OneNightFriend Review (2020)

One Night Friend

OneNightFriend is a platform consisting of typical casual dating and hookups where you can wander for a no-strings-attached kind of fun.


  • The registration is quite easy and offers a lot of options to meet people through chat rooms and personal messages.
  • OneNightFriend is good to use and works well on different platforms with a lot of great features to look forward to.


  • Most of the female profiles are fake.
  • There is no dedicated mobile application till now.

This review is all about covering the detailed aspects of the site’s statistics, performance score, pros and cons, unique features.

In case you want to know whether it will be the right platform for you or not, you should read this review as it covers the detailed insights of this gathered from the experts.

For the ones with a penchant for a hookup, casual dating and casual sex, you can try a website that gives you 'all' under one single roof. Adult dating sites like onenightfriend caters to people looking for low-commitment thrill and no-strings-attached fun.

Since the target base of this site is those looking for hookups and sex, it's probably not an apt choice of those seeking long-term relationship or marriage. But, if you're looking to meet some pretty locals or get into an NSA groove, OneNightFriend is what you want.

Talking in terms of viability and user-friendliness, this site scores well. Everyone knows it's pivotal to get a sense of the site membership before you chip in. Since most of the people joining it are looking for some real adult dating, there's a high possibility that you'll find folks who want to hook up NOW!

On the surface, it serves an enticing platform to meet local hotties and 'eager' folks that wish to tread the same path as you.

What makes OneNightFriend so popular?

If you take a brief tour of OneNightFriend, you might feel as if you're revisiting it. That's the first impression. It does have certain eerie similarities with most regular dating sites.

Still, if you dig deep to find whether or not it's just a pathway to another dating network, you'll know that it's functionality and operations have something else to say. Its ‘welcome page’ has a very professional visage with templates.

When you are cooking noncommittal stuff, which is beyond soulmate and romance, this site could be a fast and easy route to find local partners and fix a good date with singles. One of the most prominent aspects of the site is its registration box.

Well, that might be a customary thing for many, but then a small message popping out and reading as women messaging men for free, tells you another story. This site is quite a tricky one, well apparently. It takes minimal time to get started, and registration doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes.

Go into the sign-in page and select your gender and that of the people you want to meet. Next, share your email address and don't forget to use a unique password for the same. You do have the liberty to choose your OneNightFriend username in this juncture.

You can capture the attitude and tonality of the site by selecting descriptive words that enable other members to know about you. Finally, specify your location and birthday. That's your registration process at the drop of a hat. Now, that you've your login id, you can embark on your dating journey.


Website Address:

Estimated visits last month: 3.21M

This site caters to any single person who's over 18 and seeking a relationship sans any obligations.

There are a plethora of things to engage in; you navigate flirtily and invite personals, take a tour of the added snaps, get information about some cute and willing singles in the vicinity, and get a chance to meet like-minded women, who are ready to splurge. 

one night friend-min

Taking a pretty casual approach to the game, the site is your launchpad to explore the thrill of open relationships.

Another good part of the registration is that its desktop format gives you an option to register yourself with your Google credentials, which systematically thwarts any downtime for a confirmation link, importing your fundamental data from your concerned Google account. For those working on iOS platforms, you have the added option to use your Facebook account.

The absence of Facebook as a feasible desktop option seems to be a design hiccup and not a technical glitch. Speculation is both positive and ripe that this omission will call upon some rectification soon. About the safety of the site, you can start with some research from your side.

It becomes all the more indispensable when you're sailing through sites harbouring hookups and casual sex. Unfortunately, it's ridden with scams. Experts suggest you have a succinct tour of the safety tips page and read its modality.

Do remember that if you can't find one, it might imply a red flag or danger right there. In case you bump into suspicious or out-of-the-block folks, it's in your best interests to hit the OneNightFriend help desk. Report your problem to shield yourself and fellow members.

It's best to be instinctive while chatting with new people on these sites. If the digital rendezvous starts feeling fishy or irregular, count on your gut feeling. Don't forget to inform the moderators about any weird or wacky stuff happening there. Suspecting a scam won't suffice.

