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Anime porn is all about the imagination, and with the right visual and graphics, you can be transported in your little sex dungeon, feeling everything you were waiting for.

If you have fantasized about blowing off to pornographic anime, comics, and manga artwork, then you have come to the right place!

Nhentai was registered back in June of 2014, and even though it isn’t the only site to host pornographic hentai and doujinshi manga in a different language,

Nhentai has become a one-stop-shop for all anime lovers to cum and indulge.

With its self-published framework, Nhentai manages to get out of the conventional porn peripherals and offer some of the most unique niche (and even some of the taboo) fetishes that take anime porn to an uncontrollable height.

Porn anime and naughty manga content are trending for a long time now, and porn-lovers have leading websites like Nhentai to thank for it.

There is an inexhaustible supply of material available that is tagged, filtered, and categorized to suit your every fetish.

From bondage to big breasts, and from anal to schoolgirls, there are hundreds of thousands of comics, sketches, and cartoons to float your boat. Let’s explore why Nhentai is such a big hit when it comes to pornographics and manga content, and find out if this is the dose of pornography that could make you cum in no time.

What makes Nhentai so popular?

For manga and adulterated anime experience like no other, Nhentai is a great way to discover Japanese style porn comics and new artists that can cater to your every kink. Nhentai is your solution for free amateur hentai content that is available in Japanese, Chinese, and English languages.

Currently, the site ranks 11th worldwide in the most visited adult websites list, with over 87 million visitors every month.

If you are looking for some of the sexiest and most adulterated manga and hentai works, then Nhentai is one of the largest user-submitted hosting sites, offering a dog-pile of some of the freakiest and kinkiest comics and anime.

They specialize in anime, hentai, and adult manga work, and their amateur cartoon and comic porn will get you hard and there in no time.

Although it isn’t much of a porn site in terms of the real-person experience, if you have the hots for anime and manga characters, then this is precisely where you need to be surfing. It is a unique Doujinshi site, i.e., a place for self-published manga works.

Some of these artists are famous for creating characters that take porn on the whole new high. Right from ear fucking and dick nipples to fandom, and from midgets to double penetration, Nhentai takes you places in the anime and manga world that you cannot resist.

The beauty of comic and anime porn is that it gets you riled up and hardcore, just looking at the innocent and seductive characters going at it all hefty. There is something for every porn lover’s choice, and you can look forward to finding your kink or fetish in their search filters.

This popular user-submitted adult anime and manga site has exactly what it takes to ride you hot and heavy.

The Absolute State of NHentai


Website addresshttps://nhentai.net/

Estimated Visits Last Month: 88.62 M 

Porn is a massive market. While the official live videos and the occasional cosplay do the trick, there are always those who enjoy exploring their unusual sexual fantasies with hentai and pornographic manga content. For your manga, anime, and hentai needs, Nhentai has you cum-pletely covered.

Not only do they have an exhaustive suite of manga comics and anime, but they also give it to you for free. Despite the site featuring some of the amateur work, their quality is supreme and can excite you with some of the most old-fashion anime categories, which still look erotic as ever.

If you are worried that it will be a lot of visual porn and hot scenes but no language to aid you, then Nhentai has you covered for some of the best porn-tainment you’ve ever experienced.

The total collection of Chinese hentai is over 28,000 uploads, English publications are over 55,000, and Japanese ones cross the 160,000-mark already.

You are looking at over 230,000 unique manga and anime content that can handle your needs all too well.

No matter how addicted to hentai you may be, Nhentai is more than capable of giving you a classic rub-a-dub-dub any time of the day. 

They score full marks in terms of their library, content count, and language support.

There is a lot of mainstream options available to rub off your regular porn fetishes, like the tag ‘anal’ that has over 50,000 uploads, swimsuit with over 15,000 uploads, and so on. 

If you’re looking for niche and kinkier content like a glory hole, public use, squid girls, and more, then Nhentai has a little bit of everything for you. 

nhentai logo

While you can browse on the site for porn content by categories, parodies, artists, and tags, there is also an inbuilt search function to help you navigate better. For the registered members, custom tagging is also available, and it would be precisely what enables you to steer clear of kinks you don’t want to see.


