Njoy Pure Wand Review (2020)

We have to agree that women are far luckier than men when it comes to sex toys.

They can use vibrating eggs, huge dildos, clitoral vibrators, vibrators that mimic the action of thrusting, and much more. 

Whenever we visit a sex toy shop or online store, we see an endless list of women sex toys.

However, that also means that these sex toys have to be the best even to make an appearance in any of the lists.

The range of not so appealing sex toys is also huge. As a result, women often go for sex toys that are highly recommended by sexual experts. 

Njoy Pure Wand

Now, we are about to introduce one of the most recommended sex toys for women!  

No, it is not a vibrator. Many women believe that only the vibrators are qualified to appear in the list of top of the line sex toys. It is not completely true. Today we are going to learn  about a sex toy which is simply a plain dildo. However, it is capable of driving women crazy.

When we said plain dildo, we literally meant it. The name of this dildo is Njoy Pure Wand and it is made out of pure stainless steel. 

It does not have fancy ridges or texture to tease you and neither does it vibrate or thrust after entering your love hole. Then how did this dildo get so much hype? Well, it was because of its magical design and ability to hit the right spots when you insert it inside your tight vaginal cavity.

The smooth touch and almost cold feel of this magic wand are so real that you will try to use it every day. Moreover, it is specially designed to stimulate the G-spot. The G-spot is the secret spot that can make you cum multiple times. 

However, this magical wand can be used even if you are not interested in G-spot stimulation. The classy design and stunning looks of this dildo have made it a prized possession for many girls and women.  

What's inside the package?

Once you order the Njoy Pure Wand, you will get a black box delivered at your doorstep. The box looks classy and its exterior is slightly rough. Also, it is sturdy, durable, and can be used to store the dildo for a long time.

After opening this black case you will notice a bed of silky cloth inside. It is of fuchsia color and is used to maintain the shimmer of the magic wand during transportation. 

The wand is made of sateen. Beneath this cloth bed, you will find a foam block that fits the shape and contour of this pure wand perfectly. 

You feel the joy that you get after an expensive gift arrives at your doorstep. The pure wand is so shiny and classy that you can easily stain it with your fingerprints. 

You can use the sateen cloth or any other towel to wipe the fingerprints easily. The case that is provided with this dildo makes it easy for carrying it on trips and tours. If you speak of its appearance it looks like a big comma that is made from high-quality steel.

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We will talk about the other alluring traits of this magic wand in the later sections but let us explore  its captivating design.

Design & Overall Appearance

Most of the women might not be interested in the looks of a sex toy unless it is as good looking as the Njoy Pure Wand. It not only looks better than most of the bright and flashy vibrators and dildos but it also has a far more discreet design and overall appearance.

At first glance, anyone who is uninitiated with sex toys can easily mistake it for a  shower head that has been detached from its handle. The use of stainless steel and elegant design provides a perfect complement to its discretion.

It is long and curved at both ends. Moreover, each of its ends has a prominent bulb or head. 

One end of this dildo is much bigger than the other which makes it usable from both the ends. The beginners can use the smaller i.e. rear end of this toy to satisfy their urges whereas the experienced ones can stuff the bigger head into their wet stash. 

The curved design is the thing that makes it more special than most of the dildos. The curve ensures that the smaller bulb keeps touching your clitoris whereas the bigger bulb will go and kiss the G-spot and other sweet spots of your pussy. 

The use of medical-grade stainless steel makes it completely safe and rust-proof. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic as well and you will be able to wash it quite easily due to its solid and smooth exterior. 

It is not made of rubber or any of those weak materials that would suffer some damage after getting dropped or hit by something. It is tough, durable, and can even resist hot and cold temperatures easily.

This means that it can also be used by women who like to experiment with different temperatures. 

For example, you can keep it in a freezer for 10 to 15 minutes to experience the thrill of icy cold penetration or you can immerse it in warm water to enjoy the feeling of warm penetration.

Review of Njoy Pure Wand

However, do not overheat or over freeze it as your sensitive vagina might not be able to take it. It is certainly much heavier than conventional dildos but the additional weight feels great when it rubs against the erogenous zones inside of the vaginal cavity. 

This wand is completely motor-free and therefore it is waterproof as well.

