't disturb them much but Oye Loca has full of those disturbing elements embedded on the string, so be aware!
  • No Video Filtration Facilities, the porn freaks will know about the video filtration very well. It gives you instant pleasure in finding out precisely what you are looking for at that particular moment depending upon your mood. It might be about sex, but the choice of selecting the type of girl changes with the change in attitude. Sometimes we like to watch milf porn, whereas sometimes we satisfy ourselves with the skinny teen models. Sometimes we like to watch those big-titty redheads, but sometimes we might feel to watch a blonde having interracial sex with a black guy. Sometimes we prefer watching a family taboo sex.


Even for the top websites in the world, we have seen that the support system is not up to the mark. This means that if the user has any queries related to

  • The membership schemes,
  • Membership cancellation procedures,
  • Any technical questions or even
  • the queries related to the terms and conditions

then, it won’t be solved qiuckly as there is a lack of communication on those websites which is surprisingly taken care well by Oye Loca. They have separate customer support management system for each of these. You can visit the links given below and explore them minutely by yourself.

Help Links

If you are a regular user of Oye Loca, you might be requiring various types of assistance, and it can be about the daily updates, or for a membership upgradation facilities. You can easily talk to the customer care regarding your requirements and get all the information with assistance in every step.

Such help is not available in most of the other websites we see on the platform.

Sometimes, it happens that the website we are browsing gets stuck in the middle, buffering doesn't happen the way we want it,  insuch cases, we generally feel helpless and repel out from the site we are in and go to some other place to find what we are looking for.

It happens due to the absence of a proper technical support team of the previous website, who can fix the issue and help us achieve seamless connectivity by providing excellent user experience. Oye Loca does the needful, exactly as we want it to be.

There is a highly active technical support team to solve any technical issue instantly, even at the busiest hours of the day.

Feeling to upgrade your membership and getting closer to those beautiful female beauties? wait no more and contact the billing support team of Oye Loca through the link above and take a step forward towards saturating your hidden desire.

Ohh yeah, even if you want to discard your membership plan, you can do that too by following the same method. Now, the question is whether you will be provided with the entire membership amount? Well, you need to talk to those guys in that case.

Every organization has its own fixed rules and policies, they will surely go by that, and you too will get the best outcome.

YouTube Videos on Oye Loca 

Do you have a kid in your house? Well, if you have them playing with your PC, just put a child lock immediately to these channels on YouTube as the Latina models are too sexy, your kids will get spoilt watching them.

Such soft and milky boobs, with a perfect butt and pink vaginal ducts will make them go crazy and then people will start cursing YouTube as a child spoiler. That's why YouTube has recently brought the unique feature called "child lock" as they don't want to be blamed by any of the parents.

Anyways, I assume you are an adult reading this article. So who's stopping you? Just click those YouTube links given below and get lost in those soft Latina bodies and fulfill all your desires.

Final Verdict

In spite of being a paid website, the Oye Loca porn site has gained massive popularity in the porn industry. It's going to become an enormous success in the coming few years, you will just have to wait and watch.

Parting Words

Feeling freaked out, seeing those fantastic Latina bodies? Ohh, yes, that happens with every one of us. That is why Latinas are in so much demand. 

These Mexican Goddesses are genuinely brilliant in whatever they do and are at the peak of their career; they are the sexiest women who will “cum” in your dreams.

These Latina porn websites are going to gain massive fan-following with passing time and will rock the parties where sex is the topic of discussion.

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