My Transsexual Date Review (2020)

My Transsexual Date

Not all dating sites allow transsexual men and women to match with their type of people.

Most of the sites portray a wrong meaning to transsexual dating because it is mixed with porn and escort services.

My Transsexual Date can be an ideal site for a transgender.


  • The website is compatible with all types of devices.
  • Privacy is maintained by limited profile data and pictures.


  • No option to renew the premium membership automatically.
  • Non-premium members cannot be matched with transwomen.

There are a very few quality dating sites designed for transwomen and trans-oriented men, and My Transsexual Date is one of them for sure. Most of the dating sites falling under this category could be often seen to be mixed with porn as well as escort services, negatively portraying the transsexual dating.

My Transsexual Date overcomes this loophole by developing a decent dating place for transgender people, connecting them with quality male members searching for serious trans relationships and dating.

Started in 2014, they have successfully served a considerable number of their members with a beautiful dating experience and supported them in their journey of seeking an honest partner.

With the right amount of exciting features, this dating site manages to stay ahead of its competitors. After analysing its different aspects, we present today a detailed review of My Transsexual Date to our readers.

What makes My Transsexual Date different?

Cyril Mazur is a French web entrepreneur who founded My Transsexual Date and My Ladyboy Date. Cyril's partner, Maki Gingoyon, is a transgender woman. He is thus familiar with the dating challenges in the transgender world. In 2013, he started exploring this side of life by initiating  My Ladyboy Date to acquaint the world with a trans-friendly dating site for singles around the world.

After a year, was launched. It focused on attracting members in the American and European countries, whereas My Ladyboy Date was operating in Asian countries to achieve their ultimate goal.

Over time, My Transsexual Date has grown to a considerable organisation and has expanded its membership on an international level. Another fantastic fact about this company is that it is operated by the team which has the maximum proportion of Transgender people themselves.

Therefore, My Transsexual Date stands classy and authentic than other Trans dating apps, as it has been created by a staff that is attached deeply to the transgender community.

The First Decent Dating Site for Transwomen

Thus special care is taken not to involve any negative factor that would eventually affect the users of the website and reflect an unpleasant image of the transgender community.

It offers a free Premium membership for all their transwomen members, allowing them to have a decent dating experience for free. Still, the male members do need to pay the cost for upgrading to Premium membership.

This pricing criteria for men allows the site to review the sincerity of male users and whether or not they are sincerely looking for a good trans dating experience. Their focus on quality over quantity of members ensures a classy Trans dating experience for their members.

All such factors and their steps towards setting such milestones have made My Transsexual Date quite popular over the years.

There are a few other websites of the same category, but My Transsexual Date has expanded gradually with its attractive webpage and even more fascinating services. Its ability to filter out the maximum possible non-sincere members to create a warm and welcoming place for those who are interested in serious Trans dating make this website stand differently than all of its competitors.

Website Overview

Website address:

Estimated visits last month- 459.7K

Launched in 2014, has maintained an exponential growth in the world of Trans dating sites.

Being determined to its USP of ensuring the dignity of transgender people and serving them with a platform for healthy eating, this site has successfully gained the interest of 700,000+ Trans singles around the world.

my transsexual date

In 2018, My Transsexual Date witnessed over 60 million messages exchanged and around 45000 users getting added every month and the number is continuing to grow with pace over time.

Their fully-featured instant messaging option and compatibility for smartphones and tablets has made the connection to the dating world for Trans singles even more approachable, comfortable and timely.

Moreover, 100% free premium membership for transgender women reflects the loyalty of the company for their trans users, providing them with free access to a safe place for dating and seeking serious relationships.

The easy signing up and registration process are open for all users giving them access towards creating a profile and reviewing matches as well as browsing all other profiles and photos.

It also ensures the relevancy of each pattern by asking them to upload at least one photo and necessary profile information with proper reviewing by the moderation team.

Do Transwomen Like Men who Like Transwomen?

The company is also working on introducing translation services to remove the language barrier, separating members in different countries. All such fantastic features make My Transsexual Date an ideal place for safe and upright dating for the Trans community members and Trans oriented men around the world. 

In cosmopolitan cities like London, New York, etc., where transsexuals celebrate equal rights, even there, not only the competition is fierce for dating a transsexual but also the search part is worse. Not all transsexuals are looking for a serious relationship.

Still, maybe they are into some other business or just want to play around and are not yet ready for a relationship.

With My Transsexual Date, things are getting more comfortable. As it is created solely for men and transsexual women looking for a serious relationship, members of the site could be already sure and clear about what they are searching, making things less complicating and search for partners even more fun and exciting.

Pricing & Membership Fees

My Transsexual Date is one such Trans dating site that provides a 100% free premium membership to all the transgender women users. As for men, Standard membership is free, which allows creating a profile and unlimited profiles and photos browsing.

For using the chat system, the male members need to upgrade to the Premium membership for the cost of $29.90 for a month, with advantageous discounts for buying for several months. It ensures the quality of the members and filters out the men who are not seriously looking for relationships.

It provides an excellent value of money by acquainting male members with the transgender women in their city and around the world. They provide a monthly premium plan for $29.90 and the three-month program will only cost $22.90 a month.

There's a six-month plan as well that cost you $16.90 a month and the yearly plan would cost you only $10.90 per month.

