Top 15+ Sites to Offer Online Lessons for Pole Dancing in 2022

Looking for the best online pole dancing lessons?

Every time someone talks about pole dancing, all we can imagine about dark bars and shady places. However, pole dancing has gained immense popularity in the world over the past few years and now it is considered common acrobatic practice.

Now, pole dancing has also become an important part of the fitness regime of many people. It is very common to see people doing pole dancing in gyms and health centers as it is an effective workout for the entire body.

Although pole dancing looks very attractive and exotic, it is one of the toughest forms of activity with a series of movements around a vertical pole, defying gravity. 

If you like to learn this exotic dance form and do not know where to start from, this article is for you. If you are too shy to go to a studio to learn pole dancing, then you can take online courses for the same from the comfort of your home.

We have listed the top 15 sites that offer online lessons for pole dancing.

Top 15 Best sites for Pole Dancing Lessons/Classes (FREE/PAID) - 2022

Master the ins and outs of pole dancing from popular online courses offered on Udemy.

Learning pole dancing online at Udemy is a totally novel experience and you get to learn some secret tips and famous moves from the experts. 

Udemy has a wide range of online pole dancing courses that are curated for beginners, intermediates, as well as advanced professionals. Whether you want to be an exotic dancer or you are into fitness, Udemy offers online courses for all at affordable prices.  

Each course on the Udemy focuses on different aspects of pole dancing and you can choose among them to best match your learning needs. 

You get lifetime access to the course material by paying just once for the pole dancing course. Hence, you can learn pole dancing at your own pace.


  • Learn to Pole Dance with Complete Pole by Sergia Anderson
  • Pole Dancing Video Course with Noelle Wood by Dennis Rosenberg
  • Pole Dance with World Champions- Beginner & Intermediate by OpenDance Academy
  • Pole fitness to beginners 1st Course by Yunuen Zamorano
  • Sensual Pole Dance for Absolute Beginners by Pole Bat

2. Reed

Today, pole dancing has become quite popular in gyms, dance studios, clubs, and even health clubs.

This is the sexiest dance style that everyone wants to learn. Among all other dance styles, pole dancing offers both fun and fitness and it gives you a wonderful opportunity to express yourself. 

Take the online pole dancing course on Reed and spin on your pole like never before. Reed is one of the best platforms on the internet where you can learn pole dancing online from experts.

There are many online courses on Pole Dancing that teaches students the extraordinary details, care, and expertise regarding pole dancing.  

No matter, whether you are new to pole dancing or you are a professional pole dancer, there are courses for everybody. All these courses have thorough effective and engaging training modules that will make you a proficient spinner in no time at all. These online pole dancing courses on Reed encourage you to overcome your fear by learning the lessons in the privacy of your own room. 

Choreography and acrobatics are the two basic elements of Pole Dancing. However, just like any other dance form, Pole Dancing is also witnessing many new trends. Other than fun and exotic dance styles, it is also great for fitness.

 Pole dancing increases the strength of your legs and hands and develops flexibility. 

If you want to learn this artistic dance style, then you should join the online pole dancing courses of Open Dance Academy that are curated by some of the world’s best athletes.

The online classes at Open Dance Academy are specially designed to help you build incredible upper body and core strength.

 Besides this, the classes also focus on transforming your emotional confidence, physical stamina, and overall health. All these online courses for pole dancing are curated by some of the greatest pole dancers, world champions, international stars, and the sports’ top athletes.


  • Pole Dance Platinum Class
  • Exotic Class
  • Men Only Pole Dancing
  • Trial Class for Beginner and Intermediate
  • Trial Class for Intermediate and Advanced
  • Complete Class 1 for Beginner and Intermediate
  • Complete Class 2 for Advanced and Expert

Learn Pole online from the comfort of your own home with the world’s best pole and aerial instructors at X Pole TV. X Pole TV is giving you a golden opportunity to learn one-on-one pole dance lessons from the experts like Tara Meyer, Elizabeth Blanchard, Natasha Wang, Nicole Williams, Jamilla Deville, Natasha Wang, and many more. 

At X Pole TV, you get instant and unlimited access to one-on-one pole dancing lessons with world-class instructors.

Once you join it, you get to access the entire X-Pole TV video library anywhere, anytime from your desktop or mobile device. 

The subscription to this online site for learning pole dancing starts from $15 monthly. With this subscription, you get unlimited access to the X Pole TV library of all one-on-one pole dancing classes, more than 1000+ video tutorials for all skill levels, and streaming DVDs like The Art of Pole by Jamilla Deville.

