How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites

Yes, you read it right. This post will cover How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites.

Its a long post and i will recommend you to read each and every line carefully.

Also let me tell you that the figure of $3500 is just the beginning and $10,000 per month is not far away if you are willing to put in that extra effort and follow what i did.

adult tube site

Note: If you think that this post is like a magic pill or that just by doing 1hr of work per week you will be able to earn thousands of dollars, then i request you to stop reading and kindly save your precious time. This method is for people who are ready to put in some effort (i assure you not much just few hours a week) to earn a decent passive income


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Some people who will say starting an adult tube site is a waste of time or this method is dead, well i have just one answer and that is included in the title of this article. I am not saying i am some sort of a guru, its just that it is working for me for last 3 years now and i continue to expand my portfolio of tube websites to earn more.

If you are one of those who thinks "i will just buy a adult tube script which will put everything on automation and without doing anything i will be able to earn lots of money" , then i can assure you that you are the biggest fool. I have tried and tested that method as well, but my friend Google is not an idiot which can be tricked. Sometimes manual and controlled work is the best

I will try to explain everything exhaustively and still if you find anything which you could not understand, feel free to comment below.

This method will require small amount of investment. The investment will be not much but let me assure you, if you follow exactly what i am about to tell you, the Return on Investment (ROI) will be much more than 3000%

Legal disclaimer: This article is for information only. Of course, I assume that you asked the content owners for permission or otherwise own the necessary rights to use the content. does not endorse the violation of copyrights. will not be liable for any copyright issues you might face.

Earnings Proof

Well there are two kind of people:

  • One who are like information leaches, who loves to get all the information and then find faults or maybe mislead other people to not try. Instead of taking action they just love living in a virtual world.
  • The second type are Doers, the people who take action and make things happen for themselves. They are most satisfied and successful lot.

The final decision stands right with you, to go on with this methods and trust me, so that you can start earning a decent monthly passive income or you can just ignore this methods altogether.

To prove all the haters that this methods works, i have decided to include some images of my income.

These images contain some part of my overall income.

Lets start by giving you an idea of the traffic you can expect. The image below shows Google Analytics data for one of my money making adult tube website among my portfolio of 15 different adult tubes


Now imagine u start with 10 different adult tube websites , and each one getting 10,000 visitors a day, the money making potential are endless

Now let me give you some actual screenshots of the earning proofs on the ad networks which i use to make money on these adult tube websites.

The next two images are my paypal account receiving some money from one of my ad network


The next two images show my ad network transactions, where i requested money to be transferred to my paypal account.


Let me also tell you, that these represent just the few ways i make money. Apart from these i use direct buy ads, affiliate marketing, and many more methods to make money.

This article was just a reminder that making money online is easy and just like me within few months you can also make significant passive income.

So do not be afraid, take the first step, and i can guarantee after few months you will be sending me thankyou emails. Best of luck for your money making journey.

So lets start. Things you need before you get started:

1) Web Hosting that supports adult tube content

Let me tell you beforehand that this part is very crucial and important.

During the course of my journey i encountered numerous problems and spent precious dollars over different hosting providers.

Some shut off my websites because of adult content, some were too slow to handle my traffic, some shut off my websites because of DMCA complaints.

hostgator adult hosting

Note: Godaddy hosting no longer supports adult content and they are banning websites. Also the godaddy hosting performance has degraded to such a pathetic level that even i had to shift all my 30+ adult websites from Godaddy to HOSTGATOR. I am so happy with increased performance and even many of websites doubled their organic traffic because of fast loading speed. I wrote a whole review of why i shifted from Godaddy to Hostgator and why it was the best decision ever : Hostgator Review - Best Web hosting for Adult sites/ porn websites

But after research and trial and error, one hosting that worked like a charm for me was of Hostgator.

I bought a shared hosting for trial purpose and let me assure you that it handled my huge traffic so well that i didn't even had to go for Virtual private server (VPS). The user panel is very simple and the websites load at a very fast speed.

For people who already have a hosting i would recommend to purchase a new hosting by hostgator for various reasons:

  • to keep your passive income by adult websites away from your other websites
  • Hostgator is the best for hosting adult websites

Click on the above link and buy the hostgator hosting. Then email me at [email protected] , i will send you a FREE Ebook (worth $100). To get this ebook you must also include any proof that you purchased the hosting (i only want to give this valuable ebook to serious people only who have the energy and enthusiasm to make money).

This Ebook contains secret tips, tricks and hacks that i use to drive insane amount of traffic to my tube site. Only my special paying consulting clients get this ebook.

If hostgator is something you dont like or need some other company, then here are your two best options:

  1. TMD hosting (another amazing adult friendly hosting)

If you need more powerful hosting, as many porn sites need it then I recommend the following:

  1. Digital Ocean VPS. I use this for all my porn sites that need more resources that shared hosting can't handle. If you use my link you will get $10 free of cost just to try digital ocean
  2. For people who think that managing a VPS is complicated and needs technical expertise, i have good news. Use  Serverpilot. It makes managing your Digitalocean server a piece of cake. Use this Serverpilot link and get $10 free of cost just to try their services

2) Domain name

After purchasing a hosting plan, now you are all set to move on to the next important step : buying a domain name for your adult website. The main qualities of a domain name is that it should be short and easy to remember while it contains your focus adult keyword

To learn all about Adult SEO and keyword research read our complete guide on Adult seo

Tip to multiply your earnings: Although you can start with just one website, but working on multiple websites helps to diversify the risks as well as help you earn more money and save time by doing the same work in less time . To give you a reference currently i have a portfolio of 15 adult tube websites.

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How making multiple adult tube websites multiplied adult earnings

Initially when i started my journey of making money with adult tube websites, i started with only one website. I had no idea of the enormous potential of these websites to make me thousands of dollars.

Within four months i was making close to $300 per month from that single website.

The average hours i was spending per week were close to ~10 hours. Here is a breakup of my time spent on that website:

  • Two hours per week for adding posts. I used to add post on just a single day by scheduling the post over the week
  • One hour everyday to upload the videos using adult video submitter. Read full review here: Advanced Video Submitter full review
  • Half hour everyday for Adult SEO and backlinksied and successful lot.

