Niteflirt Review – Make $1,000/week as a Phone Sex Operator (2020)


If phone sex interests you then Niteflirt is the best option for you to make money.

Niteflirt helps you in becoming a phone sex operator while selling adult amateur clips on the side to make money

Become Phone Sex Operator at Niteflirt : Phone Sex Operators Wanted!

Niteflirt is a good resource to make some extra money as a phone sex operator. In order to become a phone sex operator, you have to go through a couple of easy steps that will enable you to register yourself on the Niteflirt platform.

You need to be at least 18 years of age, have a steady, performance-oriented computer/laptop where you will log onto the platform to find potential clients along with a cell phone that will be used for phone sex calls.

You also need to have a credit card so that your age verification and other legal processes can be ascertained, helping you use the platform in quick time.

The below mentioned steps are what you will need to get started with becoming a ‘flirt’ on the Niteflirt platform -

  • Click “Become a Flirt” at the bottom of any page on Niteflirt, and click “Start Now”. In case you haven’t registered on the platform, you can enter your details to create a new account on Niteflirt. You need to enter your ‘Member Name’ which will be your username, along with your email ID followed by which, you choose your password and read the ‘Member Agreement and click ‘Continue’ after you’ve finished and agreed to their terms
  • If you’re an existing user, click on ‘Sign In’ and enter your username and password.
  • After this, you need to enter your credit card information. Although registration is FREE, you need to input your credit card details so that you can accept payments. Your card will not be charged until you initiate a payment from your end. In order to validate your card, Niteflirt sends a $1 authorisation, which shows up as a pending transaction, but is stricken off your bank statement a few days later.
  • Select your gender and the type of service you are offering on Niteflirt along with your target audience. From the drop-down, select which of the two offerings you wish to set up first - goody bags or phone listings. 

How to Create a Listing?

Once you’ve created your profile on Niteflirt, you can check out your listings on ‘My Listings’ from the Flirt Center of your ‘My Account’ page in order to create, edit or delete listings. The ‘My Listings’ is where all your phone listings are stored and can be managed from.

To create an attractive listing, follow the below process -

  1. 1
    Choose a category & topic - so if your potential clients are women, you need to choose ‘Women’ as your category and ensure the topic you’ve chosen is relevant to your category to increase chances of landing paid clients on Niteflirt
  2. 2
    Enter a title - Ensure that no sentence in your title is more than 15 characters long. In order to ensure that your listing is not struck off, you’ll also need to put in some spaces between words
  3. 3
    Describe your service - You can use upto 14,000 characters to describe your service in the listing. You can also include HTML to customize sizes, shapes, and colors in your description and for embedding File Manager photos
  4. 4
    Enter your price - Now enter your price on a per-minute basis that you want callers to pay
  5. 5
    Add a photo - you can upload a 95x95 photo of yourself which is displayed on the “business card” of your listing.

You can create one Live Listing per topic as long as your content is relevant to the topic and adheres to the guidelines mentioned under “Play Fair Basics”.

How to make money in NiteFlirt?

If you are interested in becoming a phone sex operator, then nothing could be better than Niteflirt. You can work from home, work whenever you want, and get into the field of eroticism.

To become one, you need to understand the different fetishes that people might have and might want to talk about. If you are wondering about how to make money with phone sex, this will be the right guide for you.

We have listed a few essential tips for you that will help you understand how to make money in NIteFlirt.

Once you become a phone sex operator, you need to familiarize yourself with different sexual fetishes and interests. You will be speaking to different people. Hence it will become better if you get to know about a wide range of topics, such as BDSM, discipline, and bondage.

You can start by reading interviews with different phone sex operatorsr; or watch porn movies to know about different sexual fetishes too.

Think about the different taboo fetishes that you might not be interested in. If you are not interested in particular niches, it is better to upload it to your profile.

Whenever you speak to someone, ensure that you are all alone and you have proper space to talk to that person. This, for the sake of your clients, because no one likes to be disturbed.

How to make money with phone sex: Get in touch with Niteflirt, and fill in all the details that are required. Verify yourself, and become a registered phone sex operator.

Niteflirt: How to receive payment or withdraw money?

You will first need to log on to your Niteflirt account, add your email ID and password to log in. After that, you will be taken to the payment page. On the payment page, you will be required to enter details of the payment option where you wish to receive the payment.

Getting paid on this platform is fairly easy. You will receive your payment by paper check or Direct Deposit. A direct deposit would be possible only for the US-based bank accounts. EFT will be done for ACH.

