Myhentaicomics Review (2020)


Myhentaicomics is where every survivor's (I will not say loner's) dreams come true.

This website has made a lot of buzz in the porn industry with its witty, romantic, and raunchy sex comics.

These are the stories which are inspired manga, hentai, fetishes, parodies, and a lot of other amazing and weird stuff that you can find out there. Myhentaicomics is one site that can take you through an alluring experience combined with the most detailed graphics and images.

From incest to tentacles and futanari everything in between, you will find on this platform. There is a huge database of comics that have not only interesting stories but also feature an amazing diversity.

My first experience with this website was a bit slippery. I mean, the moment I opened the homepage, it was filled with comics with some pathetic images and graphics. To be honest, I found it all a bit disturbing to see at first.

But, it was only after that I opened them and saw the underlying stories it all became clear to me.

I knew that there would be some manga and hentai based comics, but it was never my expectation to find zoophilia, furries having sex, and whatnot. It was all a lot to take in at the very first instance.

What made Myhentaicomics so popular?

The popularity of this website comes from its addictiveness to the appealing storyline of the comic world. Don't go for the design; it is a bit old school, but when it comes to the content within the website, you won't find any other platform that will force your dick to punch a hole in your pants.

No, it is not too much, I mean every word here.

Porn videos and other types of content that you may see on the other website are indeed horny and alluring. The design may be a bit tacky and mundane, but they have a dark theme that does not shine too bright in the night, even if I am surfing the internet on my phone.

Myhentaicomics also has cartoon sex comics apart from hentai and manga comics. I mean, if you do not know this simple difference, then you are a fucking tool buddy. There is a hell lot of difference between them both, and they have their individual fandom.

But on Myhentaicomics, you will find both types of comics and much more.

Star Wars, futurama, and a fuckload of comics are there on the website. And when you do not understand what it is that you want to see, just go to the search bar and type anything that comes to your mind. And you will see something or the other to read, and I mean fucking reading and fapping to it.

Who the fuck faps while reading !, but myhentaicomics will make sure that you do exactly that.

The website may be crap, but the navigation is smooth as fuck. Every comic that you will open has a number of tags associated with it. From there, it is super easy to open other comics of the same tag.

They even have 3D comics, and we have not even seen fucking 3D porn videos, and here, Myhentaicomics has 3D comics. How fucking awesome is that?

Site Statistics

  • Most Popular Comic: Venom Stalks Spider-Man, The Invitation 2, The Doppler Effect
  • Total number of comics: There are tons of them, you cannot read them all in one lifetime
  • Image Quality: HD and Custom designed images
  • Niche Sites: Rule 34, My Manga Comics, My hentai movies



I have seen some other websites which offer a similar type of content but not like what you will find here.

And if you want to check out some crazy humans getting fucked and sucked by an animal or something alienish, then this is where you will find it all.

And there is a reason why all the users give it a five-star rating. I have been fapping to such weird shit for a long time now, and my girlfriend is also on it.


She fucking likes BDSM comics and other kinky stuff, which I never knew she was ever into. I mean, how fucking awesome is it. And now, when I am super horny, we open Myhentaicomics and start flipping through the pages of such comics to try out something new.

If nothing else, this website has brought me closer to my girlfriend sexually. Hentai has always been on my mind. I fucking love the expressions and the positions that the babes take in these comics. The exploding pussy cum and the drooling mouths just add to the raunchiness of the whole scenario.

Myhentaicomics is a simple website, but it has a huge variety of comics. From 3D to hentai, bisexual futanari, gay, lesbian, mom, milf, pregnant, rape, parodies, superheroes, fantasies, tentacles, aliens, and what not. Everything is there on the website, and it is up to you to decide what you want to watch.

If nothing else, just go to the most popular or all categories tab and start looking for something that entices you the most to take a peek inside.

Pricing & Membership Fee

Dude, it is all free. Yes, I am in my right mind and not fucking kidding. Myhentaicomics is an absolutely free website that has nothing to do with money. The developers of the website either probably have a butt load of money and want to spend some on a social cause, or they are fucking idiots. 