Now one thing to notice here is earning $300 per month (Which will only increase in the future) with just ten hours of work was like a dream come true. I wanted to make more money while reducing my effort. Here are some steps that i followed to earn more earn fast

  • I created four more adult tube websites
  • I outsourced my ADULT SEO by spending some money
  • Upgraded my internet connection speed to ultra fast so that i can upload more videos catering to all my four websites in that one hour duration

This way my work hours increased by just few hours but the earnings multiplied by a factor close to three

Currently i have a portfolio of 15 different adult tube websites which in total are making close to $5,000 per month, and my target for 2015 end is to reach $10,000 per month. Note: I also use other adult money making methods which make me close to $2,000 per month

Since we are working with Hostgator adult hosting, then buying the domain from them seems logical. The best part about buying your adult tube websites domain from hostgator is that they offer very cheap service to hide your personal data if someone tries to find the details of the owner of the domain.

All my 18 domains (14 for adult tube websites and 4 for my landing pages) are registered with hostgator and i have never faced any issue with them.

How to choose a domain name for your website

Domain name is an integral part of your website. It is like an identity of your website. A lot of thought process goes behind choosing the perfect domain name. Here are the key factors to keep in mind before choosing the domain name:

  • Should not be too lengthy
  • Simple and Easy to remember
  • Should be highly relevant to the niche of your website
  • Must contain the primary keyword you are targeting for Google rankings

You already have a Excel sheet of keywords related to your niche. Now in this excel sheet you have to choose the keyword which gets the maximum searches while easy to rank on Google. Primarily since we are targeting adult traffic, ranking on Google would be comparatively easier but still if you go for a very universal niche like "blowjob" then ranking on your main keyword containing blowjob would be extremely difficult.

How to select the right niche for my adult tube website

This is one of the most important part in your money making business using adult tube websites. An incorrect niche might ruin all your efforts and hardwork. I will request you to spend some decent amount of time before finalizing with a niche.

Factors to look at before selecting a niche for adult tube website?

  • Stay away from very popular niche like blowjob, bigtits etc
  • Do not get into child pornography, incest etc as they are illegal and immoral
  • It should not be very concentrated in a Tier-3 country (if majority of the traffic comes from a tier-3 country, then getting good rates from advertisers or making decent affiliate income will become very troublesome)

Where can i get niche ideas?

Do not get agitated making your own niche in your mind and then researching upon the same. There is a very simple way of finding niche idea. Rather i will give you a list of hundreds of niche ideas with a reference to their popularity to make things easier for you. has this great section knownas TAGS.


Here is a screenshot of the same.


Now you can see there are hundreds of niche listed here with the number of videos being uploaded on the website over the years. Now i want you to find a niche which does not have a huge number of videos neither does it have only few hundred videos.

To confirm or check whether the niche is too generic or very concentrated i need you to check the popularity of your niche on popular tube websites (like redtube, xvideos, xhamster etc). To do this all you need to do is go to each of these popular tube websites and search the primary keyword of your niche and look at the search results

I usually do not worry about the SEO competition because ranking in adult domain is comparatively easier. but still you must beforehand search for your key keyword on Google and see if there are any established tube websites focused on your niche.

Now that you have selected the niche of your adult tube website, its time to buy a hosting service to host your website. Buy adult hostgator hosting with free domain name

Having the "Focus Keyword" (the keyword that you are targeting to get in the first spot of Google) in the domain name is a must. Google gives high preference to websites having the keywords in their domain name. Finding the domain name for your focus keyword would be extremely difficult as they wont be available. So you will have to play with your domain name a lot to find that perfect domain name for your adult tube website.

For example: if my niche is "foot fetish" then here are some iterations i will try to find the best domain name:

Where to buy Domain name?

I use hostgator hosting with free domain name

Go and buy domain name today by visiting this link: Buy domain name

3) WordPress theme

I request you not to ignore this step. You cannot imagine how many hours i have spent trying to find that perfect theme that will give me the best results (high clicks on ads, simple user interface, easy to post a video).

If you want to do your own research its totally fine by me, but i can give you a 100% guarantee that the theme that i am about to tell you is the best suited for your adult tube website, TRUST me on that

The themes name is Detube and i can assure you this will be one of the best investment you will ever make in your life.

Detube WordPress theme review adult tube websites

Detube theme review for adult tubes

Note: Detube theme has been discontinued by the theme creator, to help makemoneyadultcontent viewers, you can download it for FREE without paying anything. To download just click the button below

The structure of this article will be like firstly i will elaborate upon why Detube is the best theme for adult tube websites, then i will do a in-depth review of the theme

Why i chose Detube theme for my adult tube business?

The decision to go for Detube theme was not spontaneous but rather a research oriented one. I am a type of person who does a thorough research before taking any big decision so that the factor of uncertainties is reduced. After finalising the decision of going on with hostgator Hosting (Read full article here: Why hostgator is the best hosting for adult tubes) for my adult tube websites, the next question in my mind was the Theme that i will be using of my adult tube empire.

I researched for almost a month before finally buying Detube WordPress theme.

The way the videos are displayed to the visitors is very impressive. Apart from generating tons of pageviews it is also very fast to load which directly helps in adult seo. The theme is simple and easy to work with and combined with all the features to make thousands of dollars per month.

4) Few simple software's to automate and simplify the process (optional)

These software's are not a necessity and its totally up to you whether you want to buy them or not. But over the course of my journey, i have found them to drastically reduce my work time or effort.

The first software being SNAGIT : I found this software after 8 months into my adult tube business and i was cursing my luck to find this amazing software after such a long wait.

The great thing about this software was that it reduced my overall time spent per website by almost 30%. This being the time that i spent on updating the content of the website. Imagine a 8 hour work week was reduced to a 5 hour work week, how cool is that.

Snagit is not a necessity in the overall functioning of your website but if you are really serious about your adult tube website business then a one time investment is a must for such an amazing software.

Snagit software full review

I came across this software very late in my journey of making money online through my adult tube websites. But better late than never. This is one of the best software i have come across and it has saved me countless hours of what could have been extra effort.

snagit techsmith full review software preview

Adding images to your adult tube website or your blog will become extremely easy after installing this software. Lets start with the review then-

After launching Snagit, the software displays a mini control that peeks out from the top edge of your display. With a big red button for taking a screenshot and smaller buttons for other settings.

