MILFs Hookup Review (2020)

MILFS Hookup

Young guys are always attracted to older women due to their experience and bigger boobs.

This adult dating site is all about looking for older women to have sexual encounters with. This is where you unleash your fantasies.


  • The website is easy to explore, browse and navigate through profiles.
  • The registration process is simple as well as free of cost.


  • Very limited features for a free membership.
  • The website is not updated regularly and it looks is quite obvious.

Nothing is more delicious than having a young man lust after you. MILFSHOOKUP is all exploring your horizons and bringing back the sexual excitement into your life. This adult dating site is a treasure trove of hot, lusty, sexy older women who have loads of fuck-experience to share with.

This site is also for the younger men who love to have a sexual encounter with older experienced women. This site helps you find your match the right way, without having to go through various other unsafe channels.

As it is a known fact that most young men have had a crush on their teachers or their friend’s mom, is a place where you get to unleash all your fantasies and desires. The girls online are horny, ready and inviting.

The varieties are too many to choose from, and you will be treated to a swift chatting session and the usual ‘get-to-knows’, you can hook-up in real life for a one night stand or a lengthy affair.

As the entire site is consensual, you will be meeting women who are willing and wanting, thus, making your sexual experience something to talk about. The central aspect of the site’s growing popularity is the fact that it is necessary, simple and hassle-free.

What makes so Popular?

The main popularity of the site is the fact that you get to watch sexy hot older women in their sexually charged avatar over the ‘Live Cam’ feature. Here you can check out and chat simultaneously with the woman you wish to.

This makes connecting quite easy as you can simply go for those members who you feel are rightfully compatible with you. The ‘Live Chat’ at the site is also a much-wanted feature, as now you can easily connect and exchange whatever your desires and expectations might be. ​

You can get as dirty as you want and go ahead with the hook-up once you have comfortably established a connection. The ‘Buddy List’ at the site allows you to view  who has been showing interest in you.

This is quite convenient as now you can connect with those who have a more significant possibility to like you and hook up with you in the future. The is all about finding horny women who would know exactly how to please you.

These women are here to ensure that both you and they together achieve the kind of sexual satisfaction that you are seeking. The signing-up process is quite easy and straightforward without any hang-ups or redirection. You can sign-up and search for hot experienced women at your locality.

Pricing of The

The site is free at first, and you can enjoy viewing  photos, profiles and  a few videos.

However, this tends to get a little annoying as you have limited accessibility. To upgrade yourself to a better online experience at the site, you can subscribe and gain access to unlimited streaming, chatting, viewing and much more:

The membership cost is as follows: $34.95 for the monthly membership the site.


Website address: www.

Estimated Visitors last month: 1 million

This adult dating site is a wonderful place for younger men to hook up with the much older women who are sexually experienced.

The ease of use at the site is one of its main attractions.

The users can browse for free, however, there is limited accessibility to this kind of free browsing as you might not be able to use all the features to the fullest and  the viewership will be limited.

However, on subscribing, users will be treated to an entire world of absolute nudity, dirty talk, web talk, chat sessions and Live video viewing.

Here you get to watch  various acts of sexual explicitly in full-display. Also, the profile pictures are sexy and naked, making it a treat to the eyes of the young men who wish to find a match here.

milfs hookup-min

The video and photos here at the site are clear and of good quality, making it a relishing experience. The profile pictures uploaded of the users also carry their necessary information that can give  other members and users an idea of the other person.

The images uploaded are of good quality and quite clear to watch every single detail that an individual member is trying  to expose. The users also get emails from other interested members who wish to hook up with you.

These emails are sent by the interested women who want to see you in real life and explore the horizons of their sexuality. The ‘Find Members’ at the site is a great way to find the interested users who might want to hook up with you.

Here you will be displayed with the profile pictures of all the users and their brief details. The ‘Who’s online’ feature is set to ensure that you get to view who are the current users at the site. This makes it quite time-saving as now you can simply connect with those users who are online and live.

The ‘Buddies’ is a section that allows you to check out those members of the site who appear to be interested in you and you can hook up with.

Performance Score



Website Design

8 / 10

Content Updates

7 / 10

Quality of Videos

9 / 10


8 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


7 / 10

Value for Money

8 / 10

Exclusivity of Videos

9 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Site Statistics

  • Total number of photosets – 9K+
  • Maximum resolution of photos – 2495 pixels
  • Watermarks on Photos – No
  • Download limit – No
  • Photo slideshows – No
  • DRM protection – No


