Naughty Date Review

Naughty Date

If you are searching for a single-destination website which offers a platform where you could explore your sensuality in casual hookups with like-minded people, step right inside the house of Naughtydate.


  • The site has an awesome design and is easy to navigate.
  • It has a convenient feature called Flirtcasts, where you get to send flirty and quick messages to any other member using the website. 
  • These messages can act as ice-breakers and make interactions more comfortable.


  • However, there is no mobile app for the site, which makes it inconvenient. 
  • The site has a lot of fake profiles. 

This review will ensure an adequate understanding of the functioning of the website.

Whether it is a casual hookup you are looking for or want to enjoy some flirty encounters with likeminded people, Naughtydate is a one-stop solution for matching up with your cravings. It is a site for those adults, who are alone and want to enjoy dating at its prime.

This site is a hotbed for all kinds of casual hookups if you are not ready for something serious. At present, this site has more than 750,000 registered members on a global count, and it is operated by Together Networks.

Not just known for its massive membership base, this site comprises of well-trained moderators to ensure proper security. This is one fun environment for all, whose primary intention is to connect with strangers in a love-based relationship.

However, not everything is roses for this site as some allegations hound it. Just like any other dating site, this centre is known for its excessive numbers of fake profiles and some of the expensive membership fees.

Around 300,000 members are solely from the USA, making this adult dating site a proper one for you. There are 3000 daily logins available as part of members activity. In terms of gender proportion, there are around 23% of women and 77% of male members being part of this dating site.

You get the opportunity to create your profile and receive an average of approximately 10,000 unique visitors daily. Now that’s a huge number! To know the real deal about Naughtydate, it is time that you buckle up and gets into some details first.

What makes Naughtydate popular?

For those who are in the lookout for straight relationships and some casual hookups, nothing can be better than Naughtydate. With a monthly log of 300,000 users, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. But, the downside of this site is that not all the members are active all the time.

Some of them remain unresponsive, which is a bummer! This site has proven data to receive 300,000 organic visits with daily logins of 10,000 worldwide. Most of the visitors of this site come from Germany, USA, UK, Australia and Poland. So the base is pretty huge.

The registered members are looking for straight and casual hookups and sometimes, steamy encounters. However, if you are here in the hope of long term relationship then maybe Naughtydate is not the right choice for you.

With a distribution of 77% male and 23% female, it is quite evident that men are more interested in casual hookups, and that’s why they are hovering around the site more often. The age bracket of the people will be within 25 to 34 years.

Chatting with NaughtyDate~

All in all, it takes around 5 minutes to open up an account with this site, which is pretty fast. However, you have to upload your genuine photo to get access to most of the services this site has to offer. It is one mandatory note to follow.

The site comprises of some active moderators, who are here to maintain some strict photo and particular community guidelines. If you fail to follow any one of those, your account might get terminated without prior notice.

Furthermore, for security purposes, this site comprises of an email verification procedure, designed for authentication. The photos will first get reviewed and then approved to be displayed as a profile picture. To register with this site, you need to be a minimum of 18 years of age.


Website address:

Estimated visits last month: 750,000

Unlike any other adult dating site, Naughtydate is different, providing an easier registration process and value-added features by your side. Making new contact is super simple with this site. You get the opportunity to send Flirtcasts to people, which are flirty and short messages.

Furthermore, you have the chance to get five free chats once you complete the registration procedure.

Sometimes, staff profiles and fake profiles might try to contact you and slide into DM. If you can keep a close watch on these options, then you need not have to worry about these fake accounts much longer.

Another interesting fact about Naughtydate, which is hard to find in any competitive adult dating site, is that you will always get notified if someone browses your profile. So, you can click on that account and might hook up for casual flirting if you need to.

On the other hand, you can grab attention from other members by sending them a wink. The basic features are quite lucrative for everyone to try out. But, unless you are one premium member, you are likely to enjoy just five free chats.

Once subscribed, users will get access to some unlimited instant messaging.

Casual Dating Review by NaughtyDate.Com

Despite such a significant setback, free members still have the opportunity to view friends, activity and feed section. It means they always get to see who browsed their profile, winked at them or send them Flirtcast. However, there is confusion about fake accounts.

In the terms and condition page, it has been mentioned that the main team from this dating site might end up creating profiles, managed by the staff members.

However, the main reason is not to flirt with members but to ensure that the services are getting appropriately operated by testing the features and functionalities. These profiles are here to research their services and products and how well people are responding to it.

Even though this present idea of “Staff profile” can prove to be rather beneficial, it might confuse the members at first. However, once they start chatting, they can make out the differences between a staff profile and some real users.

All it takes is to keep a close watch on it. The profile quality is also quite standard on this website. Even though it is an adult site, but Naughtydate does not feature any pornographic content. If you want, you can add photos and videos to profile.

However, standard members may not be able to view full-sized photos.

This particular restriction won’t cause much of a big deal as profile photos can be viewed free of cost but in a bit smaller size. You can see the profile pictures so size necessarily won’t be a problem. The surprising factor is that Naughtydate does not have sexually explicit photos.

Even if they do, those are pretty low in number. When compared to some of the other adult dating sites, this one is quite conservative.

The women members are appropriately dressed. Even though this site promotes casual flirting, but if you are lucky enough, you might also get proceeded to a coffee date. This is the one with proper attachment of the commitment to strict photo guidelines.

However, one weakness of this dating site is minimal information on every profile. You might add personal details while registering, but you can even get to skip this process to fill it up later. There won’t be any hurry to fill up the necessary information, and you can do it on your own time.

So, coming across incomplete profiles is pretty standard here.


Just like with most of the dating site, Naughtydate has some free services, and others are allotted for a selected fee.

