Naughty Machinima Review (2020)

Naughty Machinima

Naughty Machinima acts as the perfect place for enthusiasts who are turned on by the likes of CGI, anime, SFM and Futa porn films, among others.

The videos on the site are pretty high in quality, and the instant playback and smooth streaming.

The videos have a distinct sound as well, which enables it to stand tall amongst a host of other biggies in the pecking order.

If someone tells you that Naughty Machinima is just another gay porn site and you believe them, you could probably be wrong. Yes, the site is focused on gay porn, but that’s just one aspect of the entire, wholesome package that this site is.

The website focuses a lot on serving their users a heady mix of some of the hottest cartoon porn scenes that are available on the Internet. 

Machinima, as a literal term, stands for computer-generated cinematic productions, so if you see it that way, this site contains a collection of animated/ cartoon porn scenes from a slew of different popular video games and animated films.

Those who watch this kind of porn should not be in for a disappointing end to their hopes since the site has enough content, coupled with great design and features that can hook people to the site almost instantly. 

It is also worth noting that the gay porn thing is one of the several genres that they cover on their site.

For people who want other sorts of sex positions, styles and even features taboo scenes such as people and animals engaging in sexual intercourse, also as the girl in the video sucks a horse’s dick, which is kind of gross and can freak people out, but for the enthusiasts, this is as good a deal as anything else.

The site contains a delightful collection of videos that have been rendered in the 3D visual format which enhances the appeal of watching porn by a few notches.

There is something unusually good about the black layout when it comes to online porn communities, and this site is no different since they make impeccable use of the black background to present content in a neat, easily understandable layout.

The navigation bar at the top contains multiple tabs that include – ‘Videos’, ‘Images’ followed by ‘Categories’ and ‘Community’ which redirects the user to the desired page in quick time. 

If you are someone who loves to watch lesser-available porn genres such as ‘Warcraft porn’, ‘Overwatch porn’ and even a bunch of exciting scenes from the hit Hollywood film, ‘Lara Croft Tomb Raider’.

The site encourages people to upload their creations to the portal as well, and that is the reason they’ve added the ‘Upload’ button at the top right corner. There is a search box and various tags and filtering options to find what content you’re precisely looking for.

What makes Naughty Machinima better than other similar sites?

Naughty Machinima is one of the most popular 3D animation and cartoon porn sites on the Internet at the moment. The highlight of the site is its focus on a unique niche that’s flown under the radar for the longest time, that is, 3D video game porn.

Another significant aspect of the site is that you get to see some of your favourite characters such as Samus Aran get fucked left, right and centre by Skyrim’s Dovakhiin even as Kitana indulges in some naughty face-sitting exercise, along with a bunch of other characters getting their hands dirty across a bunch of different scenarios and locations in different realms and time zones. 

Other than this, the site also features a decent collection of original, exclusive content that is submitted by independent 3D animators and is not derived or based on any popular video game franchise.

Other than two people engaging in unspeakable, dirty acts, they also show users some scenes where even the solo masturbation is so hot; you might not even be able to stop yourself from jacking off.

There is no need to sign up with any kind of registration fee, and the videos can be streamed free of cost.

Although image-based porn is a continuously vanishing facet of online adult entertainment, it is due to sites such as this one which gives a unique spin to a traditional, mostly routine sort of format that brings it back into contention.

There are separate profile pages for each of their models, which consists of a little bit about the performer, followed by details such as the scenes she has performed, what her strengths are and where she is from, apart from the usual body measurements and age.

The site is one of those rare Thai porn offerings that focus on variety, and everyone from the small-titted teen to the tight, experienced and bustier MILF can be found here. 

Lengthy descriptions that precede the videos before streaming contain information that gives you a piece of in-depth knowledge about the scene you are going to watch. This is especially good since these descriptions are responsible for setting up the eventual mood of the viewer.

The navigation is pretty intuitive, and the videos on the homepage are placed neatly and intuitively. There is a community tab on the site which lets you see who the users that are making use of the site or are online at the moment are.

For those who would want to jerk off to a video on the site, there is a ‘Being Watched’ option available for users which provides them access to that particular video which is being watched.

Site Statistics

  • Most popular bonus sites – None
  • Bonus sites – None
  • Total number of videos – videos
  • The average length of videos – Over 120+ minutes
  • Maximum resolution of videos – 1920x1080p, Full HD
  • Download limit – No
  • Photo slideshows – No
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Maximum resolution of photos – No
  • DRM protection – No

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

8 / 10

Live Stream Quality

8 / 10

Quality Of Private Shows

8 / 10

Number Of Models

9 / 10

Streaming Options

9 / 10

User-Friendly Features

9 / 10


8 / 10

Value For Money

9 / 10


8 / 10


10 / 10

Overall Score

86 / 100

Website Overview

Website address:

True to its name, Naughty Machinima is a one of its kind erotic porn site that caters to the ardent followers and devotees of 3D, futanari, animated and video game porn genres. 