Created by Holly Munson, Pole Freaks Studio is the best online site for learning pole dancing. At Pole Freaks Studio, you get an ultimate guide for all things related to pole dancing.

 There are hundreds of pole dancing tutorials on the site and new content gets uploaded each week so that the students can learn something new every day.

If you are a beginner in pole dancing, you can go for their twelve-week training plan. For intermediate and advanced pole dancers, there are courses that teach all the pole dance moves.

There is also a specific section on the Pole Freaks for seats, spins, climbs, holds, strength workouts, spinning poles, HIIT workouts, combos, routines and inverts.


  • You get complete access to more than 100 pole tutorial videos
  • You can access all these tutorials 24/7 from your mobile, tablet, or computer
  • Unique combinations and routines for advanced pole dancers
  • Additional strength workouts and HIIT sessions to make you fit for pole dancing
  • New tutorials for pole dancing get uploaded on the site every week
  • There are pole dancing tutorials for all levels from beginners to experts

Founded by Jasmine Grace, Online Pole Studio is one of the best online platforms for learning pole dancing.

She started this studio as a community for pole dancing artists to learn, collaborate, and share their dancing techniques with each other.

There is a huge library of pole dance moves on the site that is an excellent resource for every pole dancer.

At Online Pole Studio, you can learn the art of pole dancing while comfortably sitting at your own home. 


  • The course teaches you each and every move with detailed slow-motion video
  • New video lessons are added on the site frequently
  • At least 3 new moves are taught in each combination lesson
  • There are over 80 lessons taught by 5 instructors for 4 difficulty levels
  • The course includes step-by-step instruction through every move and transition

Pole Dancing has now become the fastest-growing sport on the planet and Power Pole is offering online pole dancing courses for all levels. At Power Pole, you can learn pole dance, and pole fitness, and get pole sports training.

It offers both group and personal online pole dancing lessons at reasonable charges.

All the lessons are designed to help you build your stamina, strength, flexibility, and coordination to sculpt your body. The classes are fun and customized based on individual skill levels, needs, and preferences.


  • Over 1000’s free online tutorials for pole moves, choreography, combinations, and training tips
  • Learn new moves and combos with slow motion, progressions, breakdowns, and variations
  • Tutorials for beginners as well as experts with easy to follow instructions

Danna’s Online Pole Dancing Course offers the best of the home pole dancing lessons for ordinary women. Learn pole dancing from the comfort of your home with Danna’s online pole dancing courses that have step-by-step video lessons.

 The course is designed to transform you from an out-of-shape body to a fit, sexy, and confident woman.

These pole dancing lessons are for fitness purposes and from this, you will gain a lot of confidence that will totally transform your whole life.


  • Access to more than 130 step-by-step pole dancing video lessons
  • Pole dancing lessons for everyday women
  • Learn pole dancing in a few months and get in the best shape of your life
  • The pole dancing lessons let you connect to your natural femininity, sensuality, and intuition
  • You can watch all the video lessons on any mobile device, computer, or Smart TV
  • Easy-to-follow video tutorials for beginners, intermediates, and advanced pole dancers

Pole Fitness Dancing offers a variety of online pole dancing courses that help you to cultivate and nurture the femine side of your soul through pole dancing for fitness.

Founded by Danna Rossi, it focuses majorly on the improvement of femine self-confidence, health, and wellness, as well the inner feeling of sexiness. 

Pole Dancing is not only a physical activity, it is also a soul healing spiritual experience for many people.

 If you include pole dancing in your daily life, it would give you numerous benefits like elevated confidence and sense of self-worth.


  • Complete Online Pole Lessons Course for Everyday Women by Pole Body
  • Get Beginner Online Lessons in Your Dance Pole Starter Kit
  • Advanced & Expert Online Pole Lessons
  • Exotic Online Pole Dancing Lessons
  • Complete Online Pole Lessons Beginner to Expert Advanced
  • Getting your Splits for Pole Dancing
  • Applause Ab Routine

10. CPFA

Join Canadian Pole Fitness Association to learn the basics of pole dancing online. It is one of the best online academies for learning pole dancing.

All the pole dancing courses are accredited by AAFA, NASM, CanFitPro, and ACE. 

CPFA is giving you an excellent opportunity to learn pole dancing at your home with your favorite Canadian pole, dance, and performance artists.

 There are both short-term and long-term pole dancing courses for all levels of students ranging from beginner to expert.