Njoy Pure Wand weighs around 1.5 pounds and lifting it might make the ladies feel as if they are lifting a lightweight dumbbell. Also, it is 8-inches long which makes it ideal for ladies who like deep penetration.

If we consider the curve and use a measuring tape to count its length, it will measure up to 10 inches. However, this additional 2 inches is not of much use due to its curved design. 

The smaller head of this dildo has a radius of half-inch and circumference of 3 inches whereas the bigger head has a radius of 0.75 inches and circumference of 5 inches. 

The handle that connects both these heads (bulbs) becomes thinner on the smaller end and gets bigger as it approaches the bigger end. Both  men and women can use it for anal insertion as well.

Moreover, it is ideal for both solo masturbation and lovemaking sessions between partners of different sexual orientations. The exceptional design of this sex toy will mesmerize you and by hitting unique spots it will provide a unique experience to you on each of the occasions.

How to use it?

Most of the dildos are designed for easy penetration and removal. You just have to lube up your insides and the dildo with some lubricant and you are good to go.

However, the special curved design of the Njoy Pure Wand requires little more effort and caution while penetrating.

The beginners will require more time to master the art of using it whereas even the experienced users might need a couple of sessions to start feeling it completely.

The best way of using this dildo would be penetrating it slowly inside your vagina and making it touch each of the bumps and crevices properly. 

Njoy Pure Wand

Its smooth surface ensures that you won't need much lubrication to glide it inside.

However, we would recommend you to use some lube as your vagina might be dry from inside. You can apply any lube on this magic wand as it is compatible with all kinds of lubes. 

Most of the sex toys are made up of silicone and therefore, they cannot be used with silicone-based lubricants. On the other hand, the water-based lubes are not that sticky and lose their texture quickly. 

You will not have to think about any of these issues while using Njoy Pure Wand as it goes with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants perfectly.

Before inserting this toy in your pussy, you can take a hot shower or warm bath just to make sure that your body is responding well to the different kinds of sensations. You can also use dim lights and light music to spice up your mood. 

Wear sexy lingerie and spray some room freshener to make the ambiance romantic. Also, do not forget to lock the knob of your door as you might need some complete privacy and silence while using this magical sex toy.

Closing the door is necessary to muffle up the moans and cries. This sex toy is particularly designed to provide multiple orgasms through internal stimulation.

However, it does not mean that the bulbs cannot please your clit. It does have its presence felt but most of the work is done by the end that enters your love hole. Njoy Pure Wand has been the reason behind the first vaginal orgasm of several women. 

We know that most women cannot reach orgasm until they touch and tease their clit. Teasing clit is not bad but it takes away the real pleasure that can be obtained by stimulating the internal parts like G-spot. 

Njoy Pure Wand brings the traditional method of using dildos back in trend and you get spellbound by its magical touch and sensations.

Once you are done with all the preparations, insert the dildo slowly into your pussy. The initial penetration has to be the slowest especially if you are introducing the larger bulb first.

Also, you can experiment with the penetration in different positions to see which one suits you the best.  

The best position would be lying on the back and then spreading your legs enough to accommodate the pure wand. After that, you can curl your knees upwards till they touch your bums.

As the larger bulb enters a couple of inches inside, you will start feeling the tingling sensations created by its smooth surface. You can either freeze the dildo or use warm water to heat it if you are interested in temperature-play.

Learn How to Use Njoy Pure Wand

However, it is not necessary at all because the dildo itself is capable of creating sweet sensations that travel from your love hole to different sensitive zones of your body.

Also, the larger bulb has to face your stomach if you want to stimulate your G-spot. Both the ends can stimulate the G-spot perfectly but the larger bulb creates more pressure and can make you squirt in a couple of minutes.

The smaller end can be used for stimulating the smaller spots. Moreover, it can also be used to tease your G-spot as you might need a few attempts to make it touch it especially if you are using it for the first time. 

Once the wand touches the G-spot, you can twist the dildo to make ripples of sweet sensations run throughout your body. You can also use the thrusting motion to keep stimulating it after a gap of a few seconds. 

If you are using it with your partner, you can ask him to avoid touching or licking your clit because that might divert your focus from vaginal orgasm. Even men can use this wand to massage their prostate gland or they can make their partner do it for them. 