While there is a lot of variety when it comes to manga and hentai porn out there, every once in a while you want access to those unlimited free libraries. If you’re looking for a free library that is full of raw sexual manga and hentai content and sexy photos, then you’ve ‘cum’ to the right place.

The beauty of Nhentai is that it is entirely free for users. All you have to do is register with a username and password, and claim your free access to the plenty of comics, sketches, and cartoons.

Once you are a member of this hentai and doujinshi manga club, you have access to some of their features that are reserved just for members.

For starters, you can now start saving content to your favourite’s folder and make sure that you weed out the fetishes you don’t like and keep your kinky stuff just a button away! Unlike most content driven websites that have hefty registration fees and even monthly and quarterly plans to view their content,

Nhentai is like the big pornographic library full of anime, hentai, and manga content. They may have amateur content, but for something free and accessible 24 x 7, and forever, you’d be surprised with the graphic quality and the high-resolution photos that alone could get you there.

You can check out more about the site and register with them on https://nhentai.net/register/.

Performance Evaluation Scores



Website Design

8 / 10

Content Updates

10 / 10

Image / Video Quality

9.5 / 10


8 / 10

Content Amount

9 / 10

Download / Streaming

7 / 10


7 / 10


7 / 10


10 / 10


8 / 10

Value for Money

10 / 10

Overall Performance

9 / 10

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Porn Characters: Teitoku, Gudao, Asuka LangleySoryu, Reimu Hakurei, Sakuya Izayoi, Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Naruto Uzumaki
  • Most Popular Niche Parodies: Touhou project, Original, Kantai collection, the Idolmaster, Fate Grand Order, Granblue fantasy, Ah My Goddess
  • Most Popular Niche Sites: Hitomi, hentai2read, hentaihaven, luscious, hentaifox, danbooru, simply-hentai
  • Total Number of Porn Comics: 200,000+
  • Average Length of Videos: 30 Minutes
  • Maximum Resolution of Videos: 1600 x 1200
  • Download Limit: Unlimited Daily
  • Photo Slideshows: Yes
  • Format: MP4, 15000k+, 3840x2160 (dl or Streaming)Format: MP4, 15000k+, 3840x2160 (dl or Streaming)
  • Zip Sets: No
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Pictures Per Set of Videos: 10+

Competitors of Nhentai

The content on this site is inspired by the Japanese manga style and has definite appeal amongst porn lovers all over the globe. While the directory is entirely free and full of high-resolution sex pictures, manga, and hentai comics, there are a few websites that match up to Nhentai.

9Hentai is a Russian site that has gained popularity in Thailand and the United States, racking up an average of 675,000 visitors every month. Although Nhentai has its library of best porn comics and single images, 9Hentai is the closest competition it has when it comes to functionality and design.

If you liked the sexy and seductive vibe of Nhentai and are merely looking for an alternate website to find obscure tags and genres, then 9Hentai is it. AsmHentai, on the other hand, receives 3.5 million visitors every month.

From all the parodies and comics to the variety of kinks and fetishes that one can imagine, there is something for every manga lover in their 61,000+ English language galleries. If you’re looking for Japanese and Chinese content, then you are in for an even bigger surprise.

Never Look for THAT in NHentai?!

Another big player in the hentai department is Hentai2Read. With an average of 13 million visitors per month, Hentai2Read ranks in the top 100 adult websites in the world. This website is a direct competition to Nhentai as it surpasses in terms of design and fluid functionality.

Not only you can search for kinky manga content here, like in Nhentai, but can also use their advanced search filter to search based on your fetishes for certain characters, artists, and tags. Another popular website is HentaiHere, with 1.5 million visitors each month.

You can select from our 27,000 bodies of work that are viewable utterly free of cost. You will find some of the kinkiest material filtered according to category, artists, convention, language, characters, and more.

From incest to bestiality and from scat to rape, there is nothing off-limits when it comes to HentaiHere. If you are searching for something less grotesque and deviant, then there is a whole lot of pure and semi-adulterated content waiting for you.