  • Beginner Pole Dancing
  • Certification courses and manuals
  • Coaching series
  • Double pole
  • Exotic floor and pole workshops
  • Pole skills and conditioning

Founded in 2008 as a community of online friends who share a common interest in pole dancing, Studio Veena, today has become the largest website for pole dancing.

The site has thousands of members who log in daily to share their passion for pole dancing with others. 

The main motive of the studio is to promote the art of pole dancing which is a sport and fitness activity.

Veena is an ACE certified personal pole dancing trainer and her unique teaching style include property body positioning. Her lessons flow at an optimum pace in an easy-to-understand and approachable way


  • 30 Day No Pole Beginner Program
  • 30 Day Takeoff
  • Level 1,2, and 3 Program pole dancing for Beginner
  • Level 1,2, and 3 Program pole dancing for intermediate
  • Pole Advanced Lessons
  • Combos Pole Dancing All Levels
  • 30 Day Spinning Pole Program
  • 30 Day Pole Dancing Flow Program

123 Poling is one of the best online academies for learning pole dancing.

 It is quite different from other online pole dancing courses as it focuses on all important aspects of the dance form like body orientation & position, multiple entries & exits, different variations of hand grips & shapes, preps & drills, and spotting techniques.

Explore the site for free and get access to over 700+ tutorials on pole tricks, pole spins, combos, exotic, and transitions.


  • Unlimited one-year access to all the resources
  • Step-by-step tutorial for pole dancing
  • There are over 1300 online tutorials for pole dancing to choose from
  • Learn advanced pole techniques online
  • Learn pole dancing from Champion Pro Pole Athletes & Artists
  • A unique Red Ribbon Technique to eliminate confusion while on the pole
  • Access all the pole dancing tutorials on your mobile, tablet, or computer

Pole dance is a beautiful and hypnotizing exotic style of dance and you can easily learn this art from the comfort of your home with LaraJoh. If you are a beginner, you can start by learning the basic pole dance moves and tricks with LaraJoh.

Other than the basic pole dancing course, LaraJoh also offers intermediate level pole dancing courses that includes exotic floorwork lessons and exotic flow courses.

Lara Joh is an expert in exotic pole dance and an Intermediate Pole Fitness Instructo


  • Exotic Floorwork Basics Course  for sensual dance floorwork basics
  • Exotic Pole Basics Course to learn important basics of exotic pole dance
  • Exotic Flow Course to learn how to dance and create the beautiful yet challenging exotic flow style


Who does not know Jamilla Deville? She is one of the world’s best-known pole dancers. After mastering various forms of dance styles, she started pole dancing in 2000. With her hard work, she claimed the title of Miss Pole Dance Australia in 2005. Other than this, she was voted as IPDFA International Instructor of the Year 2010 and 2011 by Global Pole Community.

She has also created The Art of Pole DVD Series to influence pole dance styles and teaching techniques across the globe. It is the top-selling DVD for learning pole dancing  worldwide. 

In her course, she teaches all the crucial elements of pole dancing including body alignment, aerial fitness, safety, and balance. She has over 10 years of experience in pole dancing and you can learn a lot from her through her Skype Online Lessons which she takes live from Las Vegas.

 These pole dancing classes are curated for all levels and work on your strength and conditioning

Pole Dream is one of the best online pole dance schools. This online pole dancing course is suitable for both beginners and intermediates.

 The courses are intended to teach you to do all the basic tricks on the pole in a clean and technical manner.

 In addition to these online pole dancing courses, Pole Dream also offers Skype or WhatsApp live classes with Alesia Schneider. 

Alesia Shneider has been into pole dancing since 2009 and has been teaching the same since 2010.

She is a certified pole instructor with long-term experience in pole dance, aerial skills, rhythmic gymnastics, capoeira, power workouts, and stretching.


  • More than 600 videos to teach a variety of pole tricks and combos
  • Step-by-step instructions to perfect the art of pole dancing
  • Home workouts for pole dancing and great body shape
  • YouTube pole dance lessons for beginners and intermediates
  • You can train at your preferred timings at your own pace
  • Electronic certificate when you pass the examination
  • Conditioning exercise with the pole to master tricks on a pole faster and safer

Final Words

Pole dancing is an exotic dancing style that requires extreme physical strength to move your body completely. You need to have complete control over each of your limbs for pole dancing. And for all this, you need expert guidance that you will only get from the top pole dancing academies. We have compiled this list of best sites for learning pole dancing online so that you get excellent guidance from the comfort of your own home only. 

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