Regardless of this fact, this is the best website for a loser like you who does not even want to spend a dozen bucks every month on something that gives a man pleasure every fucking day.

There are, however, some ads that are displayed above and below the comics, but the screen size and the page size of the comic are set in such a manner that won't hamper your view. So the ads won't disturb you at all.


I have already told you before that there is no match for Myhentaicomics out there. Every fucking comic on the website is worth reading at least once. Otherwise, how will you come to know about its wide variety of content?

There are some websites that are similar to it, such as Welcomix, Jabcomix, 8muses, Porncomixonline, and others. But they all are not that diverse and easy to navigate. You can find them to be more attractive in terms of design and other parameters.

But with Myhentaicomics there is some original content to watch plus some premium quality comics to get you aroused.

Like I have been questioned a lot of times, why the hell do I masturbate to such porn? But who the fuck is anybody to judge.

Pros of Myhentaicomics


  • First and foremost, the best thing about this website is that everything you can cum to anything that you like without even spending a single penny. Who does that? Thousands of pages of stories that will take you through a journey of sensuality and sexiness at no cost.
  • To top that, the whole website is updated every single week. Think about it, some people sitting in some corner of the world are writing stories and designing images just so that you can get aroused.
  • There are HD quality graphics and images in the comics. Really, dude, the porn industry has raised some fucking bars. We have 3D comics and HD comics for you to enjoy.
  • Have you ever thought about crossover comics? Well, you will get it all here. I have seen a comic that had Powerpuff girls getting fucked by samurai jack. Where else will you get that kind of imagination, buddy? Nowhere else.
  • Design-wise it may be a bad website, but when it comes to organization and navigation, Myhentaicomics is smooth as an amateur's newly shaved pussy.
  • You will also find a few other websites associated with Myhentaicomics, which further present other types of stuff. Well, that day won't come when you won't find a comic to read on the website. But if it comes, you can switch to associated platforms like myrule34 and a couple of others.
  • The admin and the support staff is also spot on. Even if you get stuck somewhere, you can always contact them. Have you ever seen a fucking support team for a free website?


  • There are some concerns that even a supportive fan like me is riddled with when it comes to Myhentaicomics. The very first concern is the ads are there, but there are a lot of them which is quite disturbing.
  • I have heard a few instances where people have complained about pirated stuff. I mean, why the fuck would anyone want to steal a comic where a fucking bear with octopus's tentacles is riding a girl with two faces. I do not know if there is such a comic, but it can be made. Imagination is the only limit, right? The point is because it is free website piracy is a concern sometimes.
  • There is something that I hate about Myhentaicomics. I hate that you cannot download the comics. What if I wanted to save the comic and read it later? No, I cannot do it. The only thing that you can do is save every single image separately and then adds it to your collection.
  • For some users, the front pages filled with disturbing images can be a big deterrent. I always refer to this website to my friends who like this comic stuff. But most of them do not even go beyond the first page because the first thing that they show is a dog with a girl's face kissing a boy. But, it is their loss. Those fucktards have no stomach for innovation.
  • Plus, there is no option to create your own account. They have kept things too simple and straightforward. One, you can't download any of the content, and above that, you cannot even save any of your favorite comics to your own account.
  • Not everything is beautiful here. Being a good guy, I have checked thousands of comics from all sorts of categories. And I have reached the conclusion that all the variety is also a bad thing in porn. You won't get to finalize what it is that you can read.

Final verdict

Despite all the bad things that I have talked about Myhentaicomics, it is a good website, guys. In terms of content, quality, diversity, categories, erotica, sexual desires, and downright hardcore fucking, it has everything that you would want from a porn comic website.

The storylines are good, original, energetic, and will surely force you to put your hand inside the pants and start fapping.

A few parting words

This is it, my friend. I have done my part, and now it is up to you to check it all out. Reviewing such a website is an asking task, buddy. I have been reviewing such sites for a long time, and this is my bounden duty of sorts.

You will get a lot of other reviews like this, honest, detailed, and downright fucking awesome.

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