Some of the dozen other alternatives to Nhentai are e-hentai, Hitomi, hentai2read, hentaihaven, luscious, hentaifox, danbooru, simply-hentai.


  • Massive collection of manga, hentai, and doujinshi content
  • An exhaustive collection of amateur and professional Japanese anime comics, sketches, original pieces of artwork and pictures
  • High-resolution images and very well defined graphics
  • The website has a simple approach and self-published library format
  • No restrictions in terms of daily limits, previews, trials, membership charges
  • Hosts some of the latest computer-generated hentai, with high-resolution drawing and colourized panels
  • Tags, parody, groups, category-wise filters make it easier to find your pornographic fetishes and search for similar published content
  • Very fewer adverts to draw away from the original content
  • Quick and easy to follow update-schedules for a new comic and porn artwork publication
  • Nhentai gets a fresh lot of publication every couple of hours, always giving you something new to tickle your daily porn fetishes
  • It has a random button that is ideal for people who are affected by watching an extreme amount of manga and find it tough to make a choice. Nhentai picks through a host of publications and chooses one for you to enjoy
  • It is a treat to the eyes for all the porn lovers who like to view sexy photos every once in a while
  • Tagged content, like big breasts (94,360), schoolgirl uniform (52,426), etc., makes searching for your fetish very simple
  • Their mobile support makes it easier for porn lovers to access it on the go as well
  • Once you’ve registered, you can make your own favorites folder and save content


  • Nhentai doesn’t believe in the forum pattern and won’t be having one anytime soon
  • A lot of amateur content gets published because it is free for everyone website that allows self-publication
  • Not all manga and hentai content that you crave will be in your language itself
  • Not all publications are original pieces of work; some of them are parodies that might not be as exciting and advanced in the porn world as one would need
  • Porn lovers love the highest resolutions of images and videos, and Nhentai might not have the best of visual graphics and content
  • A lot of taboo and blacklist content can also easily come up randomly
  • Lack of curated content and finely picked pornographic publications make it very generic
  • Not many benefits being a member or registered users, and no offers or special curated porn packages and content either
  • Lacks videos and the whole real-life sex experience
  • Not much to look for beyond anime, manga and doujinshi content


The owner of Nhentai website is not big on forums, community creation, and overall bonding. Despite keeping the anonymity alive, Nhentai ensures that their members can reach out to them on their website and even write to them. They do entertain suggestions from porn-lovers, and that’s something.

The absence of any telephonic or in-person support can be concerning, but self-published forums like these barely require a support line.

Nhentai still makes it a point to be accessible on some social platforms and mainly on their email account. You can search for their website and visit their ‘Info’ page to get details about the portal. They’re not big on the content, but it is quite refreshing to see their less-is-more approach.


If you fancy kinky Japanese anime and have a fetish for the cartoon comics and hi-resolution artwork, then Nhentai is the perfect place to be looking for some good-old anime and manga content.

Apart from being user-friendly and very easy to navigate, Nhentai also gets its daily dose of new publications being uploaded every couple of hours.

They offer you access to millions of published content in Japanese, English, and Chinese languages and also expose you to some of the finest original artworks and Japanese style porn comics. It is free to register, totally free to use, and also free to download; the trifecta is a porn-lovers dream come true.

While they are not big on the video and real-life porn, you may be surprised how realistic anime porn can be.

If you haven’t been big on Japanese cartoon porn and manga content, then this site may get you to cum around. Since there is no money involved, it wouldn’t hurt to register and go manga hunting; you never know what fetish you end up adding to your favourite porn library!

Parting Words

Now that we have shared a detailed review of Nhentai, it should be easier for you to decide if this is the porn-tainment you have been looking for all along.

Your porn fantasy, kinky demands, and regular or taboo fetishes are all up for grabs in their self-published free collection, and you are just a free account away from accessing it all.

If you liked this review of Nhentai, then stay tuned for our other porn site reviews. 

We strive to make your porn experience the best you ever have, and for that, all you have to do is keep ‘coming’ to our page and read the reviews!

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