  • The site is easy to explore and browse. Here you get to watch videos and  chat without any hassle.
  • The registration process is quite simple and free. You  don’t need to fill in various details and too many pages to register at the site.
  • The Live Cams is a perfect way to watch and decide if you like what you are viewing. The women at the Live cam are wonderfully available and expressive. This also gives you a wholenew access to  various videos that you can simply enjoy looking at for your private pleasures.
  • The Live Chat is yet another great feature of the site, which allows you to connect with the members without any long process in between. It is a simple chat  based on an approach where you get to communicate with any member who interests you. Here you get to know each other by a brief exchange of ideas to see if you have sexual compatibility.
  • Find Members is an excellent search tool at the site where  young men can go about searching for what they like and expect out of the website. This allows easy to seek-out members and gets going with your hook up plans. This also acts as a filter, wherein you can quickly type out what you want and go for it. This saves time, and you get the pleasure of your possible mate in no time.
  • ‘Who’s Online’ is an excellent section where you can get a better view of  various members who are currently online at the moment. This gives you a better picture of who is a possible mate at the moment as you need not waste time over those members who are not available or might be available after some time.
  • The profile pictures are good quality and also allows you a better idea about the person you might be interested in. The profiles feature various brief details about the person like where they are from and who they are.
  • The email feature at the site is a bonus as now the women who are interested in you can further take the chat sessions a step ahead and email you what they like and want and when and how to meet. This shows clearly who is interested in you and has the possibility of hooking up with.


  • The features under the free membership are too limited. This allows you less or no accessibility at all.
  • Sometimes the site tries too hard to get you to pay for the membership. These are real push-up towards the payment pages where you need to pay immediately to gain access to the site.
  • There are a couple of redirections on the site as any page you wish to get started with directly channelizes you to another unnecessary page.
  • The site is not updated regularly, and this is evident with the way it appears. The homepage is quite dull to look at, and nothing is known for a new user to go about.
  • The site is essential and flat to look at. Not much importance is paid to make it look good or make it enjoyable.
  • The site is not precisely interactive. You keep going until, you might get a response.  

Competition to

The site is a good one where you get to view various older women who wish to explore their sexuality with the younger men. However, there are quite a few such sites that have a similar theme. One of the fiercest competitors to the is the

This is yet another adult site where older women are in plenty, and the younger men can hook up with them. The main popularity of this site is the fact that you get to watch the live video and chat. The site is an authentic one with high measures taken to ensure the safety and security of the members.

Here you get to explore and much more at a reasonable price on upgrade to the Premium membership.

Customer Support

The customer care at the site is quite good, necessary and responsive. Various queries of the users are well-attended to, and instant replies are also given out. If you are encountering any issues with the site, you can easily reach the support group through various means.

The site has a lovely ‘How can we help you?’ box. This allows you to type in your query simply and you will be assisted accordingly. The support centre is also available where you are given a clear idea of where you can find your question.

Also available are the FAQ shortcuts, which allows you to go ahead and click on your query and get an instant answer. You can drop a post at:

  • Agias Fylaxeos & Zinonos Rossidi, 21st floor, Limassol P.C 3082 Cyprus.
  • Email at: [email protected]
  • Call on: 1-888-649-9178

Final Verdict

This is a great looking site where you get to meet various older women who are sexually active. The site is an online dating site, where young men will be able to make friends with older and more sexually experienced women. The site is a must-visit as it has some great visuals and videos.

The live cam feature is perhaps one of the most loved features of the site. Here, the women are exposed to the point of nudity and much more. The videos are explicit and full of adult content. Here, the women show their sexual  power in full display. A lot of self-pleasing is available at full-sight.

These females are willing to go to any extent to show off themselves and much more. You can enjoy fingering and complete vaginal view to the point of total orgasm. The breast show is terrific and quite erotic. There is a lot of nipple squeezing and flicking with caressing.

These users are beautiful, hot and horny. The live chat is also a great way to be able to get to know a person of interest better.

This allows you to connect immediately and without any delays. The chats sessions are unlimited under the premium membership scheme, as now you can talk dirty  as long as you want. 

The Buddies section is a wonderfully unique feature at the site, where you get to view those people who are interested in you. This allows you to cut the chase and get right into the point where you can directly get in contact with who likes you and get hooked up.

The vast number of satisfied customers is only a verification of the fact that this is a popular site where you can enjoy a one night stand or a long-term fling as you like. The membership is also quite reasonable at the site. This is easy to make and hassle-free as well.

There are not too many protection walls at the site, and you can easily make your transaction safely. The support at the site is one of its most attractive features as now you can quickly be assisted in case of a query or concern.

The ‘how may I help you’ help box is a useful feature, where the users get to type down their interests simply, and they will be guided likewise. The FAQ at the site is excellent as  majority of the complaints and concerns are also addressed here.

There are also available various shortcuts to the FAQ’s which allow the users to simply go directly to the primary matter of interest rather than having to hunt down the solution. Also, various other channels are the phone lines and the email option through which you can reach out to the support group.

Parting Words

Many young men are on a lookout for much older women. This is an underlying sexual preference as it has been found that most of the time young boys love older women who could be their teachers or moms of their friends or friends of their elder sister and so on.

These sexual preferences need to be addressed. This is mainly because many times, boys and young men need to be shown how to do it. They love a woman who is welcoming and attractive. These older women simply love a fuck and have no desire to commit.

The does just that. Here you get to date and have sex with women who have no desire to have a relationship or anything as such. These women are sexually experienced and know exactly what they want.

Nothing excites a woman more than a young dick waiting for some action. These women love to show you the real acts of sex and erotica. While most of them are sexually willing, there are also quite a few women who are bored and want some action.

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