Mocospace Review (2020)


Mocospace is a dating app that was invented in the year 2005.

Life can become incredibly annoying at times, and when it does, nothing else can be better than talking to someone new, meet, chat, and also have a good time.

This is what made us think, how about reviewing this site!

Mocospace is quite popular among the young community, mainly because it gives you a chance to meet someone new every day.

The dating app is more than a dating app and comes along with a lot of features and exciting games.

Don’t you want to know the reasons why you should join Mocospace? What makes it so famous?

What is its history, the pros, and the cons, and also how to become a member of Mocospace?

Don’t worry; we are going to cover everything for you.

Mocospace is popularly known as a “mobile social network” application and is designed in such a way that you get to use it on your mobile phone too. From our honest review of Mocospace, you will get to know all the features of this application.

The primary difference between Mocospace and other social networking sites is that it is for mobile phone users.​

Just like all the other social networking sites, for example, Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook, the application will also allow you to send instant messages, chat, join different forums, and share photos and videos. Now, that’s fun!

Mocospace’s target audience is the young crowd who is in search of likeminded people with whom they can chat and go out on a date with. Most of the Mocospace users use this platform to share their photos to attract one another.

The moment you join the social networking app, you will get to see all the active members of this app. The app mentions users name, their sexual orientation, age, relationship status, gender, and location.

This is just the brief on Mocospace, now let us dig a little bit more and get to know everything about the app.

What makes Mocospace popular?

The main reason why Mocospace is so popular is that unlike other dating apps, where you have to stick to your computer, Mocospace allows you to use your mobile phone and start looking for people who are near you. This way, you can meet them whenever both you and your date partner plan to.

The application is the brainchild of one of many Boston startups, who wanted to design something that will allow people to chat with people right through their mobile phones. The app developer is JNJ mobile Inc. The app is extremely popular and currently has over 100 million users worldwide.

More than a million users actively use Mocospace every hour, which is a lot of people! Another reason for its popularity is its diverse ethnic users. For example, the app has around 38% who are Hispanic, 22% of them are Caucasian, and 35% of them are African-American.

mocospace lp

The diverse group is one of the main reasons why Mocospace is loved by everyone throughout the world. It is not hard to become a member of this app, and within just a few minutes, your account will be created.

If you have a Facebook or Google account, you can create an account through these accounts too.

The process is super quick and easy, and no users need to go through any verification. The dedicated mobile app of Mocospace is available for both iOS and Android users, and you can visit App Store or Play Store respectively to download the application on your mobile.

The old school vibe that this app carries is fantastic, and both the mobile and desktop version works spotlessly. Now, as we said, this app lets you play with other members, so the game has a stylized feature. And the objective of this game is to get into a cyber fight.

The game is called “Street Wars,” and it comes with many advanced features. This is one more reason why Mocospace is so popular. The game enables users to come across different people’s profiles.

Website Overview


Estimated last month’s visit: 2,500,000

The site began in 2005, and it is owned by a company called JNJ mobile Inc. Mocospace first started as a gaming application for mobile phones. ​

The game had a public chat room, where all gamers are free to discuss their strategies and keep in touch with each other. 

mocospace banner

Today, the application has become one of the most popular dating applications that allow users to chat, share files, and play games. Some of the users still visit Mocospace to play games, but because the site allows the members to stay friends, it becomes easier.

Free Services Included

Unfortunately, Mocospace is not a free dating site; however, some features are free for every new user. You can become a member for free, but the real juices lie when you go for the paid ones.

Here are some of the free features that come along with the app:

  • You can create your profile for free
  • You can access different private chat forums, blog posts, and various groups
  • You can browse through the profiles of multiple users
  • If photos are public, you can view them
  • You can enjoy unlimited instant messaging services

The paid services include:

  • You will get to see who checked your profile
  • You can try the stealth mode
  • Ads can be removed
  • You can use VIP label on your photo
  • Rank higher on Meet People section
  • Get direct access to priority support assistance
  • You can purchase different stickers and eCards


Using Mocospace is extremely easy. If a user has a Facebook account, then you can log in through your Facebook account. Mocospace might show you some updates; however, if the updates bother you, you can block those updates anytime.

The platform allows you to get unlimited access to various users. This means that if you wish to send a message to a person, that can be done. You will find some of the best-likeminded people here at Mocospace.

Profile quality 

Because there are a lot of members, it is hard to give you the exact detail of how most of the people look like. Nevertheless, the ones that we came across are pretty good looking. Profiles at Mocospace can be both public and private. Just like Facebook, you can send a friend request.

Once the person accepts your request, you can explore their private profile. Private profiles will have just a few details available for the guests. Feeds are visible to only those who are on the friend list; profile pictures will be visible to everyone.

Design & Layout

The design of the Mocospace website looks neat. The timeline of the members is loaded with their updates.

The updates that you are going to see here in Mocospace are of everyone, including your friends. As we said, the application allows you to play games, you can find different games easily, and they are super fun to play.

You can watch the video tutorial of each video before playing to get an idea about the rules.

In-App Games

Street Wars

Street Wars is a mafia game, where you play with other members of this platform. You try to gain money, as well as power and fight with your enemies. There will be tons of dangerous missions to complete. As you proceed, you will be rewarded with health, income, and stamina.

You can even recruit other players to join your gang. The more the members join your group, the better the chances of winning.


This one is an amusing game. Friendshop lets you buy and sell your friends. The agenda of this game is to sell your friends at the highest price, and if you are purchasing someone, buy that person by spending the lowest price.

