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Can you buy or invest in OnlyFans Stocks? What you need to know?

During the covid pandemic, when the business industry was going down, the world was seeing a bullish rise in the stock market.

This was the reason Oxfam report 2021 reported a 35% rise in income of Indian billionaires, just behind USA, Russia, Germany, China and France. Hence, it becomes important to analyze and explore the world of capital markets as well as find good investing opportunities.

 After all, a good return on investment is what every investor seeks. This article will enlighten you about the investment opportunity in OnlyFans stocks.

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Onlyfans Stocks: How to buy? Does onlyfans have a stock? (2022)

What is OnlyFans? 

OnlyFans seems like a normal name in the mundane world, but it is more than that in the adult industry. OnlyFans is a social media platform where just like Instagram users create content and post it onto their feeds for their fans or followers. However, unlike Instagram, it has a profitable monetary structure whereby fans pay a subscription fee to watch their favorite content, similar to your Netflix or Amazon Prime subscriptions. The users of OnlyFans can search for performers as per their preference criteria on OnlyAccounts(founded by Raymond Selwood).

In terms of usage, the platform is not only popular among adult content creators, but it offers possibilities for even fitness and fashion influencers. These influencers are targeting such niche platforms to enhance their user and fan base which in turn increases their revenue outcomes, provided they post engaging content. Moreover, it provides the possibility of direct messaging services where creators can charge fees for accessing premium messages as well. It also fosters personal communication between creator and user.

Are there any OnlyFans stocks? 

According to Yahoo.com, OnlyFans generated over $400 million revenue in 2020. It has over 130 million registered users. It also paid over $3 billion to more than 1.25 million creators on OnlyFans platform. Despite this, OnlyFans doesn’t have an IPO (Initial Public Offer) yet thereby coming under the private company category. That means they need to first file an IPO for you to start your investing activity through a brokerage account. However, considering OnlyFans registered a hefty growth in sales, revenue, subscribers, exploring its stock potentiality is a good start to take the first mover advantage in stock market. 

For this, you need to treat the stocks of OnlyFans just like any other regular stock option. This means you need to be in caution by not blindfoldedly trusting its profitable nature on the basis of its growth. Every stock market IPO has its own ups and downs which can be understood only after a thorough market research. You need to consider various factors before investing in any stock which will be explained later in this article.

What are the potentials for OnlyFans stock as a Public Company? 

The potentiality of OnlyFans as a public limited company is yet filled with the mist of uncertainty. This is because analysts and researchers are still in the black hole regarding how profitable the company can be in the long run.

If we have to gauge the profitability of OnlyFans, we need to compare its revenue generating model with other social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube,Twitter, facebook etc. All these platforms majorly depend on their Ad sales revenue and site traffic model which enables the content creators to earn six and seven figures salaries annually.

On the other hand, OnlyFans depends a lot on its individual subscriptions, DMs, and individual requests to bring in revenue. The site takes a 20% cut from revenue generated by content creators. For example, if I generate $1,00,000 annually as subscription fee, OnlyFans will extract $20,000 from me. Although this cut is substantial for routine requirements and issuing IPO of OnlyFans, it still depends majorly on its content creators for its profitability. Hence, even a single instance of loss of creator traffic will create havoc for the investors in the stock market.

Points to consider before investing or buying:

These are factors that you need to research about before taking a final call on investing in stocks of OnlyFans –

Who owns OnlyFans? 

Knowing the owner of any company is a good start to establish the credibility of so and so company. It builds trust between investor and company about his future returns.

OnlyFans is a private limited company owned by its parent company known as Fenix International Limited. Although there exists a lot of mystery over the whereabouts and workings of Fenix International Limited, research has highlighted that its origin lies in the United Kingdom and that it owns OnlyFans. 

Do OnlyFans stocks fit into your portfolio? 

This is the second step towards considering OnlyFans as a stock option. After you are sure of its legitimacy, you need to check whether your investment goals, risk tolerance and expectations align with those of OnlyFans. Since it’s a subscription service company, it can diversify your portfolio and risks.

To apply Mark Zukerberg’s advice “The biggest risk is not taking any risk”, beginners and conservatives can consider mutual funds or index funds rather than investing in individual stocks. This spreads the risk evenly if even one stock is underperforming.

How much should you invest in OnlyFans stocks? 

Monetary decisions are the most important ones since money once lost in a poor stock option may not be recovered back. Hence, these decisions should be based on following-

  • Regardless of the price, invest in a stock which has good growth value
  • Check stock’s value by looking at its P/E ratio. The P/E ratio measures the price of the stock relative to the company’s earnings or profits
  • Look at how much dividend the company is offering to its investors and shareholders. The ones paying dividends in both good and bad times have a healthy capital structure
  • Since OnlyFans has yet not marketed its IPO, its stock would not likely be much in the beginning. Hence, you can start at a lower value of investments (< $100) to reduce your risks

  • Consider the risks of cyber security breach as well

Who are OnlyFans Competitors? 

Though OnlyFans has its niche market, it gets competitions from following platforms in the domain  of content creation-

Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is an American communications technology company headquartered in San Jose, California. If anyone saw remarkable growth during Covid pandemic, it is this competitor only. Zoom's revenue growth, ease-of-use and reliability of its software, resulted in a $1 billion valuation in 2017, making it a unicorn company.

Although zoom provides free video broadcasting services, it does this only for a limited number of webinar participants and that too for limited time. Hence, it charges a good amount from companies needing larger space for participants and greater video time for hosting their webinars, especially when work from  home is in fashion currently.

Meta Platforms, Inc.

Facebook has recently launched its updated meta version for its lesser space quality with the same features. In July 2021, Facebook launched its own content creation subscription platform to support content creators posting media on their pages.

Although this will give some competition to OnlyFans, OnlyFans would still have an edge since Facebook has strict adult content restrictions and no nudity policy. I remember how Facebook deactivated people’s account in 2015 even if they shared a single picture of child pornography back in 2015.

Snap, Inc.

If OnlyFans decides to go public, which I am expecting to be very soon as per Bloomberg’s forecasts, it would face some serious competition from Snapchat. Sites like shoutoutpost.com, Playerup.com, Sharefans etc are specifically providing shoutout services to budding content creators on snapchat. Moreover, Snapchat is one the big three social media platforms, apart from Facebook and Instagram, that is highly popular among millenials. Hence, it can overpower OnlyFans in subscriber base and destabilize its revenue structure.

After reading so much about the potentiality of OnlyFans stocks, if you are still confused about its potentiality but want to start your stock market journey, you can get an expert's opinion provided by Motley Fool Stock Advisory. It’s simply a stock picking service which will ease your journey. Go to their website, sign up and get your 2 monthly free stock recommendations.

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