Old Women Dating Review (2020)

Old Women Dating

Older Women is another senior dating site with thousands of members and visitors. They generally match older women with younger men.

This helps both, the younger guys and older women, to have a little thrill in their dating life.


  • Lots of tweaking options to make your profile better and attractive.
  • Your personal information will not be linked to any other website.


  • Limited chat options without a premium membership.
  • Signing up and registering takes a lot of time.

The following review will guide you about the website and try to get yourself a perfect partner by keeping in mind the main points.

Old women dating is a senior dating site with thousands of members and monthly visitors ranging up to 200k. This site is committed to creating relationships with older women with young men.

Old women target single women over the age of 30 years who wish to connect with someone younger than them or the ones who have similar cultural references and common life experiences as them.

The reason why it has gained immense popularity can also be credited to the fact that it is extremely easy to use. Create a profile in three to five minutes and then start browsing and chatting with the most suitable matches.

Today we are here to review this amazing site for our readers so that they know all about the site’s flaws as well as perks. In a simple word, if you are interested in growing your relationship with older women, then this is the best place

Why is Old women dating so popular?

Older women dating started its service with a dream of making it simpler for older women to date with young, energetic men. Olderwomendating.com is experiencing a trending wave amongst the senior singles women mainly because of its easy-signing up process.

Senior singles who are often not much in touch with the latest technology and are not prevalent with its usage, find this site a perfect site for them. They can see several exciting things like older women dating, cougar dating, mature dating and many more things.

The site walks you through an easy sign-up process which is free which includes particular sections where the person is required to specify their preferences, hobbies, lifestyle and goals.

In case you are not exactly sure about what information to enter at the moment, then you can even come back later or just fill it right away. The users also have the option of adding and sharing photos as well as on their profile.

All important information of the user is kept private and are there are hardly any possibilities of information getting leaked. Private messaging is another feature that can be used by the user, where one can send their private photos. Any person who crossed 18 years can join this site and have fun.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Ease of Use

9.2 / 10

Quality Of Members

8 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

9.5 / 10


9.4 / 10

Value For Price

9.5 / 10


8.7 / 10


9 / 10


8.5 / 10

Profile Quality

8.5 / 10

Real Life Review

9.5 / 10

Overall Score

89.8 / 100

Site Statistics 

  • Members from USA- 1,000,000
  • Members activity- 77,000 active weekly
  • Gender Proportion of members- Female: 35%, Male: 65%
  • User base- Senior Singles of 50+ age
  • Popularity- 200k visits /Month
  • Registration time: 3-5 minutes
  • Number of Photos that can be uploaded- up to 30

Website Overview

Website address: https://www.olderwomendating.com/

Estimated visits last month – over 200k visits per month

For everyone who is seeking older women to date, olderwomendating.com is the best place you can get.

As you can see the popularity of the website that nearly 200k cross people have been using this site monthly to find a perfect match with the mature women. 

older women dating-min

The site is owned by SuccessfulMatch and has been operating for 18 years. Its genuineness is attracting people to use the website frequently for any matchmaking. It is seen that the number of men who register the website is larger than that of women.

Though this site is for both genders but the number of men outnumbers female. Mostly female who registers are above 30 years. The present situation of the mind-set of people has been changed to the fact that age is just a number.

There have been tons of examples of couples who are living happily with the matured and older partners. So this older women dating site provides the match of a couple based on their interests, hobbies and personality, not by age.

So if you do not care about the age factor or want to have a serious relationship with the older women or men, then this website is the perfect match to your interest. It is really easy to use and matchmaking probability is also very high.

Once you register your profile, you will be getting your favourite matured couple in no time. The site is mainly US-based because a large number of members is from the United States. The site provides the feed where you can catch up on the status, activities of the profiles.

There is also a cool feature that includes the linking option of your profile with Facebook profile. By linking older women dating profile with a Facebook profile, you can easily extract information from there.

One thing you need to know is that you must upgrade your account to premium for the two-way continuous communication. So make sure you upgrade and enjoy the coolest features in matching up your type of older women to date and get into serious relationships.

Competitors of Old Women Dating

The competition is very tough for online dating websites. There are many online dating sites like:

  • OkCupid
  • Clover
  • Bumble
  • Hinge

But olderwomendating.com has a unique feature of getting a relationship with older and matured ladies which are not easily available in other websites. So in the neck to neck competitive market older women dating site is providing its best so that user will get the maximum service with satisfaction.