When someone buys you for more amount, your value goes up. To buy someone, the players need to have Friendshop cash, though.

Daily Spin

Daily Spin can be played only once in a day. This game allows you to win a massive number of prizes. You may win Street Wars cash, 100,000 gold, free spins, and more. Every spin will reward you with a bonus.

Pricing & Membership Fees

As we said, Mocospace is not a free dating and game application. You can create an account for free, but you can’t do much if you don’t buy one of their memberships. Like other dating apps, this app also has different membership categories, for example, VIP Legacy, VIP, and regular.

If you go to a higher membership account, you will get more access to various services, and the experience will be better for you too.

We have found out that most of the users like to go for the VIP status because it enables them to try different features. The free account comes with a limited number of features. So, here are the details about the cost of the subscriptions.

  • One month: £7.99 per month
  • Six months: £5.83 per month, and £34.99 in total
  • VIP- 1-month plan: £19.99
  • VIP- 3 months plans: £16.33 per month, and £48.99 in total

If you want to have a better experience here at Mocospace, you might want to go for a VIP- 1-month subscription. Try it out, and then you can purchase the 3-months VIP plan. There are ways to reduce your cost at Mocospace.

For example, when you play Street Wars, by completing different missions, and also by winning fights, you get to earn credit rewards. Even recruiting new players on your team will let you earn credits that can be converted into Moco gold, and that can be used for in-app purchases.

Daily Spin is another superb way to earn rewards. The better the award, the better you make. Now, to become a member of Mocospace, you can log in using your Facebook account detail and linking it.

Else, you can manually set-up your account by filling details like your username, password, email ID, phone Area Code, Date of Birth, and your gender. Once done, hit the “Sign Up” option, and you are all set. To register, you visit their official site.

Click on the website link that we have provided and proceed with entering the basic details. To get access to the premium offers, you will have to provide your credit card information. Plus, Mocospace accepts credit cards only. The sign-up process will hardly take a minute.

The easiest way to become a member of Mocospace is by logging in through your Google or Facebook account, though. The platform will fetch all the details, and you are all set to proceed. After your registration process is complete, you will be asked to set your profile photo as well.

Our suggestion is to choose one of your best pictures and avoid uploading photos of celebrities.

Site Statistics

  • Signing Up: One to two minutes
  • Profile Quality: Most of the members are young and above 18+
  • App quality: App is easy to use
  • Total number of members: 100 million + users
  • Live cams: No
  • Photo quality: Good
  • Making contact: Free members can contact members by sending messages and sending friendship request

Website Performance Scores



Quality of Members

10 / 10


8 / 10


4 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

9 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


10 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10

Competitors of Mocospace

There are many dating apps in the market, and knowing that dating apps are quite popular, it is not difficult to imagine that Mocospace will have competitors too. Here we will talk about three dating sites that are worth your visit, and you might enjoy exploring them also.

First is Parship, the second one is Ashley Madison, and the third is AdultFriendFinder. These are giving fierce competition to Mocospace at present. Let’s get to know them in detail now.


Parship is a dedicated dating site and suitable for people who are looking for a more serious and long-term relationship.

The website looks good and offers a free compatibility test. The platform has more than 11 million users and is quite popular. Parship sees 23,000 new members every week. The registration process of Parship is simple, and it is free. You can send a smile or a message to a member that you like.

Ashley Madison

The dating site has a different plot. It’s a platform that allows you to talk to anyone you want to.

The members can be married, committed, and single. Ashley Madison has many features, and if you are a female, you can use this site for free. The website was launched in 2001 and is ideal for married or committed people who want to spice up their lives.


If you are interested in casual hookups, try AdultFriendFinder. The site has over 80 million users, and members are from all over the globe. The site mainly has male members, and the app is available for iPhone and Android users. The platform is open to all types of people.

You can find couples who want to swap their partners, fuck buddies, people looking for extra-marital affairs, and more. The registration process of AdultFriendFinder is easy and quick.


  • Mocospace allows users not just to find someone to date, but play games with as well
  • There are 100 million + users
  • Mocospace has a minimum of 800,000 actively users weekly
  • The site doesn’t require any verification
  • Mocospace signing up process is quick and easy
  • Members can contact as many members as they want
  • All the profile pictures are visible to everyone
  • The games of Mocospace are fun and great to kill time
  • Mocospace is safe and secure
  • It is available both for iPhone and Android users
  • The user-interface is friendly
  • There are different ways to interact with members
  • Once you become a member of Mocospace, there will be no ads
  • VIP membership comes with additional features


  • We didn’t like the forum structures; they look more like social media feeds
  • The games are not convenient to meet new people
  • Free members will see a lot of pop-up ads

Customer Support & Other Details 

There are different ways to contact Mocospace. You can call the customer service in three different toll-free numbers; you can chat with the team, or else you can send them an email. The support team of Mocospace is reliable, and they are always willing to help their customers.

Support page:

Toll-Free Numbers:

  • (877) 323-4815
  • (617) 542-1633



186 South St Fl 2

Boston, Massachusetts 02111

United States


We think Mocospace is a great place to find new people. You can find someone who stays near you and decide to meet them whenever you want. When you are bored, you can play games with various members as well. You will see your timeline loaded with different members’ updates.

Mocospace’s website looks great and neat. There are video tutorials available for the players who wish to play games. The platform has evolved with time, and we recommend Mocospace to all those people who want to make friends, meet, chat, and play games.

Parting words

This is our review of Mocospace. We have studied the site thoroughly, and we hope this review will help you decide whether you should try it out or should go ahead with other dating sites.

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