Tackling it or even cancelling your membership is essential.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Pricing and value for money are mutually inclusive subjects to delve into when you're dealing with a topic on a dating site as OneNightFriend. It's pretty customary for these sites to advertise as free joining or lure you with a free trial period.

Although technically it's free to join, most members with the clichéd free membership huff and puff to optimize their site experience. If you're using it for free, you might get limited options or restricted access to some of the pivotal features of the site like chat or messaging.

Even free sites can be cacophonous and brimming with distracting, disruptive ads. They are a big eyesore for some people. If you find it hard to cope with incessant ads, you can consider using the sites' paid version. This is precisely where value entails a personal purport for users.

You see in the ambit of online dating; values imply moving or underlining a target, which means users' ideas will vary. You might be considering the value as per the date's cost or the number of dates you eventually go on.

You may also be interested in a marital effort, where value points to meeting and gelling with the right individual. So, define and fix your idea of value before joining OneNightFriend. Now that you've read the above lines, it'd be prudent to focus on the cost.

What makes matters dicey or difficult, is for male members, you cannot use the communications features. You need to upgrade to a full time membership (Paid). A 30-day membership will cost you around $37-$40. A three-month adventure will cost somewhere $63-$65.

You may have to pay $103-$106 for a 180-day run. If you use their standard format, a day run, with one free day will be around $0.99. A prismatic view will show $0.51 per day and $0.41 per day for three and six months, respectively. ​

You can get a sneak peek into the latest membership deals at

Site Performance Score: (Out of 10)




7 / 10

Quality of Singles/Members

8 / 10


8 / 10


7.5 / 10

Safety & privacy

8 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10

Interface and Design

8 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

8.5 / 10

Overall Value

8.5 / 10

Site Statistics

  • Traffic and engagement: OneNightFriend ranks 13,900 globally. Its country rank is 5, 507. Its adult category rank is 1,191. The site draws traffic of 31.79% in the US, 22.48% from Poland, 9.18% from Japan, and 22.48% from Poland, and 5.89% from South Africa. There are 247 more countries in the list, but these are prominent ones.
  • Traffic Sources on desktop: Direct searches are 46.18%, referrals are 24.84%, normal searches are 8.94%, social searches account to 1.95% and mail and display are 10.95% and 7.14% respectively. Traffic from referrals is a crucial point here. The top referring sites are, and with a percentile share of 7.49%-29.8%. The top destination sites are, and
  • Organic search: One of the best affirmatives for OneNightfriend is that 8.94% of its traffic is from genuine searches. With 0% paid drives and 100% organic keywords like adult dating, one night friend, adult online dating, chat rooms and OneNightfriend, you’ve it all under your arm.
  • Social pool: There’s often a common complaint that it has no social media presence whatsoever. While that surely is a pitfall in today’s digital landscape, its statistics show a different picture. The social media reach is well above 2% now, with YouTube, Facebook and Badoo contributing with 74.77%. 17.31% and 5.35% respectively. There’s some glimmer of hope from Twitter and Reddit as well, with both of them hitting the pitch with 1.15% and 0.99%.
  • Availability: it’s not available on Android platform. You have it only on website and iOS.
  • Rating and Downloads: While Android draws almost a blank cheque, Apple gives it a 2 star rating. All three platforms don’t allow downloads.

Competitors of OneNightFriend

Although the website is a legit online dating pitch and is doing brisk business, it's not peerless. ​

Sites like,,,,, and are doing pretty well in the market and giving some stiff competition to OneNightFriend. Some users rate similar sites like AdultFriendFinder much higher than OneNightFriend.

While the average score of the latter on the parameters above is around 7-8, AdultFriendFinder scores a whopping nine on a scale of 10. There have been complaints about the paucity of real women or no real women using the site. Compare that to AFF, and the results show the reverse pattern.

There are a few critical aspects you need to consider to understand the matter. Many people have received more than 40 fake messages from blank profiles. Quite a few of the profiles had obvious fake images, pilfered from other sites.

You might even start getting targeted messages from women who're in sync with your search criteria, even though you didn't click on their profiles!


