Millionaire Match Review (2020)

Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match is one of the most solid dating sites making its market presence since 2001.

The main focus of the website is to attract the eligible singles to come together and find their compatible partner for casual dating or long term relationship.

It is not a casual dating sitefor people below the age of seventeen as it is strictly age specific.

It is one of the wealthiest dating platforms, as its name suggests.

It has been made especially for the millionaires and the attractive and eligible singles to meet new people to build relationships with.

The website is changing timely in every two or three years to upgrade its features to improve the experience for the members.

The constant update and evolution of Millionaire Match gives several success stories to the most popular dating site of the world. The members have flooded the website with positive and attractive reviews of the features.

There are more than 2,600,000 members from USA and the daily log in count exceeds 2700. On signing up, you get to fill a personal profile that you can update upon your wish. There are more than 3.8 million members of Millionaire Match worldwide.

The site is for the wealthy millionaires who can purchase the gold membership and the Millionaire certification badges. The only two criteria to be able to open an account with Millionaire match are to look attractive or be rich. It is the online dating site that claims to have zero fake profiles. 

What makes Millionaire Match Popular? 

The structure of member creation in Millionaire Match is divided equally into two sections: men & women. The maximum member counts are from USA, and the age ranges between 35 Years to 54 years.

Most of the male members purchase the gold membership and a certification badge that makes their profile highly rated on the dating website. The members like to share pictures of their luxurious lives in the luxury section of the member page.

The members of Millionaire Match seem to remain active throughout the day without missing a single moment. The female members of the site are more focused on posting blogs and forums on their member profile.

All the member profiles created here are authentic and which makes every user go through a strict verification methodology to filter the genuine profiles out of the fake ones.

The best thing about it is that every profile request is viewed and inspected by the staff of Millionaire Match before it is put live on the website. Every picture that is uploaded by the members on the official website undergoes staff verification before it is posted on to the member profile.

Millionaire Match takes these preventive measures in order to maintain the track record of safe and authentic dating experience. There are very fewer members of age between 18 to 24 years. Most of the members  are above the age of 25.

Website Overview

Website Address:

Estimated Visits Last Month: 2 Million Visitors per Month

Millionaire Match is free to register for all, and have tied up with Facebook along with other social media.

The registration processtakes from 7 to 10minutes as you are requested to write a paragraph highlighting your personality. 

millionaire chat lp

You can also write about the type of person you are looking for. The primary steps of the registration request the user to enter a name, age, gender, email address, and other necessary information about you.

Moving further into the registration process, you will be asked to mention a username and define a password for your account security. Do not add your real name as your username as it makes it easy for the people to guess that might compromise the security of your profile.

The next step of Millionaire Match registration includes zip code, country, income rate, body type, ethnicity, height and your current relationship status. These details are meant to be kept public for the other members of the site to check out your personal information.

The profile requests you to update regular posts and paragraphs regarding your dating needs.

You must also add a legit profile picture that will show approval pending as the image will be sent to the Millionaire Match staff for inspection, after which the profile picture will be approved and set to display on your member profile.

Make sure the paragraphs you write are within 50 characters to fulfill the criteria of the website. After the registration process finishes, you will be redirected to the email account for email verification, after which you will get full access to your Millionaire Match profile.

I Joined Millionaire Match! - Dating Site Review

Another great feature of this site is that you get 50 winks per day to send to the Profiles that you find attractive or that matches your personality. You can add the selected profiles to your favorites list for later reference.

You can avail of the messaging feature only after you purchase the premium feature. Well, if you get a message from other members, then you can straight away reply to messages without any paid premium plans.

Another prominent feature  is its extensive search filters that make profile searching easy and effective. With the filter options, you can check out only the profiles that match your requirements and interests.

If you are using the free membership plan, then you can only send replies to the messages that are sent to you upfront from the other members. The millionaire match dating site allows you to send messages, only if you own the premium version.

It also has a" Lets Meet" feature that randomly matches your profile with other probable matches to start the dating interaction on the website. There is a section on the site where the members share their thought about life and current happenings in the form of blogs.

Every profile that you find on Millionaire Match is strictly verified with a certification badge that makes the account genuine and cuts down the possibility of fake accounts to zero.

There is detailed information mentioned in each profile for the viewers to get the authentic information about the person before starting dating interaction. On viewing a profile, you will get to see four tab sections in it with a photo gallery for better personality identification of a person.         

Pricing & Membership Fees

Though there are several free services available with the free membership plan of Millionaire Match, still, some of the features in the dating site can be availed only if you have a gold Membership plan of Millionaire Match.

Several online dating sites offer paid services for their Dating features, but this siteh is a step ahead due to its quality of services. The millionaires and the attractive people are usually ready to spend a few dollars on a popular dating site that gives them a chance to get together with a worthy companion.

The free membership services of Millionaire Match includes live chatting support, sending free winks, message replies, search filter access, private album feature, gallery size up to 26 photos, Ad forum, and blogs, and commenting on all the posts such as forums, pictures and blogs.

millionaire match poster

The paid Gold Membership consists of all the features from the free membership and also includes life chatting feature with MM counselor, send and receive messages, show interest to the ideas of the first date, check for your emails are read or not, check for the reply rate to messages of a user, check for online lists, access to full search filters, being on the top of the search results, becoming a featured member, getting millionaire certification, managing privacy setting, managing accounts and viewing the list of people who like your profile.