The big red screen-capture button is only one of many possible ways to start a screen capture. One other great feature is the default screen capturing just be pressing the PrtSc key.

To capture a screen image, click on RED circle, it will displays a brightly-colored pair of cross-hairs on the screen that you can either drag to select the part of the screen you want or hover over a window border to capture its whole area.

For the first option, the selection is captured when you release the mouse button.

If the selection area is an automatically selected window, you simply tap the left mouse button to take the screenshot.

snagit techsmith full review software

One can, with great ease, apply special effects to an image (For example: grayscale, text, arrows, and borders) without the need to expensive and heavy software's like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Its video-recording feature lets you include an audio track from either a microphone or Windows' own audio output–for example, from an MP3 recording on disk or a YouTube video.

Here is a Video describing the basic fatures of Snagit:

  • Amazing screen-capture features
  • New video-trimming tool
  • Great range of borders and effects
  • Direct Uploads to YouTube, Google Drive
  • Differentiating feature: Snagit can capture drop-down menus and other Windows features its competition can not.
  • Unavailability of revert feature in the image editor.

Final Verdict: Since i have already showed you that making money online through adult tube websites is very easy and this software will save you countless hours, a one time investment of $49 is nothing compared to the one day income you are targeting. I am earning close to $100-200 per day on autopilot that too just from my adult tube websites. So such a small investment of should not be looked at as an expense rather like an investment for future gains.

Now as all the initial requirements are covered, lets start with the whole process of making money with adult tube website and get you rich quickly. 😀

Lets start right from the scratch. I assume that you have already purchased a Hostgator hosting (If you have not then please do so by visiting this link : Hostgator Hosting) .

Now comes the part where you have to first select which niche will your website be covering.

If you are also one of those who thinks that why not make a general tube website so that i can get more visitors who are searching for different niche, then let me tell you that with giants like Redtube, Xvideos already dominating the market you will face a hard defeat.

Since i have tried the same approach and failed miserably i can assure you this thinking wont help you. I did some research about why general tube websites do not work and found the answer that Google now give preference to niche tube websites much more than a general tube website.

This helps in getting a better ranking quickly in Google search results. Also since you are catering to a niche market ranking high on your focus keywords becomes comparatively much easier.

After choosing the niche and buying a domain for the same (buy a hostgator hosting with free domain name here: hostgator domain name) the next step is to set up the website i.e install the wordpress in your hostgator hosting and set up the theme and also install recommended plugins along with doing the general settings. 

How to install Detube theme in wordpress and configure it

If you do not know already then Detube is the best theme for making easy thousands of dollars through adult tube websites like i do . If you are serious about making huge passive income every month then i would request to to make a small investment in this theme as the ROI (Return on Investment) will be massive.

Firstly you need to open the Dashboard of your wordpress website by visiting the url and then logging in with your login details. The Dashboard will look something like this: install detube theme and configure it dashboard

Go to Appearance --> Themes

install detube theme and configure it add new theme

Click on Add New --> Upload theme --> Browse

After giving the path of the RAR file of your theme upload it, wordpress will automatically install it allyou need to do is activate it.

If the wordpress is unable to install your theme, then Use hostgator file manager to install theme. Here are the steps to be followed:

  • Go to Hostgator hosting Cpanel
  • Open file manager
  • Go to the folder of your website
  • Open wp-content --> Themes
  • And upload the folder of your theme there
  • Your theme will automatically be installed, all you need to do is activate it at your wordpress dashboard

Now as the theme is installed you need to configure the best settings to give you maximum pageviews and revenue. I will tell you the settings i use which i have found to be the best after years of experimenting.

WordPress plugins that maximize earnings and SEO

If you have ever worked with a wordpress website then you may have an idea of the importance of right plugins in your website. Today i will share the WordPress plugins that maximize earnings and SEO.

This list will contain all the plugins that i personally use and found to be really useful. I have been working in this industry for almost five years now, so you can trust me on the effectiveness of these plugins.

Just like a house needs the fine-tuning after the initial frame has been built, similarly a wordpress website needs good and reliable plugins to unleash its true potential. All of these plugins i will recommend are free.

  • Akismet : For moderating blog comments and trackback spam
  • Yoast WordPress SEO : This plugin is all you need to cover all the SEO needs of your post
  • Backup : Simple and easy backup (both on Hostgator Hosting and also the option for Google drive)
  • Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps : Best plugin to generate the sitemap of your website
  • Login Lockdown : To protect your website from by restricting the rate at which failed logins can be re-attempted from a given IP range
  • No Self Pings : Keeps WordPress from sending pings to your own site
  • Redirections : Manage all your 301 redirects and monitor 404 errors
  • SEO Friendly Images : Automatically adds alt and title attributes to all your images
  • WordPress Editorial Calendar : To add your weekly post all at one time while scheduling some of them such that your website gets updated regularly and keeps Google happy
  • WP Smush : Reduce the thumbnail sizes of all your images which improves site speed and therefore improving site performance

This list covers all the essential plugins you will need to install. Please keep in mind that you should never install any irrelevant plugins as it will just increase the loading time of the website thereby affecting Google rankings.

Best settings for Detube Theme for Adult SEO and Maximizing profit

There are two sets of settings to be configured. First the WordPress settings and then the Theme settings. Lets start with the WordPress settings. For this click on the "settings" tab on your wordpress dashboard. There are many sections to "settings" lets start one by one:

  • General Settings: Majority of the settings are self explanatory, but do add the focus or primary keyword of your niche in the site tagline to help in Adult seo
  • Writing Settings: No need to change anything
  • Reading Settings: Change "Blog pages show at most" option to value 30
  • Discussion Settings: Here is a screenshot of all the checkbox to enablinstall detube theme settings discussion
  • Media Settings: No need to change anything
  • Permalink Settings: Under the "Common settings" heading enable the "Post name". This will help in adult seo of the website

Lets look at Theme settings now

  • General settings: All options are self explanatory, but for the logo and favicon images, adding the focus keyword of your niche in the name of the these two images will help in adult seo of your website
  • Custom Labels settings: No need to change anything
  • Design settings: No need to change anything
  • Header settings: No need to change anything
  • Footer Settings: In the "Text for credits" option you have to add something like this to save you from DMCA complaints. Disable the "social navigation in footer area". here is a screenshot of the same
  • Archived Pages Settings: Here is a screenshot of the optionsinstall detube theme archived settings
  • Single post pages settings: Change the "Related post" value to 12. Change the "Related post view" option to "grid view with mini thumbnail.
  • All the other settings are to be kept the same and need not be changed

Speed up Website and Decrease WordPress Page Load time

Honestly i wish i could have focused on this much earlier when I started building adult tube website to make money online. Earlier my page load time was close to 13 seconds on average, and I had no clue why and I did not even bother.