  • The registration process is very fast and straightforward.
  • It has a mobile application for iOS platforms.
  • The site is also within the Together Network.
  • The mobile app is a pretty fine experience. While it's certainly more convenient and more comfortable to stay signed in with your app, some of you might shy away from downloading it.
  • Well, you can see every feature on the mobile site. If you open it on your mobile browser, you can access its desktop features as well. Downloading the app depends on your discretion, and the good news is that there are plenty of options for interacting with the site.


  • To begin with, there's no native app for Android users
  • Majority of female profiles under the site are fake or inactive. There are many fictitious and obscure profiles.
  • A significant drawback of the site is the women in the app didn't seem real. Tons of profiles were undecipherable, and you couldn't chat with them, let alone extracting some information.
  • Another drab and sullen fine print that you come across while navigating the site is its user agreement. It openly says that it may intermittently create profiles through its employees, who maintain and manage them. The derivative is they aren't just sending fake messages, but sending them from counterfeit accounts as well. However, this is common practice with many dating sites today. Authenticating them is your homework.
  • There's an absolute consensus that it's trying to loot you through its so-called memberships. Some say that they are even trying to funnel your personal information into the mainstream and market their domain.
  • Lack of or no social media presence is another problem. Every legit and running dating site promotes itself on social media. It helps in finding new members, elucidating their mission and policies, and simplifying dating. Social media comes free of cost, but when a dating site doesn't have a footfall there, you know something is fishy.

Customer Support

Despite knowing that it's all about hookups and easy sex, there's no excuse or room to be sleazy, raunchy or abusive. You can use your dating profile to be your most attractive and desirable self.

While most dating sites entail a chat feature that enables you to know other members personally, modern sites like OneNightFriend require features like video and voice chat, which helps you to understand your potential and prospective partners more closely or you can say, more intimately.

If you find someone to connect with, you just need to send a few messages to that member. If you want to see who's online and up for a chat, the process is a cakewalk. Just use its search feature and scroll through a throng of members that match your criteria.

After you find the ones you want to talk to, you can easily reach out to them and initiate a conversation. For more insights into and its modalities, you can watch its videos and reviews on YouTube.


User experience is a very crucial feature in this regard. As you know, it partners the Together Network, which gives it access to many resources. Based out of Malta, it also operates sites like and This surely elucidates the eerie semblance with the website's template design.

If you have used Cupid or Flirt, there's every possibility that you will discern the same platform and structure in OneNightFriend. It means that the website engages in what you call "audience exchange" with auxiliary sites on the same network.

You can figure that out from the decent and seamless user experience you have there. Unfortunately, it's not what OneNightFriend offers. When you first go to its user platform, you'll find that the features are mostly generic. There's also a communications tool that includes online chat and email.

So, there's no quotient of exclusivity about this site. Keep that mind. Majority of hookup sites put forth questions that propel you to find the best possible matches. But OneNightFriend asks for stuff that is pretty precise and concise.

You can answer each of them as they underline your bottom lines, ideals and desires. Hence, the more details you share, the more streamlined and compatible your searches will be. If you're hot, spicy and sexy hookups and NSA escapades, this site should be in your jar.

And, if you're wondering whether this is the right stop for you, this review may help you make a call.

Parting words

We know that filling out your dating profile might not be your idea of a viable, right time. We suggest you spice up yourself, invent or reignite your amorous impulses and instil some effort in filling the goddamn thing up. We found that with the best foot forward, you get the best profile pictures.

Imagine all you wanted to search the website is for matches, but every profile you came across had a single picture. So, do it with some vigour but realistic expectations because fuelling your cart with scanty information and a jaw-dropping display isn't the only way to fetch messages, likes and clicks.

We feel it takes some time to generate that aura about your profile and give that feel-good vibe. If you're onto it and do it without inhibitions, we promise you will not regret it. So, be aware, be alert, be active, but be ready for a series of crash n burn candyfloss romances, if that's what you want to call it.

If you're one of those who can't wait to take your tete-a-tete to the next level and maybe get wicked, you cannot ignore OneNightFriend.

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