Under the free services, you will get account registration, viewing messages in some public chat rooms, search functions and send flirt casts.

You can even get to wink at other members and see the feed and friends section.

Under the fee-based category, you will be able to enjoy unlimited chats and can zoom into other’s profile to view big photos.

You can even check out the “looking for” info of the registered members.

If the available options are not enough and you want some more, then extended search is yet another option for you.

If you wish, you can get premium support when asked for and get to share videos and photos in chat too.

naughty date GUI-min

There are primarily three durational packages available. The basic is for a month, which will cost you 39.00 USD for the whole month. Another one is the pack for three months, which will cost you a total of 65.70 USD, with 21.90 USD per month. 

The last package is here for six months, which will cost you around 17.70 USD per month and ending up at a total of 106.20 USD.

To upgrade from one package to another, you have to click on the tab, “Upgrade Now.” This site is likely to accept credit card payments only. Once you have made the right payment, the membership will get upgraded and the subscription period will start.

Another thing to note is that the periods come with the auto-renew method. So, if you don’t cancel the plan after the estimated time, it will automatically get renewed for the next course of time. There is one three-day exclusive trial pack available for around $2.97

But, you have to be very careful about its date and time. You have to pay heed to the day when this period might get over. If you don’t cancel it within time, your plan will automatically get renewed for a month-long commitment.

Now, you get the liberty to learn more about this adult dating site and its prices from its official account at

Site Statistics

  • Mobile optimized site for mobile browsing: Available
  • Downloads: No need to download and will not need heavy internet speeds
  • Free to access: Yes
  • Looks: Compact look with a neat dashboard and organized, when compared to desktop counterpart
  • Browsing speed: Easier to browse through mobile than desktop
  • Browsing speed: Easier to browse through mobile than desktop
  • Image Quantity: great image quality. Bigger picture viewing for the paid members
  • Bigger: 1 to 3 seconds
  • Resolution: High resolution for pictures
  • Types of dating: Casual flirting and hookups, not meant for strong relationships

Performance Score (Out of 10)

Website Design














Image Quality


Overall Score


Competitors of Naughtydate

Right from the time Naughtydate got its hold on the ground, it never looked back since then.

If you are up for some casual flirting, this site is always the prime choice for you to consider. It is not just any basic dating site but a platform for thousands of people to come and seek some fun and flirting and some steamy encounters as well.

There are so many other sites, offering the same services as Naughtydate now. So, if you are looking for something else, then you might want to try out Adult Friend Finder, eHarmony and Ashley Madison as some of the other competitive sites in here.

How to Connect with Local Members of NaughtyDate

Naughtydate is known to offer some of the special features, which will always help you to flirt and connect with some of the other members. Some of the simple functionalities are all that it takes to make the user experience of prime importance and the site more colourful.

If you think you need some help with flirting, then the “Flirtcasts” option from Naughtydate will be the right choice to make. FlirtCasts are flirty and quick messages you get to send to anyone you like. You can easily create these messages yourself and choose from premade ones as well.

These sections will serve as perfect icebreakers, in case you want to know someone better. There are similar such options available along with services, now that you have selected Naughtydate.

It is not just an extensive user base which made Naughtydate a household name these days, among Casanovas. Some extensive advantages are waiting for you, once you have registered with Naughtydate. So, let’s get to learn those options first.


  • A unique and beautifully designed page for easy navigational purposes
  • It has Flirtcasts feature, where you get to send flirty and quick messages to any other member. You can either make the messages on your own or choose any premade one.
  • The messages will serve as icebreakers to help you know someone better.
  • You can send winks as another way to introduce you to anyone else, and the winks won’t cost you a dime. It is one easy way to slide into someone’s direct messages.
  • You can send winks as another way to introduce you to anyone else, and the winks won’t cost you a dime. It is one easy way to slide into someone’s direct messages.
  • For the full experience of this instant message feature, it is recommended to upgrade to premium membership.


  • Mobile app for Android users is not available on Google Play. It requires a third party APK for direct downloading.
  • The registration module might be a bit buggy.
  • Chances of catching up with fake profiles all the time
  • Profiles are not detailed and completely fleshed out


Just like letting you enjoy the best flirting experience of all time, Naughtydate is up with an active and well functional support system. If you ever need it, you will receive around the clock services from the most supportive team from this source.

Whether you are finding it difficult to operate your site or want to ask any question regarding unique features or price plans, you need to log online at and get instant help.

The supportive staff is working day and night, with 24 hours of services, seven days a week. You can give a call at its official number for some assistance or can work out with the members through a Skype call.

Other than that, you can have a live chat session with the supportive customer care member anytime when you are online and need some assistance.

The support staff is not just friendly but will ensure to keep all your information confidential. So, they are the one helping you out in every aspect of your site. For some extra help in this regard, please visit page.


Yes, Naughtydate is indeed your one-stop solution for best flirting experiences, but that does not mean the site is addressing pornography.

It is not as radical when compared to other adult dating sites, Naughtydate is quite conservative. 

With a real-life review standing at 4 out of 5, it is not hard to state that the dating experience over here is one of a kind and always towards the positive side only.

The features are essential but can work magnificently when it comes to dating services. 

naughty date LP-min

Yes, there is a smattering of fake profiles loitering everywhere around this site.

But this problem is available with every kind of dating site you might come across. With Flirtcasts and winks free of cost, the chances are high that you might end up meeting someone for casual flirting, or can even find someone for a long term relationship.

Parting words

The information mentioned above in details will genuinely help you learn more about Naughtydate and why more and more people are moving forward to this sector. But, to be on the safer side, it is always mandatory to head towards the site only when you are pretty sure of it.

If you think you know everything about this site through us, then wait for some more!

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