Now it is close to 2 seconds on average, and I achieved such dramatic decrease by just following few steps.

  • If a user is happy with the website performance, navigation, intractability, and fast load time, he is more likely to stay on the website, average visit duration is longer, and average page views/visit is also higher. All this means he loves your website a lot more than you competitors and will become a repeat visitor. All this suffices to increased revenue for you.
  • Improved Google rankings: Google loves fast websites, and its no secret that a fast website will be given a preference over a slow website. Once i followed these steps i saw an increase of 40% on my traffic. I would love to hear from you guys as well if you saw such an increase as well. High page load speed is an integral part of ADULT SEO
  • I assume most of you have shared hosting, and one big disadvantage of that is low performance. Since these shared hosting are cheap, performance has always been a key issue. If your website suddenly get hundreds of visitors at a time, I can guarantee your website will crash. After you follow the steps that I tell you, the performance of your website will increase tenfold.

Speed up Website and Decrease WordPress Page Load time

I was too focused on increasing my earnings that I forgot about user experience.

Let me tell you a secret: the user experience on your website is directly proportional to your earnings and here’s why:

Before following the steps I request you to go to two different websites:

  1. Google Page Insights: Check your website score awarded by Google. Also follow this amazing guide for increasing your wordpress website speed
  2. GT Metrix: Check your website score and also note down the page load time

So here are the best steps to speed up your website, improve page load time, dramatically increase page load speed. These steps will give a much needed boost to you website loading speed:

  • Reduce Thumbnail size of your videos: Use an image compression tool to losslessly reduce size of all images you upload. NOTE: this is a very important step please do not ignore this, as this step easily shaved off close to 3-4 seconds of my page load time. Link to article
  • Sign-up with Cloudflare: I came to know about this service just few months back, and honestly this company is like an angel. They provide their service for free and the impact on your page load speed is tremendous. (Link ).Here is a video tutorial how to set up Cloudflare on your website:
  • Install WP Optimize : Regularly cleaning up your database is an important step for increasing page load speed. Check out this video and follow the steps:Link
  • W3 Total Cache: This free plugin give superpowers to your website. This amazing plugin with correct settings will transform your website like Captain America was transformed in the movie. A must for every WordPress website owner. (Link).Check out how to configure the plugin here :
  • Wp Smush : This plugin will compress the images that you upload on your website. This plugin is like an extension to the First point I mentioned and will help you further decrease your thumbnail size. No need to set up, just install this plugin and it will automatically start doing its work. Link

Ok, now your website is lightning fast (considering you have followed all the steps correctly). Now again go back to the two websites I mentioned earlier, Google page insight and GTMetrix and again check your scores.

You will be surprised by the astonishing improvement in your websites performance. Now you can thank me in the comments section below. So this is how you Speed up Website and Decrease WordPress Page Load time

Block Adblock Users

Adblock is a blessing if you are a user and the biggest curse if you own a website where income is directly proportional to display advertisements.

According to a recent survey, close to 20% of the internet users are suing Adblock on their devices. So if your websites overall earnings Is let’s say $1000 a month, then you lost close to $200 just because the visitor had adblock installed on their device.

So all the effort and time you devoted in writing that amazing article went in vain because the visitor got what he wanted but in return you did not gain any monetary benefit.

As you all probably know majority of my earnings come from Tube website: (add $3500 article link), and losing 20% of close to $5,000 (~ $1,000) is heartbreaking. Also the sole purpose of these tube websites is to make money.

I was desperately searching for a WordPress solution to block adblock users on my website.

One of the biggest negative effects of Adblock enables visitors is Since a tube website gets multiple thousand visitors in a day, so you end up losing a lot of website bandwidth without making any money.

So how to handle adblock visitors on your WordPress website? There are two ways:

  • Show them a message to disable the Ad block for your website
  • Completely block the visitor unless he disables the Adblock

Why people install Adblock?

Understand this question is very important. Let’s take your case, would you visit a website which bombards you with advertisements and popups, do you love such a website?

The answer is NO, why because no one wants such irritating advertisements shoved down their throat. Do you know that using Ad block you can even get rid of YouTube video ads, who wouldn’t love that right. So in the end its all about an amazing browsing experience, and ad block does a great job at this.

Now let’s discuss each option stated above

Option 1 - Show them a message to disable the Adblock for your website

This option is the best when you have a website which offers a lot of value to a person and makes a connection with your audience. The reason being, such websites are more focuses on achieving the email Id of the visitors (Lead generation) and then using that email id to sell them products (Affiliate marketing).

So such websites do not care a lot about display advertisements on their website, and since Adblock only blocks the display advertisements, so such websites do not care much about such visitors disabling their Ad block.

They do make a request message asking them to disable the Adblock and if a person finds the content really amazing or the advertisements non-obtrusive they sometimes disable their Adblock out of love or goodwill or maybe even emotional respect or connect.

Since such advertisements do not irritate a visitor hence people whitelist such websites in their ad block.

What are the different solutions for displaying a message to Adblock enables visitors:

I personally have used and have absolutely loved this plugin: Adblock Notify by b*web (It’s a free plugin and simple to use. If you find any issue or problems in installing or using the plugin, ask it in the comments section below.)

Option 2- Completely block the visitor unless he disables the Adblock

This is for people like us, people who deal with adult tube websites on their passive income source. We are not providing any value or making an emotional connect. We are just offering them a place to satisfy their fantasies.

If you wont do that someone else will, so here retaining a visitor is difficult. But if you have enough authority in your niche then people will come back.

As you know majority of my earning come through Pop-ups. And just like yourself, your visitors also hate popups. No one love popups. Since there is no source of affiliate income in a tube website, you solely rely on display advertisements for you daily income.