Performance Score (out of 10)



Website Design

8 / 10

Content Updates

9 / 10

Profiles Completeness

9 / 10

Value for money

10 / 10

Members Activity

9 / 10

Search Options

9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10

Help and Support

8 / 10

Overall Score

9 / 10

Site Statistics

  • Traffic by countries: - (1) USA; (2) France; (3) Germany; (4) Italy; (5) UK
  • Most popular niche sites: -;
  • Most popular keywords: - trans dating sites; transgender dating sites
  • Total number of registered users: - 120K+
  • The average number of messages exchanged in a day- 50,000+
  • Free profiles and photos browsing- Yes
  • Mobile-friendly site- Yes
  • Payment options- Credit or Debit card

Competitors of My Transsexual Date

In the world of Trans dating, My Transsexual Date is not the only international dating website that provides the dating services exclusively for transgender women and gentlemen. Various other sites offer this facility and have the right user to reach around the world.

One of the strongest competitors is which has managed to hold its popularity in American & European countries. It has a considerable number of website visits per month and the right users' base around the world. also has a user-friendly website as well as a few appealing features too. Founded in 1996, TSdates holds a good number of users around the world with its upgraded feature and volumetric profiles. My Transsexual Date has a lot to learn from its strongest rivalry site today.

Other competitors of are, transgenderdate has a considerable user reach as well, but it still has to catch up a lot when it comes to ensuring verified accounts and authenticity of the male users of the website.

There have been reported cases involving stuff like pimping, which shows the inability of the site to ensure the safety of their members. is another dating website which has existed for quite a while and offers a 100% free dating experience.

Still, due to open access, it had witnessed a few cases of fake accounts and encouragement of pornography and prostitution by such users. Apart from the mentioned sites, there are a few more sites such as;, etc., but their reach is limited to particular countries or regions.


  • An extensive network of transgender women and gentlemen makes My Transsexual Date a go-to dating app for transwomen.
  • A staff with a significant proportion of transwomen gives the website an attachment with the transsexual community.
  • A free premium membership for transgender women reflects the company's mission of creating a decent and safe dating place for transgender people.
  • All the profiles are reviewed and then verified; thus, the chance of fake accounts is nullified, and users seriously looking for Trans dating are given access.
  • Easy Signing-Up process ensures a secure and less chaotic account creating for users of every category.
  • Website is fully compatible with mobile and tablets and thus allows a member to stay connected and keep searching at any point of time whenever and from wherever they wish to.
  • Free browsing through standard membership gives access to multiple profiles and photos in your locality or country so that you can get an idea of the kind of crowd you can get for dating or to connect with at My Transsexual Date.
  • The option of uploading multiple photos and limited profile details ensure the privacy of an individual for giving access to the viewer according to the wish of an individual.
  • Free standard membership for male members of the site provides limited access to those not very serious about dating and connecting to the trans community for a serious relationship.
  • Paid Premium membership for male members provides them with access to added features and they can use the chat system for messaging in this upgraded plan.
  • Their ongoing attempts to introduce translation services to the dating site would remove the language barrier that separates users in different countries. This would be an excellent help for singles in South Korea, Vietnam, and other Asian countries connect with love interest overseas.
  • This is a continually growing community and thus, as more and more people are getting aware about such website, more of them would wish to get registered and be an active member to search the partners according to their interests without tolerating any partial behaviour based on their community.


  • There is no mobile application for operating mytranssexualdate and thus, the user needs to check the website with time for updates and other activities.
  • Male members need to upgrade to Premium membership for getting access to chat systems, so it restricts the non-premium members from connecting to the transgender women.
  • There is no option of auto-renewable of the premium membership, so every time, the premium plan ends, one needs to renew it by himself.
  • This is a website that could be of interest to many, but not everyone around the world.

Customer Support

My Transsexual Date provides 24/7 online support. You can reach out to them through mail or message at the 'Contact Us' page. They usually respond in less than 24 hours.

  • You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn
  • You can write to them on [email protected]
  • Their international toll-free telephone number is +85258081781
  • Their Hong Kong toll-free telephone number is 58081781
  • Their postal address is: Building Bridges Limited, 22/F,3 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Final Verdict

My Transsexual Date would be an excellent choice for transgender women seeking a loyal relationship with a man who would accept them as they are, feel a connection with them, respect them and crave to explore them.

On the other side, it could be the best place for the men who seek to meet, date, connect or wish to have a healthy and sincere relationship with transgender women. It ensures the relevancy of each account registered by proper reviewing through their moderation team.

We thus, recommend the Trans oriented men to try 1-month premium membership to search for their ideal dating partners. You can decide whether the site is really for you or not by that time and maybe you can meet or date someone by that time who you find perfect.

If this doesn't happen, but you liked the website, you can get a 3-month premium membership and continue your search. Sooner or later, you will find 'the one'. Also, transwomen can utilise the perks of their free membership by creating a new profile and search willingly for male partners.

Parting words

There were pros and cons of My Transsexual Date. It is a beautiful place for those Trans women seeking to date male partners and for those men who feel the affection towards transsexual women and ladyboys and are keen to explore and experience connecting with them.

Hope that you liked this detailed review of My Transsexual Date. You can connect with us if you wish to get a particular dating site reviewed and we would be delighted to help you with that. So, stay glued for more such contents and have fun exploring this new dating website.

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