Niteflirt Review – Make $1,000/week as a Phone Sex Operator (2019)

If phone sex interests you then Niteflirt is the best option for you to make money.

Niteflirt helps you in becoming a phone sex operator while selling adult amateur clips on the side to make money​


Niteflirt - Make money from Phone sex and selling videos

What is niteflirt you ask? Well, niteflirt is easy to use platform/website to book phone sex calls/clients. Niteflirt also allows selling of adult sex clips and hence double benefit for you.

We have Already shared a comprehensive step-by-step guide on becoming a phone sex operator and Niteflirt os one such platform that will help you make money.​

How to Become a Niteflirt model?

Just like any other adult network, the requirements are quite straight forward and easy to establish.

  • You need to be atleast 18 years old
  • A high quality computer
  • Cell Phone (for phone sex calls)
  • Credit card (for age verification and all)

I am new to phone sex, how can i make money through it?

There are hundreds of ways to make money online in adult industry like sexting, phone sex, becoming camgirl, etc. I love phone sex as you don't have to get naked and all you need to do is talk to people in a flirtatious and sexy way and fulfill their fetish.

To become a pro in phone sex, read our complete guide on the same: Become an expert phone sex operator​

Become Phone sex operator at Niteflirt

Becoming a phone sex operator on Niteflirt is easy. Niteflirt is primarily a phone sex website (selling adult clips to make money is not their primary niche).

You need to first make a listing or profile on Niteflirt which will then be visible to the audience or your potential customers.

Your listing also mentions the categories and fetish you cater to. Once approved you will be able to receive calls and hence make money as a phone sex operator.

Now the more fetish or categories to cater the more money you can make. And hence nitrflirt gives you the option to make a different listing for different fetish. And this way you can cater to multiple fetishes at the same time and hence the money you can make increases exponentially.​

How much do Niteflirt models make?

Niteflirt pays you in between 50-70% depending on the type of service being offered

Service Type

NiteFlirt Commission

Your Commission

Live Calls



Recorded Calls






Pay to View Mail



Payment Request Mail






Niteflirt: How to receive payment or withdraw money?

Niteflirt makes the payment on 1st of every month (only if you have acheived the minimum threshold of $10)

You care paid through Direct Deposits (ACH) or a Check which is sent through US Postal service

Note: Niteflirt does not have the option of Paypal, Payoneer, Swift or Wiretransfer​

After the money is sent you will receive the money in around 10 days for deposits and around 21 days for check

There is also an option for Express pay (you can withdraw money each day and receive it within ten days). This comes with a fees of 2%

Sell Goodie Bags on Niteflirt

Apart from Niteflirt you can also sell photos, videos, etc. to make extra cash. For your existing clients that are happy with you, they will easily purchase your digital products. Also since you won't have to be present live or on phone to make money, you will easily make money even in your sleep as well

How and where to sign up?

Signing up is easy. Click the button below to go through few simple steps and become a nite flirt phone sex operator today to make easy money online.

Tips to remember while using Niteflirt

  1. You cannot disclose your personal number to the person on the other end. You are also to make sure that the person on the other end cannot meet you or see you. This is done in order to maintain privacy and secrecy
  2. You should be well fluent in talking dirty and phone sex with the clients. The clients will only call you if you are able to satisfy their fetish of having phone sex with a hot girl.
  3. Market research is must. Without it you can’t expect calls to pour in. Just like any other occupation or business, earning money with Niteflirt require proper research and gaining attention of people.
  4.  The credit card asked by the website is for authorization purposes. There is no deduction of any amount from you bank after you are done with setting up your business.

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