So if you want to maximize your earnings then you need to get the people who use adblocks to either whitelist your website or just don’t come to your website.

If you will search on the internet, then you wont find the way to completely block ad block users. Good news for you, I will tell you exactly how you can completely block Adblock users until they whitelist your website. Just imagine, if your website makes $1,000, and among those 20% Adblock enables visitors even 50% whitelist your website, that's a an additional $100 for you.

There is a very efficient website know as BlockAdblock
The process to get your code is very simple, here are the steps:

  • Visit
  • Click on “Set up now for free”
  • Fill the required details
  • In the Block Screen Settings, choose the block mode, and not the nag mode
  • In the block screen delay, slide the slider to maximum of 30 seconds. The reason being if a new visitor comes to the website he can first get the feel of the website and if he becomes a fan of the website then he is more likely to whitelist the website
  • Keep the rest of the options just as it is
  • Remove the Legal Text Option
  • Do not do anything in Analytics Integration
  • Click on Generate Code
  • Congratulations, you are now ready to add the code on your website

Block adblock users from your website

Make more money by blocking adblock users

Adblock visitors handle website

Make money adblock users


How and where to put that code on your website?

Pasting the code is very easy. Just Go to Appearance >> Widgets >> (create a new text widget)

Paste the code in this text widget and click on Save. Make sure you make the text widget in that area which is accessible on every page of the website.

Note:. (Please beware that if you miss any step then it is highly likely that you might not see the results that you are expecting, so kindly take each step very seriously and follow as i say)

Now as you have set up the website, installed all the recommended plugins and also made the necessary settings, its time to do some extra work

The next step is to create a Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Account. Since you are reading this article i will expect you to know what both of these free tools are but if you are still unaware then please google both of them and make an account at both of them.

To give you a background Google Analytics is a free online tool by Google that will track all the happenings related to the visitors on your website

For eg. Demographic distribution, page they visited, time on website etc. Google webmaster is another free tool by Google that will help you get a understanding of the appearance of your website in the eyes of Google For Eg. Your google ranking on different keywords, backlinks to your website etc.

Note: Do not forget to submit the sitemap of your website to google webmaster, since this will help a lot in faster indexing of your posts

Now is the time to do keyword research for your niche. The idea is to find all the keywords related to your niche and collect them in a excel sheet. To make this task simpler i have written a in-depth post covering all the strategies you must apply to get as many keywords as possible. Read full article here: Keyword research for porn tube website

Driving free targeted adult organic traffic to your adult porn tube websites

I have written an extensive and complete step by step guide on porn seo , check it here: The Advanced Guide to Adult SEO and Backlinks

Following this guide is enough to help you drive enormous free organic traffic to your adult website. I have shared numerous ways of building high quality adult backlinks that will rank your website high on Google's search results for your target adult keywords.

Numerous adult websites: be it escorts sites, Adult directories, Adult blogs, Adult service oriented websites, Webcam model websites and other adult niche related websites have followed my adult search engine optimization techniques to rank higher on Google

Using the methods shared in the adult seo guide, i am getting close to 70% of my traffic free of cost from Google. Using the techniques you can easily rank your sex tube website on the search results of search engines.

Either you are using WordPress or porn tube scripts (adult tube scripts), this guide works for all platforms, helping you easily make money from your money tube site.

If you are not spending time on Adult seo and Building high quality adult backlinks for your website, then the chances of your adult porn tube site making money drops significantly.

Even if you find a great low competitive niche, even then you need search engine optimization and quality adult backlinks to drive targeted adult traffic to your website. Besting your competition is not that easy, but if you follow what i teach , you can easily become the best in your niche.

Now as you have know all the things related to your website lets make our first post.

How to make the perfect traffic driving post for porn tube website

Every website is looking for Free niche focused traffic. This is why we indulge in SEO (search engine optimization) so that we can get free visitors which are looking for the information that our website provides.

But SEO is a highly complicated process. The best part about opening a adult tube website is that Adult SEO site is comparatively much easier when compared with conventional SEO.

Why Detube theme you may ask, the reason is that Detube theme has this great feature on its posts such that you can hide the keywords in a post and only show the video to the visitor, in a way tricking Google to send you free visitors.

Let me explain how it works. We have already gone through how to do keyword research and creating an excel sheet full of keywords related to your niche.

Now what we are going to do, in every post that we make in the website, add some keywords related to the post and some more which are unrelated . This way whenever our posts get indexed in google, we will start ranking on few of the keywords since there is very little SEO competition in adult niche.

Here are some screenshots of an example post i made in one of my adult tube website

traffic driving adult seo post

you can see that according to Yoast plugin for SEO overall adult SEO of the article is Good.

You have to put the embed code of the video in the "video code" section. adult seo post adult tube

After publishing the post it will look something like this:


The above screenshot is one of the recent website i started

Now the best part is that the keywords that you have stuffed are not visible to the visitor and neither does he care to click on the "show more" tab because all he is looking for is the video and everything else is irrelevant for him. So this is how Detube theme comes in handy a lot and will help in tricking Google to send enormous free traffic to your website.

How to add the featured image OR video thumbnail for homepage and related videos tab?

This is where Snagit software will come to the rescue.. I request to you invest in this software as this will come in very handy and will make your tasks very simple to execute. So how to use snagit to make featured images?

Lets take an example, that you want to add a post to your website. For this you will be embedding some video from some Leading tube websites like Redtube or Xvideos. For this example lets take Xvideos.

Go to and open your profile. Open Snagit software and click on "Image" and then you will be able to select any area on the screen, more like a custom screenshot of screen.

Select the thumbnail that xvideo has suggested and save it any folder. This is how simple it is to create the thumbnails for your post. Think about adding 30 post everyday if you have a portfolio of adult tube websites, Snagit software will save hours of your life.

I would recommend you to start by posting five posts a day (embedding the same Xvideos video you uploaded) and do this for one week i.e after seven days you must have 35 posts on your website. Tip: during the first week do not stuff any keyword in the content area except the title of the post.

