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OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas for Creators: How to Create More Money from OnlyFans?

Do you know that apart from the subscriptions you can also earn money on the Onlyfans? Yes, you can earn money on this platform through tips.

Do you remember when we go to the restaurants and like the service of the waiter we give tips, the same case is with the Onlyfans? If your fans will like your content or your service they will give you tips and this is the alternate way to earn money. 

If you have created a tip menu in which you have to mention your services and tips, followers who want to gain access to content on your account will tip you and enjoy the content. Furthermore, an adult content creator can mention the service in order as well as rates so the followers can get to know the services. 

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OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas/Examples (2022): [Download Template]

1. What is a tip Menu? 

Tip menu is one of the essential parts of your profile, it will display along with your profile and it will show which services you can offer to your followers. Moreover, it will also show what you can do for your followers. 

a. How do Tip menus work?

The working of the tip menu is very simple anyone who is on your profile can get to know that for $15 you can get a dick rating, for $10 you can get the erotic audio message, and so on.

This is the best way to know the followers about your service and encourage them to tip you. Moreover, this is also the best way to be engaged with your followers. 

b. Types of Tip menu

1. Tip menu as Pinned Post

If you are the one who likes tip menu pinned posts then there are so many apps or websites through which you can design pinned posts, most of the platforms are free of cost.

You can use Adobe Photoshop or Canva, this is simple to use, you just have to open this platform, select the long rectangle size image, and start designing. 

2. Tip menu within Bio

If you don't want to add an image and simply want your tip menu in the text then this is also the best option if designing is not your cup of tea. But there is a word limit for the bio and the bio will automatically get shortened and one has to click on the read more to read the whole bio. 

c. What is an NSFW tip menu?

The NSFW tip menu entirely depends on you it should be photos, videos, erotic audios, sexting, dick rating, dirty talks, etc. You can include all the services that you are providing.

d.  How do you take this money?

Collecting cash earned through a tip is so easy just like collecting it for other services. On Onlyfans you can simply get the tip into your personal chat. This is the most simple and easy way to get the money. 

2. How to create a good tip menu? 

There are so many free platforms that you can choose to create a tip menu, most people use canvas for creating an attractive tip menu, you just have to select the blank image, add the background which you want and add the services that you are offering. 

Moreover, add the prices for each service. If you want to keep your content unique and don't want it to get stolen you can use a watermark and then you can upload this tip menu to your Onlyfans account. 

A.  Establish your Price

If you are stuck and not getting an idea about how to establish a price then there are so many accounts that you can check and have an idea about pricing. Get on the account and see what services they are offering and what prices they are charging. 

A.  Some inclusion in the tip menu

a.  Dick ratings

Generally, men are very conscious about their dick and this is the best way for you to earn money by giving a dick rating. You can give an audio rating for $10 and a video rating for $15. 

b. Videos and Photos

You can include custom and personalized photos and videos in the tip menu that are not available anywhere else, your followers will always be ready to give you a tip for such content. 

c. Erotic audio

You can also include custom or personalize erotic audio in the tip menu which includes dirty talk, orgasm or sex audio, etc. this is also the best way to earn a good amount of money from tips. 

d. Sexting

There are so many people who want to do sexting, you can include this in your tip menu and charge $2 per minute for sexting. 

e. Mix and Match

This is the best way to attract more followers, you can choose any five from the list for a discounted price this will help to increase the followers and tip money. 

  1. Be clear in your offering

While uploading your tip menu you should also include the delivery time, when a customer orders a custom video then it should be mentioned that the delivery of the video will take place within 24 hours otherwise customer will expect it immediately. You should be clear in your offering and in your prices. 

3. Few of the tip menu ideas which can be really successful for you: 

a. Tips for your grooming

People want their content creator is attractive and beautiful, the content creators who are fulfilling the needs of the followers are earning more money moreover you can add the option of spoiling me to your tip menu and you can ask your followers to tip you to keep yourself modern and attractive, there will be so many followers that will be ready to tip you for this. The menu should look as follows. 

  • Buy me a new set of lingerie for $20 

  • See me in a new haircut for $15 

  • Get me a new lip balm for $5

  • Get me a foot massage for $15 

b. Tips for becoming your gf/bf

There are so many people out there who are lonely and want to get a feel of a partner. If you want to earn a huge amount of money then this is the best way for you.

You can add an option to your tip menu that you can be a girlfriend or boyfriend for someone who is in need. Furthermore, you can mention that you will take care of that person, you will text good morning and good night, you will send daily nudes to your partner and also will send you daily routine snaps.