The smaller bulb can be inserted into the anus for the pegging and stimulating prostate of men. Even women can introduce the smaller bulb inside their backdoor especially if they are planning to use it with their husbands or boyfriends. 

It is always recommended to keep  some wiping towels beside you while using the Njoy Pure Wand. This is because you will most probably squirt or at least have a gushing orgasm that would make things quite messy.

This dildo can also be used in showers and bathtubs because it is completely water-resistant. Also, do not forget to wipe the dildo cleanly with soap and warm water after its use.

You can even immerse the Njoy Pure Wand in a tub of hot water but do not keep it there for too long as it might affect its natural gloss and finish.

Some tips for those who are planning to use this amazing sex toy

  • Since it is made of premium quality stainless steel, it can sustain both cold and hot temperatures. 
  • When you heat it with warm water, it remains hot for some time. Also, the warmer pure wand makes it easy for penetrating as it creates nice and warm sensations. 
  • The tension and initial surprise that you feel after the bulb gets inserted gets minimized if the wand is warm.
  • However, the warm wand stimulates the entire vaginal cavity by making it more responsive and sensitive to deft touches. On the other hand, a cold wand is ideal for women who want to get teased as the ball makes its way up to the G-spot.
  • The penetration is much more powerful and intense when you are using a cold wand. It introduces an element of surprise in the process and stimulates the user to a whole new level.
  • Men and women who wish to use it for anal play can insert the smaller bulb into their anal cavity. It does not create any discomfort or pain.
  • Men and women who are experienced in anal penetration can introduce the larger bulb in their rear end.
  • The larger bulb provides a fuller experience and generates powerful stimulation whereas the smaller bulb is more suited for those who want to enjoy the thrusting motion in their backdoor.
  • People who love anal play can use different tricks to please themselves or their partners.
  • For example, they can touch the prostate or rectum alternately to introduce the element of unpredictability while using it with their partner.
  • Also, they can apply or decrease the pressure alternately to tease the different erogenous zones inside the rectum.
  • Do not grip the other end of this dildo too tightly as it can reduce the magic of deft touches.
  • Clean it thoroughly after every use. Use soap and warm water to clean it. Dry it completely with a soft and dry towel once you clean it completely.
  • Avoid touching it with sharp objects and abrasives as it might spoil its smooth finish and luster.


  • The positive reviews of this magical pure wand are all over the internet. Most of the users have shared  great experiences of their first vaginal orgasm they had with the assistance of this amazing dildo.
  • This tells us that both men and women have enjoyed great penetrating sessions with this sex toy. This also underlines its effectiveness and makes buyers prefer it over other sex toys.
  • It feels heavenly with its bulb touching your G-spot. Not only that, but it also can create sensations by rubbing against those spots that you might have never felt before.
  • The manufacturer of this toy has provided a one-year guarantee. However, we are assured that it will last much longer because it is almost unbreakable.
  • This sex toy ships to different countries with a minimum shipping charge. The original price of this pure wand is quite economical. Some shopping portals have even offered it on installments to those who cannot purchase it by paying its price in full.
  • The pure wand is designed to tease and stimulate both G-spot and P-spot. Apart from using it as a dildo, you can also use it as a prostate massager for your male partner.
  • It is made from a non-porous material. As a result, there is no chance of bacteria or germ formation after use.
  • The weight and the curvy design of this toy make it perfect for providing intense stimulation to the users.
  • Its design is such that it can be used by both beginners and experienced users. 


  • It is slightly expensive. Even though some portals are offering it on installments, many men and even women might not prefer to buy a plain dildo at such a high price.
  • The pure wand does not vibrate and thrust and neither is it capable of doing all the fancy tricks that vibrators are known for.
  • Women who have experimented with different kinds of dildos might like it at first but the feeling soon wanes away as they start using it frequently. Therefore, we would say that it is more suited for beginners. 

Final Verdict

Though a bit pricey, the Njoy Pure Wand justifies its cost completely especially if you prefer to have high-quality sex toys in your arsenal. Therefore, we recommend it to both our male and female readers.

Order this stunning dildo today and explore what it feels like to have a muscular and hard dick inside you!

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