During the second and third week continue the same process i.e five posts a day but this time start stuffing keywords in the post

Starting from the third week start creating some backlinks for your website as well. Tip: Do not try to create all the backlinks in one day, try to take breaks of 2-3 days while creating backlinks so that they look natural in the eyes of google

Continue this process for atleast 2 months. (Do not worry and start cribbing that two months is such a long time, you will start earning decent money very soon). Why i say two months is that first you will have to create a authority in the eyes of google as well as your visitors that your website delivers quality content and they can trust your website.

This will really help in increasing the number of page views and time spent on the website which will drastically help in google rankings.

Also since you are not placing any advertisements on the websites in the initial months will help you escape google penalties and gain trustworthy visitors while creating a brand name in your niche and gain good google ranking.

In the third month i want you all to start including the keywords that start appearing in your google webmaster in the video content:

Using google webmaster to drive traffic to your porn tube website.

Tip: I would also recommend to start making backlinks with the keywords that are driving the maximum traffic on google webmaster

Now that you know that we are tricking Google to help us rank on different keywords, so all we need is a list of keywords that works for our website.

You must have already gone through How to do keyword research for adult SEO (also check Guide to Adult SEO and Backlinks. With the help of google webmaster and after 2-3 months old website you will see a list of keywords in the "search traffic" panel


And now you have to download the excel sheet of all the keywords which you are ranking for in Google

download keywords webmaster

Now with this fresh list of keywords, all you have to do is add some of these in each post just like i told you.

Now you may be thinking won't Google be penalizing me for Keyword Stuffing. Well i have been in this industry for 5 years now and with a portfolio of 15 different adult tube websites (all doing great with the same techniques i have taught you).

I am opening new adult tube websites each week now to earn more revenue and applying the same tricks which are working. My understanding says that the reason it works is because of the great visitor engagement with the website.

With high on-site time and increased pageviews Google algorithm is tricked to believe that the website offers something of great value (which in a way we are since we are a niche website).

In the fourth month you must be witnessing a decent amount of traffic which can easily be used to drive close to $200 per month if you follow the advertisements guidelines that i recommend.

How to maximize your revenue from advertisements on a porn tube website

To give you a reference, almost 30% of my earnings come from direct ads (I use only Juicyads) , 40% from popups and popunders (I use popads and popcash) and the rest 30% from selling ad spots by contacting the adult advertisers.

Note: This article contains a trick that i use with juicyads and also some tips which works wonders to increase overall earnings. Also read this article for reference: Juicyads Review

This trick only works with Juicyads, i have been using Juicyads for four years now and this is by far the best adult advertising network on the internet. Well i have been using this trick for last 4 years now and fooling juicyads to boost my direct ad sales.

One big advantage that only juicyads offers is the marketplace feature where adult advertisers can directly buy your ad space if they like. This helps in a constant source of income which is always more than what you earn without ad sale.

Apart from boosting the ad sales, choosing the right advertisement and Ad placements are also very crucial and can have a huge impact on your earnings.

Over the years i have found few advertisements that give the higest earnings and the perfect ad placements, which should definitely be applied to your websites as well. Here i have compiled a list of them.

(Note: Since all my adult tube websites use Detube WordPress Theme , the tips works best with that theme but it can also be used with any other website)

1) Juicyads Floating Ad

This is by far the best ad type that juicyads offer and also makes the highest revenue for me. Almost 40-50% of my juicyad earnings come from this Ad-type.

Since the ad overlays the website for any new visitor and also scrolls along if a visitor scrolls, it gets larger amount of clicks. The ad automatically disables after few seconds of inactivity. All you have to do is copy the ad code and paste it in a text box in the main sidebar.

2) Juicyad 728x90 Leaderboard

This Ad-type gets decent CPC but with correct ad placement it can generate some decent earnings. Just copy the ad code and put it at the end of header.php file in Theme Editor. Also ad <center></center> html to place the Ad in the center.

header theme editor

juicyad leaderboard ad

You can also place the same code at the start of each post such that the ad displays just below the main video, which also helps drive some decent clicks.

3) Juicyads 300x250 Image Ads

I use these ads primarily to drive my direct ad sales through Juicyads.

4) Now one thing to notice here is that when you make a AD sale on Juicyads, the company Juicyads take 25% of the Ad sale price as commission. To save this 25% I found a trick that can fetch you much more than saving that 25% but rather make more money. I am taking about contacting Adult advertisers and selling your Ad spaces directly to them without third-party companies like Juicyads.

So these were all the tips and tricks i had to offer, and if in future i find some more good methods to maximize advertisement earnings, i will make sure to update this port.

How to find adult advertisers to sell advertising spots on your website

Whether you own a tube website or an adult blog, the major source of income comes from advertisements. But if you are using native advertisement agencies like Juicyads (although they are the best), you might not be earning as much as you were expecting. One way to earn more is to sell AD spots, but to find willing Adult advertisers is one of the biggest challenge you will face.

How to find adult advertisers to sell advertising spots?

It is not as hard as it seems. How about i tell you a place where you will find hundreds of adult advertisers ready to buy your Ad space. Sounds dubious right. Do not worry, i have been using this trick for 4 years now and have made thousands of dollars by selling Ad spaces like a cakewalk.

Firstly you need a Juicyads Account. After signing up click on "buy ads" tab

juicyads sell ad spots

This will take you to the AD marketplace where all advertisers search for suitable websites to publish thier ADs on. Now the trick that we will be using is "Bottoms up approach" or more like a Reverse engineering type.

On the left hand section, search for your keyword or your niche to find more relevant advertisers. For eg: Foot fetish, such that all the websites that cater to foot fetish will be shown on the right hand side

juiads marketplace sell ad spots

Here i am not doing any keyword search but rather opening "E-hantai Galleries" website profile to show you how to find advertisers.

website profile juicyads

Now here comes the important part. The highlighted portion on the right side of AD-spots means that particular Ad spot has already been bought by an advertiser for 30 days.

Now all you need to do is read the "Zone Details" to find where exactly the AD is located and then click on one of the "Sample URLs" to visit the page where the AD can be seen. I clicked on the first link of the sample URL to visit the page where the actual sold AD is located

adult advertiser juicyads

Now you found the AD, what next you ask?

Click on the AD and visit the website of Adult advertiser. I have seen almost 70-80% of the time there is a "Contact US" or "About US" page on the adult advertisers website from where you can directly contact him through email and negotiate the details of your Ad space.