The website features multiple porn videos and images that allow people to bond over a shared interest in this unusual genre of porn.


The site, at the moment, hosts about 20,000 videos and about 2,000 images that belong to varied categories and kinks. As soon as you land on the homepage of the site for the first time, you are displayed a few video titles and images laid out in a neat, grid-like manner on the page.

Most of the content is either made along the lines of popular video games or animated films with some of them even being created independently by the 3D animators on the site, which do not belong to any popular video game/movie franchise and are independently released titles.

The headline from the folks at Naughty Machinima explicitly claims that it is a free erotic streaming service, without the need to sign up with a paid subscription. In the navigation bar on the top right corner, you have four tabs namely – Videos, Images, Categories and Community, which is then followed by a search option that allows the user to quickly sift through and find the content that is relevant to them.

The site also allows users to upload their creativity and 3D masterpieces via the ‘Upload’ option where you have the opportunity to upload content with your name as the author.

The site has been created more like a social media networking site where the users can also message each other to initiate conversations. You can not only add people as friends, just like on Facebook, but also subscribe to receive regular new content updates from them.

Furthermore, you can even report or block a user if you think they are rude, creepy or indulging in suspicious behaviour. The site previously utilised Flash player for media streaming but has since then, redesigned itself and now supports HTML5, which enables seamless video playback and sound.

Although videos can be downloaded without having to sign up, the site might show errors in downloading content if you haven’t signed up onto the platform. Image albums are usually between one to a few dozen in number, on average and tend to feature screen grabs from popular video games, animated movies and even content that’s created by independent artists and 3D enthusiasts from across the globe.

The videos are good in terms of quality and are decently playable. Below the video, is the option to give it a thumbs up or thumbs down if you wish to rate the content and one can even add comments on the same. You can even share the video via email to your friends and other fellow enthusiasts.

In contrast, the site also allows you to generate embeddable codes so that their content is distributed on a far broader scale, and be added to another partner/affiliate sites as well. 

All of the site’s content is spread across 17 major categories such as BDSM, dick girls, gay males, ladyboys, tentacles and robots, hentai and virtual sex being some of the major ones.

The UI and layout of the site are relatively intuitive and straightforward to use and understand; thereby, it doesn’t require users to go through thousands of non-useful pages to find what they want to access.

Pricing & Membership Fees

Unlike other premium porn sites and adult content aggregators, the fact where Naughty Machinima stands out is that the service is entirely free to use and register, and does not require a person to pay any kind of subscription/membership fee or additional charges to sign up and use the site’s features.


  • All videos on the site have been derived from multiple successful animated films as well as video game franchises
  • A massive collection of over 18,000 videos on the platform
  • There are about 2,000 photo sets
  • The videos are available in full HD video quality most of the times
  • Clicking the ‘Community’ tab on the homepage gives you the option to browse through the entire list of users on the site
  • There is an option to embed the video on this site on your website as well
  • The video can be shared among users via email
  • Users can like and comment on the videos and photos
  • Users can subscribe or add another user as a friend on the portal
  • You can even upload your original work on the site
  • The site uses HTML5 media player, which supports seamless playback and streaming capabilities
  • A clean UI and streamlined site design, with decent pagination across the page
  • Content is divided into 17 major categories on the site, which helps you find the relevant genre and content type with ease
  • Sexy simulations from animated films such as Lara Croft, who takes in a big cock inside her tight pussy
  • Various download options available
  • The website is compatible across mobile phones and screen sizes


  • The site has a lot of advertisements
  • Some videos have been uploaded twice or thrice, which is weird
  • Although they claim to have 17+ categories across the site, the actual number is a bit less as compared to that
  • Not all content is available in HD as a lot of it has also been created by amateur 3D artists
  • Some films tend to be two-hour-long in terms of runtime
  • Impossible to organise the content by formats it comes under since it is a bit time taking
  • No bonus sites available to users
  • The content doesn’t have tags and keywords which could have helped in quickly identifying the relevant video

Competitors of Naughty Machinima

The genres of 3D, anime and video game porn are an emerging niche in the Internet porn industry where new and old, both types of platforms are clamouring for a piece of the pie.

As per the current industry trends and even usability and functions, they compete with the likes of E-Hentai, Rule 34 Paheal and even LOLHentai to some extent.

Customer Support 

The Customer Support team at Naughty Machinima is pretty responsive and always look forward to a more satisfying experience, with all their issues regarding the site being answered. They can be reached at the following link –

Final Verdict

As a free site, the premium porn destination, Naughty Machinima has already been able to carve out their own identity in a highly competitive market with fierce competition. Other than that, they have a bunch of features which truly set them apart from other similar sites. 

Parting words

Covered above, were some pros and cons of the premium cartoon porn site, Naughty Machinima. We hope that you enjoyed our review of this site and we would love to hear your suggestions and comments so that we can better serve you.

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