If you buy the Gold Membership of Millionaire Match for one month, then you have to pay 70 $ per month. Yes, it is expensive than other online dating sites that you may have experienced.

It is so because it follows strict verification of the profiles and gives only the genuine profiles for a match without a single fake account. If you are taking a Gold Membership for over a month, then the prices will be slightly discounted, such as the three-month plan will cost 135 USD at a rate of 45 USD per month. The six-month plan will cost 240 USD at a price of 40 USD per month.

Site Statistics

  • One of the best features of the site is its blog writing feature that allows the members to share their thoughts related to any topic on their member profile. All the other members can read the posts, like, and comment on it, which is also an excellent platform for strangers to start and interact with each other.
  • The Forum page of the Millionaire Match profile is usually a conversation starter where the members can question in comments that will take the interaction and conversation further. The comments or questions you ask will be public, and everyone else is welcome to participate in the debate.
  • First Date Idea, is a feed in the Millionaire Match website where the members post their ideas about the first date. The paid Gold Membership users can reply to anyone's idea of the first date.
  • Another feed name 'Members Luxuries' is an area on the website of Millionaire Match, where the members post their posts and photos replicating their luxurious millionaire life.

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

8 / 10

Image / Video Quality

8 / 10


8 / 10

Content Amount

7 / 10

Download / Streaming

8.5 / 10


8 / 10


8.5 / 10


9 / 10


8.5 / 10

Value For Money

9 / 10

Overall Performance

9 / 10

Competitors of Millionaire Match

Since Millionaire Match started its journey back in 2001, many online-dating sites have come to existence, but none has matched the efficacy of Millionaire Match yet.

It is so because the competitors are eyeing towards marketing strategy to reduce the premium version prices to gain more customer base without any security guidelines for filtering fake and genuine profiles. It is not the case with Millionaire Match.

It does a strict and timely verification of the profiles and certifies them with a Millionaire badge for confirming it as a valid account. Few of the competitors are Catholic Singles, Big Church and others.

Catholic Singles is another competitor dating space that uses the same ideology to match compatible individuals to start casual dating or long-term relationships. As the name suggests, Catholic Singles is a considerable dating arena only for the Catholics.

The site design is fresh and optimized for better use of the members. The major drawback of Catholic Singles is that you don't even get to exchange any liking emoticon to the profiles you like without paying for the premium membership.

Millionaire Match is a highly reputed dating site but still offers major free features for the members to stay for a while on the site before they can judge if buying the gold membership is worthy or not.

All the competitors of Millionaire Match are eyeing for different ideas to surpass the efficacy of the most popular dating site.


  • Millionaire Match consists a vast member database that comprises over 2.5 million members with a variety of personalities and choices.
  • The free essential services are extraordinary, and therefore, it allows the members to stay there for a while before feeling it necessary to purchase a Gold Membership plan.
  • There are several search criteria for you to filter the most genuine profiles out of all. You can also check the verification information, after which you can decide on starting an interaction with the person.
  • All the members registered with Millionaire Match have an annual income of more than 1,000,000 USD every year. You can now meet with the most eligible single millionaires.
  • With Millionaire Match, there is a high chance that you can get hooked up with Hollywood celebrities for dating.
  • The application is optimized and has unobstructed access to all the members of the millionaire match to contact other millionaire members of the site.
  • Millionaire Match is highly reputed and has immense experience in providing security to private information.
  • The customer service support is available 24*7 throughout the year for any queries from the member. They are fast and responsive to solve all your questions.


  • The customer service support is available 24*7 throughout the year for any queries from the member. They are fast and responsive to solve all your questions.
  • For the free membership, there are some of the restrictions that can be accessed only after you purchase gold membership. Some of the features are basic and must be added on to the free membership, such as message sending.
  • If you are outside the serving countries of Millionaire Match, then you might not find better match results for your dating needs.
  • Your profile will not be highlighted on the search results if you are not regularly active in the Millionaire Match community. By taking part daily, you can increase the count of the messages that you receive.

Customer Support & Other Services 

The customer support service of Millionaire Match is also exceptional, as they offer a quick response to the queries of all members. They handle the payment issues at high priority to avoid stressing the members. Without an efficient customer service for an online dating site, it can grow.

Well, running through the site, you won't find any direct number to talk to an executive, but you will get several options such as feedback sending, safety tips & advice, business or press development inquiries, billing and refund issues, etc.

You need to select one of them that is relevant and enter your details, member ID along with the complaint or question. The Millionaire Match staff will reach out to you within the next few hours and will try to resolve your issue as early as possible.

Millionaire Match works continuously on improving the efficacy of its customer support for the better member experience. Make sure you mention your email address, member ID, and user name to help the executives reach out to you.


All the features of Millionaire Match indicate that it is one of the most popular dating sites Available till date. It provides you with the entire essential features in the free version that will allow a user to experience the interface before deciding on buying the paid membership plan.

The paid memberships are little pricy as compared to other dating sites available, but it is due to the efficiency of the Millionaire Match genuine matchmaking.

Millionaire Match completely eradicates the registration of fake users or the creation of fake profiles, for the members to experience dating only with the genuine millionaires and good looking individuals.

Parting Words

The efficacy of Millionaire Match achieves a greater height in the sector of online dating. The eligible single millionaire men and women looking for compatible matches can log on to Millionaire Match without worrying about the genuineness of the profile.

It is so because Millionaire Match includes a strict verification process before putting a profile live on to the site.

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