This way you can make a list of advertisers to contact and shoot them all an email with all the details and an attractive sales pitch.

I have found a 25-30% success rate in selling my AD spots through this method.


Now all you have to do is keep updating the website with regular posts while uploading the videos using adult video submitter to all the popular Adult tube websites. And soon you will be on your way to earn thousands of dollar per month.

For me it took me 7 months to hit the $1000 per month mark but that was when i was trying and testing different techniques. For you (keeping in mind you follow all the steps that i have recommended) it wont take more than five months.

Golden tip to make thousands of dollar in just 3 months: Now the trick here is to diversify your portfolio of websites. Create five different websites on five different niche and do the same work on all the websites.

Since you are dealing with just few hours per week of work for one website, managing multiple websites should not be troublesome for you if you are really serious about making some real cash online.

Currently i handle a portfolio of 15 different adult tube website and that too after spending five days a week on my Main job which take nine hours of my day. So if i can do it, so can you.

Adult ad networks to join for my adult tube site? Best adult advertisements for my porn tube site?

I have been using multiple earning strems for my tube adult websites. Overall they are divided into Display and Pop-up advertisements. I have written comprehensive reviews of the networks that i use on my webiste, check them out:

For adult display ads i use Juicyads : Juicyads Review How i make $1000 per month

For adult pop-up networks i recommend:

If you have gone through my Earnings proof, then you have already seen the screenshots of my dashboard on these ad networks. You will see that the majority of the income comes from adult pop-up ads, especially (popads).

Display ads are highly disappointing in adult industry and you wont be able to make much money since the eCPM is extremely low as adult traffic is very cheap.

For one of my adult tube website which is getting close to 20,000 visitors per day, you can expect to earn close to $50/day easily.

Another amazing network that you must join for Adult affiliate is Crakrevenue Review and Payment proof. Many people find t difficult to get accepted by this network and hence i have written an article for this problem as well: How To Get Approved By CrakRevenue?

Must read articles before moving forward with your first free adult porn tube site?

Over the years i have faced many issues with the tube adult sites that i have created. I have done enough hardwork and strategies to solve them. You will also face the same problems in your journey while you create your first tube porn website.

So that you don't get struck get results fast, i have compiled a list of  headings  that will help you get a headstart and also not get struck where i did:

[Free Plugin]Fix Deleted videos on your porn tube websites

I have a freebie for you today, a freebie that will make your life extremely easy. I am talking about [Free Plugin] - Fix Deleted videos on your adult tube websites.

If you have implemented the step by step method to start your own, then you might be facing one big problem: Deleted videos. I have always asked you to not host the videos on your own servers but rather embed the videos from other popular adult porn tubes likes xvideos, pornhub etc

The problem or only downside with embedding videos on your website is that the videos on the hosting server gets deleted almost all the times.

Since these websites do not own the copyrights to almost all the videos (videos are being uploaded by the users) hence the copyright owner sends a DMCA request to the hosting website and the hosting website is obliged to remove the content from their servers.

Since you were embedding the same videos on your adult tube website and hence the video will not be shown on your website as well. This will directly impact user experience:

  • The visitor that might be searching for a particular video lands on your website only to find the deleted video and hence might leave the website immediately. You lost that precious visitor and also the bounce rate increases
  • If regular visitors of your websites find deleted videos on a regular basis they might just abandon your website and find their favourite content on some other website
  • On page time and page views get significantly impacted because fo deleted videos

To tackle this problem, i used to scan my websites every week for deleted videos and then fix each post one by one. This process was extremely tiring, irritating and slow. Since many of my adult tube have more than 3,000 posts scanning them weekly was becoming impossible.

So last week i paid a developer to create a plugin for the users of my website to notify me of any deleted videos.

This has been such a blessing. Now everyday i get a list of deleted videos on my website without scanning the website as my website visitors just need to click a button and i will be notified of deleted videos with post link to edit and fix the videos.

See the improvements on my website Google Analytics after i starting implementing this plugin:

The Pages/session metric increased by a whopping "1.5". Now i am getting more than 6 pages/session compared to 4.5 pages/session. Imagine when you are getting 30,000 visitors a day, and increase of 1.5 will lead to 45,000 extra pageviews and this has directly increased my daily earnings

[Free Plugin] - Fix Deleted videos on your adult tube websites

The Average Session Duration metric increased by a whopping "1". Now i am getting more than 5 minutes/session compared to 4 minutes/session. Increased onsite time is also a big measure for Google to allot your organic rankings, so i am expecting increased google ranking in the coming weeks

[Free Plugin] - Fix Deleted videos on your adult tube websites

Although a paid a lot of money to get this custom plugin made, just to show my appreciation to my visitors and how much i care about them i am giving this plugin to you absolutely FREE.

You just need to install this plugin like any other plugin and a "Report Deleted Video" Button will be shown on each of your post just below the video. The users can then easily notify you about deleted videos.

Also to encourage the users to do this small action, i wrote a small message in "theme header" file like "Please notify me of deleted videos by clicking on Report Deleted Video button, i will fix them within few hours".

This small text has led to me getting more than 200 notification on my website where videos are deleted. Also expect some notification of posts where videos are working fine, these might be unexpected button click or your video on playing on some platform.

After you install the plugin, it will show in your WordPress dashboard:

[Free Plugin] - Fix Deleted videos on your adult tube websites

[Free Plugin] - Fix Deleted videos on your adult tube websites

To download this free plugin, click here: Download Plugin

How to Handle DMCA Takedown and Copyright Infringement notices

You know that you will soon be getting loads of DMCA notices or Copyright infringement notices on your email id. Even if you have a website where users can upload files, then as well there might be a user who might upload pirated content, then as well you can receive a copyright infringement notice.

What is DMCA notice?

It is a notice that is sent by the copyright owner who owns the infringing material, and does not want to go through the legal route legal route. The copyright owner notifies the ISP (Internet service provider) of the website which is hosting the infringing content.

The ISP then notifies the website owner about the complain and will suspend the account is the infringing content is not removed within a specified timeframe.

The website owner can also create a Content Removal or DMCA enquiry page for directly receiving any notices as such.

How to Handle DMCA Takedown and Copyright Infringement notices?