 Whatever they want from a romantic partner you will offer them. This is also the best way to earn a good amount of money from tips. 

c. Tips for special cheesy content

If you are an adult content creator offering videos to your subscribers then you should make your tip menu according to that. You can also offer them longer duration videos than normal time or you can also promise them special content that is not available on your account. Furthermore, you can also ask if they have any demand and fulfill it. 

d. Get tips by sending them your stuff

Many people turn on by getting stuff that someone wears and you can offer your underclothes to these people. You can add in your tip menu that if you get a tip then you will send them your underclothes. There are so many in which people are interested. 

  • Your socks: there are so many people who are into foot fetish and will be ready to give you tips for socks 

  • Undergarments: you can get more than the cost of your garment there are so many people out there who are ready to give you tip in exchange for your used undergarments. 

  • Polaroid pictures: you can also offer your sexy polaroid pictures so they can have them in your purse and bring them along with them where ever they want. 

4. Three marketing tips for creating a solid tip menu 

There are some marketing tips that you can try to build a solid tip menu. If you have followed these tips then the chances are higher that you will gain so many followers and also can earn a good amount of money from tips. 

  • End with a listing price with 99 

You may have seen so many times in the market that prices often end with the 99. Do you know the reason behind this? This is a psychological hack to get the customers and increase the sales, it has been seen in many surveys that customers focus on only 99 and leave the remaining amount this will help to increase the sales.

If you also want to get high followers and want to earn some money from tips then you can also use this technique. 

  • Price skimming 

This is also another one of the best ways of marketing through which you can increase the followers and can earn a good amount of money out of tips. Price skimming introduces a new service or product at a high price and then reduces it to the rate at which you wanted to sell.

Buyers will think that the higher price service is getting at a low price and they will start to buy it more. If you want to gain followers and more tips then this is the best way that you can use. 

  • Bundle pricing 

Bundle some services, this will increase the customers to your service as the customer will think that they are getting more services in small amounts and the chances are higher that they will buy your service. Moreover, you can also get a good amount of money as a tip. 

5. Few things to keep in mind while creating a tip menu 

Creating a good tip menu is nothing but marketing yourself strongly, you have to create such content that will gain the attention of users and will promote them to tip you a good amount of money in exchange for a small gift.

If you are not getting an idea about how to create a tip menu then don't worry there are thousands of accounts on the platform that you can look for and you will have an idea of how to charge for each service, what the prices will be and so on. 

Below are some things that you should include in your tip menu. 

  • Videos: you should mention that you are providing custom or personal content that is not available to the public

  • Photos: custom photos that are not available to the public 

  •  Erotic audio: personalized and custom audio this could be a dirty talk or sex audio

  • Dick rating: clients will send nude photos and you have to give them an honest rating. 

As you can charge more money for the longer-length content moreover you can also mix match the content like explicit photos and erotic sounds. You should be very clear about your content and your rates. These are some things that you should keep in mind while creating a tip menu. 

6. How to earn more money from tips  

There is no definite way that can guarantee you that you can earn more money but there are some practices you can follow to attract more followers and earn more money. 

a. Creation of quality content

To gain the attraction of followers and fans you have to do some extra efforts, you should create quality content in your niche that will attract your fans and followers. Moreover your fans will appreciate that you are also giving attention to their demands.

As there are so many content creators on the platform and everyone is working hard and struggling to bring new ideas that are why to sustain in this competitive environment you have to bring something new for your followers then only you can earn more money. 

b. Engage with your followers 

If the waiter gives a special attention and good service we give a special tip same is with this platform if you want a special tip then you have to give special attention to your follower, keep them engaged with your content, if your followers are happy with your service then the chances are higher that they will give you the special tip and you can earn more money.

Make them feel special by taking the name or tagging them this will help to increase the followers and you can earn more money through the tips. 

c. Free subscription 

You can also share your content free of cost to the followers on Onlyfans. Moreover, when they will get quality content for free of cost, the more they will appreciate your efforts and content, and the chances are higher that you will get more tips.

If you want to be in the race and want to earn more money by tips you have to try multiple techniques to satisfy your followers with your content then only you can earn more money on this platform. 

d. Take feedback 

Opinion of the subscriber matters the most moreover be always ready to take feedback from your followers and improve the content as per the feedback this will create your good image among the followers and they will feel that they are also important.

Once the followers understand that you create content by only focusing on them then they will appreciate your efforts and you can get more tips. 

These are some ways that you can follow if you want to earn more money through tips. 

Final words

Onlyfans is a good platform if you want to make money. Moreover, if you are an adult content creator then you have multiple options available to make money on this platform. You just need unique content to please your subscribers. 

You can also earn money by talking to your fans and taking tips from them. Furthermore, you can also custom-made content for them based on their requirements and you can also be the romantic partner and so on whatever you can offer just put it on your menu.

Moreover you have to set up an interesting tip menu so that your fans will spend their money and get the exciting content from you.

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