Top 20 Hottest Norwegian OnlyFans Account to follow in 2022

Looking for the sexiest and hottest Norwegian OnlyFans accounts to follow?

From the perspective of a porn aficionado, the only thing that matters is understanding which OnlyFans accounts are truly worth joining to and paying for, rather from being a thoughtless cash grab.

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Top 20 Best Norsk OnlyFans 2022): Hottest norwegian/norway onlyfans

De rankin

A few decades ago, in the nation of Norway, a tiny blue-eyed blonde called Vicky was born. 

Her parents relocated to Canada soon after, where she was trained to become a great accountant and world class manager.

With hobbies like skiing, skydiving, and riding motorbikes, it's simple to appreciate her restless energy.

Her newest ambition has become a true now that she has joined the adult entertainment sector, after reinventing herself multiple times in the professional world.

This incredibly brilliant lady has now launched various other initiatives, including this webpage (which she writes completely herself) where she guarantees to keep you delighted.


Norwegian camgirl on chaturbate began in late December 2016, around half a year after beginning hormones for her transformation, and most lately in May 2020, four years later, she acquired her boobs.

Analie Star enjoys being a part of the profession, but was unsure at first.

She was seen by Kalin in 2019 and filmed for Grooby, which gave her a new spark for the industry, and she now wants more.

She was raised as a male, but her internal understanding of her gender was always neutral.

Her youth was filled with unbridled inventiveness manifested via woodworking and thrill-seeking behaviour.

Analie will also create unique films for you, with prices beginning at $50, going up to $100 for all-inclusive videos, and a lifetime Snapchat subscription for $25.

Her OnlyFans profile fee is $7.99 per month for the stuff she offers, which includes 1600+ media files.

3. Hanna


22 year old Norwegian girl, who is all natural from top to toe.

Hanna is skinny but curvy, her assets will surely water your mouth. 

She is very interactive on her OnlyFans and replies to all her messages. 

She is a verified OnlyFans creator located in the Top 0.94%.

Hanna most probably works as a full-time OnlyFans creator with estimated earnings somewhere 70k around per month.

For her content, she has nearly 400 pictures and 15 videos in her onlyfans profile which can be easily accessed at a rate of $18 per month.


Katie Oslo is one of the most talented, small OnlyFans creators you'll ever see. 

She's mastered the "daddy's little girl" look, and she's well aware of how to employ those charms.

This little daddy's girl has been mischievous in a variety of ways.

But, if you ask us, her genuine asset is those huge thighs that don't lie.

And what about her thighs?

You'll really enjoy it when she bends down in front of the camera and—shows you some delectable pie.


Caroline Nitter gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of her life, which is completely unfiltered and includes a little bit of everything. 

You've come to the perfect site if you want to see the greatest sex, blowjobs, and nudity in your DM's.

This huge boobed blondie's ability to lean deeply into her feminine charms is also a plus.

Caroline is generally seen with her hair in hot, long pigtails, which only adds to her delectability.

Even better, she doesn't simply post images and videos; she also hosts live cam shows for her followers, which she arranges.

If you miss out on those, you can always view them as a pre-recorded video.


This MILF is very cute and quirky in nature.

Viltussa can be very honest, fun and shameless at a time. 

According to her, she’s always horny and her pussy is wet 24*7.

To compliment all this, she also has this great ass that would make you want to bury your face in it.

Villtusa is a blond bomb who will take your requests and make custom videos specifically for you and your dick so that you guys can get off.

7. Fenris


Wolf boy Fenris is like a hairy hot werewolf who makes porn for a living.  

He will post sex videos, blowjob-videos, jerk off videos, analplay videos, and other hot pics and videos of him.

He is available for a chat and will reply to your messages almost always.


Leyna Inu is a famous model and Instagram star. 

She has gained popularity through her Instagram account.

With over 740k+ international followers, Leyna is deemed as one of the popular influencers.

She is quite popular for her reels and IGTV videos over the internet.

She keeps inspiring her followers. She loves to travel and shares her experience through her pictures on stories.

She usually shares her fashionable outfits and modelling photos over her Instagram

Her massive following can be attributed to her ingenuity and creativity has attracted the attention of several brands across the globe.

She broke into prominence for her amazing looks, cute smile, style, and fantastic personality, growing her popularity for her captivating images and videos.


When this sexy blonde gets naked on the screen you can't take your eyes off.

She is a sexy goddess who is ready to feed all your dirty desires.

Curvy Babe’s actual name is Monika Lund Lie. 

She’s again another blond bombshell on this list.

Laura has a sexy ass once you will see it is so hard to suppress a desire to ride her.

She is too hot and will provide you with the sexiest content on her account.

Click on the link to subscribe to her Onlyfans account and your screen will be flooded with exclusive sexy content.


So if you are here to know if subscribing to her OnlyFans is worth it.

I would give a big yes. Bratz Doll has got 9 videos and 257 photos in the profile currently.

She is known for all-natural, silicon-free big titties.

You can deny the desire to play with them or have her boobies slap your face.

She is most probably working as a full-time OnlyFans creator with estimated earnings somewhere between $49.2k — $123.0k per month.


Are you looking for the full-on girlfriend experience of OnlyFans?

Here we have CreamQueen for you. 