It is very simple, remove the content as soon as possible. Whether it's a picture, video or any file, remove the content as fast as possible. These copyright notices are checked periodically to see whether the content has been removed or not.

If you don't remove the content, then the copyright owner has the power to go legally after you which can lead to loss of time, money and energy. You might also end up in jail or have to pay a hefty fine, so be safe and remove the content as soon as possible.

To prevent this notice to affect your website, make sure to 301 Redirect the url of that infringing content to your homepage, this way you will still get the SEO juice of that link while also removing the content and saving your ass.

You can also file a counter notice if you think that the copyright owner was misguided or have made a mistake. If you own the content then you don't have to fear anything and be transparent

Learn from my porn tube website mistakes

The inspiration for this article came from a recent setback I faced which led me to loose almost $1000 per month of my income. Yes, you read that right, One wrong move from my side and now I am losing more than $1000 per month.

drop in ault tube traffic

You can yourself see a drop of 15,000 visitors on one of my adult tube website.

I believe in the fact that learning from the mistakes of others is the best form of learning. Although many a times I have already told you what is the right way of doing a thing, this article will specifically focus on all the mistakes that I made on my journey of success in this adult website business. So here is a list of all the mistake I made, the impact of those mistakes on my earnings and the learning's from those mistakes.

  • Going for a general tube website instead of a niche website

adult backlinks seo

As you guys probably already know, I have tried my hands on an all-niche general tube website like Redtube, Xvideos etc. but ended up wasting a lot of time and effort with almost zero success.

I am not saying that you cannot earn money in a general adult tube website, it’s just for a very inpatient person like me who wants to see money in his account as soon as possible, niche websites are the best.

A general adult tube websites takes a lot more effort to build and it is very slow in getting rankings in Google. Majority of my success came in niche adult tube websites, and hence I will recommend the same to my audience.

  • Too much focus on money

scheduling the post

Yes, the main reason for you to create a niche adult website is making money.

After all your hard work, time in creating the website, adding videos, doing adult seo, making adult backlinks, and creating videos to upload on various websites for increasing direct traffic, the only thing that will give you happiness Is $$$ in your Ad-account.

But one thing I have learnt is that in the end you are adding value in someone’s life, by creating a niche website you are making a one stop solution for all the people who are interested in you niche.

They will be so happy that all the videos that they like, can be found on one single page and hence they become a fan of your website. This doesn’t not mean that you will bombard them with advertisement.

Because this will end up increasing page load speed, bounce rate, love page views/visit and sometimes even penalty in Google’s ranking. So keep maximum of you popup ads and few high performing banner ads

  • Not scheduling the post

making a DMCA page

I felt like an idiot when I found that one can even schedule posts on a WordPress websites. It has immensely helped me in saving a lot of precious time and effort.

All you have to do is add the date and time while adding your video so that in just one sitting of 2-3 hours you can add the posts for the whole week, without worrying that every day you have to add new post on the website.

One great plugin that makes a visual representation of which post is scheduled when is Editorial calendar. I will strongly recommend you all to install it to keep a check on when a post will appear on your website

Do remember that Google love websites whose content gets regularly updated hence I will recommend you to add at least 10 post every day, that too at an interval of 2 hours, this means that you have to sit once a week, and add 70 posts by scheduling them for each day.

One great benefit of this is that your repeat visitors will get new content everyday there increasing your onsite time and page views. So it’s a win-win for all.

  • Not making a DMCA page

I cannot tell you how many times my hosting account has been suspended because of DMCA copyright take-down request from the content owner.

Since did not have a DMCA page, the content owner used to send the take-down request directly to Hostgator and then they used to suspend my hosting. Because Seo of this I have lost 2 of my precious websites which were making a combined income of approx. ~$2000 per month.

So I request you to make a DMCA page, (you can copy the content of a DMCA page from any popular website like Xvideos, Redtube etc. and in replace the name to your website.).

In the intro paragraph and the last paragraph add the email id associated with your account so that all the copyright take-down notices will be sent to you instead of Hostgator and from there you can delete those articles.

Note: read why i shifted my 30+ adult websites from Godaddy to Hostgator and why it was the best decision ever :Hostgator Review - Best Web hosting for Adult sites/ porn websites

I will stress again, this is a very important point and do take this seriously

  • How I lost 15,000 visitors/day

Now the reason why I wrote this article. As you could see in the beginning of this article the sudden drop in my traffic. This is because I got greedy and ended up making shady backlinks, which Google caught and dropped my ranking.

After doing everything in my power, I still could not get my rankings up. So never ever make shady backlinks. Honestly if you are making a niche website, let the website grow naturally.

It’s very hard to make Adult backlinks, so do not indulge in shady or blackhat techniques to make backlinks. I do not want my visitors to pay the price like me. So please keep this in mind.

How will i receive money?

I have already answered questions on how to create your own adult website, build an adult website and now let me tell you about how much do porn sites make? and how you can receive the money that you made through tube adult site.

Best porn tube adult sites make more than hundreds of thousands of dollars per month from advertisements, and receiving the money is the next step. Although there are many ways to request money (although they differ from network to network). But the most common are Paypal and Paxum.

I have been requesting my money from these two networks only and both of them are highly efficient. If the option is available i also request Wire payment.

I avoid cheque payments because the cheques are lost in transit and it takes alteast 1-2 months to receive cheque. Cash tube is a great way to make money online and i hope this article on creating and profiting from porn tube adult sites and making tube money was helpful to all.

I have tried my best to make this guide as informational as possible but still if i missed some point or you were not able to understand something, please share your query in the comments section below. I will be quick to reply to all the queries. Cheers and my best wishes in your passive money making journey.

If you want to talk to me personally then send your concerns or queries by writing to me from our contact us page:

Legal disclaimer: This article is for information only. Of course I assume that you asked the content owners for permission or otherwise own the necessary rights to use the content. does not endorse the violation of copyrights. will not be liable of any copyright issues you might face.

I hope this article on How to Make $3500 per month from adult tube websites was helpful and i did justice in being elaborate. If you want me to explain in even more detail then please comment below, i will explain that part more comprehensively.

If after reading this adult tube guide on making money , you are not satisfied or are looking for another ways of making money online in adult niche then you can check the following money making guides on our website:


You can always reach me at Contact US or through [email protected] for any queries. I will be quick to reply.
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