Although it is in the line of the competitive market it seems it is in the forward lane in free sites. Among the free sites for dating older women above 30 years, older women dating is the best one. Let us look at some of the cool features that are very attractive for new users:


  • The older women dating site is a unique platform which has a custom matching algorithm that delivers a certain number of handpicked matches every day. These matches are shown to both profiles so that they can initiate their talks.
  • The user interaction options are easily available on the website. You can like, comment on the profile and personal blogs of other members. This creates a unique environment to start your dating journey.
  • The advanced options like your interest, your choice will help other users to filter the profiles so the match will be perfectly ideal.
  • The best thing is about the profile. There are lots of options included on the profile so that you can make your profile attractive and realistic at the same time. Visiting profile will reflect your personality, making the user easy to choose the partners.
  • It also includes the community updates feature; you do not have to worry about remembering or memorising important details, events or anything else about your matches; it automatically informs you on the important days. It is just like a notification feature that notifies the important date is coming so that you can prepare for the day easily.
  • The verification of user is very important in the dating sites because there are lots of fake accounts roaming around. The older women dating have a unique AI that will detect the fake ones and remove them quickly. All the profiles you get are 100% real like you.
  • Your privacy and safety is the priority of the site. Your personal information is not linked with any of the other sites so that it is super safe to use.
  • After your premium paid membership, you can get access to mobile phones too. The mobile app is very easy and attractive to use. Now you can match your partner anytime and anywhere.
  • For the abusive content and offensive sort of things, you always have the option to block and report the profile.


  • Many options will only give you access option only after purchasing the premium membership.
  • You won’t be able to have the unlimited chat option for the profile members until you pay some dollars.
  • You have to spend some quality time signing up the profile which may be a hectic job for some people.
  • Though the site is for both genders, it is more men biased. There are lots of men profiles in comparison to females. So it is not quite equality profile based site.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Access to the older women dating site is free for everyone. You can easily make your match with the matured women right after signing up the profile. But if you are willing to invest some dollars, then you will get many amazing services.

For example, access to private message for unlimited profiles is not available for free users. So you must pay some amount to get access to those features. Following are the pricing details for the website:




1 Month

29.95 $ / Month

29.95 $

3 Months

19.98 $ / Month

59.95 $

6 Months

15.99 $ / Month

95.95 $

Free features

  • Browse members profile and get access to photos.
  • Able to send winks to other members for free.
  • Able to comment on photos, blogs and profiles of other members.
  • Advanced search option to find the user profile of your interest.

Paid features

  • Chat with any members without any limit.
  • You will get your profile at the top of search results for extra expose.
  • Advanced filter techniques and tags search available.

How can you pay the dollars for premium membership?

The payment process is quite simple and easy. You can use some online payment options like PayPal. Or else there are other payment options too:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Cheque
  • PayPal

So by upgrading your account to premium, your match percentage will be drastically increased up to 500%, you can enjoy the app as well as pc version with 24/7 customer care option.

Customer Support 

The customer support of older women dating is very helpful and supportive. There are always the availability of a team of customer service for 24 hours who will solve any problems regarding the site.

For any help or frequently asked question you can visit at the address: https://www.olderwomendating.com/faq

You will get your doubts answered here for the common problems. If you do not get your questions answered at FAQ then simply email the officials they will come back to you very soon. For more information on these questions, please visit his link: https://www.olderwomendating.com/contact

Final Verdict

So if you are a single person ready to get into some serious relationships with older girls, then this website is ideal for you. You can get any matured girls of your type in the site; all you have to do is get your profile ready. Hurry up and sign up your profile, find a perfect match and settle down.

Age is just a number it does not have anything to do with the emotions. You can feel connected to older women too, so if you are willing to have a date with the older women and get into a serious relationship, then you are always welcome to the site.

As you have come through all the cool features, flaws and all now you have to be wise enough to compare it with other sites on the internet. And I don’t think that many sites will win your heart for getting into free matchups with older women.

Enter the site, make your profile realistic then you are good to go. If you find the website interesting, then you can invest some money to access to other cool features.

Parting words

So, these are some of the key features of the online dating site olderwomendating.com. It comes with an easy user platform for single souls seeking older women to get into serious relationships and to find their life partner.

It is also one of those leading online dating platforms for senior single men and women who have an interest in older souls.

It offers these people a safe, well designed and a user-friendly platform, to conveniently browse people with similar interests as them to make their relationship more intense and lead to happy marriages. Many couples are happily married for many years who were met on this website.

So, hurry up and begin an interesting life right now by signing up for free at olderwomendating.com. If you are willing to have complete access over the site’s options, then pay some dollars and get the ultimate satisfaction. 

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