This sultry lady will provide you with her premium Snapchat on subscribing to her OnlyFans.

This subscription will also provide you with intimate messages regularly, in addition to her nudes and the content that she uploads every other day.

She does take every other day and Sunday off for maintaining her sanity.

On her OnlyFans, she will make you feel home, feel loved and feel admired.

Her content basically revolves around anal, creamy pussy content, roleplay, double penetration, and Big fucking toys inside her holes.

12. Dan


Dan is a very aesthetic and visually pleasing human being. 

He is told to be very artistic with the content that he makes.

His content is also fun and light and above all again it is very beautiful to look at.

Dan has about 318 photos and 29 videos on his profile which is quite a bit of content.

And this content can be available to you at a cost of $12.99 per month.

Dan is supposed to earn about $14.6k monthly from their OnlyFans and why won’t he?

So if you don’t want to miss out, click on his OnlyFans link provided and have fun.

13. Freya


Freya is a petite seductress with black hair, perfect cheek-bones like Cersei Lannister’s, and a few tattoos to add to her look.

You can find her on Snapchat as FreyaLN which will provide you with free content.

But subscribing to her Onlyfans comes with the perks of getting full access to her premium Snapchat where you will all sort of materials to take your load off.

She has 823 videos along with 81 pictures of her which is accessible with a subscription fee of $7.99 per month.

Go ahead, check the link to her OnlyFans and subscribe to this hottie.


This vixen promises to not disappoint you if you ever subscribe to her OnlyFans profile.

Scandic_Beauty is a mixed Norwegian babe, a look at her and you won’t be able to stop your hands running inside your pants.

The monthly subscription to this hottie’s OnlyFans would cost you $14.99 per month and she has above 180 photos and 30+ videos. 

She will always answer all your messages, live video calls and sexting, you can also see her playing with her toys.

She is ready to fuck anyone whether it is a boy or a girl.

Not subscribing to her Onlyfans might be the biggest regret you might have later in your life, so go and do it, believe me, it’s totally worth it.

15. Linzor


Linzor’s content will make you cum in just a few minutes or even seconds.

This blonde beauty has the perfect body and tan which makes her this attractive.

You would totally want to bury yourself inside her wet and warm pussy.

This siren’s OnlyFans subscription would cost you $25 for every month, but the question you are having right now is will spending the money be worth it.

I will only say go check her Onlyfans profile picture and you can decide it for yourself.

She has 160+ pictures and in addition to that, she has 75+ videos to quench your thirst. She is estimated to make about $112.1k per month.


Miss Andersen is a petite beauty with a perfect body and most importantly a more than perfect as for you to eat. 

If you take her words, she is not just a pretty face to look at but she also has the power to make you fall in love with her, and then never leave you alone.

This Norwegian Bebe is here to take all your requests and full all your unfulfilled desires.

She will be shy at first but once she gets horny, she will rip off your clothes and make you unload yourself on her face.

She has around 900 slutty pictures of her lying around in her Onlyfans profile.

Not only this, there are 150+ videos of her getting fucked, playing with her own pussy or playing with a dick.

Subscription to her OnlyFans would take only $13 per month, which is very minimal considering the content that she provides you with.


Sofie Olsen is a 19-year-old sexy siren who was born and raised in Norway. She is currently living in Stavanger.  

She has blonde hair and a petite body which most men desire of in their dream woman. She is 158cm in height. 

Sofie Olsen has a firm and tight butt along with a pair of boobs which are naturally so big and beautiful, you won’t believe me unless you actually have a feel of them.

She is always ready to show off her body and you can buy pictures and videos of her personally and she updates her content every week.

She can speak Norwegian and English. 

A total of 200+ media content in her OnlyFans profile makes her a must subscribe profile not cost at all.

Her profile is free to access. She makes money mostly by selling content personally.


Breakaway from all the loud colours of the world and find peace and tranquillity along with nudity in this profile.

This is another aesthetic profile available on OnlyFans that provides black and white content that is filled with nudity and art in the world of chaos.

She will take your ideas and request to implement them in her photoshoots in her DMs.

If you enjoy the beauty of the female body, either in private or public settings, this is an account you should be subscribed to on Onlyfans.

The subscription cost to this one of a kid OnlyFans page is $10 per month.


Who would not want to hump on this cute little blondie with green eyes?

Bunny Boo has a symmetric and beautiful face which makes her a part of this list. 

She makes roughly 25k to 60k every month through her Onlyfans account.

With a count of 213 photos and 22 videos, I would say that’s a good amount of content you get access to for a cost of $20 per month.

Bunny will take proper care of your needs through her content and there will be no chance for you to be upset.


Julia Nyland is a Norwegian social media influencer who likes to get wild on the Onlyfans.

Her Onlyfans account is filled with hot pictures and videos of her, roughly 180+ media content is available in her profile for you to gaze.

All this will be available to you for $20 per month.

Click on the link to check her display picture on OnlyFans, how desirable is she?

Don’t you want those lips of her wrapped around your cock and then moving to and fro?


Nicole Devik is the perfect looking girl, you would totally want her to ride your cock. 

She can make guys cum in their pants just by the way she looks.

She is very charming and beautiful and irresistible.

Subscribing to her OnlyFans would take you $19 per month or maybe even less if their is a offer going on her profile.

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