The company doesn’t offer wire transfers, SWIFT, Payoneer, and PayPal. NiteFlirt also puts ads on phone sex operators wanted.

There are three payment options:

  • Express pat
  • Monthly direct deposit
  • Monthly check.

Follow the screenshot steps to receive the payment.

Sell Goodie Bags on Niteflirt

NiteFlirt also allows models to make money by selling various types of media bundled in Goodie Bags, such as photos, videos, audio files, etc., allowing you to make money whether you are available for calls or not! This is a good marketing strategy to entertain and maintain existing customers along with finding new customers.

Is it safe to use NiteFlirt?

NiteFlirt provides all the phone sex operators a safe and secure platform, which will allow you to have a fun experience. It is very crucial for everyone to stay safe online, and this goes for every adult platform.

The platform is safe to use, and the company’s server uses Secure Sockets Layer, which is SSL to guarantee protection against every account. The company is building at this moment and is also maintaining a secure network for everyone.

NiteFlirt protects cardholders’ data, updates the antivirus software regularly to make sure that the site is free from bugs and malicious threats. The site also tests and monitors test networks, and has robust access control measures.

Niteflirt - Make money from Phone sex and selling videos

What is niteflirt you ask? Well, niteflirt is easy to use platform/website to book phone sex calls/clients. Niteflirt also allows selling of adult sex clips and hence double benefit for you.

We have Already shared a comprehensive step-by-step guide on becoming a phone sex operator and Niteflirt os one such platform that will help you make money.

How to Become a Niteflirt model?

Just like any other adult network, the requirements are quite straight forward and easy to establish.

  • You need to be atleast 18 years old
  • A high quality computer
  • Cell Phone (for phone sex calls)
  • Credit card (for age verification and all)

I am new to phone sex, how can i make money through it?

There are hundreds of ways to make money online in adult industry like sexting, phone sex, becoming camgirl, etc. I love phone sex as you don't have to get naked and all you need to do is talk to people in a flirtatious and sexy way and fulfill their fetish.

To become a pro in phone sex, read our complete guide on the same: Become an expert phone sex operator

Become Phone sex operator at Niteflirt

Becoming a phone sex operator on Niteflirt is easy. Niteflirt is primarily a phone sex website (selling adult clips to make money is not their primary niche).

You need to first make a listing or profile on Niteflirt which will then be visible to the audience or your potential customers.

Your listing also mentions the categories and fetish you cater to. Once approved you will be able to receive calls and hence make money as a phone sex operator.

Now the more fetish or categories to cater the more money you can make. And hence nitrflirt gives you the option to make a different listing for different fetish.

And this way you can cater to multiple fetishes at the same time and hence the money you can make increases exponentially.

How much do Niteflirt models make?

Niteflirt pays you in between 50-70% depending on the type of service being offered

Service Type

NiteFlirt Commission

Your Commission

Live Calls



Recorded Calls






Pay to View Mail



Payment Request Mail






Niteflirt: How to receive payment or withdraw money?

Niteflirt makes the payment on 1st of every month (only if you have acheived the minimum threshold of $10) You care paid through Direct Deposits (ACH) or a Check which is sent through US Postal service

Note: Niteflirt does not have the option of Paypal, Payoneer, Swift or Wiretransfer

After the money is sent you will receive the money in around 10 days for deposits and around 21 days for check. There is also an option for Express pay (you can withdraw money each day and receive it within ten days). This comes with a fees of 2%

Sell Goodie Bags on Niteflirt

Apart from Niteflirt you can also sell photos, videos, etc. to make extra cash. For your existing clients that are happy with you, they will easily purchase your digital products.

Also since you won't have to be present live or on phone to make money, you will easily make money even in your sleep as well

How and where to sign up?

Signing up is easy. Click the button below to go through few simple steps and become a nite flirt phone sex operator today to make easy money online.

Tips to remember while using Niteflirt

  • You cannot disclose your personal number to the person on the other end. You are also to make sure that the person on the other end cannot meet you or see you. This is done in order to maintain privacy and secrecy
  • You should be well fluent in talking dirty and phone sex with the clients. The clients will only call you if you are able to satisfy their fetish of having phone sex with a hot girl.
  • Market research is must. Without it you can’t expect calls to pour in. Just like any other occupation or business, earning money with Niteflirt require proper research and gaining attention of people.
  • The credit card asked by the website is for authorization purposes. There is no deduction of any amount from you bank after you are done with setting up your business.

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